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Past Life Karma

Past Life Karma

How to clear the karmic ledger and heal past incarnations.

You may have heard a very popular singer sing about having karma on her side, after being wronged by so many people in her life and career.

The song basically talks about “keeping her side of the streets clean” while her nemesis does the opposite, thereby causing the singer to have good life experiences and finding redemption. While this isn’t the first time the concept of karma is mentioned in 3D pop culture, the dialogue surrounding this spiritual concept has seen a rise in recent years, especially as more and more people are seeking a higher level of consciousness.

The concept of karma has been around for centuries. Originating from the Rigveda (1500 BCE), the oldest religious texts of Hinduism, karma is often associated with the idea of cause and effect and has deep roots in various spiritual and philosophical traditions. In this context, karma is perceived as a force linked to past lives, shaping our present experiences. Contrary to ancestral patterns which are inherited from our immediate family lineage, past life karmic imprints transcend generations, intertwining the threads of individual souls across different lifetimes. 

In this article, we will discuss past life karma, which many spiritual and esoteric practitioners believe in. This article also discusses possible signs that you may be carrying past life karma and how it can potentially cause blockages in your current relationships, finances, as well as your physical and emotional well-being. 

What Is Past Life Karma?

Karma from past life are the consequences of actions and experiences from our previous lifetimes which have a direct influence on their present life. As the soul undergoes a cycle of rebirth, experiencing different lifetimes in various forms, our actions, intentions, and behaviors in past lives are said to create a reservoir of karmic imprints. These imprints can influence one’s present circumstances, including their personality traits, relationships, and life circumstances.

For example, if someone lived as a corrupt courtroom Judge in a past life, they may find that they experience a lot of injustices in the present life. Conversely, someone who has lived a virtuous life in the past, they may experience positive circumstances and relationships in their current life. This intricate interplay of past and present reminds us of the profound depth of our soul’s journey, inviting us to embrace the lessons and opportunities that each lifetime presents.

How To Find Out Past Life Karma? 

It can be difficult to find out whether you carry a past life karma to your present life, however, it’s not impossible. For many of our clients, an Akashic Records reading proved to be very helpful in tracing back their soul’s origins and identifying the root cause of some of their past life karma.

If you’re not familiar, the Akashic Records, sometimes also called “The Book of Life” or the “Library of the Universe,” holds the records of all the souls that ever existed and ever will exist, as well as every single millisecond of their experiences as reincarnated entities, whether here on Earth, or in other planets and realms. It is the holder of each soul’s destiny in every lifetime that it experiences.

With a library in the Quantum Realm that’s so massive, people often need the help of Akashic Records readers like myself to find what they’re looking for. Of course, to be able to open one’s Akashic Records, the person’s consent is very important. Once a soul’s Akashic Records is opened, any Akashic reader can trace the soul’s journey, as well as the points in its existence where karmic ties and debts were incurred.

Akashic reading is not the only way to find out if you have past life karma tied to you, though. Some might find that past life regression to be a helpful tool in exploring one past life experiences. For others, a simple meditative practice, a lot of introspection and pattern recognition can help you identify and discern any karmic patterns.

Signs of The Influence of Past Life Karma

As earlier mentioned, meditation, discernment, and pattern recognition can help you see signs of past life karma that are influencing your life at the moment, aside from Akashic Records reading and past life regression. 

Reflecting on your life and seeing cycles repeating can be one way to recognize past life karma that may be causing blockages in certain areas of your life that are preventing you from growing. 

Past life karma could also manifest as physical illnesses or conditions that persist despite efforts to address them, and are not necessarily hereditary or have anything to do with your genes or family line (because in this case, it might be an ancestral pattern). 

For example, suffering from hypothyroidism that, despite medications and different methods to heal it, nothing seems to work. Then, once that person starts working on their thought patterns, meditation, and spending time in self-reflection and improvement, the condition suddenly goes away without a trace. In this case, the physical condition might be tied to a past life karma and addressing certain issues in one’s spiritual health improves the physical condition. Additionally, pain and trauma can contribute to physical conditions, so releasing these emotions may also help alleviate the symptoms.

Another example is when you just can’t seem to improve your financial status, almost as if money is “burning a hole in your pocket”  no matter how hard you work or how many sources of income you get. When nothing seems to work to improve your finances, there might be some energetic blockages that could possibly be tied to past life karma. This can influence financial behaviors and contribute to erratic patterns of money flow. When you’ve noticed these signs of past life karma, it’s time to start working on your energetic field by releasing emotions, and dispelling limiting beliefs.

How To Heal Past Life Karma?

Of course, identifying past life karmic ties and debts means nothing if you’re not going to do anything about it and let it control the trajectory of your spiritual healing and expansion. While not everyone is prepared to do some drastic and deep, inner work to reach a point that they may release these karmic patterns, it pays to put in some effort to slowly get there. 

As your first baby step to clearing past life karma, it’s important to start recognizing and acknowledging the recurring patterns or issues in your current life that you suspect may be related to past life karma.

When the external noise and blabber is keeping you from going inward and reflecting upon yourself, find a few minutes at least once a week to find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus your intention on healing. Other methods such as journaling can be a great way to wade through your murky thoughts and recognize the recurring themes of your life and thoughts.

Answering questions and prompts related to these recurring themes might be helpful. These prompts could go something like: “What are the areas in my life that are challenging? What are the things that are so hard for me to overcome no matter how hard I try? What are the things that keep happening to me?”

Remember that we are all in our own, unique healing journey. Don’t rush yourself and don’t compare your progress to other people’s progress.

How To Clear Past Life Karma? Step By Step 

When all is said and done, the bottom question becomes “How do I release my past life karma?

As earlier mentioned, one of the most effective ways of clearing past life karma is going into one’s Akashic Records to find one’s soul history and identify which experiences, actions, and events have caused a karmic imprint on one’s soul. However, this method is quite an advanced one that takes a lot of practice to master.

Thus, for the purpose of this article and to specifically cater to beginners, here is a step-by-step guide solely on how to access and read your Akashic Records. Note that going into the Akashic Records may feel like a bit of a stretch for your consciousness, and you need to be very intentional while doing it. 

Once you get used to accessing the Akashic Records, you will find that you can slowly start to identify remarkable points in your soul’s history which you can explore. In time, and with much practice, you will be able to pin-point your soul’s karmic debts and start to clear past life karma.  Hence, here is a simple guide on how to read your past life:

  1. Prepare for the Process:
    Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.
    Relax and take deep, calming breaths.

  2. Set the Intention:
    Be very clear in your mind what you want to achieve in this particular meditative state. In this case, you need to set the intention of going into the Akashic Records, which is unique to every individual.

  3. Creating a Conscious Connection:
    In your mind, visualize the Akashic Records Realm. In my consciousness, it is always represented as a Middle Eastern-style block in front of you. This block has a gap in the middle, representing the entrance to your Akashic Records. Take in every inch and detail of the entrance.

  4. Transitioning to the Entrance:
    Intend to move towards the entrance, feeling as if you are walking towards the door of your Records.

  5. Stating Your Intention:
    Once at the entrance, state your intention clearly: “I’m looking for a record of a significant past life.”

  6. Entering the Records:
    Transition inside, moving down into the first corridor illuminated in white.

  7. Choosing a Path:
    Reach a crossroads in the corridor. Ask yourself internally, “Do I need to go left, right, or straight?”

  8. Following Your Intuition:
    Trust your immediate instinct, whether it’s left, right, or straight. Your first impression is important.

  9. Exploring Your Past Life:
    Continue along the path you chose. If you reach another crossroads, repeat the process. Let your soul guide you instead of your mind. Let go of any urge to control the visuals you see.

  10. Finding the Record:
    Eventually, you’ll feel drawn to stop. Determine if the record is on your left or right.

  11. Engaging with the Past Life:
    Look down and open yourself to receive information from the record.

  12. Trust Your Experience:
    Remember, your experience might be like watching a movie or simply a strong sense of knowing. Both are valid.

  13. Reflect and Integrate:
    After the session, take time to reflect on the past life you accessed. Look for any karmic patterns.

  14. Neutralize Karmic Patterns:
    If you identify a karmic pattern, consider neutralizing it through techniques like energy healing or intention setting.

  15. Release Pain and Trauma:
    Address any pain, trauma, or distortions within your energy field that are associated with the past life.

  16. Regular Practice:
    Use this process as a tool for self-exploration and healing. Regular practice can help you gain deeper insights.

Remember, this process is designed for personal exploration and healing. If you find it challenging or want further guidance, consider talking to an experienced Akashic Records practitioner, energetic healer and worker or spiritual teacher. 


Exploring past life karma is like stumbling upon a treasure trove, giving us a sneak peek into our soul’s adventures throughout lifetimes. What we do with the information we get from discovering our past life karma is totally up to us, of course. We can choose to heal or choose to repeat.  It’s like having a superpower, unlocking the potential to rewrite the script and create a life that truly resonates with our hearts. Armed with the wisdom of our past, we can shape our present narrative, and set the stage for a higher level of soul consciousness that is uniquely ours. Whichever path you choose, it’s going to be another vibrant story on the pages of our Akashic Records.

If you’re interested in how to clear past life karma in this lifetime, we have many resources to help you through it! If you prefer a do-it-yourself option or want to train to become an Akashic Records practitioner, check out my Akashic Mastery Academy – a comprehensive programme that teaches you how to access, read and work with the Akashic Records. If you want to be guided in a process of transformation of every aspect of your life, using the Akashic Records, ancestral healing and other Quantum transformative tools, be sure to check out my Transcending Dimensions programme. Don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the social media platforms if you have any further karma-related questions!

Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar, a spiritual guide with full-fledged psychic abilities is an energy worker and an Akashic Records Expert. Aeron Lazar assists his clients' Akashic Records in removing past-life karma, release trauma, and letting go of barriers, limits, curses, bindings, seals, and other spiritual influences.

Aeron assists individuals from all areas of life in realizing their divine potential, gaining access to higher planes of awareness, discovering their global mission, and easily attracting their soul's truest desires.

Find out more about Aeron's work here

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