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Message From The Angels: Focus, Feeling, and Happiness

Message From The Angels: Focus, Feeling, and Happiness

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are here on earth during one of the most incredibly rapid times of expansion humanity has ever experienced. The challenges and contrasts of the last few years have inspired your desires to grow at an extremely rapid rate.

Your feelings are coming to the surface as never before. For some of you, this is incredibly exciting. You are reconnecting with dreams long buried as well as brand-new desires. For some, this is very frustrating because you feel your heart's desires strongly but don't yet trust the universe to bring what you desire to you. For others, it is a scary time because you fear that if you make the changes you want, you may upset your life or those around you.

Regardless of where you find yourself in this deep dive, the fact that your feelings are arising within is good. Your feelings point you to what you want to create and are indications of your guidance on the path.

If a thought excites and inspires you or makes you smile with joy, then you can safely assume that you are moving toward that which you are focusing upon. If you are crying over what you don't yet have, the sad feeling is a strong indicator that you want something you don't believe you can have. If you are angry, this means that a powerful force is compelling you to change either attitude or action, for anger is a force that propels one to expand in much the same way a force propels a sprout to spring out of the seed and grow towards the light. Anger indicates that you are strongly thinking thoughts or doing things in opposition to your desires and that something must change.

You can blame the outside world for your feelings, or you can look at their deeper value, which is to help you understand where you stand in the relationship with your greater self – the Divine within you. God wants every loving thing for you that you want. Are your thoughts in alignment with what you desire? Then you'll feel good. Are your thoughts running contrary to what you want? Then you'll feel less than lovely.

Suppose someone cuts you off in traffic. You feel bad. You think they made you feel bad. What makes you feel bad is, however, your own thoughts running contrary to what you want. You want to feel safe. You want to feel respected. You want to dance with courteous drivers. In God's love, you are safe. You can choose to respect yourself. There are hundreds of courteous drivers on the road you can focus on, despite this one that is not paying attention. Your focus is your choice. Focus on what you want, and you'll feel good. Focus on what you don't, and you'll feel bad. You might argue, "But this driver is not courteous! They are not respectful!" You may be 100% correct in your assessment of the reality in front of you, but your focus is your choice, and your focus dictates what you attract. This is simply how your world works.

Consider your economy right now. For many of you, simply focusing on the price of groceries is enough to inspire upset. However, think a little deeper, and you'll see that the prices are not the cause of your upset. The cause originates within. Perhaps you think you must experience lack because of these prices. Maybe you resent those getting richer for reasons that have nothing to do with the actual value. Perhaps you feel frustrated with your own financial state. You are not in agreement with the Divine within. The Divine within can guide you to abundance. The Divine within would never waste time focusing on someone else's lack of integrity. The Divine within would reassure you and guide you to new ways to experience prosperity.

Every time you feel bad, you feel this way because you are looking at life in a way that is different than the perspective of the Divine within. We would never argue that many external events and conditions make it quite challenging to see life through the eyes of God. Still, your true power is available when you align your vision with the power that creates universes.

Dear God, bless this angry, impatient, unconscious soul who cut me off in traffic, but I give thanks for the many kind ones. I give thanks for resting safely in your love. I give thanks for knowing that I cannot leave before my time, and if I focus on my joy, the beautiful day, and the beautiful drive, I will be steered around harm.

Dear God, I see these high prices for my food. I don't like this at all, but thank you for helping me find and feel the abundance of your love, the abundance of your grace. Give us this day our daily bread, berries, beans, and meat! Give us this day our daily coffee and cream, our tea, our cake, and whatever else we desire. In you, I trust, not in man's economy. I ask that I be guided to live in a Divine economy.

What if you are grieving dear ones? You are human. No one in heaven would tell you to feel otherwise. Nonetheless, as you begin to see through the eyes of the divine and your loved ones in heaven, you start to see your eternal nature and the bliss of your loved ones, and you begin to feel a love that was previously beyond your wildest dreams. It may take time, but this is available to you.

It is always your relationship with yourself, your soul, your Divine spark, that defines how you feel, no matter whether the outside works make it easy or difficult.

It is inner work to reach for the thoughts of your soul and the Divine within. It is often easier to let life and others sway your feelings and toss them around as if you are a ship on a stormy sea that you cannot control. The vessel cannot control the sea, but with a steady rudder and a firm grip on the wheel, it can hold its own course and navigate the storms. So too, you can remain rooted in your relationship with the Divine, with beauty, goodness, eternal truths, and love. In that reality, you will navigate your own course no matter what is going on in the world around you.

You don't have to hate the haters "make" you hate." You don't have to let the warmongers inspire you to "warring" thoughts. You don't have to let the economy convince you that you must experience lack. You don't have to don't let the storms of nature mean that your life or emotions are flooded with fear.

While the haters hate, you can focus on prayer, compassion, and love.

While the warmongers make war, you can choose love, peace, compassion, and kindness.

While your economies are strained, you can focus on God's abundance and experience the very same.

When you face the storms, you can pray and ask them to be kind, or you can use them as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Love is always there for the tuning! Abundance is there for the asking. Safety is there for those who rest in God's love. Place your focus there, dear ones, and you will find yourself feeling well, no matter what your outer world is doing.

You have permission to feel good. You have permission to be happy even when circumstances or people make it more challenging. We encourage your good feelings and have compassion for you when you can't find them.

Be kind to yourselves. Honor your hearts. Then, when the world tempts you to feel badly, remind yourself, "I get to choose. I get to focus on what I choose and therefore choose how I feel. I get to decide if someone else will control my mind or if I will take charge of it."

Happiness is easier than you think. You don't have to wait for the world to change. You just have to reach to see life and yourself the way the Divine within you see all – evolving, emerging, and growing into greater love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

About a week and a half ago, my inbox blew up – not literally, of course, but rather with a sudden onslaught of emails that came in faster than I could answer them. I suspect the solar flares and the resulting influx of light stirred things up, as it often does, but this was off the charts. People were having sudden physical problems and sudden emotional upsets. Many felt intense fatigue. It is somewhat normal to see these reactions when we have a huge wave of incoming energy. Our bodies must adjust to the new frequencies. We can't stuff our emotions easily. As well, any thoughts that run contrary to our desires are exhausting.

The key to navigating these intense energies is to accept ourselves with love, as we are in the moment. I had other plans last Saturday but woke up feeling like taking down the Christmas decor, so I shifted gears and did just that. It was a lovely, rainy, cool weekend which made running back and forth to storage and climbing up and down the ladder – although exhausting to my muscles – invigorating to my soul. I got so enthusiastic about the project that I stayed up all night working on the house and didn't realize the time until the sun came up. I started berating myself for not sleeping, and in that instant, became exhausted. I shifted my focus quickly to how much I loved my home and crazy decor and suddenly felt wide awake. The contrast from one thought to the next was quite stark and pretty amazing. I kept experimenting with my focus and watched my energy levels change.

I am playing around a lot with my focus. When I put in the fall garden, I focused a lot of love on my little "lazy" tomatoes, as the angels called them. They grew up in climate-controlled conditions in a nursery and didn't care for the fluctuations in nature. The poor things were not handling the "wild" well at all. They were limp, yellow, and looked really sad. So I talked to them sweetly, told them I loved them and believed in their ability to adapt to changing conditions. I imagined them producing beautiful fruit and me congratulating them for their bounty! I sent them energy. I petted them. It was downright silly from a human perspective but perfectly sane from the viewpoint of the One Love that lives in all things! When the nights were near freezing, I covered them with frost cloths and visited them every day, giving them good energy and encouraging them to thrive. Not only did they live, but they gave me a huge crop of green tomatoes last week, and to my utter, complete surprise and delight, they produced a handful of red tomatoes this week! Tomatoes outdoors in January? They're not "lazy" tomatoes anymore! They're garden rock stars! My beloved eggplant, not to be outdone, gave me a few fruits despite near-freezing nights, whipping winds, and a lot of rain. I was almost in disbelief, but then again, this is the power of focusing the power that Sources all life!

On more important matters, a friend called, asking me to hold her family in my prayers. Two of them lived in a town in CA that was expected to flood very badly in the recent torrential rains. The town's river would easily crest, and the residents had been asked to evacuate. Her family moved everything high as they could and headed for higher ground. For four rounds of this rain, we prayed, focused on the weather sparing the town, and sent love to the weather energies and clouds. We politelyasked the weather to spare the town and nourish surrounding areas in nature. We were all humbled and awed when the worst of the storms went around the town, leaving the river full but without flooding. The houses were spared. This is the power of focusing the power that Sources life.

I know we've all prayed for the drought to end, so I got a bit more specific with one of my humorous rhyming prayers:

Rain and drain.
Snow and Go.
No need for flood.
Only flow.

Pray it with me if you want to as the universe to refill the reservoirs without causing harm to others :)

I've known the power of focus since I was a child. When I was in third grade, the teachers asked us to pray that they wouldn't have to wear uniforms. So we all prayed very sincerely with that focus. The factory ran out of material. When we visited my grandparents in the Midwest, my parents playfully asked us to pray for snow. We focused so strongly that a blizzard caused our flights to be canceled, we got a free hotel room, and got to play in the snow! Time and time again, I saw the power of believing in and focusing, whether I called it prayer or not. The focus must be one of love, or you have no Divine support but rather may be matched by other lower vibes in the world. True prayer is not supplication. It is, instead, directing the greatest love in all creation, the love behind creation. It is aiming the power that sources us, that wants what we want... and more, loves what we love... and more, and can do anything whether or not we think it is possible.

We can never focus for others in directions they don't want. We can't manipulate or change a soul's life plan unless they too want the change. We can't force our intentions on others who are blocking them at the moment, but we can point our focus on our own behalf and on the behalf of those who want what we are focusing upon.

When I see war, I focus with love on peace. When I see insane grocery prices, I focus on the abundance of God, our abundance of choices, and the abundance of food available to us. When I see people hating and hurting each other, I focus on the cry of their soul for love and away from the nastiness. When I experience, at times, energies that are downright painful and unpleasant, I focus on trying to understand their nature, and why they're doing what they're doing so I can navigate my own vibration in a way that makes me inaccessible to their lower energy.

We can't control the world, but we can powerfully focus our attention on what we want. When we do, we feel great. If I had let myself focus on the pain I see every single day on the job, for the past 27 years I would have quit. Instead, I focus on the staggering tenacity of the human spirit, the incredible power of the light within those I serve, the love I have for them, and the love of the angels. I focus on the soul's courage and the willingness to move beyond upset to love. I see so much pain, but my choice of focus is on love, and this is what enables me to love and serve without sinking into sadness and despair. You can bear witness to pain while remaining in love. It takes practice, but many of you are already doing it, and you know how much better it feels.

As the angels say, we can give ourselves permission to be happy no matter what is going on. It goes against our programmed conditioning sometimes. It seems insensitive to others at times who want us to pity them, see them as victims, or join them in their misery. (I've been on both sides of that fence, so no judgment!) Some will misunderstand you. Nonetheless, when we permit ourselves, as much as we can, to focus on the good, we become a powerful force for good.

My prayers to mitigate floods would have been useless if I were lost in the vibrations of fear and worry. I couldn't focus an energy so powerful it can erase illness at times if I were brewing with righteous anger about the injustice of it. I would have no ability to assist those in pain if I were miserable myself. We can do far more when we allow ourselves to focus and feel better. We can give from the full cup, and while it isn't humanly reasonable or even possible to be in this higher space all the time, the more we practice, the more quickly and kindly we can return.

Here are a few tips to help you give yourself permission to be happy...

1. Learn new criteria for happiness

We were conditioned to embrace unspoken rules about when we're allowed to be happy and when we're not. We can learn something new.

Children often love to take things apart, fling the cheerios off the high chair, and knock the milk over. It is fun when you're young to play with the world simply to see how it reacts. Flying cheerios are delightful... until you learn, by watching others, to be upset with a mess. Dripping milk is really pretty until someone yells at you to be more careful.

I once watched a child climb up a car, slide down the windshield, off the front, and into the mud. They were covered with dirt. Oh, so much fun. This little one repeated the play repeatedly, shouting with glee every time they landed in the mud until their parents came out and exclaimed at the mess. In that instant, the tears started. "I'm sorry! I fell into the mud! It wasn't my fault." I could barely contain laughter. That was one creative child who knew that happiness about playing in the mud wasn't the reaction her parents were looking for!

Little ones walk away from the angry kids, speak up, or help them feel better until they learn to make the bad behavior of others mean something about themselves. In a million ways, we were conditioned to let the outside world dictate our feelings rather than allowing them to emerge naturally from the inside out.

We can unlearn our conditioning by learning something new. We can decide how we're going to feel after the initial reaction. We can keep making new choices. Next time something triggers an unpleasant feeling, remind yourself. "I choose to feel better. I choose to focus on something better. I choose not to let the world control me. I choose to be happier. I chose to find and feel the good when I can." Then, focus on any random thing or thought that makes you feel better.

2. Don't wait for things to be perfect before you focus on better

It would be a long wait if we waited till everything was "perfect" to give ourselves permission to be happy or to at least focus on something that feels better. Even when some things in life are not conducive to finding good thoughts, there are always choices.

I will never forget hearing the story of supermode, Petro Nemcova, who was in the tsunami in 2004. She was enjoying a beautiful morning on the beach with her boyfriend when the wave came crashing in. It swept him to his death, while she was slammed into a palm tree, where she stayed with broken bones, hanging on for dear life for over 8 hours while others around her died and floated by. She spent days following in a hospital without pain medication. In one interview, when asked how she survived the agony of both loss and fractures, she replied that she spent hours thinking only of those she loved and all she was grateful for. She later founded a charity to build schools for children in areas torn up by natural disasters and another that provides quick relief. She married and had her first child at age 40. Hers is a humbling example of how finding a better focus amid so much pain can lead one to an incredible life of happiness and contribution.

I met another incredible soul – Imaculee Iligazeba – at a conference where we both spoke. She was a survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust of 1994. Locked into a 3x4' bathroom for 91 days with seven other women, they listened to the screams of her family and beloved friends being murdered outside. Doing the only thing she could, she focused with all her willpower on God, prayer, and reading the one book in the room – a Bible. Not only did she survive, forgive the killers, and go on to create charities, but she continues to lecture and inspire hundreds of thousands by talking about the healing power of faith and forgiveness.

So when you think you can't focus on something better, remember these brave souls and know you can. The world gave them hell. They chose a better focus and, as a result, found, and now share, heaven.

Even a little shift will start things moving in a kinder direction.

3. Don't wait for others to be happy before you give yourself permission.

This is another tough one. It is sometimes so hard to give yourself permission to be happy when someone you care about is down. It seems almost callous, as if we are rubbing it in that we are, and they aren't.

Nonetheless, you can be happy and, at the same time, be incredibly sensitively compassionate. I give myself permission to be happy even after a long day helping others in pain. I don't insist that my clients must suddenly feel wonderful to make me feel good.

Even when someone is ranting, raving, complaining, and doing everything in their power to get you to keep them company in their misery, you can imagine a steady stream of love flowing through your heart to theirs, and in that stream of love, you'll feel great. If they're willing, they'll feel better too. You can raise them up or let them drag you down.

When you give yourself permission to feel good and be happy, even when others aren't, you become a gift and blessing. I have on several occasions said to people near and dear, with great sincerity, "I'm so sorry you are going through this right now. I know it's unthinkably hard, but I have faith you will come out of it stronger. If there's anything I can do to truly help I will, but for now, I'm going to keep my own vibration as high as possible so I can stand steady in my vision of your success."

These days it pays to pay attention to our feelings and to use our power of focus. Even if there are plenty of reasons to unhappy, there a plenty more reasons to feel good.

With one choice after the next, we move back to the feelings that our soul always feels – appreciation, love, faith in our eternal nature, and in the grace, abundance, and wisdom of the Source. We may wobble, but with practice, we can return to these better spaces time and again.

Have a blessed and beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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