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Message From The Angels: So Many Loving Souls!

Message From The Angels: So Many Loving Souls!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Tell yourself often, "My life is good. I am good. There are good people in the world." You can focus on what others wish you to focus on or you can focus on what you choose to focus upon. 

There are indeed horrific things going on in your world, but there are as well countless, innumerable acts of love and kindness. We would love it, if you would see on your news more stories about all the people helping children, animals, the elderly, the down and out, the lost, the lonely, and the weary. We would love it if you would see the brilliant scientific discoveries that are going to save lives and save your planet. We would love for you to see as we do– to see all the beautiful souls engaged in beautiful, loving actions even as you read this.

We celebrate each simple kindness, and each simple word of love. We celebrate those who pick up a package someone else has dropped. We celebrate those who hold open a door for another. We celebrate those who hand a tissue to someone moved to tears, and those who offer to assist one another out of the goodness of their hearts.

We celebrate the mothers and fathers, some who are weary from work and commitment, who take a moment to listen to and love their children. We celebrate the artists who work with a passion to uplift and inspire, and those who give voice and rhythm to angry passions so as to help others release them in harmless ways. We celebrate your sports figures who give you a healthy outlet for competition and for your emotions. We celebrate all who quietly labor in love.

We celebrate you as you read this, striving to find and feel more love in your own lives. We celebrate the new children coming into your planet, hearts filled with passion and excitement for the changes they intend to bring.

Dear ones when you see the darkness, remember, there is so much light. There is far more light than dark on your planet. As we see it, light is "that which remembers" and dark is only "that which forgets." You all have times in your life when you remember your connection to love. You all have times when you forget. So is anyone truly "bad" or "good" or aren't you all rather simply a mixture of remembering and forgetting, all striving to remember that you are birthed from love, given life by love, and live to love?

Those who forget need more love dear ones, not hate. Those who forget need prayers to remember. Those who forget seek to find love by finding company in their misery and many do accomplish this only to find that they have not found what they seek. They need your compassion. They need your light.

Celebrate yourselves. Celebrate your heart that longs to be a loving person as often as you can. Celebrate that with every kind thought, every kind word, every kind prayer, you are one who remembers. In every moment you emit vibration dear friends. Think of yourself as a transmitter of love. You could sit at home in peace, beaming your love and prayers to the world and be a huge contribution You could walk into a market and pray that everyone who passes through its doors is blessed. You can drop a penny for someone else to find and feel their connection with love.

Dear ones, take heart. While there are indeed many who forget they are birthed in love and live in love, there are countless many more, like you, who remember. Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle. Refrain from judging and criticizing yourselves. The energy is intense, and it takes extra focus to focus on the positive when the world is focused on so much else, but you can do it.

Look for something good every day. In every relationship, look for something good. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened. Love is there, dear ones, waiting for you to seek it, see it, and be it. We feel you. As you read these words, you are already there.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

When I channeled last week's newsletter it was before the horrific school shooting in Texas and the ensuing investigations into the truth of the matter. The angels remind me constantly that the only real Truth is that we are all loved beyond our ability to comprehend and that in all we do, we are seeking love. The shooter was crying for love in the most unthinkable of ways. I wept for them all – victims and victimizers. I know that the children are happy in heaven, and I pray that God and the angels find comfort the families left here on earth.

I also know that the murderer is rediscovering the truth of his soul and he and his grandma are being reunited in God's love. God does not punish. God loves. Would a parent rather beat their errant child down further, or raise them back into the innocence from which they were created? I know that all involved in this situation are all watching the families and the earth with great love as we collectively ask, "How on earth could someone live in so much pain that they come to this? How have we not been aware of the needs of these children crying for love? How can we do better?" The angels say the root cure for such situations is to hear the cries of those who don't know how to ask for the love they are craving before their cries become destructive.

How can we add more love to the earth? The angels simplify it always. We do it one thought, one word, one deed at a time. Perhaps the person you smile at, suddenly feels loved and does not go home and rage at their family, and therefore does not inspire their child to shut down in hate. You never know. Perhaps you are the one to start a chain reaction that saves a life. We will not know the good we do until we see it someday from the higher realms, but we can choose to do good anyway.

I rarely answer my phone. It is off because I spend most of my time with clients, answering emails, or in silence, when I'm in the office. One day years ago, however, I had it on. It rang. I was tempted to let it go to message since I was busy answering emails. A strong, strong urge which I know was a message from the angels demanded I pick it up. Without any thought I did. It was a client of mine who was so depressed over the loss of her child she was calling to say goodbye. She had started taking pills to kill herself. We talked. She sobbed. She is still alive. You never know when your simple act makes a difference.

Likewise, there are so many people who don't even know the difference they make in our lives. When my car battery died last week (that's another cool story!), wonderful strangers stopped to see if they could help. They didn't know that even though the battery was completely dead, they recharged mine! When I was on crutches years ago a hug from a stranger, a little help carrying a bag, an offer from a friend to shop for me – all these things added up to feeling very, very loved. There are so many good people in this world.

A client of mine who went through severe trauma and injury in 2017 when a lone gunman opened fire on a crowd at a music festival she was attending in Las Vegas, felt inspired to hop on a plane and go to Texas to be available to help, hold, and heal anyone in need. She was acting completely on guidance, ready to be available as an earth angel on-call. Having survived something equally horrific and having come through it with love in her heart, she has love to share. Her actions bring to tears. There is so much good in humanity.

So don't give up on the world or human nature when you see these horrible things going on. There are many hurting hurtful souls, some who commit horrific crimes, but there are so many more good souls – saving lives, uplifting lives, and touching lives. You are one! Of course, we need to make changes so fewer souls turn into the hurting hurtful, but let us also celebrate the many, many beautiful people in this world doing good, so as to reinvigorate our own spirit, and keep a sense of optimism about the future and human nature. As I once heard in an intro to a Braco gaze, "if there is a rotten spot on an apple, you'd cut it off and enjoy the good fruit." It doesn't make sense to judge the entire apple by its rotten spots.

This week, do your best to see the good and be the good. Celebrate all the little ways you see humanity caring for one another and bringing love to the surface – from the folks who deliver your mail to the ones that take out the trash, and so many more. Pray for the hurting and the hurtful and know that as you do so, you become one of those good people sharing more love with the world and raising the vibration of humanity with our every good word, thought, and deed. Even if you are going through hardship, this will help to shift your focus, make you feel better, and thus attract better in your life as well.

Here are a few tips to help you focus on all the good people in the world...

1. Challenge Yourself to Notice Good people

Keep a little journal and every night list as many incidences of loving actions, words, or deeds that you encountered that day. "The clerk smiled at me. My mail person brought the mail. Someone built this wonderful home I sit in. someone ground my coffee. Someone figured out the internet. Someone gave me a hug. Someone who wrote a book inspired me. Someone created a YouTube video that made me laugh." List all the incidences of loving actions that you encountered either directly or indirectly that day.

At first, you might feel challenged, especially if you don't interact with many people. Likewise, if you interact with difficult people it may be hard to look around them for the kind ones. In time, however, you will find the good so much more easily and, as a result, you will feel more love and more goodness in your life and the world. Your focus will attract even more good.

2. Acknowledge Your Own Loving Choices

When you let someone go ahead in traffic acknowledge yourself for being kind. When you smile at someone acknowledged yourself for sharing love. When you pray acknowledge yourself for sharing God's love with another. When you unwrap your groceries with mindfulness, acknowledge yourself for lovingly appreciating these beautiful labors of love.

You get the idea. Cultivate a habit of acknowledging yourself for your small loving thoughts, words, and deeds and you will find self-love sneaking up within you! As a result, you will attract more good in your life!

3. Seek out examples of loving people

Google "random acts of kindness " and watch the videos.

Google "good news" or "inspiring stories" and read about the people doing good work in the world.

Google "submit a prayer request" and see how many amazing souls and organizations are willing to pray for you and all others.

Enjoy this article on "10 Incredible Charities Started by Kids" and be inspired!

The list goes on. Get creative. Seek out examples of kind and loving people and you will find them everywhere. It will uplift your heart and soul and inspire you with faith in the future.

While there are bad things going on there is so much more good. You have to look for it sometimes when the bad is so prevalent in the media. No one is making that wrong, but how empowering it is to know you can seek out the good news too, and if you do, not only will you find it, but you'll feel its uplifting energy, and as a result exist in a higher vibe where more good comes to you too!

Have a beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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