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Message from The Angels - The Value of Feeling

Message from The Angels - The Value of Feeling

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you in touch with your feelings on a regular basis? Most of you would answer "Yes." You know when you're happy, sad, or upset.

Strong emotions are easy to recognize. However, It is an art to be more in touch with your subtle feelings – those first indicators that your mind and your mood are headed in a particular direction.

For example, suppose you wake up in a good mood. You are clear and focused on your priorities. You know what you need to do before work and have plenty of time. Then you get a text or receive an email that concerns you. You think about the issue as you go to eat your breakfast. You absentmindedly take more time than you meant to take. You get up and forget where you put your keys. You leave the house or get to work a little later than you planned. Nothing terrible has happened, but you are no longer focused or happy at this point. You may feel distracted, less focused, or a little worried. You may get upset when a coworker contacts you about an issue before you can settle into your workspace. If you're not careful, you can find yourself stressed and upset by the end of the day without realizing why.

For the sake of your happiness and vibrational well-being, it is a valuable skill to start paying more attention to your subtle feelings. In this example, suppose you recognized a slight shift in your emotions immediately after reading that text. You notice that suddenly you don't feel as good as you did a moment ago.

Now you can take corrective action. You can ask yourself, "What feels better?" You can look out the window and see the beautiful sky. You can think about a loved one. You can say a little prayer, give the problem to the Creator and get on with your day. You can refocus and reclaim your good mood in so many different ways. It is far easier to do this a little at a time than to resurrect a good feeling once you've allowed circumstances to erode your good mood.

We know that there are times when you are plunged into the depths. You lose a loved one, have a health scare, become concerned about finances, or feel a shockwave when someone is unkind to you. After one of these challenges, it is hard to feel good. We never ask you to feel good about things that don't. We simply remind you, with great love, that even when there are large, difficult circumstances in your life, there are always smaller things that can soothe you. There are always things to focus on that will feel better.

If you've lost a loved one, looking at happy photos or calling a good friend may be soothing. If someone has been unkind, praying or focusing on the good people in the world can be helpful. If you have a financial challenge, reminding yourself that you have the Creator of Universes working on your behalf can help. Talking to someone else who has a better perspective can help. Walking outside, looking at the sky, and reminding yourself of the vastness of creation can help. Perhaps a cup of tea and a good book is the key. If you're ill or worried about your body, remind yourself that when you sleep, silence your mind, or distract yourself with something happier, you are getting out of the way and allowing your cells to speak directly to God, who, in every moment, is directing the entire universe (your cells included) into a greater balance.

You can find so many things that can temporarily soothe, comfort, and uplift you. In so doing, slowly but surely, you take the small steps to a better feeling space.

By paying attention to your subtle feelings throughout the day, you can much more easily give yourself the love you deserve, prevent the outer world from hijacking your joy, and even maintain better health. You deserve to feel good dear ones, not only about the "big" things in life but in a thousand little ways each day. Look for the things that inspire soothing, comfort, relief, or joy. Be with them more often in your thoughts. That way, when the "darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding" presents itself to you – be it via a news article, a disturbing story, or the person that cuts you off in traffic – then you can go back to choosing your news, your views, and therefore your mood.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I have talked to a lot of people that are concerned about the state of the world. The angels are not so concerned. They've watched humanity for centuries. As they humorously say often, "This stuff has been going on in some form since ancient Egypt. They just didn't have Twitter!" The first time they said that, I rolled with laughter. I have vague memories of the ancient priests in Egypt who wanted to kill off the religion of the "one" God in ancient Egypt when it was introduced because peddling idols for many gods was more profitable. They didn't have Twitter or Facebook ads. Still, they could silence those who threatened their livelihood, only to meet the ones they killed at the end of their lives and realize that all their idol money hadn't come with them! It is a story as old as time.

Should that discourage us? No, I don't think so. Earth is a one-room schoolhouse. We have our beautiful students, our class brats, our bullies, the ones who try to cheat, and the ones who say the dog at their homework. I didn't put up with the bullies and brats in school. In fact, I gave one of them a serious headache when I was very young. As my mother tells the story, I came home crying my heart out one day in second grade. "Billy called Kathy fat because she's bigger, and then he kicked her books out of the desk, and I got really mad at him because he was really, really mean, and I told him so, and then... (sob, sob, sob... heaving dramatic sob...) he (wailing sob) KISSED me, and now I have RABIES!" ... followed by wailing, wracking, sobs!

My mom could barely contain her laughter! Somehow she managed to ask me how I handled it. Sobbing even harder, I told her, "I (sob) broke my (sob) ruler over (sob) his head!" Oh my gosh, I am not that person now!!! That wasn't the way to solve things. We discussed how it might be a better idea to tell an adult the next time. I washed my mouth out so thoroughly it was a wonder I had lips left. Thankfully, the second-grade "kiss of death" didn't give me rabies.

Back to the point, I did learn that day that fighting bullies never ever leads to a good end. Instead, focusing on the good people robs the ill-behaved ones of the attention they crave. I was extra nice to Kathy the following week. Although Billy tried a thousand not-so-pleasant ways to get my little second-grade attention, I ignored him. He cut it out and behaved more kindly.

Thankfully, even to the present day, the wisdom remains! Focusing on solutions and good people empowers us, whereas helplessly concentrating on problems and bad behaviors robs us of our power and joy. The angels have spoken through me to many good people who are very worried about the state of the world. Many fear that those in "power" can rob us of our livelihood, freedom, and joy. The angels' advice is always so beautiful. They ask through-provoking questions. "How can you express your ideals in your own life? How can you be the change you want to see for your family, friends, and community? How can you maintain your vibration so you can float around the destructive behaviors and attract your own livelihood, freedom, and joy regardless of the behaviors of others?

We all know we can't change anyone else, but we can be the person we want to be. We can set an example. We can teach by our actions far more quickly than our words. We can be in a vibration so far removed from the lesser ones that they have little influence over us.

I see the world deeply. I feel it, as many of you do. Its darker energies vie for our attention, but like my choice to ignore the class bully, we can all refuse to "dignify the devil" and turn our sights towards the light. There are so many good people. There are so many beautiful things being dreamt up to help our environment. People are healing and loving the children who have been abused. People are working to help others find abundance, share their views, and get their passions out to the world.

So when the world gets you down, remind yourself, "Right here. Right now, I can choose to focus on something better." I often pick up a rock on my desk and appreciate it. I look at my plants and marvel at the incredible miracle of life that makes them grow. I think about all the people doing all the good things in the world. And then suddenly, the lower vibes start to drop away.

It is essential to catch our feelings early so we can recalibrate when something upsets us. I do it often now. You can too. Just do your best. The process becomes easier with time.

Here are a few pointers to help you get in touch with your more subtle feelings... (so you never have to get to the point I did in second grade where you're inspired to break rulers over someone's head!!!)

1.  Check in with yourself throughout the day

Set a phone timer, or have check-in points during the day when you stop and ask yourself, "How am I feeling?" If you're good, excellent. If not, ask the simple question the angels always suggest, "What thought might feel better?" Challenge yourself to think of three. As you do, feel them. Feel the slight and subtle improvements.

Congratulate yourself for choosing to recalibrate. It isn't always easy. Do your best.

2. Stop trying to force yourself to like the people and things you don't

It was an almighty revelation to me the day the angels said, "Ann, you don't have to feel good about things you don't like!" I somehow got it in my head that we had to love everyone's personality and behavior. I know we can find the good beneath it all. I know everyone is doing their best. But I also know that I wasted months to years in the past trying to love behaviors I didn't like. I could love the growth the difficult people triggered in me. I could have compassion for the pain that drove their unpleasant behaviors, but I couldn't get myself to like them. The angels told me to stop it!

I vividly remember what they told me years ago: "Every time you think of that interaction, you will get angry. Accept that. Accept your feelings and focus on something else!" What a relief! The minute I accepted my feelings, the emotional charge just left me, and I could focus on something better. Talk about relief.

Don't force yourself to feel good about things that make you feel bad. Just focus on something better.

3. Be honest with yourself

I used to be very good at ignoring my feelings. I used to talk myself out of them, in fact! Now I listen. Now I'm honest. I love helping people, but when I'm tired, I stop. I don't get back to emails as immediately as I used to, and it no longer feels like a failure. It feels like honesty. I used to talk myself out of needing food, rest, and the like when someone interrupted me. Now I politely excuse myself and care for myself when I need. Ironically now that I'm honest, I need less rest, less food, and have more energy. Honoring my natural ebbs and flows keeps me in a flow of energy from the Source.

So while it's easy to justify why we ignore our feelings, it is much more powerful to pay attention to them and be more honest with those around us. It might feel awkward to be so truthful in the short term, but in the long run, it will feel good. Those who genuinely love you will stick around, and those who were only around to get what they can get will fall by the wayside.

The angels have worked with me over the years to be increasingly aware of my feelings and to avoid settling for feeling bad or even less than good. They helped me learn to catch myself when on a slippery slope to feeling bad before it got out of hand. They taught me to stop breathe, and refocus, thereby recalibrating my energy. I

just talked to an amazing client today who has learned the same. Her business is booming. Her kids are happy. She has met the love of her life. People are coming to her with more money, more ideas, and more opportunities, all because she learned to mind her mood, get honest with herself, and choose the better feelings, thoughts, and actions throughout her day. She allowed herself to feel better, ask for more from life, and let it in. It has been a joy to watch.

You deserve to feel good too, not only at the end of the day, in retirement, on weekends or vacations but every moment. We can't always change our circumstances, but we can try on new thoughts, and although it feels really weird at first, it works.

Have a glorious week, and may all your focus bring you joy!

Ann Albers and The Angels
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