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Message from The Angels - We Love Those Who Love Life

Message from The Angels - We Love Those Who Love Life

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You love your lovers of life! You love those who are true to themselves and in love with their own spirit.

You adore your puppies, kitties, and innocent children who run up to show you their latest art. You love your authentic influencers who walk the talk and share from the heart. You love people who love what they're sharing. You love people who love their own jokes even if you don't love their jokes! 

When you are a lover of life—a person who often focuses on what they love about life—you can't help but attract others who do the same.

These relationships give you great joy whether they last for a lifetime or only a few seconds in line at the store. These connections feel deep and wonderful, even without an apparent reason. These are the connections in which you meet in love, share love, and experience love.

Lovers of life are fascinating people. They attract others easily, whether or not they are classically beautiful or not. You find yourself fascinated by their ideas, whether you agree or not. They can be quiet or bold, young or old, well-known or unknown. At first glance, it is sometimes challenging to determine why you are attracted so much to these individuals. You often say, "They're amazing... but they aren't my usual  type."  

Your "type," dear ones, is typically a person who matches a long list of qualities, characteristics, and physical features you find attractive. There's nothing wrong with having a "type." However, you will discover amazing connections when you open your hearts and minds and allow yourselves to enjoy individuals who aren't your typical "type" but are entirely resonant with your loving vibration.

For example, you might care less about fixing a truck but meet someone who genuinely loves to work on trucks. This individual is passionate about the topic. You can tell they are happy and in love with life. They connect with you warmly and easily. They want to share their love of trucks with you, so they patiently and kindly explain how they've fixed their vehicle. You feel their love of trucks and life and enjoy the vibration of love in their presence. You might still care less about trucks, but you find yourself entranced by their love, enjoying the radiance of their spirit, and loving their passion for what they love. You are a vibrational match.

Contrast this with another person using the same words and explaining the same topic but coming from a different vibration. They may be coming from a vibration of needing to be acknowledged as helpful or intelligent. They may be coming from a vibration of insecurity. They may be coming from a purely intellectual vibration. Even though the person is saying the same thing and sharing the same information, you might feel bored, disinterested, and not nearly as connected as the previous person. Although the topic is the same, their vibration is entirely different.

The first person is enthusiastic, energetic, loving, generous, and kind. The second is needy, bored, or trying to impress. Even though they share information, the first is in a giving vibration, while the second is vibrationally trying to "get" something, be it your attention, approval, validation, or applause.

You sense these interactions all the time, dear ones. This is why you may not resonate with a person, even though everything looks right about them on paper. This is why you might be attracted to someone who usually wouldn't be "your type." Look at some of the people you admire. Some are your "type," and others aren't. In all cases, they are a vibrational match.

You can, if you like, focus on the haters, attune to the haters, hate the haters, and attract the haters. You can focus on a selfish ex so obsessively you keep attracting more selfish people. You can focus on that horrid boss long enough to attract the next one.

Far better, dear ones,to focus on the people you can easily love and what you can love about the others. Far better to focus on the things in life you naturally love and the things about yourself you can love. You can choose from the HUGE buffet in life and select the things you do love to focus on.

In so doing, you become lovers of life. In a vibration of love, you will naturally attract others in love as well. The more you find things to love about life, the more you will allow life to love you right back. This is a far better and easier way to attract all you seek—relationship, healing, money, or joy. Life loves you. Find things to love about it, and you will be attuned to love in a myriad of magical, seemingly miraculous ways. Find things to love, and inevitably, more will appear.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

So many times, I've been fascinated and totally in love with people who were the farthest thing from "my type." Often the interaction lasted only minutes to hours, but the connection was deep, beautiful, and soulful. These are life's magic moments. And the more I love life, the more I experience these lovely interactions.

Some of you read about my encounter with Floyd many years ago. He was a cranky, salty, old cowboy working at a tree nursery. He came up to me and, with a western twang that could have come from an old movie, said, "You look pretty good for a 90-year-old woman." "You look pretty good yourself for a 100-year-old man," I replied, trying not to laugh.  He suddenly transformed from a cranky old geezer into the sweetest man. He came up and shook my hand warmly and said with complete innocence, "I like you!" he said. "You're not stuffy like a lot of them ladies who come in here." "Well, I like you too," I said. 

Floyd proceeded to tell me about the bar brawls he was in when younger, how he got shot, and how he's calmed down now and loves to make "jewelry ladders for the ladies out of them sag-u-a-ro ribs!" OMG! I nearly fell over. Jewelry ladders out of cactus ribs? Genius! He was so proud of them as he described them to me. He was so compelling and in love with his craft that I probably would have bought it if he had had one on hand. He was adorable! He wasn't my "type" at all, but he was so thoroughly OK with himself that you couldn't help but love him back. I'll remember him for the rest of my life

I have talked to thousands of clients over the past 25 years, each with different opinions, ideals, interests, and perspectives. Some of the views I personally agree with. Some aren't for me. However, I'm in such a vibration of love with the angels in these readings that I resonate with every bit of love in them. I've felt unconditional love for people I might disagree with on various issues because I resonate with their passion. More and more, the topics matter less and less than the vibration.

When I was a young adult, I had quite an overinflated ego. I was "smart" and, honestly, arrogant about it. I can now say, with utter certainty, that arrogance is not self-love. Arrogance is an air we put on when we desperately want people to love us. True self-love is just an acknowledgment that "God does not make junk!" It isn't a feeling of being better or worse than anyone else. It is simply a feeling of enjoying being you. I love myself now. I like being me. But I also would rather have others enjoy being themselves! Because I've worked to embrace myself as I am, in whatever mood I am, with whatever feelings or conditions I have, it becomes so much easier to allow others to be themselves, whether I agree or not.

When you're in love with life, you will find it everywhere. I've met the most incredible people miles beyond the end of the trail in the woods. One lady I ran into in those circumstances was a death doula who helped midwife the dying into heaven. We talked about our mystical experiences. She shared amazing stories of the love she and her mother shared during her mom's transition. We enjoyed nature and the beautiful day. We encouraged each other in our life's journey. We spent a lovely two hours in deep connection and Divine Love.

Another time I had really wanted to hike farther than before was when two guys passed me eating lunch alone in the wild. I asked them if they'd mind if I tagged along, and they eagerly agreed, so I ended up having safe and pleasant companionship while exploring previously uncharted territory. I never saw them again, but in the space of a few hours, we covered all manner of cool topics from favorite hikes to travels to spiritual to business. It was a deep and beautiful connection that came and went, but how joyous to have these surprises appear so often.

I've even had amazing connections with customer service people on those semi-automated phone systems! Once, I called to get help on a web program, and upon seeing my website, this young man who was helping me asked what I did. I told him, and he bared his heart, telling me his dad had just died. I asked if he'd get in trouble if I tuned in. So there, on a customer service call for support with my website, I did a little reading for this beautiful young man, changing his perspective on life, death, and dad. It was lovely.

I have these experiences all the time. I look for the good in life every day. I run around mostly happy. I smile because my inside needs to be expressed by my outside! People feel it. Those in a foul mood usually scowl at me and get away. The ones in a good mood talk, and we enjoy these mini moments of loving interaction.

As the angels often say, if you want the world to see you, be you. Personally, I'd rather be the real me, the soul, the human, the child, the adult, the mystic, the crafter, the cook, the gardener, and the goofball all rolled into one – just plain Ann as I like to say when people ask if there's an "e" at the end of my name. I enjoy being just plain Ann, who may be plain or not at any moment!

The moral of these stories is simple. If you focus on loving what you can in life, you'll get more love, see more, and be more love. It really is a fun way to live.

Here are a few tips to help you love life and be open to receiving more love...

1. Look for things to love

I really do this exercise all the time. When something knocks me off kilter, the very first thing I do is remind myself I want to feel good and look for anything, anywhere, to love on. I pick up a rock and admire its smoothness. I drink a cup of tea and savor the flavor. I look in the mirror and say, "At least I'm sane... most of the time!" and laughter ensues. If someone is nasty, I purposefully think of all the kind people in life. If I see horrific things on the news, I purposefully think about or google people doing good in the world. For everything to get upset about, there are countless more things to admire.

We aren't constantly spoon-fed things to love, but we can get up and select from life's buffet.

2. Practice looking for traits to love in people

When I started doing readings, a guy in his late twenties came into the bookstore for a reading. The angels encouraged him and shared several wonderful things. I was feeling good about the reading and his reaction until I asked him if he had any questions. "Yeah, when am I going to get sex?" he demanded.

Ew! I was 32 and had endured more than my share of that attitude as a female in engineering. His attitude tripped my trigger in a big way. I wanted to tell him to grow up, get a job, move out of his mom's house, and do something to actually be attractive to a woman. Luckily he wasn't paying for my opinions so i shut my eyes, shut off my mind, and delegated up.

The angels kindly explained that they understood he was looking for softness, nurturing, and love but that in order to get what he really wanted, he would have to find—in himself—all the good that he had to offer. They were so gentle and loving that I clung to their every word. They enumerated his potential talents, gave him job ideas, and suggested that if he wanted more than just sex (which they told him would end in complication and disappointment for both parties), he would have more luck if he got his life into a better space first. From there, he'd be proud of himself and attract a much better relationship.

I sat, with my eyes still shut, near tears of humility because the way they saw this man was so vast compared to my quick, narrow,judgment. They saw and focused on his many beautiful traits in order to draw them out. The next time he came for a reading he had a job, had moved, and was more proud of himself. He still wanted what his twentysomething-year-old-hormones wanted, but he wanted more too. It was amazing.

So if you like, play a little angel game. Try to find good traits in people that you don't care for. I'm not saying you have to like them or like the things about them that you don't. I think of this exercise as digging for gold in the dirt! This is just practice in "looking for good" so you can stay lined up with your own soul rather than letting the not-so-great traits in sometimes not-so-great people knock you out of your own loving heart.

As you practice looking for good traits even in not-so-great people, you are practicing owning your own loving vibration rather than allowing others to make you into a hateful, angry, or fearful person ythat ou don't want to be.

3. Give yourself permission to focus away things you don't enjoy

It was an almighty revelation to me when the angels stated the obvious once:

Stop trying to feel good about bad things.
Stop trying to feel good about behaviors that anger you
Stop trying to like people you don't like.

Just don't obsess over them. Look elsewhere! Focus on the good.

That was a game-changer! I had spent way too long feeling bothered by some extremely dysfunctional behavior aimed my way, and I was begging the angels to help me get over my upset. I was looking for ways to feel good about bad behavior.

"Why?" they answered? "Why would you want to like unloving behavior? You'd be lying to yourself."

Woah. I was allowed to be upset? They proceeded to explain that some behaviors would never feel good. Duh, I thought. How obvious and yet how I had tried to feel good about the nonsense.

They challenged me to stop wasting my time on that thankless pursuit and instead focus my attention on one of a million better things in my life! I could look at all the kind, gentle, loving, functional souls in the world. I could admire my bathroom counters. I could enjoy my dinner.

Now, when someone acts up, I withdraw my attention from the bad behaviors as soon as possible. I either focus on good traits in the individual, other wonderful people in the world, or anything good in life.

I feel better, love more often, and do them a service by not engaging in less-than-loving dynamics. Give yourself permission to focus on the good :)

The world has been riled up the past few weeks! We had an eclipse, solar flares, some astrology that plunges us into our unresolved issues, and of course, all the worldly wildness that is going on. My inbox filled so fast that I at still catching up.

Nonetheless, despite external influences, we can focus on things to love in life and, therefore, love life. And in so doing, we attract others who love life instead of the loud ones who don't. It is a much kinder reality. And it all starts right here, right now, looking around your room or searching your heart for someone or something to love.

Have a blessed week :)

Ann Albers and The Angels
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