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Message From The Angels - Your world or "the" World?

Message From The Angels - Your world or "the" World?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you move forward into your new year it would help to ask yourself the following question: "What world do I choose to live in?" While you all live upon your planet Earth, there are billions of worlds within this world, and each one of you – by your vibration – will choose the one in which you reside.

You need only to put a large group of people in a room and ask them what they think about "the world" and you'll get as many differing viewpoints as there are people. Each person would say they are telling you about "the world," when in reality they would be telling you about "their world." Consciously or not, they would be sharing their perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. Consciously or not, they would be citing the situations, issues, sources, and the evidence that they choose to focus upon, and the resulting situations that they have attracted into their lives.

Their viewpoints, no matter how convincing would not reflect the whole world, but rather a subset of reality that they have focused upon and attracted into their personal experience.

Some would say the world is at war, and while that is true in some cases, there are many more souls choosing to live in peace. Some would say the world has been taken hostage by disease and death, and some of it has, but a much larger percentage of you are healthy and lively. Some would say that one political party, race, religion or group is at fault for the chaos and violence, while other would claim the exact opposite.

Each would be right in their own personal experience of reality.

So how do you navigate the many worlds within worlds, especially when you have others in your life who insist that "their world" is "the only world?"

Trying to change others is never the answer. You already know you can't argue someone into agreement. You can't bully someone into adopting your point of view. You can't manipulate anyone to see life the way you do. You might get compliance but you will never achieve true cooperation.

Instead, the solution to creating a world that you wish to live within is to make your own personal energy a vibrational match.

No matter what others in the world are doing, you can choose to live in a world of peace. No matter how many argue for lack, you can live in an abundant world. No matter whether or not others are choosing it, you can live in a world of kindness, care, compassion, and courtesy.

If you want peace, turn away from chaos and upset. Breathe deeply. Engage in practices that make you feel peaceful.

If you want to feel secure, find ways to connect with the Divine, for this nothing more secure than feeling how deeply you are loved by the power that creates worlds.

If you want prosperity, start by focusing with appreciation on all that you do have.

If you want love, start by loving and accepting yourself without judgment.

You can choose to see the "cup half empty" or "the cup half full." You can choose to look at the world's problems or the world's progress. You can choose to look at the light within all souls attempting to grow and emerge, or you can choose to look at their darkness. You can, selectively choose to focus upon that which uplifts and inspires you and turn away from that which does not.

There are souls in joy and at peace in the midst of war. There are those who prosper even in the midst of recessions. There are those who can love the light within a soul even when others choose to hate. It is up to you. What will you choose to focus on this year? What energies will you choose to emanate? How will you tend to your vibration? The answer to these questions will help more clearly define the answer to our initial question, "What world do I choose to live in?"

"The world" is moving into a greater reality as, one soul at a time, you each choose to change "your world" – your own personal reality – for the better.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I channeled the angel message a while ago but couldn't come up with an article of my own until Wednesday, when I was basically in bliss. I had caught up with the hundreds of email and the calls I received over the holiday. My home somewhat organized. I'd picked my lemon tree clean, juiced 4 gallons, shipped 16 boxes and made myself a stash of lemon curd for the year, gazed with Braco, and broke my personal record for time spent meditating in the icy cold water in the pool after I woke up.

In the midst of it all, I felt a "disturbance in the force," as I call the energetic waves of mass consciousness when a significant event occurs. I was too busy enjoying my day to pay it much attention – until I got on the phone with my parents who told me about the violence and mayhem in our nation's Capital.

If I had been in a lower vibe, I would have easily been sucked into sadness and horror about what was going on in the world. Instead, I was able to observe with compassion, and without absorbing the energy in the mass consciousness. II was able to see through the eyes of the angels all the various perspectives surrounding the event. I was able to respond rather than reacting. I immediately sat down to pray, to send love and energy to all affected. I felt my body warm up as the energy started to flow. In spite of what easily would have sickened me in my past, all I felt was God's love.

I used to feel guilty for feeling good when the world, or someone around me wasn't. The angels worked with me for decades to trade that old sorry belief in for a better one – that I can make a more positive impact in the world when I'm in a high, loving, happy vibe. I can be more compassionate. I can love the light within even the haters. I can live and let live. When I allow something or someone to suck me into a lower vibe, I'm nearly useless.

When challenged by situations in "the world" that threaten to drag me down, I shift my focus to more loving thoughts as best I can. I focus on thoughts that make me feel good. I focus on how our world is growing, albeit awkwardly. I focus on family, friends, and fun. I count my blessings again and again. I think of all I've learned and how I've grown this lifetime. I read positive, inspiring stories. I basically make myself take my mind and do something better with it than focus on negativity, chaos, violence, separation, hatred, and drama. The angels say our minds are the "remote controls" with which we select the "programs" we'll focus upon and live out in our own personal reality.

This year, more than ever before, it is important to tend to our own vibration and mind our own minds. This way we can create our own happy and peaceful reality, rather than having our personal reality dictated by the chaos and drama in the outer world. One soul at a time, we can become a positive influence on the external world, rather than being negatively influenced by it.

The angels like to say that if every person were to mind their minds and tend to their own vibration, we'd have a planet full of healthy, happy, whole, prosperous people who would sort themselves out in groups that resonate. Like Mother nature's amazing ecosystems, we'd find our places, our tribes, our purposes, and our bliss. And while "the world" might not be ready for that just yet, our lives will be much better if we strive to focus upon a better reality in our worlds.

Here are a few pointers how to help you create "Your World"

1. Stop giving your power away to "the world"

When you wake up in the morning pick one quality you wish to feel all day – peace, joy, compassion, creativity, expansiveness, etc. Write it somewhere where you can see it easily.

Notice how many times during the day external circumstances pull you away from that quality. Resolve, each time this happens to get back to the feeling you chose. Shut your eyes and imagine something that helps you. Choose good thoughts that help you. Look up inspiring stories. Do what it takes to respond to your energy of choice. The more you do this, the more you reclaim the power you are used to giving away to external circumstances.

For example, say you choose peace. You wake up and you're fine but then as you rush around you notice you don't feel peaceful. Stop. Breathe deeply. Look at something beautiful until you feel peace. Perhaps you feel peaceful for hours until your boss calls and urgently gives you a new assignment. You don't know when or how you'll fit it in. You notice yourself getting anxious. Stop. Breathe deeply. Return to peace. Ask yourself if it or the deadline is negotiable. Ask if anything else can be re-prioritized. Do what you can. Once again you have peace. Perhaps you feel great until, while browsing the internet you come across a disturbing news article. Stop. Breathe. Ask yourself what you can control and what you cant. Read something inspiring. Return to peace.

This involves a lot of work at first, but the more you practice minding your mind and tending to your vibration rather than allowing external circumstances to dictate your mood, the happier you'll be.

2. Don't waste your time focusing on anything that drags you down

Borrowing an angel analogy, if we went to a buffet, focused on, and complained incessantly about the dishes we didn't like, we'd ruin our dinner. It is so much easier to simply enjoy the ones we do.

Likewise in life we drain our energy very quickly when we focus obsessively on what we do not enjoy – be it news, movies, people. situations, or circumstances. We own our own minds. We can train them, like training a puppy, to focus on what we want.

I have a little trick I use - if my mind strays to a topic that doesn't make me happy, I find 3-5 things around me in the very next moment and tell them, as if they were people, why I love the. Do it out loud if you can, silently if you can't, and it might seem goofy but love raises the vibe very quickly.

3. Take time in silence or in some way that connects you with Source

Take time, if only a few blessed minutes a day to enjoy the silence – no news, no input, just you, your angels, and God. Set a timer if it makes you nervous and sit, breathe, receive for a few minutes. If that doesn't resonate with you, find something that makes you feel connected with the energies of the Source that you're craving – peace, love, joy, compassion... it is up to you to define what makes you feel good.

For years I kept a book of happy thoughts, positive quotes, inspiring pictures, and things that were immediately able to elevate my mood. Now you can create a private pinterest board that does the same! Surround yourself with colors, textures, and things that inspire you. Pray, meditation, or listen to inspiring music. There are countless ways to connect with love and every time you do, you connect with the Divine. In that energy, all good can come your way!

While may be a bumpy year in "the world," in "your world" you can commit to a much kinder and happier version of reality. The more of us that do this, the more we begin to influence our larger world for the better.

Through our own commitment to living as happy and loving a life as possible, we become the vibrational change-makers, who can usher in a new and improved paradigm of a healthier, happier, and more harmonious life on earth.

Let's do this!

Love you all!

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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