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The Angels: Are You Receiving or Blocking Love's Flow?

The Angels: Are You Receiving Or Blocking Love's Flow?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is a microcosm of the entire universe. You can activate any frequency you like within yourself. With love and appreciation, you can activate your connection with the Source, or you can activate your connection with world problems, such as supply-chain issues, by pinching off the love waiting to flow through your own borders. You can activate frequencies of joyous celebration or frequencies of abject hatred. Within each one of you is the potential to tune into anything at all that already does, or can, exist in your reality.

The external world that you experience is just an out-picturing of the frequencies you activate within. The more people that activate a certain energy, the more you will see it mirrored in the world at large.

For example, there are ships carrying thousands of tons of items, delayed at the docks right now. The source is there. The offering is there. However, in many areas, there is a disparity between what is being offered and what is being received.

Likewise, there are countless people on earth praying for love. The Source is there. The offering of love is there. However, in many, there is a disparity between what is being offered and what is being received.

For example, you can pray for the end of this pandemic, yet still focus upon it with fear, thus creating a disparity between the well-being that is offered and what you are willing to receive. Alternately you can focus on well-being, and follow your guidance – each in your own way – thus allowing well-being to flow into your reality. You can choose to live in a way that feels healthy – to you – and focus on enjoying your own physical experience. Whether you are sequestered in your home enjoying your days or running around without a care, your energy will always be far more important than your actions.

When you focus on the good in your life, no matter what your actions, you are open to the flow of love, life, and light that is always being offered.

Likewise, many are praying for change in their lives and yet resisting the very same. If you want change, are you open to new thoughts, new ideas, new guidance? Are you open to having the beautiful essence of what you want come to you in a way that might not look exactly what you thought... but will be better than you dream? Are you open to the in-flow of Source's wisdom and love, or are you asking for change and resisting the very same because you fear it?

Dear ones, we have no judgment whatsoever. We know that your soul's only real goal is to live in love and to enjoy love along the way in whatever fashion you choose. Perhaps you want to change your hair. It would feel like love. You go to your hairdresser and show him or her the style you want. He/she tells you that you'd actually look a little better in a different style. How do you feel? Do you trust your feelings? For some of you that would mean saying, "No thank you. I know I want what I want." You would feel even clearer about your choice. For others, you would say, "I never thought about that. I like that! Let's try it!"

It is through your willingness to "feel" your way through life that you tune into your guidance. It is through your willingness to feel GOOD that you align with Source. It is through your willingness to reach for the better feeling thoughts and actions that you unblock the flow from the Source, and open up your very own supply chain, to allow everything you want or need to flow easily and kindly to you.

We are not telling you that you should change. We are not telling you that you should run around or stay at home. We are not telling you that you should or should not get a shot. We are not telling you that you need to believe or discredit anything you hear. We are telling you that the Source of all Creation, all Life, and all Love lives and breathes inside of you and is waiting at all times to be felt within you... and dear ones, Source feels Good. God feels Good. Love feels good. Pinching this off feels bad.

Pinching off your own experience of Source's never-ending supply of love feels like lack – lack of love, lack of health, lack of abundance. Opening to the love of Source, in even the smallest of ways – unleashes a mighty flow of love, health, abundance, and so much more into your life.

Appreciate a shaft of sunlight peeking through your window, and in that instant, you have opened your borders up to the endless supply of love. Acknowledge yourself for an act of kindness, and your supply of love, and life, and well-being is flowing. Do something kind for yourself or another and you are in an abundant flow.

Dear ones, the smallest acts of love seem so insignificant to you in your 3D world and yet in the 5D paradigm, they open up the entire supply chain of love from Source so it can flow into your experience and then through you as you share this abundant flow of love with others. There is nothing ever insignificant about a moment of love, kindness, care, appreciation, or comfort.

These small loving thoughts or actions get the flow going once again in your minds, your hearts, your bodies, and ultimately your world.

Are you willing to receive what you have prayed for? If so feel for it. Align your thoughts with it. Believe in it even before you see it. Stay the course, and then dear ones you have unblocked your access to the endless supply of Love from the Source.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I love the angels' message this week. Who would have thought that a shortage of TP and other goods would have such deep spiritual roots in the receiving or blocking of Love's eternal flow?

Lately, I feel this receiving, or blocking, very, very strongly in my body. I know many of you are feeling the same. When I am relaxed, happy, focused on something good, appreciating my garden, breathing in the cool autumn air, thinking of a craft project, or a friend or client whose valiant efforts at reaching for light inspire me right back, my body feels wonderful. In a few seconds of appreciation everything unwinds.

Then two seconds later, when I realize I just received 50 more emails since I last checked, remembered that estimated taxes are due, need to file the alarm permit, get contracts to the center for next year's classes, mail a birthday card I forgot, and more... all of the sudden my back slides off-kilter and I feel a pinching pain. I catch myself. Stop. Breathe. Receive. Bring myself back to the moment and look around at all the good. Quickly, my body goes back into place and I feel good again. Life is responding to our energy more quickly than ever these days!

The supply of love is either blocked or received. It never stops flowing. Whether we're aware of it or not, this is just the way the universe works. There's no end to the emanations of love and guidance. There's only an opening to it or a blocking of it. We are much like those docks, with tons and tons of supply waiting to come in – either allowing or blocking.

Most of the time I've practiced allowing, especially this year. At the slightest sign of a negative thought, as soon as I catch myself, I stop. Breathe. Focus on something better – a rose in the yard, the pumpkin muffins in the fridge (not to mention the real whipped cream!). Suddenly I'm allowing love to flow.

This isn't about negating your feelings. It is about feeling them, learning from them, and then deciding to feel better in whatever healthy way you can. Feeling good is feeling God. Feeling bad is pinching off that love. The reason everyone feels so amazing in heaven is because the allowing or pinching is no longer optional. The love is overwhelming. You can't deny it. You let it in and in a grand way and it permeates every aspect of your entire being, and it feels good. I've been there. Total, beyond words, bliss! It is SO much harder to stay focused on, and open to loving feelings on earth. As the angels mentioned last week we've been conditioned to be "reactors" to the world around us, instead of "creators."

What if we were taught as children that life happens and sometimes things feel bad, but we can always go within and find things to feel better about? Kids actually do that before they're conditioned otherwise. I've seen them bang themselves up, have a good cry, look around, then start to focus on something more fun. In a short time, they're all better.

We may not be able to stay unblocked and receiving at all times, but if we think of ourselves, like those docks, with love waiting at the borders, then we'll know when we're open to it or not. We'll feel it.

When your docks are open, guidance flows without effort. For example, last week I did a long hike back along the creek in total bliss. Suddenly I started to get a feeling that I wasn't alone. It wasn't fear – just a little knowing. Within a few hundred yards I smelled the "marking" of a very large cat in the area! Although I was almost at my picnic spot, it didn't matter. I just turned around calmly and started hiking back. No thought. No fear. Just the natural guidance that let me know I was in someone else's territory and in this wondrous dance of life it was my turn to leave. Easy peasy.

So while we're mostly not out in the woods dancing with nature, we dance with life all day every day in one form or another, and we need our "docks" to be open to the goodness, grace, and guidance that is being offered as often as we can. As we focus on love, and good feelings, we "unclog" our own "supply chain" and help to get the world going and flowing again too.

Here are a few pointers to help you unblock your supply chain from Source...

1. Make Connecting with Love a Priority

Self-care is essential right now. Physical maintenance is, of course, required, but beyond that, we must care for our essential "Self." Do you feed your mind junk or goodness? Does what you watch, read, listen to, and most importantly think about things that uplift you, or do you focus on things that make you feel pinched off from love? There is an infinite number of ways to connect with the experience of Love:

  • Take time each day if only for a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax into the arms of your angels.
  • Take a few really deep breaths now, and with each one breathe in love. It takes little to no time at all and it is a way you can connect with Love.
  • Give yourself a hug right now. It is a beautiful way to connect with Love.
  • Look around and start to appreciate the first thing you see. It is a way you can connect with love.

Caring for yourself in this way seems small, insignificant, and yet it is a profound shifting of energies to focus on love.

Never underestimate the power of a single, simple act of love, kindness, care, or even self-soothing.

2. Listen to your body

The body doesn't lie. All physical ills come from a usually cumulative effect of tiny pinches. We have a need to stop for a moment and breathe and we don't. We think of something that upset us. We fear something. These things may be tiny but the cumulative effect is a lot of tensing and pinching in the body and for the body to operate effectively it needs flow  – good circulation, unimpeded nerve signals, digestion that flows easily, etc.

As you breathe and relax, the flow is opened up once again. As you think of something that feels like love, the flow opens up again. When I catch myself as the slightest sign of physical discomfort, if I stop, breathe, and receive, things go back to good quickly. If I ignore my body too long, I have to concentrate even more deeply and consistently on the loving feelings to unwind. This is just the way it works.

The bad news is that we may have built up years of pain from tiny pinches. The good news is that we can allow the spiritual energy, circulation, nerve signals, and digestion to flow again with a willingness to create regular tiny openings to love. Appreciate this. Enjoy that. Soothe yourself. Breathe. Watch a video you like. Laugh. In these tiny moments of love, the body starts to recalibrate and open once again to the eternal flow of well-being. Guidance will come as well, letting you know the kindest steps to take on your path of feeling better.

3. Stop Judging / Start Discerning

Judgment – playing God and deciding what belongs on earth and what does not – pinches us off from love very quickly. DIscernment – deciding to honor the Divine within and being clear about what belongs in your life or not – opens us up to love very quickly.

For example, say you see something that you absolutely cannot stand. It might be a person's way of speaking, acting, or being. It may be a horrible mess people are making on the earth. It may be a report of how many people died today. Judgment says, "That should not be!" and in that instant of fighting something in our minds, we block the flow of love.

Instead, if you say to yourself, "That behavior doesn't belong in my life. I will focus on better. I love to focus on all the amazing people doing amazing things in this world. I love to focus on environmental groups and beautiful nature... " In this positive, discerning focus, you are open to the flow of love.

Spirit never asks us to like things we don't like. Spirit doesn't ask us to pretend everything on this earth is warm, fuzzy, honest, or beautiful. Spirit just says, "Stop fighting the world. Focus on what you want in your own life."

Live and let live, and let yourself focus on what feels more like love. That is the quickest way to open to the flow of Love, right here, right now.

The angels like to say: Judgment says "no right to be." Discernment says, "Not right for me."

It is fascinating to see our world, and our internal state, become such an obvious mirroring of our pinching off or receiving the Supply of Love that is endlessly waiting to flow up from within us, to us, and through us.

Be kind to yourself these days. Choose the most comforting, soothing, sweet thoughts and actions you can. Give yourself permission to ignore the bad and focus on the good, to shift quickly from problems towards dreaming of solutions, and when you can't quite get your mind off a painful topic, distract, nap, or do anything to open to Love again. We can be the ones who unclog God's circulation and flow in this world by opening up to love, one thought, one moment at a time.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
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