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The Angels - Loved Exactly as You Are

The Angels - Loved Exactly as You Are

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Sleep is a glorious experience of dying unto the "self" and expanding into your greater being. In your sleep your consciousness temporarily ceases to identify with the body and mind. You re-emerges into a greater awareness and understanding of yourself as a soul. You surrender to love.

This is why, when your mind is not in the way, deep healing can take place in your sleep. This is why you can go to bed with questions and wake up with answers. This is why your feel refreshed after a good night's sleep.

This is also why, when you don't sleep well, it is important to find a way to temporarily tun off the mind and just "be," for it is in your sleep or in your restful states, – when you are free of thoughts and concerns– that you return to your soul's natural state of being. You become open to receiving love, flowing, trusting, relaxing and surrendering into the perfection of life.

Whenever you can turn your mind off, calm the thoughts, and simply surrender to love, you open to a miraculous flow that is an ever present, steady stream of energy from the Source – a love that is always trying to help and assist you.

Even if you don't sleep well, you can put on beautiful music and just feel it moving through you. You can breathe deeply and slowly into the heart until you feel yourself relax. You can meditate, walk peacefully in nature, cook, pet the dog, or do any number of things that allow you to switch the mind temporarily off and "lose yourself" in the moment. In these spaces, without the usual chatter of the mind's habitual filters, you receive unfiltered love. In these space of receptivity, miracles are possible, solutions easily accessible, and guidance available.

While you can easily open to this flow of love in sleep or in mind-less states of blissful being, you can also open to it consciously and willingly during your everyday waking hours.

Stop for a moment. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourselves, "I am loved exactly as I am." Allow the truth of this to flow into your body, mind heart, and soul. Stop putting conditions around why you should or should not be loved and open to a greater truth. You are loved.

Say to yourself, "I am open to receive the magnificent love of my Creator." Imagine opening your heart and feeling this love flooding into your awareness.

Now say to yourself, "The Divine loves me exactly as I am... Exactly as I am." Breathe that in, and allow it to permeate your being as if water is seeping into every corner, crack, and crevice of your soul, or light is filling every little area within your body. Repeat this several times while breathing into the heart and let it fill you. Willingly feel it. Embrace the truth of it.

Something deeper than your mind knows the truth of these words, for the Source that lives and breathes within you knows its own love. Open, open, open dear friends. Let the love that creates you fill you. Stop resisting love. Breathe. "The Divine loves me exactly as I am." Allow it in.

When you sleep you surrender to this love. When you find ways to shut off your mind, you surrender to this love. When you consciously and willingly surrender to this love, you become open to miraculous help, healing, and change even while wide awake. Try this exercise several times a day.

You want to surrender to love. You want to feel it coming to you. You want to feel the truth of the fact that you do not have to earn your Creator's love. You do not have to be "worthy" of your Creator's love. You do not have to achieve anything, be anything, or do anything to receive the unconditional, ever flowing, never ending love from the Divine.

You, dear ones, and all of creation, are constantly able to receive this love. Only you can decide if you will open to it.

The flower does not have to earn or be worthy of the sun that constantly shines.

The ground does not have to earn or be worthy of the rain that will inevitably falls upon it.

The animals do not have to earn or be worthy of the sustenance that is freely offered.

The cells in your body do not have to earn or be worthy of the nourishment that is constantly provided to them.

You dear ones do not have to earn or be worthy of the love that flows unceasing to you.

Open. Breathe into your heart. Say to yourself, "The Divine loves me exactly as I am." Deeply allow these words to seep into you, fill you, soothe you, and ultimately remind you that you are and always will be beloved, cherished, and whole in the eyes of your creator.

In one moment of truly allowing this love in, your entire life can begin to change. Breath, dear ones. God loves you exactly as you are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

The angels have been working with people lately by having them breathe and open to the love of the Divine. They've been doing it in different ways and with different words but in each case there is a deep relaxation, a surrender, and often a miracle or two. People have been telling me that pain is suddenly disappearing, and answers are coming. It has been awe-inspiring and humbling to watch.

For years the angels have said to me, "Ann God wants to pour a river of love into everyone's life but each of you has your hands on the faucet!" They mean of course, that we get to decide how much love we'll let into our lives. At first that seems silly. Of course we're willing to let love in! Of course we want it!

And then someone gives you a compliment. And you find yourself not quite being open to receive it. I've done that... many times!

Or someone wants to help you and you kindly turn them down, even though you'd like the help.

Or you get an idea, an opportunity, or a fun thought, and you never do anything with it because you don't believe in yourself. You give up before you even give something a fair try.

We've all done it.

It feels too easy to simply let love work its magic our lives.

Yet for every moment we let real love in, we open to the healing, helpful powers in the universe.

We let love in when we stop and feel the sun on our face or the breeze on our skin.

We let love in when someone offers something that resonates with us and we say, like an innocent child, "yes please."

We let love in when we politely decline something that doesn't feel right to us and instead choose to love ourselves enough to honor our own feelings.

We let love in when we acknowledge ourselves for out own beautiful hearts, kind souls, and jobs well done.

We let love in when we sit, breathe, and believe in the love of the Divine and your angels.

There have been many times in my life when "letting love in" has been a game-changer. I was so down years ago and I mind-less-ly wandered into the yard to smell a single rose. Something in my soul just drew me towards this pure perfection. Its fragrant perfume filled me. God's love in scent flowed through me and I remembered instantly all that was good, true, and beautiful in life. In an instant everything shifted.

Another time, when I was dead tired and aching and on crutches, a single smile and an offer for a hug from the elderly grocery store greeter filled me with energy, inspiration and the strength to keep going.

When I sat down the other night after working very hard to keep a positive frame of mind after listening so someone I deeply care about go on and on about why their life sucked, I wrapped a blanket around me and opened to heaven's love and it flooded me so profoundly and deeply I could feel nothing but joy for the growth we were all engaged in.

Love is always there. I no longer seek it. II no longer try to feel worthy of it. I no longer attempt to earn it. I simply open to it, revel in it, and let it fill and fuel me.

It is always there, always waiting for you to open to it too.

Here are a few pointers to help you open more to love...

1. Stop trying to earn love

This notion that we are loved without condition is a huge paradigm shift from the way most of us were raised. We heard the word of course, "God loves you unconditionally," but we felt loved if we got what we wanted and not when we didn't. This normal childish understanding of love often gets carried forward into adult life. "If you love me you'll do what I want. You'll be who I want you to be. You'll prove it to me!" Or conversely, "If I love you I must do what you want. I must earn your love. I must prove it to you."

Divine love has nothing to do with the dance of human desires. There is no earning Divine love. There is no worthiness that affects it. It is always there, steady, stable and waiting to flow. Think of the sun always wanting to shine on you, or a river always wanting to flow. Imagine all you have to do is open. Do it. Feel it. Breathe it in

2. Look for evidence that you are loved

Some days it seems all too easy to find evidence that we're not loved. We focus on something that doesn't feel great, or things that don't look as we wish, and all of the sudden, like that little child within that needs to get his or her way to feel loved, we don't feel the Divine.

It is just as easy to look for evidence that we are loved and feel more of that.

I went to bed Sunday night expecting to get 8 blissful hours of sleep but the angels awoke me at 4am. At first that didn't feel like love but I quickly assumed I was being loved, got up wide awake, had a nice leisurely breakfast, a great morning routine, then went to answer emails.

My computer had crashed overnight. That didn't feel like love till I started to consider that had I not been awakened early I'd have a disaster of a day on my hands. Instead I had time to juggle bringing it in for repairs while still accomplishing everything else I had to do, without any ill effects other than inconvenience. Evidence of love.

No matter what happens in your life, tell yourself, "The universe is conspiring for my greater good and the more I believe in that the more I will see it and feel it."

3. Even when you don't resonate with others,or they don't resonate with you, that is evidence of God's love

Nearly all of us, at some point in our lives, have run into people that just don't resonate. There are people who don't resonate with you and there are people you don't resonate with. It may be a parent, sibling, kid on the playground, boss, or co-worker. It may be the friend who suddenly discovered they had deeply differing political opinions than yours last year. It may be the family member with whom you disagree vehemently about vaccines.

While these disparities can easily trigger unresolved feelings of being unloved, the angels remind us that even those who don't appear to love you at a human level are loving you at a soul-level. They're simply by being honest about the fact that they don't resonate and don't belong in your life. The Presence of the Divine within knows what forms work well together and which do not. As the angels say often, "heart cells don't belong in a bone and bone cells don't belong in the heart."

Or, as the angels said humorously through my dear friend Summer Bacon who channels in deep trance, "The apple does not feel unloved because you prefer the grape."

Know you are loved by the Presence that lives within us all so deeply that rejection is just redirection, and when you run into non-resonant situations or people, life simply pointing you along a more resonant path. That is Divine love.

Some days it is easy to let the love in. Other days I have to sit and do it very consciously. It is there, nonetheless, patiently flowing, waiting for an entrance. "Open the door of your consciousness an inch," as the angels like to say, "and God's love will come flooding into your life."

God does love you exactly as you are... because in truth you are nothing less than that Love already!

In Oneness and Joy,

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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