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Accessing the New Expansion & the Energies of Inexplicable Joy - Archangel Michael

Accessing the New Expansion & the Energies of Inexplicable Joy - Archangel Michael
Message from Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light

Divine Ones, 

We greet you in love. 

We begin now, with an energy infusion. We invite you to receive. If you welcome this support, please say, “Yes.”

We encircle you now, in light, infusing this field of co-creation and connection, collaboration and evolutionary activation with golden angelic light, and the activation codes and templates of the ascended planetary field. 

Take a moment to close your eyes and receive. Allow your experience to be whatever it is, and trust that you are absorbing and integrating the most relevant and beneficial energies for you, now.

Earth's ascension is encoded within each of you and within the planet itself. From a non physical perspective, it's done. It exists and it can be accessed within you. When you go inward and invite a conscious connection with your Divine Self, and then open to receive consciousness, and energy support, and connection from all that you are, you are cultivating a state of resonance with your true self, the infinite field of light that you emanate from. And that field is in an experience of an ascended planet

We're just pausing a moment here for Ailia to put aside her brain which is trying to understand what we're saying, just inviting her to allow us to express and trust that she will understand. 

Beyond time-space, the ascension of Earth has always been a done deal. You embodied knowing that you were coming in in a time space location in which the ascension of your species was assured and the ascension of your planet was assured. So you came here in total confidence knowing this would be accomplished. This was embedded in the potential of the planet and all forms of life on the planet from the very beginning. 

When anything is created in the non-physical, in the infinite, it's created holes bolus: everything all at once. And in the same way that an oak tree is fully embedded within an acorn and a human being is fully embedded within the fertilized egg at conception. So too your fields and the planetary field, hold everything that's needed to evolve into an extended and fully expressed, lifted, elevated, high vibrational, new member of the galactic community, the Ascended Earth. 

So, we're pointing this out today and talking about it in a couple of different ways. We began to share with you the idea that there are new potentials available for you on the inner planes and you need to claim them. 

We want you to understand that the new potentials that are available in your world and in consciousness in your experience, are accessed by vibrational resonance. In the same way, that in your life up until now, the vibrational state you are in determines what thoughts and feelings you have access to. Your vibrational state determines what potential you can access within your own inner plane experience. Do you understand? 

So let's just clarify this a little further to be extremely clear, explicit. 

When you are in a good mood, and you think about something that you're starting, something new, that you're learning, something that you're trying to create from nothing… When you're in a good mood, most often you feel optimistic about this thing you’re thinking of, and enthusiastic about this, because those are the feelings and thoughts that you readily have access to, because of your vibrational presence. 

Let's say your dog died. In this case, you would likely be in a state of grief. And there's nothing wrong with feeling grief. We're not here to tell you some vibrations are better than others because they're not. 

But they are different. 

So in a state of grief, it's more difficult to access positive expectations about outcomes when you think about things that you're starting, that you have no experience with. 

When you're dealing with something brand new and unknown. It's much easier to feel optimistic and empowered, courageous and confident about it, when you're already in a state of being that at the very least is calm. And if you're feeling happy, or joyful, or cheerful or political, or amused or excited or enthusiastic, all the better.

If you're feeling frustrated, if you just spent a long time on the phone, trying to sort out something about your health insurance, if you are feeling worried about money, if you're feeling concerned about a friend of yours who's been very ill, all these kinds of states make it harder to access the greater possibilities. It doesn't mean they're not available to you, it just means that you'll have to be more deliberate about accessing them because your key to accessing anything has to do with resonance. 

This is part of why Soar Fest can be so useful and other kinds of practices that you engage with on a regular basis in order to foster your inner connection and cultivate a state of inner harmony. 

When you're in a state of inner harmony, you have access to everything within you. 

When you feel in tune with all that you are you can open to receive, and the energy and light will come in without any resistance. 

New potentials are here and they've been here since mid-August. And the potential is here now to experience yourself in resonance with an ascended human form. We're being careful about the words we choose here. Because some people have felt that the experience of ascension would mean everything in your experience is different all at once. And you perceive it as that. 

And what we want began to offer to you is that there are potentials available now that you would think of as being the beginning of an ascended experience. And the way to experience them is to claim them. 

It's to go inward with an intention to know them, and a willingness to experience them. 

And then there are things that you will each need to do, in order to further that evolutionary experience. 

Some of the things that you'll need to do, is to begin to pay attention to what foster's that, and what interferes with that. To start to notice, how is my rhythm and my flow throughout the day? Where is my attention going, in ways that I can feel, serve me? And where am I putting my attention in ways that don't serve me?

And this isn't about being serious or not having any fun. Because a lot of the things that you do that are relaxing, and restful, playful and joyful, really serve you from an evolutionary standpoint. 

So this isn't about hard work and effort. And it isn't about trying, but it is about noticing what serves you, and what doesn't. And for each of you, what falls into each of those categories might vary, because what serves one person may not be as uplifting to another person, may not be as beneficial. 

So this is a thing that's very personal. And your allegiance to inner harmony, and your willingness to continually invite a conscious connection with All That You Are. And even if you're willing, inviting your Divine Self to start to lead in part of your life or more. This is how you start to access the expanded potentials available on the inner planes and claim them for yourself. 

As you begin to claim these things, you begin to open up to a new way of being. And some of the things that we've observed in Ailia, and others that are happening as you have this experience, is that you start to feel a deeper connection with nature. You start to feel a desire to simplify your experience. So you have adequate time to just be.

You start to feel a sense of perhaps being a little more withdrawn from all the stuff going on in the world. You see it and you know it’s happening, but you're not feeling as affected by it. You're feeling more centered in your inner connection. 

We want to affirm to you that this is not ignoring the pain and suffering in the world. But this is being willing to be present in the world in a way that is beneficial energetically and in collective consciousness.

So the message we would give to you today is: 

  • What if I focused on inner harmony each day? 
  • What would my day be like? 
  • What would be different about my day?

If inner harmony was the most important aim for how I made choices throughout the day, would I be doing things differently? 

That's what we'd like you to think about today. The unveiling taking place is happening, we would say primarily in two different ways. 

One is that lots of things that have not been aligned with Oneness, and love are being unveiled. They're coming to light, and they need to come to light. That's the first step in things changing is things coming to light. So there's a lot of that. 

But the other part of the unveiling is happening too and Ailia just shared this beautiful story about the Patagonia leadership team and the choice they made about their future, and what's going to happen to their business. This is happening in organizations and it's happening in communities like ours. And it's happening in individuals who are working on their own. In all different kinds of traditions. 

There is a sense of radiant, expansive, inner light, that is giving rise to a profound sense of well being and kind of inexplicable joy… 

That's available now in abundance on the inner planes. 

So we would suggest you consider making inner harmony the goal and spending more time on the inner planes with an intention to claim your unique experience of expansion and revelation. 

We love you very much. We are complete.
I am Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

Archangel Michael

To explore these energies, this time and the new potentials, together, we invite you to join us for the Unveiling Soar Fest, including an Equinox Celebration.

Look inward and feel — is this a meaningful way for me to open up my life to more fulfillment? Am I ready to move into the unknown, emerging potential arising now within me and within our world and participate in the LIGHT COMING FORTH?

If the inner answer is a heart-felt YES, then please join us HERE!
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My name is Ailia Mira. I am a writer, artist, conscious channel* and solopreneur. I'm  exploring the ways of living that are in alignment with who I truly am. In addition to living this way myself, I am also an experienced coach, facilitator, teacher and guide. 
Message from Archangel Michael, Hermes & The Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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