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Archangel Michael: Breaking Free from Illusions

Archangel Michael: Breaking Free from Illusions


Now remaining in your tube of protective white light, focus on your breathing as you take several deep cleansing breaths. 

Just focus now on relaxing and letting go and becoming centered within yourself and letting the outside world just fade away, drift away. Take a deep breath now, breathing in the light and through your nose and exhale out any tension, stress, negativity of any kind. Just let that go out gently with the exhalation of your breath.

Take another deep breath, breathing in the light and exhale out the darkness. One more time, breathe in the light and exhale out the darkness.

Now put your attention in your etheric body and become aware of your nine chakra centers that have become activated and reactivated within all of you and focus on the alignment of those chakras and the vibrational frequency within each chakra. And as you focus on the color in each chakra, focus on raising the intensity of that color. So always remember, as you raise the intensity of the color within the chakra, that creates a focus within that chakra for yourself and raises the vibrational frequency in that chakra. And when you raise the frequency within the chakra, you're raising the frequency vibration within the glandular structure that's associated with that chakra. And when you raise the frequency of the glands in your body, know that you are raising the frequency throughout your body and increasing the balance within your body.

Know that disease and sickness and all of these things happen only when there is an out of balance situation in your body. And when your body is completely and fully balanced, there is no sickness, there is no disease. And know that when your vibrational frequency is high within your body, also then your consciousness is high. And when your consciousness is high, once again, no sickness, no disease, no accident even can happen within you. So, it is all about raising the vibrational frequency within your body and the subsequent consciousness within your body as well. Higher consciousness leads to no pain, no suffering. Higher consciousness leads to love. Love, which also then equates to no pain or suffering in your life.

So now as you focus on each chakra, starting with the Earth star chakra below your feet, see that it is a deep earth brown color. Know that this is the chakra center that connects to Gaia and is your grounding point to Gaia. So, whenever you talk about grounding yourself, you are grounding with this chakra, not your root chakra as many have thought. It is your Earth Star Chakra now that you are grounding to the Earth.

Now moving up to your root star chakra, red, bright, bright, brilliant, ruby red color.

Then the next orange.

Next in the solar plexus, bright brilliant yellow.

To the heart center, the midpoint between the four upper and the four lower chakras, a balance point, your heart chakra deep blue green.

Your high heart center will also become reactivated within all of you. Magenta.

Then to the throat area, sky blue up to your third eye center in the middle of your forehead, purple or indigo.

Then to the crown chakra at the top of your head which can be gold or violet or silver and then the Soul Star Chakra just above your head, pure brilliant white.

Now focus on all of those chakras and their respective alignment up along your spinal cord.  Feel and know the vibrations within your body now. Feel your body vibrating as you have not yet left your body. Feel your physical body vibrating from these chakra centers as you raise the frequency within each center.

Now bring all of the chakra centers, all of the chakras together as one. Merge them all into one, into the soul star chakra. This becoming now your Merkaba Light vehicle or your light body. It helps to see that as a three-dimensional six-pointed star. And into that three-dimensional six-pointed star, that Merkaba Light vehicle move your conscious knowing self into it as if you were moving into a small scout ship.  And this being your vehicle to travel, just let yourself float up, float up leaving your physical body behind.  And it helps to actually see your body falling down below you as you rise up through the roof of the building wherever you are up in... higher and higher.

Feel the sun's rays as you move up through the clouds and all the way up until you pass the earth's atmosphere. Become aware of all the millions of ships, planets of the solar system, the galaxy, the galaxies beyond the galaxy. Become aware.  And as you look back down now at the Earth, at Gaia, as you've done many times now, as we continue to work with you to do this, see the Earth first as she is now, as you see her with your three -dimensional mind.  She has beauty all around her.

Now begin to change your focus using your third eye to open up beyond the third dimension, up to the fifth dimension, the fourth and fifth dimension. And just as you did previously, be able to superimpose the fifth dimension on the third dimension and see the two-dimensional reality, third dimensional illusion and the fifth dimensional new reality that you, you as a collective you are creating throughout the planet as conscious; man's consciousness is increasing.  See the fifth dimension overlay now over the third dimension.

You can go back and forth between the two, just as you did with your fifth dimensional glasses previously, how you really no longer need those fifth dimensional glasses. You simply use your third eye, your imagination imaging in capability and see the two again, one overlaying the other. But now I want you to focus on the fifth dimension, what that is like as you float back down to the earth, back down, come back down to the earth, feel your feet touching the earth in your etheric and astral body. Feel the earth below your feet.  See now the beauty in this dimension, in the fifth dimensional expression and what would be after ascension. To have felt at various times throughout your life when you felt that sense of bliss, then you are walking in those shoes of the fifth dimension.

Look around now and see the beauty everywhere. See how the trees have transformed, the plants, the flowers, the grasses in the fields. See how everything has transformed because it is alive with consciousness. Yes, even within the third dimensional illusion, there was consciousness within life, but not as you see it and feel it and know it now.  Feel everything is alive with consciousness. Water, plants, flowers. See the majestic mountains as they reach to the sky, the consciousness that is imbued within those mountains. Consciousness within the air itself. The air is crystal clear, pristine.  The animals, how they now react differently to humankind than they did previously. How they are showing the consciousness that they were within the illusion; you just did not see that consciousness. Did not acknowledge their level of consciousness, thinking they were the lesser of the two.

Now they're equal, equal in consciousness.

Feel the vibrational frequency and how it has increased a hundred, maybe even a thousand-fold when you have moved through a certain vortex of energy within the third dimensional illusion and how you felt that energy now feel the energy as it is in the fifth dimension.

Feel the love expressed everywhere. Even from the tree. You can connect with the tree. You have heard before, hug a tree. How you can feel that consciousness coming from the tree. You can even talk to it. And experience its aliveness.

Feel the sunlight.  Even that has changed. Light has become more light.

Love has become eternal love, unconditional love.

Consciousness everywhere becomes aware of itself, that consciousness has that love, has that light.

Now if you would allow yourselves, begin to find your way back to your physical form.  But bringing that higher sense of the fifth dimension and higher back with you, bring it back into your physical body. Bring the awareness, the knowingness, the consciousness, the aliveness, the love incarnate within all of you. Bring that back in and experience it in your physical body now. As your physical body fills with this higher energy, higher light back now into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed.

(End of Meditation)

(Channelling session by Archangel Michael)

I am Archangel Michael. And I come to be with you at this time, these amazing times that you are in now, they are only amazing if you see it in that way, for there are many across the planet that are not seeing this as an amazing time. They are seeing this as the, perhaps the end of times, the end of life, as they know it. But indeed, this is the end of life as you have known it. This is the end of the third dimensional expression, the illusionary expression. This is the time of the new life, the new world, the new world that you are creating. But you can only create that if you let go of the old, if you let go of the old third dimensional illusionary expression, if you let go of the attachment that holds you to that illusion. And yes indeed, my friends, it is the attachments that are holding you to it. The programming that leads to those attachments. And more and more, you need to go throughout your life daily, momentarily, every moment, knowing that those attachments are falling away and allow them to fall away.

And I speak now not only of material attachments, but also human attachments to those people, those loved ones that you have been attached to. You need to let go of all of that. But know that when you let go of those attachments to your loved ones, that does not mean you are letting go of them. It only means you are letting go of the attachment to them, allowing them to have their own path, their own way to go about their lives without you interfering with the path that they are on. You can certainly be compassionate and loving toward them, but do not stand in their way. And many throughout the planet are doing exactly that now. They are holding their loved ones as possessions to themselves, and they are not your possessions. They are simply your soul group that are here with you in this lifetime, just as they, many of them have been with you in previous lifetimes and in previous existences to the lifetimes here when you were in other galaxies, other systems, other planets, together with those ones. And here you are at this time, once again, brought together as old souls coming together once again, and doing what you came here to do. And that is to raise consciousness everywhere, first within yourself, and then to all those that are around you.  For that is what this is all about.

This ascension process is not just an individualized ascension process. It is a collective process. This is why you waited, waited from the 2012 time when many of you could have ascended at that time. You were on that path. You were in that process to do so. But all of you, your higher selves, got together, you might say, as a council coming together and said, no, we will wait. We will wait for our brothers and sisters. And that is where you find yourselves now, on the cusp, near the culmination of this ascension process that you are on, ready to be in that first wave of ascension.

And then once you have done so, once you have ascended, then you are ready to turn back and assist those that come behind you. Just as you are the way showers, the ones paving the way, you are the ones that are going to be taking on the Christ consciousness within you. Just as Yeshua did so and showed the way and that many have shown the way since.

You are the ones as a collective, as a collective planet together, the first ever to have ascended as a collective along with the planet. You must understand how enormous this undertaking is for all of you and how you volunteered to come here and here you are now to do so, to bring about the end of the old, to bring about the end of the old programming, to bring about the end of the illusion, and to move forward into the new reality of your creation. And just as you created the illusion previous to this, you are going to be creating the new reality of the Golden Age of Gaia. And just as there was previous golden ages of Gaia of the earth. Again, you are creating the new golden age.

So as always, my friends, trust in yourselves, trust in the universal plan that is at work here and that you are a great part of that universal plan. All of you together make up this plan. And we, those of you that mentor to you, we cannot do it for you. We can only do it alongside of you, assisting you whenever we can. And then when you are ready, you will then turn around and assist those that come after you. Not interfering, but assisting them, guiding them, just as we have guided you. I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in love and peace and oneness.

As You continue to move forward without attachment, take hold of your thoughts as much as possible and know that the programming that you have accumulated over many, many lifetimes is in the process of being purged out and in its place will be the new you.

(End of channelling session)

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on 6/9/2024. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author website is clearly stated.Sunday Call Channeling transcriptions.
James & JoAnna McConnell

James McConnell:
Spiritual Facilitator/Counselor for 25+ years, James has spoken on behalf of and channeled the Ascended Masters at many gatherings for varied audiences. He has facilitated the spiritual paths of those that are searching for their own truth through weekly groups, speaking engagements and workshops. His journey started over 25 years ago when his Marriage and Family counseling business began using past life regression and spiritual teachings as the basis for helping his clients resolve their issues. He has led expeditions in Mexico in search of ancient records and conducted retreats in Sedona and Flagstaff. James has an MS degree in Counseling Psychology.

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