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Archangel Michael: The Emerald Star Garden Of Aldebaran

Archangel Michael: The Emerald Star Garden Of Aldebaran

The March Equinox And Bringing Heaven To Earth

In the unfolding spiral of the Sacred and Galactic year, the two Equinoxes form part of the 8 Points of Light, together with the two Solstices and the 4 Time Portals.

The Equinoxes mark the change of seasons: in the North it is the change from Winter to Spring, and in the South it is the change from Summer to Autumn. As the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, the day and the night are almost exactly equal in length, hence the term “equi” for equal and “nox” for night. After this the days begin to lengthen in the North towards Summer and shorten in the South towards winter. At the June Solstice we experience the longest day and the shortest night (North) and the shortest day and the longest night.

It is a time for us to come into balance and inner harmony after the powerful light codes that pour down through the Aquarius Gate and under the power of the Royal Star Fomalhaut. Now the journey of the Earth along the Ecliptic approaches a new section of the Galactic sky ruled by the Royal Star Aldebaran, and including the Star systems Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. These systems have a rich and powerful history of co-creation with the Elohim Angels and with Earth.

Before we begin another powerful Light Code adventure with these Star Systems and our Galactic and Angelic families, we are given the opportunity to bring ourselves into inner Harmony and Balance at the Equinox. This is a powerful process, as much that may have happened as you travel your individual time spirals that may have knocked you a little off course. But now is the time to bring yourself back into alignment with your dreams, desires and creations. If you have a “speed wobble,” now is the time to smooth it out and focus on Harmony and Peace.
The key to traversing this part of the spiral journey is to be grounded. The Light Codes and energies here are all about bringing Heaven to Earth and grounding the Emerald Codes through the (Emerald) Heart.

The Emerald Star Garden of Aldebaran is the Higher Dimensional Space governed by the Council of Light of Aldebaran which sends out these powerful Emerald Codes that carry the blueprints or templates for Heaven on Earth. They guide us to re-establish the Paradise Garden on Earth and to bring forth New Lemuria.

The powerful Sirian Star Teachers of Sirius and the Star Teachers, Scientists and Artists of the Pleiades all work together with Aldebaran Council of Light to transmit the Light Codes of New Earth to the Planet. This happens after the Equinox, so that we as Light Workers and Star Seeds in Human form, are in balance before we start to integrate the new codes.

These transmissions reach their peak at the Taurus Gate Portal on the 5/5 or the 5th of May.

At the March Equinox, we may enter the Star Garden of Aldebaran in meditation and speak with the light beings and the guardians of the plants and animals, the birds and insects, which have their light forms and templates ready to transmit to Earth. Everything here sparkles with Emerald Light and high frequencies. As you enter this space you will be greeted by Archangel Raphael and the Elohim, and by the Galactic and Angelic Beings who tend the Star Garden and ready the Emerald Codes for transmission to the Earth.

You will be reminded that the most important part of this project is to bring your inner Divine Masculine and Feminine into balance. The new Masculine energy in Nature is sparking a deep renewal, and the Divine Feminine is nurturing the emerging new forms of Nature for the New Earth.

What we can do now, at the Equinox, is to go within and bring our inner Sacred Heart Space into balance so that we may be part of this project or rebirth and renewal and share in the process of holding the Emerald Energy codes. You might like to use this poem as a starting point:

The Star Garden of Aldebaran

Welcome to the Star Garden of Aldebaran
Emerald Light sparkles
Golden Light flows
Into a rich and beautiful Garden of Light.
Creating Templates
For New Lemuria.
Angels surround you
Galactic family welcomes you!
Each flower, each bud, each leaf,
Welcomes you!
Birds, animals, butterflies
Star waters flowing
They welcome you.

Rest in Deep Peace
Balance your Heart, Mind and Soul with Spirit.
All is Well.
All is Beautiful.
You are Loved.


Celia Fenn holds MA and PhD degrees in English Literature, and has also studied Art and Music. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa. 
She worked for 12 years as a University academic teacher of English Literature before switching to a career in Healing and Therapy. For ten years she helped many people to find their own personal healing path to wholeness and inner peace. She then became a channel for Archangel Michael, and developed the Starchild Global website. Her ongoing adventure has lead to a new focus on the grounding of the New Earth, Quantum Reality and Time Lines, the importance of the Divine Feminine energy and rediscovering the power of Shamanic practice and ceremony in a modality called Galactic Shamanism. She is the Director of the Starchild Children's Foundation, which runs the "Children of Africa Project". This is a Community Support Program for the Children of the Cape Town area in South Africa. The project is run and maintained by donations.

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