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Archangel Michael - The Loss of Loved Ones

Archangel Michael - The Loss of Loved Ones


I want to take this moment to bring you some explanations. Unfortunately, this moment of the planet's own transition is that moment when many souls are preparing to leave. prepare to shed physical clothing and why now?

It has already been said here several times that each soul when incarnating in this dimension was instructed and became aware of everything that would happen on the planet. And at that moment she made a choice: to go through everything, to be a pioneer, or to go through as a spirit, as a conscious energy. So many made their choices and I can assure you that all choices are being respected.

Is there a chance of change? Yes, there always is, if the Higher Self thinks that fractal is ready to change its mind, to stop leaving the body and pass in it, it will allow it and a new choice will happen. The opposite is also true. many souls have made the agreement to pass through the physical body. but they are not supporting all the change and choose the opposite, to leave.

So there is always respect here, the decision of each soul, of each Higher Self. But many wonder how to get through it all; I'm on the way to the Fifth Dimension so how should I behave? What should I do to not disturb my walk? What should I do to help this departing soul?

This question is important, because many choose to live in eternal mourning, claiming that a piece of themselves is gone. I am not disputing the size of the pain, what is important to note is how the pain will be experienced. So for those of you who are on the walk, are heading towards the Fifth Dimension, the answer is not simply to turn your back and ignore everything. Of course there is pain, there are feelings involved.

So I would say that pain has to be experienced, but with caution. It's like I've said here several times: you have a habit of worshiping a dead body, this is bizarre, it doesn't make the slightest sense. But you learned that way and it will be very difficult to change. So for those who are on the journey, the moment is not to look at that body, not to miss that body. It is to miss the being that is gone, it is to miss the moments lived and, above all, to send a lot of Light to that soul that has just been disconnected from the body.

Each soul has its choices, each soul built a quantum of energy along the way. A lot of Light, more or less Light, very little Light or worshiped the shadows. Each soul has already made its choice on its own path. So when disconnecting from the physical body, she will be involved by the same energies she worshipped. If she has worshiped Light, Love, respect for God the Father/Mother, the angels will take care of her soul and she will be enveloped in pure Love and will be treated, aware of her new condition. Even those with little Light go through this process.

Those who choose the shadows will be captured by the shadows because it was their choice, there's nothing we can do. It is clear that at the moment of passage, of disconnection from the body, the soul has two paths: it can continue the one it has worshiped for an entire existence or it can change from shadow to Light, as from Light to shadow, it will have both paths to choose and she makes the choice.

So understand that every energy that is released from the body is not helpless. She will have her back, the beings she chooses to have either during her walk or in that moment. So how to live this pain? Cry, let out all the feelings, but never with anger. There can be no revolt, why revolt? It was that soul's choice, so the revolt is a lack of respect for that soul's choice. What can be lived in the moment? The sadness, the longing, but also with a definite time, it's not giving in to sadness and giving in to longing. Because then you will be forgetting all your journey, you will be forgetting that one day you will also go through this, no matter when, but you will pass, because this is the way.

It was neither a privilege nor a punishment for that soul to disassociate itself from the physical body, everyone will go through this one day. So how to live the feeling? With tenderness, within the greatest possible balance. Live that sinister, macabre moment, of staring at a dead body, put all your anguish and sadness there, and when that is over, when that moment is over, put an end to suffering. Swap suffering for longing, but a longing for gratitude, for having lived with the one or the one who is leaving at that moment.

This is how you need to live, look at the good times, laugh a lot, remembering the good times. By acting in this way, you will be doing good for yourselves and for the departing soul. Because every pain, every feeling, every revolt, hits that soul. It's like a wound that opens up in that energy field and it hurts and she feels the pain, she suffers and begins to suffer together for having left the person she left behind.

So be careful with the feelings you live, don't keep asking why. Each because, it hurts the soul, it was her choice and those who stay need to respect. So the feeling is just to emanate Light, lots of Light, lots of Love, lots of affection and longing. But the longing for the good times, the longing for the time spent together and allowing this soul to follow its path, that this soul is alive with the choices it has made. I guarantee that in this way, your heart will be meek even in pain, but it will be meek, because deep down, you are aware that it was her choice and that nothing you could have done.

This is the path that each one of you, who is on the journey to the Fifth Dimension, needs to take. Live longing, not sadness, pain needs to be reverted into longing and every time your heart squeezes, be grateful for having lived with that soul, for having been part of her journey and she was part of your journey.

Many are saying here, now: “Oh, this is too easy for you, you don't know what suffering is here on Earth.” Be careful with your words, because we all feel exactly what happens in the heart of everyone who is connected with us. My words here are so that you don't get lost on the way.

Because this is a good time to get lost, it's a good time for you to choose the shortcut of sadness, mourning, revolt and all that will take you in the opposite direction of the Fifth Dimension.

So this is just a way to help, to show you that this is not the way to go. That revolt, sadness, intense mourning, will not bring the person back and will not do you any good either, it will harm you and the soul that is gone. Is this what you want? Do you want to self-punish and punish the departed soul? So once again I repeat: be careful with your feelings, because this will also reverberate against you.

Don't think that we are insensitive and that we don't know the suffering you are going through, we know and we feel it and that is exactly why I am here bringing comfort, bringing guidance. For this is the right way to live in the moment, when a loved one passes away, this is the right way, not the way you were taught. You can even worship a dead body, something macabre for our ideas, but may this moment be an end to that sadness, that despair and that later all of this will just turn into longing. But a longing not for the loss, the longing for the good times lived. When the longing tightens, remember a good time lived together and I guarantee that it becomes light.

And if each time you do that, it will be easy not to forget, because that's not the point. We are not here asking anyone to forget who is leaving, but just remember the good times lived, the joys, how much that being represented in your life and be grateful for having had the opportunity to have lived with him. This is the way, this is what you need to do, live the pain until you put an end to it and then change your thoughts. Because this is the path that will keep you on the path and, above all, help that soul to also find the path to the Fifth Dimension.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.

Image Courtesy of The Crystal Wind Oracle and Artist Lisa Iris
oracle.crystalwind.ca - www.lisairis.ca

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