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Ascension Insights: The Truth Unveiled by Archangel Michael

Ascension Insights: The Truth Unveiled by Archangel Michael

My Beloved Souls,

I am, Archangel Michael, here today to continue to enlighten you on some important topics regarding a full disclosure of the truth to humanity.

My Beloved Souls, it’s time for you to learn about important aspects of your journey toward Ascension. Your planet is going through a deep cleansing, which causes extreme weather in parts of your world, that never before experienced such extreme weather like high temperatures, floods, hurricanes and even snow in locations that are usually hot all year round. These events are natural not created by Darkness. Still too many humans are staying in low vibrations, which can also cause unseen before weather.

This must happen in order to prevent the destruction of Mother Earth by the Dark Entities. Your reality was altered to suit the desire of the Negative Ones to control every sense and aspect of your life. Animals, insects, fish and etc. were purposely engineered to suit Darkness and harm humans. Just think for a moment, mosquitos, ticks, poisonous snakes and other creatures can attack and injure a human or even lead to their early departure from a physical body.

When a planet is spinning in high vibrations together with an advanced civilization, you would not see or meet anyone from the Animal Kingdom or bugs, who would attack a human being. In high realms everything coexist in peace and in harmony, total synergy with beings, nature and with the Animal Kingdom. Here in 3D most of humanity goes after each other physically, mentally and financially. This behavior is normal for a low vibrational society. In 5D you can’t entertain 3D’s behaviors, it’s not going to work and you will end up going back from where you came from.

Basically, you need to transform not just your body, but also your mind by connecting to your Universal Consciousness to become enlightened. The Ascension is the process that for some can be short while for others, it could take a very long time to get there. My advice is for everyone to stay on the path by doing spiritual work or the alternative is to continue to be enslaved by the Darkness and be moved to another 3D planet. Let’s now talk about the mysterious monoliths appearing in different parts of the world on Earth.

Recently, one was discovered in a desert of Las Vegas, Nevada in United States. It was not put or installed in that place by someone, it appeared from the high energies in that location. There were other monoliths found in the past in Wales, United Kingdom, Piatra Neamt in Romania, Utah in United States and etc.. Their origins are from higher dimensions of 5D and up, they appear here as the veil between the two realities in some places becomes so thin, that it bleeds through in this form. In your 3D reality, they are much smaller in width and height. The monoliths in higher realms can reach up to 1000 feet and higher depending on their purpose.

In our 5D or higher existence they have different colors like purple, green and yellow. They have multiple functions; I just want to disclose only a couple of them. These unusual objects can be used to balance the polarity of the planet, as a security poles by blinking and announcing a starship entering the orbit, and even as a weapon with a beaming light to stop uninvited guests from Space. They can’t be too long in your vibrations, eventually the monoliths mysteriously are going disappear, the way they appeared. In your world these pillars don’t perform any functions, as the frequency is too low, except for that it gives you a glimpse into the 5th dimension.

Humankind is not ready to handle technologies from higher dimensions without harming each other. You are responsible for your own destiny and your planet. We are only allowed to assist you in the crucial moment. Learn to focus just on your personal spiritual growth. Be compassionate to each other and practice humility. My Beloved Souls, please start loving each other. Nothing is higher than pure Supreme Love.

At this moment nothing is certain in your world, it will come a time, when you are going to see clearly and understand, on what Ascension really means. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please accept my Blessings and Supreme Love.

I am connected to all of you

Archangel Michael

Channeled by Erena Velazquez
Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces

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