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Lady Faith - Ronna’s Rite Of Passage - Overlighted By Archangel Michael

Lady Faith - Ronna’s Rite Of Passage - Overlighted By Archangel Michael

Much has transpired and my “Picture of Reality” has changed drastically since the incident with Lady Faith in early July, 2022: I got up at 6:00 AM after a quite restless, uncomfortable night.

As usual, I went into my dressing room and sat down on my stool before the bathroom counter and wash basin to begin my ablutions. I felt a deep sense of sadness and despair (which has not occurred in a long time). It has been many years since I have done this: however, speaking to AA Michael, I said, “It has been a long time since I have felt this way, I really need some insight. You know, I really want to stay and complete whatever it is you wish me to do. However, not this way. Not with all of this constant turmoil within my mind and body. I feel like I'm losing control of myself.”

What happened next was really strange. All of a sudden, my spine seemed to stretch upward and my arms automatically lifted straight out at shoulder level (forming a cross). After a brief time, they lifted straight up over my head, symbolic of my Pillar of Light. I then started to vibrate all over, including my head which moved from side-to-side very rapidly. I don't know how long it lasted; however, it was really was one of the most violent download episodes I have ever experienced. As in the past, I was told to “relax and stay with it.” After a short time, I felt a bolt of energy shoot down my spine. It was powerful and awesome but not uncomfortable. It was like AA Michael’s energy feels when it comes in full force before a seminar (only stronger); not uncomfortable, just very strong and forceful. I always feel like I have to stretch to accommodate it.

Lady Faith then came through telepathically; loud and clear, saying to me, “As I have told you many times, I have always been with you, positioned behind your left shoulder. However, you have now fully merged the right and left hemispheres of your brain, so that my beloved counterpart and I may reunite. Therefore, you will no longer see or sense us as separate or apart. Once more, we have merged into one unified consciousness. It was only you who perceived us as being separate or felt us we were divided. In this lifetime, I had to step back into a “support position,” for I have been with you as your “Primary Guiding Energy Force” for so many lifetimes. An important part of your spiritual mission for this lifetime was that you accept your personal power and the Divine Will of the Father. You have accomplished this admirably so now I may, once again, be your comforter.

Since that time, I feel somewhat different. I feel my balance is somewhat better, even though my head and bodily auric field seem greatly expanded. I don't know how it's going to manifest: in what way or how quickly. For several years now, since I reunited with my Sacred Triad, and I am more fully within AA Michael’s and Lady Faith’s Force-field, it seems they are no longer separate from me. We are united, so it's very different. It is more of a “Unity consciousness” and our communications are more a telepathic knowingness. I just have to “shift my consciousness to tune in.”

I have been told there are many StarSeed Soul groups now in the process of merging into their new Fifth-Dimensional hologram. However, first we must traverse a NULL ZONE of adjustment. We need to understand that we will always have some small issues that need to be harmonized. We are human and we still must interact with others to clear the small distortions and tie-up the loose ends before we can move forward into more refined Frequencies of Light.

Lady Faith tells us that everything is accelerating so fast and the StarSeed Souls are receiving as much of their Aquarian Divine Blue Print as they can manage. It is as if we are in a completely different energetic environment of which our bodily forms are not accustomed. It is going to take time to integrate and assimilate the higher frequency energy so that we may use it efficiently for our maximum benefit and the benefit of ALL humanity.

We are learning how to “stepdown the energy” into our linear, conscious mind so that we may still manage the little everyday linear, left brain tasks. We have to practice using our lower Fourth-dimensional conscious mind again. It is much more difficult to remember a lot of trivial things, and our “short-term memory” is very erratic. After a AA Michael channeling session at a big seminar, I used to say, “it takes time to get my genie back in the bottle.” These days, shifting back and forth between dimensions is a common occurrence. We truly are walking between the worlds (accessing multiple-dimensional frequency patterns). For a long time, we have focused on accessing our “Sacred Mind and our Higher Self”, as well as integrating the right and left hemispheres of our brain. Now, we must get used to gradually integrating the “higher frequency 5D energy patterns into our unified conscious mind,” while staying grounded within our fourth-dimensional, material Plane environment.

So How Does The Above Information Relate To The Uncomfortable Feelings We Are Experiencing?

We are “mutating and evolving” very quickly. Through all of 2022 and the first four months of 2023 it has been building up ─ off and on. However, now it is almost constant. For me personally, it is not that I feel tired or weak; however, I seem to feel off-balance more frequently. It is the brain and bodily disturbances and the complicated transformation process we are now in the midst of that is creating the unusual sensations and discomfort.

To a degree, I believe, we are the forerunners ─ or we are laying the groundwork for those brave Souls of the distant future who will actually ascend in the physical vessel. We certainly are not ready to do that at this time; however, we are opening the way for future humanity. AA Michael has said to me many times, “In this lifetime, you will be integrating energy that the physical vessel is not prepared to accommodate. Also, the accelerated, transformational process is more difficult for those in an older physical vessel.” So, it is highly probable that we will continue to experience strange symptoms and powerful, intermittent surges of energy. It is important that we listen to our Body Intelligence and strive to take advantage of any new concepts that we feel are right for us – even those which do not fit modern society’s beliefs and standards.



My Divine Blueprint as a Sacred Scribe and messenger for Archangel Michael / Lady Faith consists of bringing forth specific portions of the new, higher frequency wisdom teachings to assist humanity to move through the final phases of the ascension process of the third- / fourth-dimensional environment. This is a requirement if we are to attain entrance into our new fifth-dimensional world of tomorrow. First, we must move through a “preparatory stage” or a “null zone” ─ which is situated within two separate “Membranes of Light.” it serves as a barrier to the entry level of our fifth-dimensional hologram.

There are a great number of people on Earth who are Memory Seed Activators – at many different levels. this is so that the different Memory Seed Atoms, the different crystalline structures and the different sacred sites or ley lines within the Earth can be activated at the appropriate time. This process has been designed so that at the appropriate time, the necessary energy can be supplied to activate these sacred energy centers. it is a vitally important part of the Divine Blueprint; a cocreative endeavor designed to occur between humanity and the Earth.

All of the activators, who will initiate the necessary changes for the Earth and humanity, are a part of a cooperative effort amongst GAIA, humanity and the Great Lords of light ─ under the direction of our Mother/Father God — to assist in and facilitate the great “MIGRATION INTO THE NEW AGE REALMS OF TOMORROW.”




After a "huge download of higher frequency “Memory Seed Atoms," and the "amazing telepathic message from Lady Faith" in early July of this year, the Sixth-Dimensional City of Light Cosmic Council began communicating with me. They identified themselves as "THE ASCENDED MASTERS COSMIC COUNCIL OF TWELVE."

I have been told that I am now a "disciple-initiate” of the AMCCOL as a messenger of the advanced teachings of the future, which are sorely needed by humanity as the masses begin to prepare to move into the null zones of the fourth dimensions, and also in preparation for humanity’s ascension into the entry level of the fifth dimension.

I am somewhat uncomfortable relaying this information to the public. However, I was told it is appropriate that I share this important information at this time, for there are vast numbers of brave and faithful StarSeed Souls who are also within the “LAST PHASES OF THE FOURTH-DIMENSIONAL ASCENSION PROCESS;” they are now ready to join the various Cosmic Councils of Light. Archangel Michael also told me that I am now ready to receive "Guidance directly from the higher Cosmic Councils of Light VIA the new SIXTH-DIMENSIONAL CENTRAL COMMUNICATION CENTER."

I am humbled and so very blessed to be given this grand opportunity , and to be included in the chosen One’s to relay these vitally important “WISDOM TEACHINGS FOR THE NEW AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT” to our beloved Soul Families and friends around the world.


JULY 8, 2022 <> In my morning meditation, the ASCENDED MASTER’S COSMIC COUNCIL OF TWELVE began to speak to me telepathically. I also began to receive amazingly beautiful and clear pictures, colors and what appeared to be “streams of radiant light” pouring into my third eye. Beginning on AUGUST 18,2023 I began channeling longer, more important messages from the AMCCOL at various times, especially on the mornings I had breakfast on my front porch (my home faces East and I love basking in the early morning sun).

All through the rest of July, August, and September, I continued to receive downloads of information from the Ascended Master’s council “AMCCOL.” The various Cosmic Councils of Light and the AMCCOL were explained to me in detail. Many of the articles in the “SECOND SECTION” of “HIGH VIBES MASTER TEACHER’S MANUAL were given to me over those amazing three months. And, the new “FIFTH-DIMENSIONAL COSMIC TEACHINGS” keeps pouring in: Some in bits and pieces and some large, very detailed, and often surprising, articles.





The members of the Ascended Masters Cosmic Council have had many earthly lifetimes and all of them have ascended from the Earth-plane. Therefore, they have united to give us the information necessary to move through the final stages of the fourth dimension, and into the null zone in preparation to qualify to ascend into the entry level of the fifth dimension. Also, they are different frequency level councils who will supply the "advanced information" we will need as we make the "shift into our fifth-dimensional world of reality. "

I have been told by Archangel Michael that there are several within our core Soul group who will eventually take over where he and the AMCCOL left off with the teachings through me over the past thirty years. these new messengers will use the information and teachings already provided – adding their unique reservoir of memory Seed Atoms so that they may share the new, upgraded information needed to guide humanity through the final "DARK NIGHTS OF THE SOUL AND THE NULL ZONE”.

Dearest friends, as a group of world server’s, you are the designated teachers, wayshowers and vanguard souls whose mission is to provide "user-friendly, easy to apply tools, techniques and guidance,” through these end times. You are being guided, directed and inspired to access, integrate and share the en-lighten-ing, illuminating and empowering teachings within the new divine blueprint for "the age of aquarius.” blessings beyond measure await each precious soul who answers the new clarion call. Won’t you join us? Eternal love, angel blessings and big hugs to each of you. Ronna



Dearest Friends, Soul Family and Companions on the Journey. As you all now know, I have been through an extreme Rite of Passage over the past two years and there has been much change. I will begin my “96th year around the Sun on November 30th of this year. I can no longer handle all the multiple tasks involved in my work, as I have in the past. It is also time for me to focus on the amazing, new and advanced information that I am now receiving from AA Michael/Lady Faith and the Ascended Master’s Cosmic Council of Light (AMCCOL).

For the past thirty-five years I have almost totally committed my life to my “Mission as a messenger for AA Michael.” Beginning in 1994, I traveled the world holding seminars and workshops and I was compensated very well. However, since I no longer hold seminars and all of Archangel Michael’s teachings are distributed via the WEB or printed form via USPS, my income has dropped dramatically. Especially, two years ago, after I gave Barry Peterson and David Nichols, owner of “ABOVE AND BEYOND DUALITY,” along with Randall Monk, permission to freely narrate and post on YouTube any and all of AA Michael’s books and messages.

I have been told by the “Powers That Be” that it is time to advance my work. To increase and sustain the reach of AA Michael’s Messages, as well as share all the new, advanced teachings, I must begin asking for FAIR compensation for my work; which that in the past, I have faithfully given FREE of charge. I have and will continue to endeavor to make as many of the teachings accessible to as many as I possibly can. Please be aware that there are still a multitude of past narrated messages and other StarQuestMastery postings available, along with Ronna Vezane and Randall Monk Gems of Wisdom monthly videos.

Over the past six months, I have been blessed to have an excellent new Team suddenly appear in my life, to help me create an expanded, professional Website, so that we can offer a great variety of Archangel Michael’s teachings in a variety of forms. Rebecca Morman is my new Office Manager and Assistant, as well as a qualified Spiritual teacher. I have also teamed up with Charlie Palumbo, who is an accomplished author and spiritual counselor. She and Rebecca will offer a variety of classes and ongoing workshops. They will add their valuable wisdom teachings to AA Michael’s and mine, as they prepare and offer on-going classes and important tools to assist all of you on your “Accelerated Path of Ascension.”

I am pleased to announce that I will regularly post both new, advanced information along with a series of articles and important reviews of past teachings. Our new WEBSITE and our SOCIAL CHANNELS will have a “PAID SUBSCRIBER’S SECTION,” as well as a FREE * PUBLIC SECTION. Eventually, we plan to have a narrated section, as well Videos and Illustrations, along with all of Archangel Michael’s past, present and future teachings.

It will take some time and so we ask you to “bear with us.” We promise it will be worth the wait. I send you all my deepest love and blessings, Ronna

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www.StarQuestMastery.com ** Email:
Wisdom Messages From Archangel Michael * November 2023 Ronna Vezane / Sacred Scribe



Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address are included.
Messages From Archangel Michael * AAM December 2023 Transmitted Through Ronna / Sacred Scribe
Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. 
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