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One Who Serves: Q&A - Breaking Free from Illusions - AA Michael

One Who Serves: Q&A - Breaking Free from Illusions - AA Michael

One Who Serves:

Om Mani Padme, Hum, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om, Om, Greetings to you, One Who Serves here, Shoshanna is here, and we are ready to move forward once again in this program, in this training, and are ready to assist you in your greatest questions that you have had for a very long time.   

And know that it is important for you to ask those questions. Know that the answers will come, whether it is through us as guides to you or whether it is through your higher God self. As you ask the question within yourself, perhaps as you are drifting off into sleep, into your sleep time, when you ask that question, we will suggest that you try that.

When you are getting ready to go to sleep at night and you have a question, ask it at that time and then be quiet and allow the answer to come. Perhaps it will come within the dream itself. Perhaps it will come in your daily waking state or in your what you call daydreaming state where you have a vision perhaps or someone is led to you to assist you in answering that question. Or perhaps you will come upon a book or some type of reading material or listening material that will answer that question. But know for sure that your questions will always be answered. Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you for those who are ready to hear and see.

We are ready for your questions if you have them.

(Member question)

This is a sort of a two-part question. Two weeks ago, Wednesday night, I had just laid myself down in bed to sleep and all of a sudden, I felt a huge jolt of something hitting my back where my spine joins with my pelvis. It didn't really hurt, but it did surprise me. And then the second part of this, last Thursday, it happened again. I was laying down meditating and, in my visions, I saw a hand touch my perineum. And as soon as it touched, I felt like I had an electric shock throughout my body. For these instances, was something like my Kundalini activating or something else?

(OWS Answer)

We would say here, dear one, that they are attempts to awaken you, attempts to get your, and sure, not so much Kundalini awakening here, but attempts for your guide, various ones, to get your attention, to tap you on the shoulder, as you say here, and to, we will just say to get your attention to them, to go within yourself, for the answer that you are seeking is within yourself, not so much from up here, but know that if you pay attention to that, as you have done, then the answers will come to you. Those that are attempting to reach you will reach you, and they are actually reaching you as we find it now.

So just open up to it and it will become even more profound throughout the times ahead here. So, Shoshanna, do you have something you add here?

(Shoshanna comments)

Yes. We wish to share on this. May we share, dear brother? (yes) Dear brother, what we find is that you have been asking a question. You have been pondering something here. You have been pondering a situation or asking a specific question within yourself. And you know what this is. What occurs is confirmation of this. So, when you feel that jolt, when you feel that energy, it is confirming an answer for you. It is confirming your idea, you see. Does this make sense there, brother?

(Member comments)

In that sense, I asked hundreds of questions every day. I'm not sure which question this might be answering.

(Shoshanna continues to comment)

There is a prevalent question that you are asking. You may ask it in different forms. You may think you are asking it in a hundred ways, but it is a prevalent idea. What you must do now, is reduce your questions down to the most intense, the one that you wish an answer for, you see. But what we find is that these hundreds of questions that you are asking will reduce down to an idea, will reduce down to an ideology, a specific thing. There are never hundreds of questions. The being just thinks they're asking hundreds of questions.  But there is one that encompasses all your questions. Namaste.

(Thank you.)

(OWS comments)

Very good. And we add here that many of you have had situations not quite as similar to this, but in some ways, yes, where you have had perhaps your name called during your just going to sleep time, perhaps, or you have heard a doorbell ring or something that just gets your attention. And this is what this is. This is your guides attempting to reach you in various ways. We are ready for the next question.

(Member question)

Yes, I have a question. Okay, so I had a dream recently where somebody tried to take some money or whatever out of my purse and I was like, no, you're not taking that out of there. And they were very pushy. They were going to take it out of there no matter what. But what came to my mind afterwards was that it was kind of like not, it was the antithesis of if someone asks for your shirt or your coat, give them your shirt also. And I think the reason we want to be in that space, if I'm correct, is because number one, you can always get another shirt. And number two, you know, because we have that power to manifest. And number two, we don't want to be in that, that energy of fighting against something or whatever energy that another person brings in.

It's better to just give the thing. So, but what I noticed though, and this might be true for other people as well, is that I was not in that faith. And recently having such experiences occurred to me of having things taken. What it's for me, I can see it's for me not about the stuff because generally I'm very generous with stuff and I give to people spontaneously in the neighbourhood and everything else. But it's about that feeling of violation, like the feeling of someone has violated me really by taking stuff, if you will. So, I would like to know, and I want to be in that space, and I think it's important to be in that space of if they ask for a coat, that if they want to take your coat, give them your shirt too. I would like to know some words of wisdom on how to avoid that experience.

of feeling like I'm violated because it's not on us really. If somebody else does that, it's not us. We don't have that. We're not a victim. It's not us. It's their thing that they got going on or whatever, but we take it. We accept it as I'm a victim or I'm violated. And that's where the outrage comes from. So how can I, we get beyond that experience of that fear.

(Shoshanna answers this question)

We have the answer for you dear sister. May we share with you? (Yes, please.)

Dear sister, this is not about your generous heart. This is not about your compassion for others. This is not about your extension of giving. This is about protecting your boundaries. This is about you protecting your boundaries that you have allowed so many to cross uninvited, you see. So, you must heed this, that this is perfectly legitimate to protect your boundaries. Namaste.


Very good.

(Member continues)

So, wait a minute, can you give us clarity then? Because that seems to fly right in the face of if they ask for a coat, give your shirt also. So, what am I missing then?

(Shoshanna clarifies)

This is not about giving. This is not about offering. This is about your being protecting its own boundaries, you see. There are those that wish to encroach upon you uninvited. If you are willing to give your shirt, give it. If you are willing to give your coat, give it. But when it is taken from you, that is not the same thing, you see. So, when another takes from you uninvited, that is where your awareness has to be piqued, has to be noticed that you are allowing this to happen to you because you are not protecting your boundaries. These are two different things. Does this make sense, dear sister?

(Member continues)

It makes sense and I'm still confused on why Yeshua said that because it seemed like he was...unless that's a misnomer in the Bible that was not meant to be because it seemed like he was saying that if someone aggresses against you, then just, you know, don't aggress back. Just give, just give them.

(Shoshanna continues)

And you are not at that stage. You see the lesson that you must learn is to protect your boundaries or things will continue to be taken from you. You see.  That is not about what Yeshua did or what others will do. It is about your lesson, you see. So, you can continue to allow others uninvited to cross your boundaries, to dishonour you, and the same lesson will occur over and over and over again, you see. So, once you understand that you must honor you and that others that dishonor you are not invited to do so, then the lesson will be learned. Does this make sense to your sister?

(Member continues)

I guess yes. So, the lessons are personalized and that is not my personal lesson right now about turning the other cheek or whatever. My personal lesson as I understand it is boundary things. Am I correct? (Yes. Yes.) Okay. Okay. Okay. I understand. Thank you. I appreciate that clarity.

(OWS comments)

Yes. And we would add here that when Yeshua said to give up your cloak, He was referring to those that were in need, those that did not have a cloak to cover themselves. Then give of what you have. See?

(Member comments)

Yes. OK. Got it. OK. That makes sense. Thank you.


Very good. Are there any further questions here?

(Member question)

Yes, I have a question. I'm going to explain some of the things I've been experiencing. Hopefully it applies. The answer will apply to the larger group, I'm sure. To me, there were two acceleration points of energy that were really strong. One was the solar eclipse, and one was right at the beginning of the year. But some of the things I've been experiencing, I'm really just looking to confirm this is part of the ascension process, that I'm not, you know, I don't want to say going crazy because I don't feel like that. But since those acceleration points, the energy has gotten a lot stronger.  Number one, I sleep a lot and it's almost like I prefer those realities over this one. So, it's really hard to come back to this reality every day. It's getting, it seems like it's getting harder day by day. Number two, this reality is starting to seem really plastic or fake to me like it's a video game like it's not real so I'm starting to see the real illusion and I'll make sure that's okay and part of that process because when I go out it just seems like everything is it seems like I'm in a in a video game. For real. For real. Yes. And it seems like I just see the illusion, I just see like I even go around like it's just this it goes everything seems fake now.

It just, this reality doesn't seem real anymore in the sense that it used to seem real. and then I guess, Number three is I feel like we're in some sort of holding pattern, at least me personally. Now, I don't know if that's just me not being able to break through to the next level, you know, or I feel like a larger holder of holding pattern for humanity as if something very, big is going to drop. And we're kind of waiting for that phase of that thing to kick in, which will accelerate the next phase. But it just feels like we're coming in this holding pattern for lack of a better term.

(OWS Answers)

And we would suggest to you that you are quite accurate in your description here and know that as you are experiencing this, the sense of the illusion and it being indeed an illusion, perhaps there may be the first

time in your life that you are really seeing it in that respect as we have been telling you all, that this is what it is. Just an illusion, a show that is being played out in front of you. And when this occurs for you, dear one, see the other side. See, see the overlay as we have been giving you in the meditations, the overlay of the fifth dimension.

See that other side, look to the other side, as if you were looking through a window and seeing on one side of the window is the third dimensional illusion, on the other side is the beautiful vistas that are opening in front of you, the new colors, the sky with the brand new colors in it, and so on and so on, and see and feel the new.

higher level of consciousness through that window.

(Member comments)

Okay. Right. Yes. Perfect. Thank you.


Shoshanna, do you have something you add?

(Shoshanna comments)

Of course we do. You may not wish to, so dear brother, do you wish to hear our perspective?

(Member comment)

I would love to hear your perspective. Lay it on me.

(Shoshanna continues)

Dear brother, you are extremely unique.

Your process has been accelerated. You see, so you are experiencing this accelerated process, and you don't like it. So, you sleep. You see, you are in an accelerated process, and we will see if you have the answer. The accelerated process is for a reason. What do you think it is?

(Member comments)

The accelerated process is to push me through to the next phase or push me through to the next level.


And how and what is the tool to push yourself to the next level? What is the tool you must use?

(Member comments)

Stay in the moment.

(Shoshanna comments)

That is one as well. We will give the answer here. It is to master it. It is to master the illusion. It is an illusion.

It is all true. What is happening here, though, is that you are seeing it for what it truly is. And you must, you must acknowledge that your mission now is to master it, to manipulate it, to move it around, to get to allow it to mold to your ideas. Do you see that dear brother? (Yes, yes.)

(Member comments)

So, take a stronger stance over my own creations.

(Shoshanna continues)

Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes. Because you are seeing it as an illusion, but it has always been that. It is not suddenly just an illusion. It has always been that. But the illusion is there for all of you to master it, not to observe it as if it was fake and plastic. It is to get in there and master it, you see.

You must go back to the movie The Matrix. When Neo discovered it was an illusion, what did he do? Did he run from it? Did he sleep? Or what did he do?

(Member comment)

Right, he started to master it, correct?

(Shoshanna continues)

He mastered it! And this is the beginning of that for you, to take hold. You are a brilliant being. You are the manifestation of God walking on the earth, you see, in the earth, you see. That is who you are. So why not play with it? Why not master it?

Once you have mastered this and molded it to your liking, then you will be pushed through to the next level. What is the conundrum for most is that they never master it. They are deluded by it. They sleep more. They run from it. But not you, dear brother. This is your chance. This is your opportunity to mold it to your liking and move forward as the master that you are. Does this make sense, dear brother?

(Member comment)

100%. Thank you so much.

(Shoshanna) Yes. Namaste. Namaste.

(OWS) Are there further questions yet?

(Member question)

Actually, can I interrupt for a second then if nobody else is jumping up to the plate? All right, I'm gonna, I tried to ask this before and I'm gonna try it again because I don't think I'm really clear what I was asking. I know it's very, very hard for us in third dimensional illusion to comprehend some of these concepts, but I think we can get an idea of it.

I was asking you about astrology and numerology. I was not asking you how to do it or anything like that or what you get from it. I was asking you, why does it work? How come it works that when, for instance, Mercury is in retrograde, we have all this chaos on the planet? How come that holds true? How come the 11 11 holds true? What? I mean, this would be helpful to me, and I think if we can get an idea of it, then we can express that out to the world as well. So, what is the reason that what happens in the stars or what happens with numbers actually makes any difference whatsoever to us here?

(Shoshanna answers)

We will answer here. We will give a perspective, dear sister, if we may, may we? (Please, yes.)

We see something here. The idea of numerology and the idea of astrology, those ideas are only open to those that have eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to understand, you see. Not every being on this planet will acknowledge that these things have any validity, you see. Does this make sense? (Yes, definitely.) Now, we will tell you that the universe...The order of the universe is math, is numbers. This is difficult to understand, but everything can be deduced down to ones and zeros, you see. Even a musical instrument, the music is made from numbers. Those that are musical know this. They know that there are scales and seven notes and seven tones and flats and sharps and these are all assigned numbers, you see. Numbers are the order by which the universe runs. So now we will tell you that you asked about Mercury in retrograde causing havoc. It does not for everyone. It does not.

Those that acknowledge and understand it, will be affected by it. Mercury in retrograde, for example, creates an energy. And the energy reaches the people, the individuals, the planets that require this energy to move on, to move forward, to comprehend, to understand themselves, you see.  So, the energy is directed to those that would learn from it. Not everyone could possibly understand this, but the universe is acting and reacting to the energies of the beings that occupy the universe, creating the energies that bounce back and forth from these planetary beings and the stars. This is complex.

This is not a simple answer, you see, but of course it is valid. Of course it is true, but only for those that understand it and that wish to understand it. The 11 11, for example, is the mirror effect. You see the 11 mirrors the other 11 and what is, what have you been told over and over and over again? Everything is a mirror of consciousness back to you. So, when you see the 11 -11, it is mirroring back to you your own consciousness, you see. This is complex, but we will tell you that all of it is valid and all of it works as an orchestration of energy and lessons for those that understand it.

Does this make sense, dear sister?

(Member comments)

It does. It does. No, it does. I'll have to read this again. But does it, is it possibly also maybe similar to a computer program? It's programmed to do certain things at certain times.

(Shoshanna comments)

Who programs the computer, dear sister?

(Member comments)

I would say us and the God's spark, I would say. The human being that understands math.

(Shoshanna continues)

Math programs the computer because that is the order of the universe. So, they have captured the understanding and order of the universe through mathematics which programs the computer. It is the invention of the consciousness of man. Of course, God is man and man is God, but through that consciousness it creates the program which is the order of the universe. So, it's a resounding yes.

(Member comments)

Okay, got it, got it, okay. So, we are basically, moment by moment, creating the program of the universe based on other stuff. my goodness.

(Shoshanna continues)

Yes, including the great compositions of Bach and Beethoven and Mozart and all of these amazing beings that have captured the energy of the universe and the math of the universe and the order of the universe by composition.  We are so excited about this. That is the reality of the beingness that each of you is recreating the energy of the universe.

(Member continues)

Yes. Wow, wow, wow. Okay. I'm going to have to read this one again. Thank you so much. That was great.

(Shoshanna comments)

We will have to read it too. Namaste.

(One Who Serves)

Very good. Wonderful explanation. And we are ready to release channels. So, Shoshanna, do you have anything for us?

(Shoshanna shares)

Well, I guess I would say based on the conversation here, is that each of you is a mini universe and each of you has the characteristics and divinity of the universe within.   Namaste.


And we would say here to contemplate for a moment just how far you have all come here. Think about your questions perhaps ten years ago, what they were at that time and the depth of your question at this time you've come a long way baby. Shanti peace be with you. Be the One.


After the Q and A session with OWS and Shoshanna, the group continues to make comments and ask questions.  This has been called "Afterthoughts" dubbed by Orv, for those that would like to have an insight into what our minds were contributing at the end of the session!!

Please note that I am not always sure who is speaking, so some comments are general.  But there are some real nuggets in here!!

(Joanna McConnell comments...)

I'm having a hard time opening my eyes.

I have to read it too and I was like, what? What is going on here? And the question itself from you, Loralei, was pretty in -depth amazing too. She was on fire though. Bring that out. I was feeling all, I mean, she was with me, man. Yeah.

I was hearing all this intensity and this desire to keep going and keep explaining and keep going and keep explaining, but it's the same thing. So, I'm excited to read the answer too. I think it will help all of us. And also, Kent's question, my God, Kent, you pulled it in today, Kent. my God. And the answers were amazing. When Kent was asking the question, I was going, that would be a question I would love to ask.

(Members' various comments)

I can't get out of it. Yeah, it's bad questions but bottled up in the last two months.

Well, I'm with you brother. I'm in the same position and feeling you're in. I feel disillusioned. Sometimes it's so sick. I don't want to watch it. Yeah.

(James comments)

I used to, years ago, I would think to myself, boy. I wish this was all over!   I wish I could just wake up and everything you know, kind of like, I don't know in 100 years and wake up and everything is perfect and changed and all that that kind of thing, but I was just thinking about this yesterday and I don't have that feeling anymore. You know I do live moment to moment and I'm doing everything I can to enjoy myself in those moments. I have down times too, just like anybody and there are times when I read something and I'll think, crap, you know, this is still going on. But then I remember each time that it's the illusion, it's the show playing out. And the more we look at it as a movie, you know, and remember Trump said, you're gonna love the way this movie ends.

And others have said that too. So, and there are many that are coming on the scene right now that Pascal Nijady, there was another one. Anyway, there's several new ones that are coming out and saying the things, you know, that are answering the questions that we've had and are deeper level questions than what they used to be. So, it's an amazing time when you look at it that way.

(Joanna comments)

Yeah, I just want to say to Kent, to Susan, the sense of an illusion has always been with me. I mean, I can remember being in my car, driving down the freeway thinking, what the hell is this?  Where am I going? Like, what is this? Why am I in this vehicle? Why is there a road here? Like, all of it is a vast illusion. Yet, we are here to learn to master it. So, the Shoshanna answer, I mean, I feel like that too, that we are here to manipulate and master it to our liking. That's because we're the Gods walking. So, when we are trapped in the illusion, there's no chance of mastering it. It's just like the Neo movie. I mean, my god. Yeah, it's just like the Neo movie, The Matrix. You know, I didn't get The Matrix when it came out. James, James, probably watched it 50 times in like a two-month period. I mean, he was like, enthralled with it. And I'm like, what the hell is this? But then - It was a documentary. It was. Yeah. But it was about, it was about what we have inside of us. What our power is. If we harness it. So yeah.

So, so, so the other thing that, that, you know, I thought clearly the dichotomy and Kent's question as I was listening to what Shoshana was saying, I don't really hear it too well. I'm going to read it. But the dichotomy of do I fall asleep, or do I wake up? Those are your choices now. I mean, you are on the precipice, Kent. I mean, you're on the precipice of completely falling asleep or becoming enlivened by it. Does that make sense?

(Kent and other comments)

Yep. And I'll choose the latter. I'm pretty excited about all of this, you know, but you know what? I like the comment Elizabeth April made. Do you know Elizabeth April? She's channels and she's beautiful. She's had a lot of her clients and a lot of light workers, a lot. Well, some light workers are not wanting to be here right now. I think there's a certain empathy or awareness that lightworkers have that they just go, God, this movie is too crazy and too... That some lightworkers are choosing to exit, you know what I mean? So, I know, Kent's not gonna exit, and none of us are, but you're right, I love Shoshanna's answer. It's like, become the master of it, because it is an illusion, and it's like, that was so clear, you know, and it's just a movie. Yeah. Yeah, that's gonna shake me.

(Cheryl comments)

Yeah, I'm sure there's many more on this call that feel the same way as, as Kent, you know, for years, I, I'm, I'm good when I'm in my house because my house is, you know, upper four, you know, five D even higher, right? The energy's in the house. And when my daughter and I leave the house, it's like, ew, yeah, it's heavy, right? Because we're going out into the world.

Like, you know, before you could say, I'm going to go to an amusement park and make myself feel good. All of that's gone because we're completely awake. Right. And the only place to go is 5D. Right. But however, you know, we are here until our mission is done. Our missions aren't over yet. So, you know, my daughter struggles with this. I say, hey, let's just be intentional and say, and be of service, just be of service, be available. You'll hear things, you'll see things, just be available to assist. That's that, you know, ascending and then turning around and assisting. That's what's happening to us right now. And so, and then I also meditate each day because, remember like Archangel Michael and all of our mentors have said, imagine in.

So, I'll close my eyes, go within and say, okay, how do I want this to be? And just focus on something and change it, change it, you know, energetically. You know, I picture myself on the mountain top with my arms up and I'm like, okay, I'm going to change this and I'm going to change that because I know I can, right? Use your energy that way to change this, this illusion and play with it, have fun with it, right?

And secondly, I wanted to say if you've ever read the book by Dr. Michael Newton, N E W T O N, you know, journey of souls and destiny of souls. So, you know, people are, have channels, they're past lives and they're in between lives and the souls that are being born, they say they hear music. Mother God's thing. This is giving birth, and this is constant, forever. She sings, there's music, right? And I have had, thirdly, I've had dreams where I'm watching Prime Creator above Earth, writing formulas in the sky, using math, you know, because they're the divine plan, and, and Prime Creator doesn't interfere with our path. Can you imagine the consciousness it takes to make things happen and also not interfere with all the billions of souls. That's what Prime Creator is doing, you know, through math, through the universe. So that's all I have to say.

(Additional comments)

And this just reminded me that when you said, Prime Creator writing formulas in the sky, just reminded me that the Fibonacci sequence is in all of nature everywhere. And that's math. That's perfection.

That's creation, the perfection of the Fibonacci sequence. And it's always perfect. It's always perfect, perfectly represented in every plant, in every, everything. So, so, you know, I heard Shoshana say something about, I don't remember exactly, something about math, that everything was math.

And it is. I mean, everything. That's why numbers are so important, because it's the order of the universe. So, yeah, I want to read that answer anyway.

(Linda comments)

Could I do one last comment? Then we're going to go ahead and close it ahead, Linda. OK, thanks, guys. Just so everybody knows, there's a guy on YouTube. His name is Robert Edward Grant.

And he's a really brilliant physicist and known for all sorts of that. But the mathematics that he does, he also uses the math to define the heights and depths and shapes of pyramids and chambers and things like that. But he's, I think he's a part of Malekzadeh. He goes into the Malekzadeh math thing.

And the other lady that I follow for astrology is Pam Gregory. She's a British astrologer, but she goes into why the planets are and then the minor planets and mythology and stuff. So, you may find that interesting, but Lorelei, you may find that it leads you down different pathways.

More questions, huh? Absolutely. Yeah, that's great. All right, Cindy, are you ready to close this out?

(Cindy comments)

Yes, sir. I am. I just want to say it's kind of like we're all in this world, but not of it. Absolutely. So, I'm just going to end with a thing I have just read from Bashar, the channelled being that I don't know, he's about 3,000 years old. But anyway, he gave a thing about the seven steps to manifesting. And we were talking about that. Maybe we can just manifest ourselves out of here. Anyway, the first thing is to pick the vision, visualize what you want. Second is desire. Be intensely excited about what you're visualizing. Number three, belief.  Believe what you desire is possible to manifest. Or is acceptance. Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it as being true. Five is intent, intent, want and intend you know different. You must have the intention to manifest your desire. Number six is action.  Act and behave like your desire has already manifested. Number seven, allowance detached from the outcome. You have to be intent in your desire without any expectation that it will manifest. And then I have a little thing that I found regarding that. And it's a little butterfly said to the sun. They can't stop talking about my transformation, but I can only do it once in my lifetime. And the sun said, if only they knew that they could transform at any time and in countless ways.

Wow, that's really, really, really good. Thank you, Cindy. And thank you, everybody, for joining us and being a part of us. And remember, next Sunday is postponed until Monday at 6. So don't come on at 10 o 'clock on Sunday morning and expect us to be here, because we won't be. Again, Monday at six. And with that, everybody has a great week. Love you all. Take care. Thanks.

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on  FEBRUARY 18, 2024. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author website is clearly stated. Sunday Call Channeling transcriptions.
James & JoAnna McConnell

James McConnell:
Spiritual Facilitator/Counselor for 25+ years, James has spoken on behalf of and channeled the Ascended Masters at many gatherings for varied audiences. He has facilitated the spiritual paths of those that are searching for their own truth through weekly groups, speaking engagements and workshops. His journey started over 25 years ago when his Marriage and Family counseling business began using past life regression and spiritual teachings as the basis for helping his clients resolve their issues. He has led expeditions in Mexico in search of ancient records and conducted retreats in Sedona and Flagstaff. James has an MS degree in Counseling Psychology.

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    (Note: This is incredibly difficult to express and so it is asked to be in neutrality and witness this information from an observational level. This way you will not be prone to attack it, however to utilize this information as a part of your informed awareness and self empowerment as you move forward on the consciousness evolution path. Galactic Human evolution is requiring we take responsibility to see and witness things that have been hidden from us. This is one of those major revelations that is very painful and controversial and as such, it is requested to be aware of it and then make your own internal decision on what feels internally right for you. Being responsible for the direction of your being and claiming self sovereignty and freedom for yourself as well as for others requires that we see all that is hidden, and we take responsibility for it, even when it's painful or unpleasant. )

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  • The Michael Invocation Open or Close
    archangel michael cw11

    The Michael Invocation has been used for many years as a means of clearing people's energy, and the energy of their homes and other buildings. The Invocation has changed over time, as the situations people have found themselves in have become more difficult to manage, or more complicated to understand. It has never failed to provide relief on many levels - though the relief will only continue if a person chooses not to repeat the old patterns of behaviour that first got them haunted. 

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  • Archangel Michael: You Are Shape-shifting Into A New Reality Open or Close
    Archangel Michael: You Are Shape-shifting Into A New Reality

    Beloved masters, a new day is dawning on your Earth, an era that has been prophesied and foretold for many ages past. The holographic pictures and frequency patterns that have formed your personal reality are shifting. That is why you feel so vulnerable, and you no longer have an identity that you can relate to or familiar parameters to guide you.

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  • Archangel Michael: Gratitude Meditation Open or Close
    Archangel Michael: Gratitude Meditation


    Of course, I wasn't going to ignore this request. And I come here with great joy. It's a party day! And it really was a big day for her. So what I was asked is to conduct a gratitude meditation. 

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  • Archangel Michael: Powerful Mental Concepts for Ascension Open or Close
    Archangel Michael: Powerful Mental Concepts To Integrate While On The Way To Ascension


    When we say, “You must seek to express unconditional love to those around you,” we mean the highest frequencies of love attainable for that particular level of Self-expression. The frequencies of love will increase in power and perfection with each more refined level of Self-consciousness you attain.  

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  • Archangel Michael: The Path Of Initiation Open or Close
    Archangel Michael: The Path Of Initiation


    Beloved Masters: Shall we gaze into the future —your future— and see what is in store for you over these coming months and years? 

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  • Archangel Michael: Feel Our Guidance and Embrace Your True Light Open or Close
    Archangel Michael: Feel Our Guidance and Embrace Your True Light

    Dear loving beings,

    I am Archangel Michael, joining your ascension at this moment. I cherish feeling your presence again and bringing you closer to me.

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