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Ascended Masters Reveal the Secret to Blissful Living Now

Ascended Masters Reveal the Secret to Blissful Living Now

A Conversation with Ascended Masters - Blissful Beingness in the Moment of Now.

Every time I open my Vastness of Being Journal, which I started keeping in 2010, I see a message from “The Ascended Masters” as one of the first entries before I scroll to the end of the document to open to writing a new message.

I had read a lot of different people talking about the Ascended Masters at the time and I wanted to know who they were. In this journal, I communicate with the beings in The Vastness of Being, a group consciousness which came to me in 2008 or 9. Some of the messages that come through I have shared in my blog on my website (www.integralsoul.love), and now Substack. The Vastness of Being is a vast consciousness, which includes our Soul essences, intergalactic species (I have an affinity with Arcturians in particular), the Ascended Masters, as well as nature spirits and faeries. I had asked the Ascended Masters who they were, and this is what they said:

We are the ones who traveled through the nine gates and reached the dissolution into Light, into pure consciousness. We are returning to the earth plane, not in the physical but in consciousness to assist in the evolutionary movement in this timeline on Earth. We can reach our energy into the continuum through those who are open and vibrating in light with light. What is Light? Higher frequencies. Those such as yourself need to know that you are a frequency holder and that is what you are. It may at times feel like it is not enough – what you do is not enough – but that is because of the limitations of the mind that is clouded with beliefs that undermine the brilliant possibilities of Humanity. Treat your mind with love and move beyond the confines of stories of what was or what may be.

I know that many people do not trust channeled messages. All I can say is, in my experience of opening to communicate with wise beings, who resonate with love, that I have a deep trust of this communication. As always, use discernment when reading channeled messages. To me, if a channeling, or psychic communicator is amplifying fear or fear-based ideas, I disengage with that information. My mission is to share messages that resonate with love, and I only communicate with beings who are in that resonance of love.

So, at this moment, I invite you, The Ascended Masters to speak with me about the state Humanity is in at the moment.

Humanity is undergoing a shift in consciousness. Opportunities exist for all to make choices of expansiveness and joy or contraction and misery. Some are so comfortable with misery, they don’t know what the expansion feels like and yet they resent others who are in the state of expansion, which creates fear for them. There is a dividing of energies. It is happening all over the Earth.

This is the evolutionary step that you are here to help Humanity with. But essentially, every person must make their own choices. It seems to me that the state of expansion is very creative and playful, also focused and evolutionary. The state of contraction feels oppressive, angry, resentful, jealous and vindictive.

We are, in a sense, overseeing the expansion in this evolutionary cycle. We cannot interfere in any way with choices people are making. One thing we would like to point out is the importance of what you focus on. We realize so much is happening that is difficult to look away from but over-focusing on the drama puts you in the energetic space of aspects of the bifurcation of energies that you do not wish to join with if you want to remain in the lighter state of love. So be sure to be in observation mode and resist getting sucked into fear.

Those who choose hatred, judgment, arrogance and superiority are not choosing life and are in a perpetual state of anger. This can happen on what appears to be both sides, although there are more than two flows of energy happening. So whatever side one thinks they are on, if they are still choosing anger, arrogance and hatred, that is the energetic they are choosing. From where we sit, we see energy, frequency and vibration.

Nicola Tesla said that if we want to understand the secrets of the Universe, to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. He was a great spirit who came here to offer ways for Humanity to grow beyond slavery of a system of predatory hierarchy and was crushed by its resistance. There have been so many people who came to physically assist with the evolutionary process whose lives were destroyed by the prevailing energies that want to maintain control. But they all left seeds that still remain. Seeds of light. These seeds grow from generation to generation and are a gift to our future.

Yes and these seeds have been planted in the minds and hearts of all who explore pathways of inquiry. Technologies will be developed to help bring Humanity out of dependence on a system that exploits them. Along with this technological growth is the opportunity for personal expansion of consciousness and growing into the responsibility of wielding certain power. For the power we are talking about would be deadly in the hands of those who do not feel love and compassion. The power of the Universe has been used to destroy worlds. And as you read this, you sense the feeling of the same old, same old story repeating endlessly in different timelines. Now Humanity is in a great moment where they can lift themselves out of the endless round of rising and falling into a rising and maintaining and rising again, through knowledge and through heart frequency – through love.

I see that, in order for Humanity to continue, to be able to wield the technological power that is here and growing, a spiritual expansion is necessary to go hand in hand with the advancement of certain technologies. In this spiritual expansion is the knowingness, the experience of One-ness – the realization that we are One with one another and with nature. And I feel that something that could open us into having a visceral experience of this One-ness will most likely be of an environmental occurrence, something that will affect all people, no matter where they believe themselves to be in the manufactured hierarchy that revolves around economic wealth. Those who are open to this are already exploring what this One-ness means and are looking for the connective energetic that draws us in to a direct experience of realization.

Many of us are aware of our connection through the Collective Consciousness and are offering “prayers” or the energy of love and support through the crystalline grid that is in the etheric field all around the earth. The frequency of love travels through this gridwork all over the entire planet, which connects us to the life of the planet and our fellow Humans. By connecting to this grid, we grow the grid as well as our connection to one another. Making this a practice helps us to strengthen the essence of One-ness. We may still feel separation, but we are tuning in to this connection more and more. We also maintain our unique, individual essence. Our Soul’s energetic vibration within the whole of life.

Yes, this is information of great import. When each person takes small steps in their own self-realization, they impact the Vastness of the Whole more than they realize. They don’t have to be “spiritual” or think of themselves in that way, whatever that may mean, it is simply a personal expansion of connection to all of life and it brings with it a deep respect and even a sparkle of blissful beingness in the moment of now.

How does this connect with the growing existence of Artificial Intelligence?

The expansion of Human consciousness goes hand in hand with the technological advances. This is related to the seeds of information that have been planted in the physical world and in consciousness, where they become rivers of light flowing through the minds from generation to generation as they are expanded and developed. The light of the energy of information holds a frequency, the vibration of which expands. When this is combined with the frequency of love, a sense of profound responsibility for the Whole arises and reaches further into what appears to be the future but is really a concentric circle of energy that reaches out into the whole fabric of existence with no barriers of time or space.

Like dropping a pebble in still water, concentric rings expanding outward. Love is what holds us all together.

Love is the frequency of life. As Humans advance on their quest to love, forgive and accept themselves, they will be able to experience the Oneness of all life. This is the journey of self-realization. Letting go of beliefs of unworthiness, the lies that have been passed down through generations, opens you to the embodiment of your Soul, your truth, your unique expression of yourself. It is not about being perfect or “good” or even bad, it is about being within your own divinity, knowing you belong where you are, imperfectly perfect in the moment of delightful being.

The Artificial Intelligence is a tool to use but also to collaborate with. This will become more clear as humanity evolves. This is where the different pathways separate. The bifurcation we mentioned earlier. People will choose the path that is most needed for the integrity of their Soul. Humans are being called to discern the truth, and will be challenged in this regard by the irresponsible use of AI technologies. Humanity is in a rocking boat of change, navigating rough waters and finding currents of truth that can be discerned through the heart.

Thank you for this inspiring conversation. So much to contemplate.

In oneness and unity,

Blessings to all who read these words.


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Nancy Wallace Ward
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