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Galactic Federation: Countdown to Satya Yuga - A Golden Age Ahead!

Galactic Federation: Countdown to Satya Yuga - A Golden Age Ahead!

We are in a powerful and accelerated phase of consciousness evolution. Currently, we are in a "twilight" transition period of kali yuga.

This volatile twilight zone actually signals that the cycle is coming to an end. After which the cycle begins again from satya yuga, the golden age!Many people are curious about ETs and what it would be like to meet them!

The Twilight of Kali Yuga: Countdown to the Satya Yuga - A Golden Age!

According to ancient Hindu cosmology, we are currently in the Kali Yuga age, which is known as the age of darkness, conflict, and chaos.

Kali Yuga is the final cycle in a larger four-Yuga timeline that maps the evolution of consciousness on our planet.

The name Kali Yuga alludes to the primordial darkness and ignorance that characterizes this age. It is believed to have begun around 3102 BCE, although the precise timing is debated by scholars.

The Hindus describe each Yuga in terms of deterioration, where virtue, wisdom, and human capabilities keep reducing until we reach the Kali Yuga, where they are at their lowest point.

This long epoch of spiritual decline is said to have lasted 432,000 years, after which the cycle begins again from Satya Yuga, the Golden Age. While this massive timeframe may seem symbolic, the ancient Yugas were based on accurate astronomy and cosmic cycles.

Within the 432,000-year Kali Yuga cycle, there are phases of relative lightness and darkness. Currently we are in a "twilight" transition period at the cusp of the darkest and most chaotic part of Kali Yuga.

Though gloomy, this volatile twilight zone actually signals that the cycle is coming to an end. It contains immense potential for consciousness evolution, spiritual breakthroughs, and a new Golden era for humanity!

Understanding the deeper context of Kali Yuga empowers us to work consciously with its energies.

We can anchor ourselves in timeless truth and accelerate our awakening, while staying centered amidst the turmoil. The twilight is when night transitions back into day - from the darkness, the light shall emerge.

Consciousness Evolution:

We are in a powerful and accelerated phase of consciousness evolution. As the Kali Yuga age draws to a close, the intensity of cosmic energies is activating dormant DNA and igniting an awakening across the planet!

This cosmic symphony of energies heralds an awakening of unprecedented magnitude, sweeping across the globe and illuminating minds and souls with newfound awareness and purpose!

More and more people are rising to higher levels of awareness and anchoring expanded states of consciousness.

This awakening prompts individuals to embark on a journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth, leading to profound realizations about their identity and connection to the universe.

In this dynamic evolutionary process, individuals are invited to align with the flow of cosmic energies and participate actively in their own spiritual evolution.

This consciousness shift is transforming life on Earth from the inside out. We see it in the rising influence of yoga, meditation, and ancient spiritual traditions aimed at unity, unconditional love, and enlightenment.

People are searching within and connecting to their inner stillness like never before. By cultivating a state of receptivity and openness, they can harness the transformative power of these energies to facilitate personal growth and healing.

As individuals awaken to higher states of consciousness, they naturally begin to perceive the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of living in harmony with the planet.

As more people awaken to their inherent divinity and interconnectedness, a ripple effect is created, amplifying the collective consciousness shift and catalyzing positive change on a global scale.

This newfound awareness inspires a collective shift towards more sustainable and compassionate ways of living. Communities come together to co-create a world rooted in love, compassion, and unity, where the well-being of all beings and the Earth is prioritized.

Through collaborative efforts and shared visions, humanity embarks on a journey toward a brighter, more harmonious future.

The increase in solar flares and photon energy in recent years has activated once-dormant parts of our DNA. This is allowing hidden abilities and sensitivities to come online - what some call our "superhuman potential!"

We're developing new ways of thinking, feeling, sensing, and interacting with the universe and each other.

Our consciousness frequency and vibration are increasing steadily. Where we may have once felt separate and alone, we now sense our deep interconnection.

This rising collective awareness will pave the way for greater compassion, harmony, and peace on Earth. The trials of this twilight period are not without purpose. They are driving our expansion into greater wisdom, power, and understanding of who we really are and why we're here!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
We are the Galactic Federation.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Galactic Federation: Nature Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit in Earth's Sanctuary

Channel by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2024 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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We are the ground crew of the Galactic Federation. We're advanced spiritual beings from other stars watching over the evolution in consciousness and assisting the global ascension of Earth and humanity. 
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of The Goddess
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