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Message from ELDER IKAI - Gateways Of Guidance

Message from ELDER IKAI ~ Gateways Of Guidance

Beloved friends of sacred light!

You are complex in divine creation with layers of energy that react as you command.

With understanding the enormity of power you possess, you can indeed change your life and story with intention. The chakra system has been addressed in prior communications but we will review those covered and allow expansion with the relevance to your individual waking dream.

In each moment that you live and breathe on planet earth, know fully and in truth that you are connected holographically in ways that would astound the most opened minds. Understanding that many souls in form are friends from the higher realms that planned to meet you here, will bring comfort on your path.

Become aware of souls that enter your story and change your life. Smile and let them go as they exit the stage. Remember the light you shared and see the dark moments as teaching magnificent lessons. Don’t miss a chance to understand your interaction and the lessons that were there to allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Your chakras are there to serve you and allow the greatest experience as you visit the earth school. The heart chakra is the prime location of your akashic and explodes in color and light throughout each waking dream. We planned the assistance and connection to help you complete each waking dream. As leader and commander of the galactic federation, i speak words into the experience of light. All members assist with incarnations and the encoding of your chakra system.

Chakras are spirit that is alive with consciousness and awareness. Just as you experience one another, your sacred chakras open and close according to your actions. They serve you in the greatest endeavors and the smallest pain. They are eternal friends of light that live for your progression of soul.

The chakras are experienced by the soul as well as the personality. A review of those previously discussed are as follows. Know in truth, there are one hundred and forty four energy centers that are accessed by the galactic federation in keeping with the love that you are kishapolee (child of mine). In waves of spirit that are serving you on the infinite journey of expanded consciousness know in truth, we are with you! The communication in this sharing will address our teaching about the ten souls that will meet you on your path as planned prior to your arrival on earth.

There are ten beings that you will meet that are carefully chosen by your soul and guides. Five of these beings are souls that are well known to you and desire to serve you in your waking dream as they too become human.  Five of the beings will remain in non-physical. These souls can be a guide, a friend or family member. All souls in this manner of assisting are serving the light to bring the deepest experience of awakening for you. They are masters as they utilize painful moments and transform your life with powerful guidance. Each chakra is profoundly activated in the presence of such light. Chakras close and dim in between activations. Let us review together the experience felt in your life by spiritual chakras as gateways and teachers.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is depicted in the color red.  When not activated, the result can be reckless behavior or depression.  Sexual energy is expressed here and creative endeavors are explored with joy when this center is activated by your soul’s choice or guidance by your friends that were chosen.

The sacral chakra is addressed in the color orange. It correlates and blends with the energy of the root chakra and is also concerned with sexual energy and power. Confidence can be felt when activated and boredom with apathy can express when the area closes.

The naval chakra will also blend with the emotions of bonding as well as contentment and creativity. The color yellow represents this energetic expression as friends are close in proximity.

The heart chakra represents pure love for your family in form, animals and nature and all friends that surround you and encourage your endeavors of growth. Without activation there can be grief, a sense of not belonging and depression. The color is green in expressions of bonding.

The throat chakra is light blue when activated by your friends or higher self. Telepathy is made easy as voice communication promotes an awareness of messages that are transmuted by spirit. Everything in creation is tethered with consciousness and spirit. You are creation itself in form.

The brow chakra is dark blue in expression and is concerned with spirit and deeper understanding. Friends remain close by with this activation which is followed by the opening of the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is widely known and understood as a gateway to intuition and spirituality at the deepest level. Inner sight is activated and the pineal gland is in full operation. A person can astral travel, have visions and experience complete clairvoyance when this portal of energy is activated and connects in expanded consciousness to other life with intention. The color expressed is lavender in hues from light to dark.

To explore further and understand the gateways of existence, you might relate more clearly by names given to the corresponding forces of love.

The next chakra that will be addressed is the universal chakra that connects all galaxies and can be accessed with meditation. Its operation is completely open with the galactic federation and you may communicate with us and we will clearly hear you. It is possible to allow telepathy to flow back through your mind as the light forces speak words of wisdom to your being. The color of gold is the expression of power and light!

The tenth chakra that will be addressed will be the chakra of prophecy and complete spiritual enlightenment. The color expressed is white and is felt as higher beings are very close and communicate of issues and life that is before you. Although the opening of this chakra is available for all beings, few remain as seekers to experience this divine communication.

As stated before with great love, the layers of energy spiral upward and eternally in densities and dimensions. You are never alone and great assistance is always present.

Do you recognize the five beings that you chose to assist you on earth? Become aware of the great friends unseen. Set your intention to feel and understand the infinite love of the galactic federation!

Soon we rise as one light!

I Am ELDER IKAI, Chief Commander Of The Galactic Federation.
I Love You So!


Judith is Kab’s mother in this lifetime, and she is the human incarnation of Aya, Kabamur’s mother on Taygeta. Both Judith and Kab have incarnated together in this lifetime to share with the world about Pleiadians and about the coming Shift. Judith has fully activated clairvoyant abilities; remote viewing, astral travel, multi-dimensional sight, visions of past and future, interactions with Fairies and Angels, and ongoing telepathic contact with Pleiadian Guides. Their Taygeta family is at the forefront of operations relating to Earth’s coming Ascension.
“Kab” is the human incarnation of Kabamur, son of Elder Ikai of Taygeta and Aya, and brother of Laka, Neioh and Akatu. He has incarnated with Aya to share Pleiadian Messages and awareness of the Shift in the last days. Kab is one of many that will serve as Ambassadors when Pleiadians are introduced to humans following the Shift to Sheen.


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