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One Who Serves: Q/A - Do Not Fight The Changes, Adapt To Them

One Who Serves: Q/A - Do Not Fight The Changes, Adapt To Them

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One who serves here. Shoshanna is here with us. And we are ready to assist you and be of service in any way that we can.

And know that it is so important as you move through these times ahead here that you do indeed do so without fear. There will be times that that fear, that old programming will come up, even within all of you. It is inevitable that that will happen. But as it does, know that you are protected. And that you are the ones that you came here to be. You are the ones. You are the saviors yourselves. You are the ones you have been waiting for.

Not for us, the ascended ones, not for the Galactics, your brothers and sisters from the stars, not from the Agarthans below the earth, but you, those of you that are, indeed, the boots on the ground here.

You are the ones. You are part of the white hat alliance. You may not realize that, but you are the silent ones. The ones that are working behind the scenes just with your very thoughts that you can bring about great change to the planet, to the collective consciousness of this planet. Just your very thoughts do that. Know that, and remember that always. And have no fear as things begin to progress more and more. And the times that are ahead are the times you have been working and waiting for.

So, as Saint Germain said in some respects, rejoice! That your salvation, your freedom, your full and final freedom is at hand.

We are ready for your questions if you have them.

Guest: good morning Shoshanna, and one who serves. I have been very much in tune with the dragon. The dragons have gotten into my thoughts, I guess. And I even feel flipping wings on my back! And I quite often feel that I am going to hoover and look for something inside those caverns. I would like to know more about it. Because I think it is very significant that this voice inside myself tells me that it is time for the dragon and the magic to come back. Can you please explain a little bit. Thank you so much.

OWS: we can, yes. And you are very right on, here, dear one. In terms of the dragon race is a very ancient race. They disappeared, you might say, or moved into a higher dimensional frequency when they knew it was time to do so. But they also know that it is time to return now. To return to working together with the human race here on this planet. Know that the dragon race is from far, far out in other galaxies they have come from. Again, they moved into a higher vibrational frequency, just as many of your elves and your sprites, and all of those of the devic evolution, they also moved into a higher vibrational frequency when they knew it was time to do so. But they are coming back.

We have said many times: prepare for the glimpses that you will have. Those glimpses will be into these higher vibrational frequencies, into these higher dimensions where you will begin to see those things that have been invisible to those who are not ready to see them. But you will begin to see them more and more.

You are right to understand that the dragon race is speaking to you specifically. This one that you are referring to is here for you, and will become a bigger part of your expression in the times ahead. Shoshanna? We know you want to add something here.

Shoshanna: (Joanna’s higher self, channeled by Joanna McConnell)

we will share.

OWS: yes.

Shoshanna: we will share, dear sister, if you wish us to share.

Guest: oh yes, please.

Shoshanna: dear sister, we would ask: do you have a specific question about this? Rather than asking for general information, is there something specific you wish to know?

Guest: I have this image of me driving this dragon, kind of reddish, or more magenta kind of dragon with bluish. Is that me, my higher self, or my future? I kind of connect a lot with that, like there is a mission for me, or something around working with this big dragon.

Shoshanna: we can give you information here. We see this.

Guest: thank you.

Shoshanna: we see this for you. We will attempt to make this clear. You have a personal dragon. And we will tell you that all that wish to call upon the devic evolution, the ancient race of the dragon.

The dragon that is yours will come to you. So now, you must wish to strengthen this relationship. That's how it starts. This dragon has come to you, has given you an image, has offered you ideas of how you can become part of this. Now, the next step is to master the relationship, you see. Because it has been millions of years since you had this dragon in your life as part of you, as you the master, and the dragon as the one who will serve you.

So now, you must get a name. The dragon that is yours will whisper the name to you. You must get into a meditation and ask for its name. It will give it to you. It will tell you if it is female or male. We have an idea that it is female. But you must find this out for yourself.

Guest: yes, it is a female.

Shoshanna: it is female. And it is a sister of yours in terms of the bond that you will have, that you did have, and that you can once again have. So you must find the name. Once you have the name, do not doubt it, dear sister. When you hear the whisper, do not doubt it. Do not say, "oh, am I making this up? Oh, could this be? " it will be that name. And then, you must call upon this one by name.

Then we will tell you that this magic that is embodied by this ancient race is yours to use, you see. So now, this dragon, this beautiful female that is majestic, wishes to serve you, and serve your desire to assist, you see. The dragon race was to assist mankind, you see.

So now, you can ask. And you can ride upon this dragon in the etheric realm, in the devic realm. In the etheric realm you can ride upon her and visit wherever you wish to visit and allow for the magic to descend upon the areas that you wish to visit. And we will tell you that this is completely yours to have, to control, to use for the good of man, for the good of Gaia, you see.

Now to master this, you must meditate. You must see yourself upon ... (we are getting a name, but we cannot allow that to come through us) ... But you can visualize yourself upon this beautiful, majestic creature as much as you can, and that will solidify the bond, you see. And then you must explore with this one to use the magic that is yours with this one. That is all we can say for now.

But we will tell you that the one that we are speaking through also has a beautiful dragon that has served her. Namaste.

Guest: thank you so much. Thank you!

Shoshanna: namaste! Joy! Excitement for you! (laughs)

guest: yes! Exactly! I feel this is there. I know it! (laughs)

Shoshanna: joyful! Namaste, dear one.

Guest: yes, namaste.

OWS: very good. We move on. Is there another question here?

Guest: yes, I have a question.

OWS: yes?

Guest: Saint Germain just alluded to it somewhat, or actually confirmed it a little bit; cobra recently came out with a message saying there had been a significant shift in the galactic, for lack of a better term, strategy for the liberation of humanity, cobra referred to quite a few star races being removed from the solar system. And he cited that they were weary from war, full of fear, and they were actually holding back, what we would call the liberation of humanity. Then he also referred to Saint Germain being given responsibility of seeing to, I think, the transformation or the ascension process for all of humanity at this point, which seems to be some shift in assignment of responsibility. I was just hoping you could further clarify in terms that make sense to us, of course. I feel that we have reached an accelerated part. Everything seems to be accelerating toward the end of the movie at this point. So if you could, perhaps, give clarify on that shift in galactic strategy, and how that's going to accelerate us to our ascension.

OWS: yes we can. And Saint Germain didn't just simply allude to it, he said it directly that he has been given that responsibility now to assist the entire planet in the ascension process here. And that those things that are necessary now at this point must move forward. So those of the white hat alliance operation are going to begin to move more fully ahead, you might say 'full speed ahead' here, as they have been given the directive to take the necessary steps that are important here as we continue to move through this transition now.

And also that Ashtar is the one that is responsible for all those things that are happening above the planet.

So it is a combination of those two that are going to bring about, and in the process of bringing about, the great ascension here on this planet. They have been given the directive to oversee all that is occurring here. So yes, indeed, you are correct in all that you have just said.

Guest: great. Thank you. I appreciate it.

OWS: Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna: well, we can. We do not know if this one wishes to have our perspective.

Guest: this one absolutely wishes to have your perspective (laughs).

Shoshanna: thank you, dear brother (laughs), we feel your love.

Guest: dear brother, what we heard, we must ask again. We heard you say that there are star races that are being removed due to weariness, is this correct?

Guest: he said fear, more than weariness. And he (cobra) said it several times. So I don't' know if that's just exhaustion from the war with the dark side? I really don't know what that was referring to.

Shoshanna: we will tell you.

Guest: okay.

Shoshanna: we will tell you. There is not fear. That is a mischaracterization, you see. There is not fear upon those races that traverse the universes. It is not fear. If they are moving out of the way, they are refueling. The are re-establishing their resolve, you see. It is as if, for example, a human being working out night and day building muscle, and then feeling like they need to rest. It is not from fear, it is from a practical movement, you see. It is practical. That is really what is going on. We winced when we heard the term 'fear, ' that does not exist there. There is a resolve. There is an understanding. There is a practicality. And if they are moving back, they are moving back to recharge and come back with a thousand percent more resolve to move forward. It is an energy and a rest, you see. Does this resonate with you, dear brother?

Guest: yeah, that makes a lot more sense. When I read the article, for lack of a better term, fear did not resonate with me, because I didn't think fear really actually existed with them. That was the term he used, and it really didn't make sense, which is part of the reason I’m asking the question. Like you just said, resonates in our culture to me.

Shoshanna: yes. And dear brother, often those that interpret what they are understanding will use 3-d language that does not fit, you see. But they are using that because that is at their disposal, and they are explaining it from their emotional viewpoint, you see.

Guest: yes. That makes sense.

Shoshanna: but it is not what is really happening. We appreciate you, dear brother. Namaste.

Guest: love you very much. Thank you.

OWS: and we would add here that those that are going off and recharging, as Shoshanna has rightly given here, they are being replaced by others that are fresh and ready to move into the battle, you might say. They are there and ready to move at a moment's notice. And as has already been given, that notice, in some respects, has already been given. That is all we can say on this right now at this point. We are ready for the next question if there is one.

Guest: okay, thank you.

Another guest: yes.

OWS: yes?

Guest: we had this thread from Hamas, the jihad business and thankfully, praise the lord, that it did not materialize what they hoped or wished for. I am curious on a couple front so we can understand them just a little bit better. Did the light intercede, or in other words, did the white hats intercede on some of this, or did the light coming in literally shift them and give them pause to rethink some of these terrorists whether they should or not? And also, I’m wondering if some of these terrorists have been mind controlled in a similar way as the CIA so they don't even know necessarily that they are plant and terrorist to be triggered at some point.

OWS: you must understand, dear one, that much of what you are hearing about on your mainstream news and even on some alternative news is not rightly what is occurring here. There is much that is happening behind the scenes that is unknown by the general population. And even those of you that do your research and look for things are not seeing exactly what is occurring here. For it is misdirection in many respects. They want you to look over here so that you don't see what is happening on this side over here. And that is happening a lot here. And what you are reading about and hearing about is not completely accurate to the effect of everything that they are saying is occurring, and the atrocities, and all this. There is some of it, but not quite as much as what they are alluding to here. So know that the light is in charge here. The light is overcoming the darkness everywhere.

And what they do, those of the dark forces, they do everything they can to spread fear wherever they can because they know that that holds the vibrational frequency down, and therefore your awakening does not happen at a full level as they are attempting to hold back here.

So know that the light, indeed, is winning, has won, and it is just a matter of what you call 'mopping up after the fact' here, even though it may not appear that way. Because this is the ending of the old regime. And whenever there is an ending of an old regime, there is chaos. But chaos in this respect will lead to order in terms of loving order, not the kind of order that you hear from those of the dark force cabal here. That is not the order we speak of you see? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna: we can add. Do you wish our perspective, dear sister?

Guest: yes, definitely, please.

Shoshanna: much of what you have said is true. These ones that are called terrorists are mind-controlled and they are part of a larger picture, and they do not have a sense of right and wrong. They do not have an idea of what humanity truly is because they have been programmed, you see. It is not their fault, but it is a tragedy. There are not many of these. There are not many of these individuals as compared to your earth, your population of eight billion. There are just a handful of these people. But the narrative, the larger plan that the dark ones are attempting to have, they are using everything that they can to dissuade you from the light, as the one who serves has given. They are attempting for you to live in fear. There really was no plan to do anything on this day that the dark ones that are hatching the plan, say, 'oh, Friday, the 13th, this will happen, that will happen, be aware, stay in your home. ' it is a narrative. It is not true.

As one of your people have given, this is truly a movie, and you must discern what is true and what is not true. And you must live within the light and the faith that you are protected, that this will not come to your door. They wish to think it would come to your door, but it will not. We know this will not come to you. So remain in the light. Remain in faith. Remain in the truth, and you will be protected by that. Namaste.

OWS: very good. We take one more question, the other one who wished to speak, and then we must release channel. Yes?

Guest: yes please. Thank you. My question is, and this is what I have been experiencing intermittently. I have been doing exercises of practices and my body starts to shake, and today it was really strong. What is that about? I can only guess, but there are so many different thoughts about that. Can you assist? Thank you.

OWS: what is your direct questions? What is what about here? Your shaking?

Guest: yeah, the trembling. It is like it comes up from the earth and up into my body, and can start with some trembling. But today it was really strong. I'm full of speculations, but I would like to know where that is coming from. From me as a person? Is that a form of release and surrender? That's my main question. Thank you.

OWS: is this happening during a time of meditation? Or is this your regular every-day living here?

Guest: okay, during certain standing exercises, practices, so that's when I have my feet on the floor and I’m standing, and I’m performing an exercise, we'll say like the swimming dragon, something like that.

OWS: you are doing some type of yoga exercise?

Guest: yes, kind of, yes.

OWS: yes. Then what it appears that you are doing here is you are activating the kundalini energy. So it is awakening that, we will say. Awaking that serpent that resides down at your lower level in your root chakra area, and begins to rise. So that is a very, very powerful energy that you are awakening here when you do these types of exercises. This is what yoga tends to bring about, even without people realizing what is happening, where they feel a sense of vibration or a tingling somewhere in their body as the energy begins to rise. Again, as we've said many times, it is not something to play around with, but it is something to know that it is possible to call it up when you are ready to do so, when you feel that. We will use that term, that resonance within you that is calling to you to begin to work with this energy.

Now understand all of you, as you move through this ascension process, you will be awakening that kundalini energy. That will be arising. That is what the ascending process is all about. The awaking of this energy, but at a safe, comfortable level of doing so. So it is nothing to be afraid of unless you begin to awaken it before its time. But you have heard much of this in the past. So just tread wisely here as you move along this path, okay?

Guest: I am very surprised, because this is not something I am doing deliberately or intentionally either. It just comes up. So what you are saying is jaw-dropping for me right now. So thank you.

OWS: very much. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna: no. We believe you have answered.

OWS: very good. Then we are done for the time. Shoshanna, do you have parting message here?

Shoshanna: we will just say you are a beloved family of grace. Stay in the now. Be in the now. Do not project tragedy. Do not project fear. Do not project upon the world assumption. Be in the now and spread your light. Namaste.

OWS: very good. And we say the same thing here: have no fear throughout this entire process. You are right where you need to be, right in the moment, in each and every moment. And the more that you remember that, the more that you are in that now moment, then you are operating at a higher vibrational frequency. And as you are operating at a higher vibrational frequency, your consciousness is raised as well. And when your consciousness is raised, there is very little, if anything, that can affect you.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on 10/22/2023. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author website is clearly stated. Sunday Call Channeling transcriptions.
James & JoAnna McConnell

James McConnell:
Spiritual Facilitator/Counselor for 25+ years, James has spoken on behalf of and channeled the Ascended Masters at many gatherings for varied audiences. He has facilitated the spiritual paths of those that are searching for their own truth through weekly groups, speaking engagements and workshops. His journey started over 25 years ago when his Marriage and Family counseling business began using past life regression and spiritual teachings as the basis for helping his clients resolve their issues. He has led expeditions in Mexico in search of ancient records and conducted retreats in Sedona and Flagstaff. James has an MS degree in Counseling Psychology.

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