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Shiva - Don't Give Up Your Personal Power

Shiva - Don't Give Up Your Personal Power

Dear souls of Light, I greet you in this time, in this space, in your place of habitation, and when I say "in your place of habitation", I speak of the body and the circumstances of the body.

I am Shiva. You would often like to recognize me as an Indian or Hindu god, I am not a god, I am the emanation of the necessary change, destruction and reconstruction. It is a permanent, regular phenomenon that you know.

I have come here to give some instructions, in the sense of instructing. We are not the ones who make your experience, we are the ones who accompany it. We are not the ones who generate it, we are the ones who make it beneficial to you, because this experience you are living, these times you are living, are the co-creation of you all. We're just helping creators.

I would like to instruct you first of this. Many of you have the idea of waiting for a special moment to move forward, you call it birthdays, portals, conjunctions of planets, the name does not matter. Truly, each of your days offers you the opportunity to live in another world and in other circumstances.

The real destruction of this world exists in your sleep. Each of you deconstructs the world when you fall asleep, and you rebuild it or she rebuilds it when you wake up. You reconstruct it in your image in your beliefs and your breath.

So, my instruction will be there, because very often you tell us: "My beliefs are in the direction of peace and yet I see war — my beliefs are in the direction of reconciliation and yet I see battles, quests, divergent political opinions. Why is the world not built in my image? I hear this questioning; we hear this questioning. You're lying to yourself and that's a shame. Your beliefs are found in this world. When you say, "I don't see my beliefs," that's wrong.

One of the great beliefs you see in this world is that of your helplessness. Oh! You may believe in peace, in love, in joy, but if you think you are powerless in your ability to generate it in the whole world, you become only a sample, already wonderful, but just a sample of what you would like to see in the world. And it's already huge, I insist on it, because even if an individual builds a better world, even if he only builds it for himself, for an hour, for a moment, anyway the planetary impact exists.

So, the first belief to deconstruct is that of your helplessness. You are not powerless. If you feel helpless, you are not connected. You are not connected to the world.

Feel connected with every person, every land, every space. When you are in the spirit of separation, that is, in the spirit of saying, "I cannot act on a terrorist, I cannot act on a politician, I cannot act on my sister, my brother, my father," it does not matter, think about the quality of love you emit. Do you love your sister, your father, your mother, the bandit, the politician, the terrorist? Do you like it? We will not cease to repeat this lesson of love, of reliance. It is not a question of falling in love, we are not talking here about human love, but about this Love that connects things together, this Love that connects your consciousness to the Consciousness, that of the heavenly Father that we are too.

Dear souls, your power is great. Do not feel limited by a disability, by a time, by a time, by a social position, what you think, your strength, should be imposed by love.

So, when you pray for the world, your prayers might begin with: "For love of this world, this is my desire... You can then express your request out of love for this world.

If you want to pray for one of your brothers: "Out of love for my brother, this is what I desire... ʺ

If you want to pray for circumstances: "For the love of these circumstances, this is what I desire... ʺ

You are also invited to speak as positively as possible about all this. We try.

If I am called destructive and builder, it is because I know the meaning of duality. Duality is made to awaken you, even in our words sometimes. Non-light is waiting for your light. It's not about being afraid of it. The Light cannot be afraid of the shadows. Finally, only the shadow can be afraid of the shadow, but not the Light. The Light cannot be afraid of this non-light, this shadow, because it can only illuminate it. Do you think the Light feels powerless to illuminate the blackest surface there is? A simple candle in a space of great darkness will already begin to illuminate something, right? A simple candle. That is why you who think you are a simple candle sometimes and cannot illuminate the world, perhaps you can illuminate the next step of the world, and thus move forward step by step with this changing world.

For this, friend, I invite you to believe in yourself, in your power. I invite you to believe in the Spirit that dwells in you. This Holy Spirit present at your side is the one who dictates his will on this world and you are associated with him, not just as a child of the Light, but as a soul with this very strong possibility of deciding how you want to see this world, how you want to feel it.

Perhaps in fact he will not move, however, without a doubt, in your heart, in your mind, he will have moved this world, he will have evolved, and there you will present yourself to him in a different way.

You know, there is a moment of maturity of the mind when each of you will stop wanting anything for this world. You will no longer have a desire for this world precisely. First you have a desire through love and then you understand that Love is everywhere, at that moment, your only desire will not be to transform this world, but to see it with the eyes of Love, with the eyes of the One who knows, with the eyes of the heavenly Father. So, I tell you, your first limiting belief is probably that of your powerlessness. There is no need for it. It is useless.

The second limiting belief that dwells in many human hearts, and also other souls, other hearts, this second belief is "I am alone. ʺ

Why continue to confuse the body and the experience of the body? In this body you are alone, yes, your spirit guides this body, we agree. However, in this human experience you are not alone, you are surrounded by the soul of each object, each person, each entity. You are surrounded by these energies that you influence and that have an influence on you, dear souls. Everything has an influence on you. On the other hand, in your divine power, and this is good news, it is up to you to decide whether you let things, circumstances or people have an influence on you, otherwise you will fall back into the number one belief "Ican do nothing, I cannot act, I have no choice. "Don't give up your personal power, "out of love for... Here is my desire... ʺ

See how these beliefs loop with each other, how they are linked and trained with an ego that will seek to validate your powerlessness. It is a deviance perhaps on the part of your ego seeking to invalidate your power. Why is he doing this? To validate your belief in powerlessness. Eventually, your ego became your servant in this belief of helplessness. Conversely, when you think you are powerful, the ego can also sometimes turn around and believe in its omnipotence which is the other gap, the other excess. You will then fall into a "defect" called pride, that of believing oneself too powerful.

You will say to me: "But you just told us that we were almighty. So how could one feel too powerful? You have the power to transform your world, okay, nevertheless, you don't have the right to change other people's. You can only have one influence on this world and it is great I repeat, a great influence on this world. That said, see, pride begins when you start thinking for others, wanting them to think like you, believing that you are right and that the other is necessarily wrong. Here lies pride.

Don't reject your influence. Your influence can certainly be exerted by speech, by language, above all, it is exercised above all by your radiance, by the expression of who you are, in the body, in the energy, in the intensity of your gaze, in your breath, in your bodily positioning. See, my friends, if one day you meet a Master of Light, a being of Ascension, if he presents himself to you in his true form, he will not have a single word to pronounce, his energy will be enough for you to recognize him. Without him saying a word you will feel his strength, his power, a power of Love that crushes everything. A power of Love that crushes everything. The power of the muscles is nothing, it does not last. On the other hand, the Force, your ability to embrace experience, what it has generated, what it will generate, what it is, what it will be, what it has been, your ability to embrace this is Love. I can only invite you to this Love.

Every day, I repeat, you create a New World. Every day, I repeat, you are your own example, your own exercise. The world around you is you, and you are him.

When my words cease to be words, then the path will be accomplished, then you will no longer need to incarnate. When my words cease to be words, you will only hear a song of love on this world, you will no longer see the slightest division. You will see a transformation. You will no longer see things to curse, you will see things to bless. You will no longer feel alone, but bathed in the Love of God, bathed in your creation.

The ego, once again, will seek to validate your worst beliefs sometimes, in excess. In fact, it is a distorting mirror. He is not your main enemy, just a mirror magnifying your experience.

So, souls of Light, do not doubt who you are. Don't be afraid. You know, fears will continue to appear. You will be able to grasp them, hear them, maybe even understand them. In fact, what I mean by "don't be afraid" is above all do not let yourself be held back, restricted, solely by these fears. If Man, especially Humans, were no longer afraid of death, they would have already embarked on great quests, in great conquests. He would have fought for the continuation of Life and existence on Earth to be strong, reliable, Love. Conversely, he submits for fear of confinement, for fear of coercion, for fear of death. Death is only a recreation in your existence, in the sum of your existences.

Many times, I was called the destroyer. To tell the truth, I was just allowing the form to take another form precisely. I have destroyed bodies, yes, but I have always raised souls, sought to make these souls rise in consciousness to another stronger, greater field. It's a little hard to understand, I hear it.

It is difficult to understand when you observe this world in the form of a single life, a single time, the only circumstances that cross you, especially now. If you observe your world, not even linearly simply as a field of experience, as a course in this great school of existence, then you will be reassured, because you will say to yourself: "Oh! In fact, I just have to wait a little sometimes" if you don't want to be in the action, just wait a little, develop that great virtue that is patience. It is not a virtue that develops in one year, in two years, three years and even in ten years, patience. It is the virtue of a whole Life sometimes, a virtue that you will bring back to another existence for having taken an important time on a subject.

In your multilives, there is one thing you need to understand. Everything you have learned in a lifetime for more than twenty years is returned to you in the energy of the following bodies. In other words, everything you have learned for more than twenty years in one existence, will be facilitated to you in the next life, will come to you as a desire, a desire, a need, because it is already in you, because you know how to do it. It will never be lost. You will not lose this experience that will have lasted, that will have lasted twenty years for it to be marked.

Everything left, everything that lasts a year, two years is just a detail, really, a small detail in the sum of your lives. Even if some at the end of life suffer for a year, which is not desirable or desired, this suffering is nothing, it will never be retained in another time. She will never be retained in another experiment.

Dear souls, your learning of strength involves continuing your journey on Earth, whatever the circumstances. None of you, or very very few, have marked in your destiny to leave this world, only those who consider it more relevant to the experience of other people — truly dozens of other people, not just a few — yet, overall, none of you have made the choice to leave this world before your destiny is fulfilled. because your essence is spiritual warfare in the sense of evolution in Love, victory in Love.

Death does not come to announce defeat, only to whistle, to sound the end of a course. In this way, it comes in its time, when the course is over, when learning has become Consciousness and not just theory, Embodied Consciousness. An incarnate consciousness and a consciousness that knows who it is, that knows where it comes from, that knows where it is going. This is an incarnate consciousness. This is what you are becoming.

Your time, which seems revolutionary, is actually an evolutionary time. You are moving towards a forced evolution apparently, intended in truth. You are going to other times, to other relationships to this world, to your neighbor, to money, to the Source. All these relationships will now evolve, change to something simpler, quieter. Oh! Not right away, not immediately. I repeat, sometimes an experience must be marked for a long time for it to be learned and understood in other times and marked.

If you want future times to generate a more just experience, it would be necessary that a large part of the population of the Earth live for, as you will have understood, twenty years an experience of transformation, so that this is marked in all times and all spaces of this Earth elsewhere, not of the whole world, Not whole worlds, but of that world. That is why, what you are experiencing, the accumulation of these experiences throughout the world is an amplification of this energy of transformation precisely in order to save you time, because, if your brothers and sisters live the same thing as you, the same oppression, this time of oppression is reduced. This is due to a critical mass, by saying it again in another way, I mean that it is difficult to understand.

Imagine that there are only 1,000 of you on your planet. Just imagine, that you are only 1,000 on this planet and that it takes 100 people to live an experiment for 20 years, a critical mass, 100 people should live an experience for 20 years so that the 1,000 people then live the knowledge, the consciousness, the science, and do not reproduce this same experience. In this case, if in my example it takes 100 people for 20 years to change the experience, it would be enough 200 for 10 years, 400 for 5 years. You know what I mean? The fact that you are going through traumatic experiences a lot right now, and the world is traumatic, is actually the mark of an evolution, the mark of a change of era, a change of time, a change of clock, and it is beneficial, beneficial. I understand the difficulty of this change. I understand that this is complicated to manage in your daily life.

Here, in my words, in my speech, I first wanted to mark the necessity of your belief in your personal power. Now, in the second part of my message, I would like to answer your questions. Also, I ask that my channel turn to your questioning, to the questions you will ask him.

I want to answer your questions, dear souls. I want to answer questions that will benefit everyone. For this in the exercise, we are waiting for your questioning. Ask your questions in writing, letting my channel decide with me what I will answer. I know your many questions, so let me clarify some of them.

SylvainI'll have to put the cat back. See, I took him off and now he wants me to participate with him, so I'm going to put it back in the middle and I'm going to dive back in with him.

There are multiple answers to each of your questions.

How to succeed in being more in love?

I ask the question differently perhaps: how can I feel more alive? What would you say to a child who said, "I want to feel completely alive"? Maybe you'd tell him he's already alive and you don't understand his question. Then he would tell you: "I am sad Mom, and it disturbs my life, it comes to me the impression that it is reduced. " Here, as a mother, you would say to her: "Don't be sad, come into my arms. Come into my arms and you will feel Life. »

I answer in the same way to this question how to be more in love. By ceasing to look at what is non-light. Looking at the Light. By accepting to put yourself in the arms of the One who Loves you at every moment. You consider it invisible and you call it when you need it. This is what many human beings do. When everything is going well, no one calls the Guides, the angels, your Masters, and when things are not going well you call them: "Oh! dear Guide, dear angel, be present at my side. Love me, bring me your Love", he always wore it. He's always been there. They will always be there as this mother, this father, that I spoke about earlier with this child who finally needs comfort to amplify the life in him. In the same way, you too need this comfort to amplify the love within you.

To amplify your love, you must nourish yourself at a source of love, and there is an infinite Source of Love, your Higher Consciousness, your Heavenly Father, your God. Please believe in Him, and you will open yourselves to an immense Force of Love, a Force of Love greater, greater than you, greater than the sum of all the amorous attempts you have known. This is how you can be more in love, as you can be more in life, letting it accompany you. Let Life accompany you, do not try to direct it otherwise you will feel dead and not alive. When you try to control life, you lose it. When you try to control love, you lose it. This is what I can express, but I repeat, there are many solutions and many answers to each of your questions, so much in fact and in truth, dear souls.

SylvainIt's hard as a question and answer exercise because sometimes I manage to stay with him, and sometimes I have to come back and refocus. I think they do it on purpose.

Of course, we do it on purpose. Of course, we want to train you Sylvain to be able to pass from the Holy Spirit to matter, from matter to the Holy Spirit. This is of course the exercise we offer you, an exercise more powerful than you imagine.

The next question is how to access forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a change of vision. Change your vision on an event, change your vision on a person. Stop believing that you know the event, stop believing that you know the person, stop believing that you know the circumstances, then you can access forgiveness. Allow yourself to see things from a different perspective. You know nothing of the circumstances that lead you to refuse forgiveness. In truth, you don't know anything about it, a small sample again. As a result, push your mind to see differently. Ask your Guides for a change of vision, and forgiveness will of course appear, because it cannot be otherwise. The one who changes his vision, that one, that one is in forgiveness already, simply.

Are the effects of collective awakening felt strongly in our bodies?

The collective awakening of your world is already in your body. Your body knows that everything is changing. Your body knows that everything is evolving. Your ego is afraid of this change. Your ego is afraid of this evolution. In addition, collectively you feel that things can no longer be as before. Then your ego scares you again, and it says, "Oh! It's going to be worse." Nevertheless, I tell you, this worst could exist however it would only be temporary, because the force of Love is stronger than that. So, don't be afraid again. Don't be afraid.

How can we put fear aside when it threatens the balance of our embodied life?

We don't care about your incarnate life, my friend, but the answer is there. When you learn to let this incarnate life pass, when you tell yourself that it is one among many, you will stop giving it all this importance and then, the solutions will present themselves, and then, you will no longer have to question it. When you let go, when you accept what is, when you accept that what is threatened is not what you are, because what you really are cannot be threatened, at that time, fear will slowly leave you.

On the other hand, if you continue to believe in this life, if you continue to believe in this body and at this moment, it is myself, Shiva, who will come to explain to you how false it is. And this is what I have been accused of in many stories of having killed, of having massacred somewhere. I'm not saying I want to come and kill you, I'm going to come and show you who you really are, because the passage, the message is there, I show what really is. Now, this incarnate life that you live is nothing, it is only a point, a point on an infinite line. Nevertheless, you are afraid because you think that this point is a threat, that it is threatened? Put a weight of one gram, a single gram on a mass that is one ton. Will this gram move the tonne? Without leverage, not at all, and it is the same for this life.

What happens in this life you are living will bring knowledge to your future lives, but it will not change the plot. Therefore, do not be afraid. Nothing real can be threatened. There is no threat, no threat. Even if a nuclear bomb fell in your garden, there would be no threat to who you really are; no threat to what you really are, only to what you believe to be temporarily, to tell the truth, instantly you would know how to be something else.

People who have already passed to the other side of the veil agree and accept that they cannot be the body since something else came out, something else was alive, something else was consciousness. Stop believing in the threat, stop being afraid. If your life is to end tomorrow, while it ends in love, however, being afraid will prevent you from feeling the necessary gram of love. Do not be afraid, I repeat. Nothing you really are is 'threatenable'. Nothing you really Are is threatened, ever.

Is our power revealed through clear and loving intentions?

Love will always remain the key, but love is not just intention, dear friend. Love is not just an intention, love is an act, an action, real interventions. The mere intention to be in love, the mere intention to fill oneself with love is not an act of love, is not thanksgiving. Love is an act, an action, not a thought simply, truly a thought in action, otherwise it is just wishful thinking and you are wasting your time. Again, another existence will come to put you back to the action of love, do not doubt it.

Do we need to undergo challenges in life to grow and awaken?

Yes, dear souls. Yes, you need it. Of course, you need it otherwise you would be comfortable, and this comfort in fact would not push your soul to evolve towards more love, would not even understand its meaningDuality is a powerful exercise, precisely so as not to be simply in the intention of love.

When you are in the other world, you are in intentions of love, and it is easy with people who are pleasant, kind, friendly, friendly, caring. Indeed, often in this other world you say: "Oh! But you know, I am so filled with love now, that even if in one of my experiences I had a discordant, dissonant, even dangerous mother, I would love her with all my heart and soul. What a beautiful intention, isn't it? Then your Superior Guide looks at you and says, "! Will you be able to love this discordant, dissonant mother? And so, you incarnate. Finally, you live this. And show me now by action, that indeed you will succeed in loving this person, you will succeed in loving these circumstances of which you have said, in a pious wish and in the other world that this love was easy. There is only a dual world to experience love, only a reality of incarnation to verify this hypothesis of consciousness.

Indeed, incarnations, life, existences are there to validate your hypotheses when you are in the other world. These are practical work other than theoretical and that is why, yes, life is filled with these challenges that you have set yourself. They are always challenges of love, at every moment and every moment, of course; And in this it is not negative but on the contrary an opportunity to love. The source of love is in the acts that seem most difficult to you. It is a source, not a despair, a source.

What is the role of Archangel Michael if not to fight the shadow?

I guess that question should be put to him. In fact, it does not fight the shadow, it takes it away from you. It distances it from you, it puts it in another field of exercise, in another field of experience. He is not there to kill too; he is there to ward off a shadow that you are not ready or ready to drive out of your love. Then when you are ready again or ready to cast out this shadow of your love, it will reappear, only when you are ready. In this way, the archangel Michael, in his great leniency, removes you from dangers that you cannot "fight by yourself", to simply keep away, because the truth of these shadows is that they are just waiting to be illuminated by your light. They do not seek to turn you into a shadow, that's what you believe and so you live the spawn and circumstances sometimes. The truth is that your light must be highlighted. If you were light there would be no shadow. Thus, the archangel Michael keeps these shadows away, he does not fight them. It keeps them away, maybe use that word.

Where are we with critical mass now?

Your Earth has already reached the critical mass needed for its change. Your Earth is evolving. Your peoples are evolving. The more they understand the need for freedom in love, in being, the more they will work for the Light and transform the world, leaving those who want to be apostles of control to move away quietly. That said, this mass is already reached, of course.

What is the best way for us to increase the energy of our world?

Sow love around you, radiate it. Enchant your world, enchant your little world, your little family, even if they are just animals, enchant them. See, enchant, enchantment. Sow your vibration. Do not try to preach or convert, vibrate again, again and again. Be the model of the world you want to see, this is how you work to increase the energy of your world; however, I repeat, it is useless to preach or convert, you would be making a mistake here. It is about being the example, the true example, not the pious wish, but the example.

You said, "Maybe the world won't change, but your outlook will change." Does this mean that the world will not change at all?

I could answer yes and no to that question. In both cases I would be right. It is difficult to express what I am trying to say here. I try to say that sometimes the world will change from your attitude, but always it will change from the idea you have of it. The idea of this world will change, the idea that you are evil will change. Evil will no longer exist, there will only be the source of Good or Good, but evil will no longer exist. In this case your look will have changed, but the world may not have changed. What you call evil will then be called the source of Good, and there too you will see the vision. From there, you will no longer need the world to change because you will know that everything is perfect, since you will know it intimately in every fiber of your being, not simply as a belief or a simple expectation, but as a perceived reality. That is why I say that there is no positive or negative answer to this question. It is a matter of point of view in the energy and bodies that compose you.

Is it selfish to protect oneself from an energy-intensive environment?

Selfishness would be not wanting to radiate or to keep one's energy only for oneself. That said, if you want to shine with someone, it's probably the darkest shadow that will need this radiation. If they are energy-intensive, it is because you have let them take energy from you, that you have tried to convince them, to preach, to make them change their minds. If you accepted them as they are, if you radiated what you are, as you are, they are the ones who could choose to leave you or leave you. In this the choice is right, but you, dear soul, do not leave them and do not abandon them, for it is they who need you. They are probably the ones who need your beautiful energy. Again, if they decide to move away, it is theirs. As for you, if you are Light, in this case your only desire will be to spread this Light, not to preach the Light, but to spread the Light, to radiate in acceptance and Light. My words will make sense. My words will make sense.

How to free yourself from trauma simply?

If I used my Shiva look, I would tell you that there is nothing to release and therefore everything is fine. If I look from the point of view of man, I would say that the word simply does not exist. I would say that to free oneself from trauma will take time, will require energy, will require Light and that it is a beautiful exercise, and that the word "simply" would mean to mask, to forget the trauma quickly by a magical technique. This is not possible in a dual world. This is possible if you leave duality because you will come to this definition that I gave you, there is no trauma in a non-dual world. On the other hand, in a dual world where trauma exists, you will have to go through therapies and they will be long, yes. They will be long because your trauma will be the mark you want to learn. So, learn wisely, patiently, first to live with it, then to transform it, to make it something positive, and then to live without it, but it will not be simply and it will not be fast. On the other hand, it will be a work of Light, so accept it because each of your wounds, each of your traumas, is the mark of your desire for progress in this world.

Some of you are asking questions about the future of this planet.

We do not have to intervene in it, we repeat. We accompany changes, we know that you are in these phases of change. We know that everything will be fine in the end, but we do not know the date of that end. It is you who determine it by your energy, by your number, by your audacity, dear souls. We will accompany you. We will amplify your lights of course, of course. Of course. Know how to embrace your brothers and sisters. Be confident.

Will we soon find peace in this world?

Yes, peace will come to this world. Yes, it will still take time, despite all this time is necessary. I have explained to you today why this time is necessary, for it is the Source of Good.

Dear souls, I bless this moment of sharing with you. I bless the Light that you Are. I bless this divine scenario that you are going through.

In my words, if you listen to them, read them, understand them, hear them with your heart, do not hesitate to find your answers.

I am Shiva, the destroyer of worlds and I greet you in this new world.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot

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Channel of August 28, 2021 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire. Conference 28.08.21 second part after a small conference on the different levels of consciousness of the 4 bodies and levels of understanding of the messages of the Guides.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus April 21 through May 21 An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristi... Read more

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