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The Collective: Soul Purpose and the Transmuting Power of Love: Part 3

The Collective: Soul Purpose and the Transmuting Power of Love: Part 3

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This channeling is Part 3 of the channelings on why so many of us write childhood abuse into our life blueprint before reincarnating.

COR: Hello, friends. This is Caroline. And this will be the third installment in a series, asking the Ascended Masters, Archangels, etc. for their input on why we intentionally write child abuse into our blueprints before we incarnate.

So many people find it unbelievable that anyone would want to abuse a child, particularly physically and especially sexually.

But mind you—the emotional scars from being screamed at and insulted, mocked, etc.—all that is very, very hard for a youngster as well.

You may feel as I do, that you’re sort of the one that got away. That you found a way to heal and to restore your true self, and perhaps are still finding your way back to that true and authentic self.

And it does take work!

We learned last week that the journey of healing reveals so much to us that it’s almost, you might say, a kind of boot camp for soul growth.

And it’s a way that we might release perhaps, some lower energies that we picked up in other lifetimes.

Everything comes back in! It’s in [our] etheric blueprint.

When you and I are born again into another Earth life, everything we’ve experienced [in any life] comes back in with us, particularly that which has not been resolved.

So we’ve also learned that people experience things such as being trafficked as a child or molested, or assaulted by anybody, to anchor a lot of Light into that situation, and to anchor a lot of Light into the lives of those who are abusers and who come in with low intent, or who have very, very low consciousness.

They’re not even aware of the effects of what they’re doing. They’re only thinking of themselves.

So today we’ll hear from Lord Saint Germain—Ascended Master Saint Germain, who lived such an astounding life as so many different personas.

I think of him as [he was in his Earth life as] Sir Francis Bacon, and he never really left the Earth, from that time.

He was an alchemist—still is. That Transmuting Violet Flame of his offers the transmuting power of pure alchemy to us.

And you may not be aware, that he was the writer of the Shakespeare plays and sonnets, which I know a lot of will find impossible to accept. There are many reasons why. It’s a fascinating story.

He’s had a number of incarnations that took on different strips, different colors, different shapes. And not all of them joyful ones.

But what he has come to now is so astounding, and we are so blessed that he is still on the Earth, and assisting us in achieving Divine Justice.

Still an attorney, and still working for humanity and the higher realms.

So I’m going to bring him in, so you’ll hear him next. Many blessings!


I am—we all are—honored to be a part of this gathering, as the dear Lady Master Quan Yin noted the other week. Though the gathering takes place over a variety of space-times, nevertheless, all are One!

And today, we speak on the miraculous nature of [the higher soul purpose of] those who come in to experience a loss of their innocence, a loss of some of their life energy even, in the process of being abused as a child.

And as this dear one was saying, Yes, there are many ways to abuse a child, including neglect and abandonment. Simply ignoring the youngster and leaving them entirely on their own, which happens too often.

And so, why would anyone come in, particularly, for the humiliation and the shock and the trauma of so many forms of child abuse?

Particularly the sexual abuse appears to be very, very hard for so many people to reconcile.

And many remain unconscious about it the whole of their lives.

They barely remember, or they block out the entirety of it.

And so there are whole huge aspects of their spirit, their inner life, their psyche that are sort of floating out in space, or that is captured by someone of dark intent who has no interest in giving it back. They’ve hoarded it to themselves.

And then this dear one in another incarnation, or in some other form in the etheric, must go after that which has been taken from them, and regain it.

Now, this is possible to do without leaving the body, so do not despair if this sort of thing has happened to you or feels to have happened to you. Or if you have unresolved and yet-unhealed inner realizations and feelings regarding things that happened to you in infancy, childhood, or youth, etc.

All of this can be addressed.

It needs to be addressed on the same level at which it occurred, and that means energetically.

And as we offer this Transmuting Flame, dear ones, we do so, so that you address an issue, as we say, at the same level that it occurred. It is true that things happen to the human body. But what is our interest, all of us in the Collective, and to speak individually, my interest as well, is to address the fact that it is the spirit that is most affected, whenever something reaches the human psyche in a very powerful way. And this can include that which is joyful, as well as that which is difficult. When it is shock, when it is trauma, when it is a matter of people being exploited and abused, as you will hear immigrants are, with child separations from families in different social contexts—when you hear of these exploitations, and the violence that can follow, you are witnessing a kind of, we want to say, almost a sort of ritual. Which involves trying to disinherit that individual from their own soul presence and soul power. Now, it’s in many ways a weak attempt. Because it isn’t really possible to separate from someone their true soul power. Not completely. They always have the option of regaining that connection. And those who come in now—your generations, as you are hearing me now, all of you—and the generation coming in now, is doing so with an entirely different agenda than those who came in in the past, and said, Yes, I’ll be abused again, for this reason or that. So the agenda this time—the mission, if you will—is to plant inside of abuse forms themselves, a brilliant spark of Light, which is pure empowerment.

Now, this connects not only to your Sun Sol, but also connects to the Great Central Sun, and all of the elevating and Ascending requirements, expectations, and actions of the Great Central Sun, who is known as Lord Alcyone. It isn’t possible anymore to come in and simply experience something, and have it be devastating and seemingly meaningless. Then you have to come in again, and straighten it out, and perhaps straighten out a bit of it in the next Earth life, but not all. So you come in once more, and meanwhile, gathering more trauma! And you will have heard energy workers say, “When you come into this Earth life and you experience trauma, it’s because that exact sort of thing is happened to you before. “And what you experience in this life is to awaken you to what you’ve been through before, and to finally resolve it.” Now, most people don’t quite grasp that in the context of an Earth life. And yet still, the idealism and the determination of each soul deciding to incarnate once again—that is still there! The expectation is still there: “I may yet learn something! I may yet heal, and regain something of the wholeness that I lost in this incarnation or that. “And I met yet shed Light into that issue, to where it is never quite so low again.” So there is a degree to which even human sexuality has been going through a very great shift on the planet, and that includes these exploitations, particularly of women and children, or of anyone. The reason for the shift, is because Earth Herself will no longer tolerate these kinds of assaults. They are symbolically an assault on Her, as well as an assault on the sovereignty, the individual soul presence, of each individual who is harmed this way. There’s a sense to which you will, in time, overcome the duality of saying, “Good was done here, and harm was done there.” You will come to explain to anyone, “All of it is good!”

There’s even a phrase you’ll hear people use, where they will say, “It’s all good.” And this is a beautiful moment, a beautiful breakthrough moment in human consciousness, although people shrug it off as just being a matter of, “Oh well—these hip-hop artists! They just wanted to remind one another, the successful ones, to not be so spoiled as to forget how blessed they are.” And what’s interesting, is that was a movement out of duality! Because one thing that the music industry strives to do, is to make everyone as miserable as possible. If there’s a song you hear on the radio or at a concert or on the Internet or what have you, that you love no end, this is wonderful, but there’s a very dark machinery behind it. And even that is being rinse clear of dark intent! Not waiting until everything is all right in that area or any other, but declaring in the moment, “It is all Good!” with a G. When one says that, one is empowering oneself and all others. And so as you look at this film that has come out recently about the child trafficking, and some are unsure, perhaps, in some ways, about the political interests or alignments of those involved in the film—we would say, that has nothing to do with anything! Because what people do beyond culture, beyond political affiliation, beyond personality, beyond gender, and beyond any form of cultural assignation—any labels—what they do is come in with a soul purpose, and those involved in that film held the soul purpose—S-O-U-L soul—of anchoring Light not only into the issue of child trafficking, but into people’s awareness of such.

Sometimes, despite the terribleness of an issue, the new heights of Love and compassion that people are able to rise to as they are viewing that subject—this is a breakthrough moment for humanity! What people would prefer, is if everything just flowed smoothly in their life, and everyone else’s from now on.

And this is understandable, dear ones. And yet, is that why you came in? Or is there a bigger story? And of course, the difficult part is, you all come in as vulnerable, tiny children, at the mercy of those around them. And understandably, you want those children to have positive experiences. But some of them have come in intentionally deciding on a soul level, on a higher self level, making this decision quite powerfully, quite consciously in the higher realms, “I go into this terrible situation, so as to anchor Light into it, and also to assist human kind in understanding: Whether or not we created duality, we are here now to assist in dismantling it.” And you cannot dismantle duality by suddenly making everything OK!

And everyone says, “Thank God we don’t have any problems anymore! Everyone’s wealthy and well-intended and fulfilled, and there’s only Peace in the world.” All of this sounds completely wonderful. We are applauding these images and these visions. But you won’t get there by ignoring what still exists directly to your left and your right. You will only get there by planting Light into some of the most terrible realities that human beings have had to subsist under for thousands and thousands of years. Slavery being one of them. You will notice in many cultures; women are still treated as slaves.

Children are still treated as objects to be owned and directed. And we don’t say that children ought to simply raise themselves. Of course, they need some direction, guidance, and support, as well as plenty of Love and encouragement. But there are many, even in the developed world, who are apparently quiet, one might say, empowered, gifted, and educated, who have to control every ounce of their children’s lives, because they feel, “Well, we’re a bit of a factory, and this was one of our products.” And there’s no more heart, compassion, or warmth put into their parenting processes than that. So to simply vilify a few aspects of any one culture or of Earth civilization, and say, “Why is this here?” we would say, does not quite cover the issue. Everyone has to look within their own heart to see how much they desire to control who and what children already—what they’ve come in us. And certainly there is very deep and very serious social programming, as well as religious and academic programming of all kinds that goes on in most cultures. And this too needs to be routed out and released. So what we will do now, is place that entire planet of yours—and she is so beautiful and so courageous! She feels the Love and the warmth, the brilliant Light of each of you, and she is utterly thankful—chock full of Appreciation for your beautiful presences—and we’re placing your entire Lady Gaia in our beautiful Transmuting Violet Flame. This cool Violet Flame transmuting all of that which would grab up a child’s life energy for itself . . . disappearing, dissolving, releasing all the old contracts all the old constructions of the past that have held people in what is called karma, and it actually goes plenty deeper than that . . . Releasing all agreements to live in duality, to sustain duality . . . and infusing all of these dark areas with a higher Light that is constantly striving, constantly moving forward—not to judge, but to love and accept and to elevate. Every single dark frequency, returning it to the Light.

And this is true transmutation. This is true alchemy! And each of you carries this power within yourselves. Put each situation in your own life, as well as your country’s and your Earth’s, into the Violet Flame right now, and require that it move only to its highest form, its highest iteration. Give Thanks and Appreciation that this is occurring now! Require Peace on your planet! Require it! Peace for all beings, Abundance for all beings, A calm and fruitful and fulfilling life for all persons. And know that this is unfolding! Why? Because of what you see occurring outwardly? No, dear ones! Because of you and who you are, and what you have done in this world.

What you bring! This beautiful Light that you hold. We give Thanks for you in every moment. And so we send many blessings! Namaste!


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