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The Group of Nine: A Call to the Human Angels

The Group of Nine: A Call to the Human Angels

Greetings from Home.

It brings us great joy to share this moment with you, for you are the embodiment of the enchanting magic that defines a spirit pretending to be human.

Yet, you transcend mere magic. You work with the very fabric of existence, understanding it through the lens of vibration.

We speak to you from what we call Home. Here, the vibrational frequency is exquisitely high, intertwining all elements seamlessly, creating a harmonious tapestry where patterns merge and become interconnected. We are seeking to unify your energies as a collective of humanity and you are seeking to raise your vibration. But for just a moment, we ask you to envision the lower vibrations that coexist now on Earth. Far from being detrimental, these lower frequencies are essential for the intricate game of embodying human existence. They ground the ethereal light within the beautiful bubble of density that holds your spirit in your earthly journey.

The Question

Allow us to pose a crucial question: Are you willing to embrace a reality that transcends your current understanding? This marks a pivotal aspect of your journey, seeing the world through the lens of Home. In your earthly journey, the polarity of masculine and feminine energies prevails in the lower densities. Yet, as you ascend these divisions dissolve, and the magical integration of energies unfolds.

Many of you possess the ability to channel, which is a form of direct communication with your spirit. This has been a practice undertaken by enlightened beings throughout Earth’s history. With the recent timeline cross and the influx of new energies, the capability to channel is becoming more accessible to a broader audience. It is our hope to facilitate the activation of these contracts for you, allowing you to tap into the energy from Home with every step you take.

Spirit is Waiting

You, dear ones, are conduits of light, each holding a unique color. Those colors could be described as the imperfection of the pure white light from Home. Release the constraints of limiting beliefs, allowing the essence of hope to permeate your being. Trust in your inherent capabilities, for we are here to activate and guide you on this journey. It is time to step up. Spirit is waiting to talk directly to you.

As you experience Earth, understand that it is divided into multiple dimensions. What if you could unite and speak as one? This is the transformation we are witnessing, urging you to transcend duality and embrace an existence of triality. It is a magnificent shift that is both magical and awe-inspiring.

The process opens your channel, but it’s experienced differently in various parts of the world. Both sexes deliver things in a different way, which is part of the reason you’re blending things together and ending duality. It’s so very beautiful, for it opens doors for you to hear yourself. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is the greatest of honor that we are now working with you on a new level. Have you ever gotten an idea when you were typing or recording something? Perhaps you had exactly what you were going to do all planned out. You may have even written an outline of everything you wanted to cover. Then all of a sudden you get an idea, and it starts flowing in a different way that your original plan.

You may find that you can’t even type fast enough to capture the thoughts, but you’re so afraid of losing it. Well, dear ones, that’s channeling. And with a little practice, you can make it part of your life. The Human Angels are here now. All we wish to do is to empower you, and let you know that you’ve created your own reality every step of the way.

You are such beautiful beings, and we will show you that beauty. The magic that you have already created on Earth is intense. As we mentioned, this is liable to be a challenging year. There are many beings that are rooted in the density and resisting, trying to keep the evolution from happening.

Please understand it is not the loudest voice that reaches the highest vibration. It is those voices that can speak directly to your heart. So, open that heart chakra right now and take a deep breath. As you release it very slowly, activate your own Vagus nerve and feel the beauty of Home coming in.

Your guides are all around you right now and protecting you, if you need protection. We think that is a beautiful idea of duality, for you are angels, dear ones. The reality is you have everything that you need to take these next steps. And it is our job here to remind you of who you are, and that your essence is pure light.

As you start combining that energy and free yourself from the duality, you will walk every step of the way in a higher vibration of Home. You’ve written about this for eons of time, calling it heaven on Earth.

We acknowledge the many belief systems that shape your understanding of spirituality. However, we encourage you to recognize the universal truth that many paths lead to Home. You are bestowed with the ability to channel and connect with the divine, but this gift not confined to a select few. Break free from the limitations imposed by rigid doctrines and embrace the expansive ways to reach Home. Yes, dear ones, this is the step into becoming a Human Angel.

On this side of the veil, we have quite a different way of looking at things. All of it is made to empower you, dear ones. That is the word Espavo: Thank you for taking and holding your own power. When everyone does that, even to a small degree, all of humanity rises to a new level and you’re able to exist in a different place that is so beautiful.

Human Angels, you are on the precipice of a profound shift—from duality to triality. You are moving from a limited perspective to a multidimensional experience. You have traversed time to be here now, and we welcome you Home with open hearts.

As we move forward, envision the beauty of the collective vibration of humanity. Although challenges may arise in 2024 as you step into higher vibrations, your collective light is a beacon that dispels the shadows of resistance. Lightworkers are scattered across the globe, attuning their ears to the call of ascension. What you do with this awareness is your choice, for we respect your autonomy as creators.

You, dear ones, are the greatest angels ever to grace Earth. Reflect upon the grandeur of your existence. Imagine being an angel in heavenly realms, choosing to temporarily shed your wings to experience the density of human life. Look in the mirror, recognizing the magical being that you are.

We are honored to be part of this pivotal moment in your journey. As you have experienced, channeling is a beautiful collaboration between spirit and humanity. Embrace this process, for you are awakening to a new level of existence. Trust in your higher self and practice it as you navigate the path of reconnection.

In closing, dear ones, know that you are loved beyond measure. The Human Angels have landed, and we applaud your journey. Play well together, for this is the greatest game of tag—tag, you’re it! Pass on the love and light, and remember, it’s time to awaken from the dream.

Espavo, dear ones. As we temporarily part ways, open your eyes and witness the auras, the energies that surround you. The Human Angels are here, and the ride has just begun. You are deeply loved. Hold hands if you are joining the 3 a.m. club, and revel in the magic unfolding. Your impact on this planet is profound, welcome Home and play well together.

Espavo, dear ones. Thank you for taking your power.

The Group of Nine

The Group:  Espavo Awakening


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