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The Group: The Portal

The Group:  The Portal

Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I join you this marvelous day in a very magical way. We’ll tell you something we told the Keeper a very long time ago. Your planet’s going to go through a lot of changes in your lifetime.

It’s part of the reason you all signed up to be here at exactly this moment. And the beautiful part about that is that you are on time, you made it! You’re holding energy which will change everything. And what we’d like to do today is to connect with some of that energy, not only for your use but also for those around you. How do humans create an empowered society? Well, you did that in the days of Lemuria. You tried and came very close in the days of Atlantis. Probably the easiest way to describe it is, if you wish to live in an empowered society then empower the people around you. Find ways of working with them and use the E factor, the empowerment factor.

How do you bring forth some of the best information and energies from everybody around you? When you empower the people around you, suddenly you’re not only empowered yourself but you live in an empowered society. The feminine energy is now rising tremendously. It’s receiving resistance, as all change does, and as will happen with this portal that is beginning to open. The Scientist of the Heart will discuss much more about that later. But right now, we’d like you just to hold hands, to connect one heart to the other, to work with bringing this energy through you. Each of you are magicians in your own right. By holding this energy together, you ground the light in a very magical way. So, let’s begin right there. Take a deep breath, let your eyes close if you wish, and find your center.

The Healing Circle

Feel the balanced energy of planet Earth all around you, as you call it in. That magic has begun. Accept it and know that your time has come here on Earth. It’s a magical space that you have created yourselves. Now with all the hands being held, let’s open the healing circle. We will surround the circle in a time bubble, so people coming in later will be able to join in exactly the same energy that you’re in right now, even though they’re not watching it live. You can watch this later as well, and still be a part of this collective vibration. Take a deep breath and just for a moment put aside all your thoughts of the day. Put aside everything that you’ve been worried about, the things you’re going to do later in the day, and all the other challenges you have in your life right now. You can pick them up later if you so choose.

Excellent. For those of you who have a challenge that you’d like some help with, whatever or wherever it is, if you’d like to step forward into the healing circle do so now. It’s a rather large circle and there’s room for everybody. Good. Now take a breath and open your heart, while all those around the outside of the circle start opening their hearts and sending love into that circle, pure love energy. All of your brethren, no matter where they are, the language they speak or their belief systems, are human beings. You are spirits pretending to be human. Empowering each other becomes the way to create this incredible society. So, open your unconditional love to that circle right now and beam it in.

Excellent. Now take a deep breath. For those of you inside the circle, let the tears flow if you wish. Feel that light beaming all through your body, opening channels and doors within your heart. Many of you will receive outside influences as you step forward into the day. You’ll see opportunities showing up and people who want to help. You’ll see changes within your own physical being, if that’s what you’re working on. The time is here for you to come Home while you’re still on Earth, and that is the portal that’s opening. It’s a magical time to be here and your space has been reserved. Your name was on that chair before you ever thought about coming to planet Earth. Most of you have been here multiple times, with some of you holding the incredible love the Earth uses to create this sacred space. Welcome Home, dear ones, we are honored to be with you.

Step Into the Day

The Scientist of the Heart will explain about the portal that is opening, what it is and the incredible opportunities it brings. It’s a magical time to be on Earth. You’re creating magic where you sit right now, thank you for being there. Thank you for honoring your commitment not only to be on Earth, but to be a part of the change that’s taking place. With that, I leave you for now, but I’m never far away. The feminine is balancing the energy on planet Earth in magical ways, not because of us but because of you. Because of your willingness to hold that energy and create opportunities.

Let your spirit shine and be seen. Every time you laugh and every time you smile, your eyes sparkle with a light from Home. It’s with the greatest of honor that I ask you to treat each other with the highest respect possible, nurture one another, and make space for everyone. Don’t forget to play well together as you create this new game. I am Merlia, the feminine energy of Merlin, and I love you dearly. Come up and see me sometime.

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

I am the Scientist of the Heart. I join you today because humanity is at the precipice of something wonderful. We’re not going to tell you that it’s going to be easy. It may not be, but that will be up to you. The collective of humanity will decide how this transition takes place. The transition at hand is something many of you have been dreaming about and waiting for. Some time ago we talked about the concept of the Esayoto, a space of higher vibration. You can actually live in the Esayoto space for a time to connect, to congregate, and to bring together the higher vibrations of who you are as a spirit. When you return into your physical being, you then carry more of your spirit. We’ve also spoken quite a bit about the whole concept of physicality versus spirit.

The Portal

From our perspective, dear ones, you are spirits pretending to be humans. Yet most of the time only about 20% of your spirit is able to peek out when you’re in joy or passion, when you’re smiling or laughing. Yes, those are magical times indeed. And we’ve also mentioned that there are times coming when you’ll be able to increase the amount of spirituality that you carry in your own physical body. Those times are at hand and that’s what this portal is all about. The portal coming to planet Earth will be landing in full on March 24th of this year. It will remain here and in use until August 27th, if it closes at all. And we say that because there is an opportunity to leave it open, to permanently leave it in place, which would allow you to regain more of your own perfection.

So, what does that really look like? Well, there’s so much to this. It’s where you get the opportunity to perfect the experience of being a human, where you can actually bring more of your spirit through every moment of every day. It is time and you’ve made it this far, welcome Home. But there are many times when you open these doors and there’s great resistance in the collective vibration of humanity. The reality is, dear ones, humans don’t like change and prefer to maintain the status quo. Although you consider that successful, it’s actually rather empty. Now you have the opportunity to step up and carry more of your spirit in every moment. Can you imagine what it’s like to walk down the street and make connections with only a quick glance, seeing people for who they really are?

Yes, that is something ahead for all of you. Although there will be many who are afraid and choose not to do that. Some will hide rather than step forward and be the spirit they truly are. There’s no right or wrong about this, dear ones, but let us explain the larger aspects of the portal. In the multi-dimensional world in which you live, we find it fascinating that there are movies coming out every day about this and one of them is actually winning awards. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is all about multidimensionality and emulates your experience on Earth in many ways. It is dropping seeds of reality for all to experience. The way that we have described it is the spirit having multiple experiences as you in different realities.

Now, there are many aspects of this. If you take a big circle and say, “Okay, here on this side, I am this person off to the right. There on the left, I am a different person.” In reality, you may have different belief systems. They’re not right or wrong, simply different experiences you’re having. So, try to start seeing yourself in this way. It will help to open your mind, expanding your ability to communicate and your tolerance of all of humanity. We’ll be sharing more about this when we work on the Human Lessons of the Spirit. We’ll bring you opportunities for evolving, so you can hold this portal open permanently. It’s a magical time to be here. So, what do we mean by that exactly?

Hiding Perfection to Play the Game

When you come to Earth there is one rule: You cannot be perfect. You have stepped out of infinity and into finiteness. And being a finite individual, your whole spirit does not fit into that body. It’s very simple. You know intrinsically that you’re a perfect being, yet you’re having difficulty reflecting that in the world around you. It’s because when you came in, you divided up into 11 different aspects and each aspect has a certain amount of your perfection. If we lose the concepts of right and wrong you can see this from the larger perspective, which is absolutely magical. For instance, let’s say that over here on one side of your experience you’re a very religious person. You’ve found great empowerment through a belief system that involves a religion. However, on the opposite side of that same circle you may be an atheist. The interesting part about that is neither one is right nor wrong. Whether you become empowered as an atheist or as a religious person, what’s most important is that you become empowered. It’s plain and simple. You are creator beings, dear ones, there’s no right or wrong as long as you’re moving toward carrying more of your spirit. That’s the beautiful aspect of all of this.

So, this portal opens doors for you to connect with other parts of yourself. And in that sense, you become more of a perfect being. During this lifetime you’ve accumulated belief systems, experiences, and emotional scar tissue. Even experiences from previous lifetimes that you’ve carried in can keep you from being perfect. Sometimes you react and other times you overreact, but that is completely natural and should not be judged. Now you will have an opportunity to step much higher into a level of perfection, especially during these magical times of March 24th through August 27th. It’s a beautiful time to step forward into this and see it from a different perspective. That’s what the portal is about. But what happens if you don’t hold the portal open? The big challenge will be if the planet falls into fear, which is the opposite of love. All negative emotions are fear-based in some form.

What Is a Portal?

You’ve had many portals on planet Earth that you’ve seen from time to time. There are magical spaces that exist, sometimes even in your own backyard. When you go there you feel wonderful, you feel connected. That’s generally a vortex, which is a spiral swirling energy. When that vortex is nurtured and cared for, it can turn into a portal that connects other dimensions. Many of you have been guardians of a vortex that may have called you to that location. Once that vortex turns into a portal, your guardianship is no longer needed and your contract with the land is complete. At this point most guardians people feel the urge to move. The portals that are created may or may not be used, but they open to other dimensions and are restricted to a localized area. Some are even rather small. The portal that is opening now is larger than the Earth herself, and it anchors off of the millions of smaller local portals that have been opened. This new portal has the ability to connect all of the dimensions of Earth and her inhabitants. It would blend together everything that was separated so you could play the game of pretending to be human. It would provide everyone the opportunity to blend together all the dimensions of themselves to create a more perfect being.

Because a person has 11 dimensions, some of them will be opposite beliefs. That may make the portal difficult to keep open because humans are largely invested in their polarity. People see things as right or wrong, rather than simply as a human having an experience. Because of this there may be great resistance to the portal once it’s open. We’ve given you several illustrations of opposites. Because humans see through contrast it’s easy to point that out. But most won’t go into complete opposites, for they are invested in their belief systems.

Body Suits

Belief systems are carried within in the body suits people wear when playing the game. Body suits are not a bad thing, dear ones, they’re not your physical body. They are your emotional general body, similar to a persona that you work with every single day. You have to put on a bodysuit in order to play the game of pretending to be a human. It’s almost like a game piece that you move around the board every time you roll the dice. At night when you go to bed, you take off the body suit. You put it on a nice little hanger and let it air out at night, when you go to sleep and rejuvenate your spirit. You wake up in the morning and put back on the body suit. Only sometimes you say, “Wait, today I’m going into a different situation and I want to wear a different body suit.” Like clothes, people have many body suits they can wear. Each one contains a different belief system or a different vision of themselves.

Dear ones, you have reserved your space during this time. There is no one on planet Earth that is just taking up space and doesn’t have something important to do. Every single person is here because they deserve to be here and they carry a piece of the puzzle everyone needs. So, what we’re asking all of you to do is to bring that piece forward. Dare to step into a different body suit. See yourself as a more perfect being than you truly are. Release some of the old limiting belief systems and scar tissue from the past that you carry in your energy field.

You are creator beings. Everything that you can balance between your head and your heart will manifest in your world. You’re a lucky girl if you say you are, it’s that simple. But the biggest challenge about all of this is the fear that will occur when these big changes take place. Dear ones, there are many who will point fingers and say, “These people over here and that group of energies over there, they are the ones causing a problem for everyone on Earth.” You have not yet recovered from COVID-19. You actually never will, but that was never the idea. It pushed you out of the norm, so that you could step into something new. Now you have that opportunity globally, to be here at a time when things can change.

The Big Question

So, here is the big question. Humans are all about contrast. You see things as up or down, good or bad, and right or wrong. What happens if you can’t hold the portal open and it closes on August 27th? Well, it’s pretty simple, dear ones, you simply open another one. This is the first huge portal that is taking place. It took a lot of energy to build up to, but it was not something that was foreseen. Instead, it is something you created by going through this energy and evolving. You’ve shifted the whole collective vibration of humanity a little bit higher. Well, you may disagree with that. When you turn on your televisions or read your newspapers, you see all sorts of negative energies that weren’t here even a few years ago. Yes, those are definite reactions to the rise in vibration.

So, what happens when the portal opens? Many willfully step into it, use it and anchor it. That will be done by people willing to step into a higher vibration and improve themselves in any way they can. And then there will be many who are very much afraid of it. How will that work out? Is the world going to go to war, or are you heading towards peace? You are creator beings, dear ones. We’re asking the same questions, because that will be entirely up to you. You actually have enough lightworkers on planet Earth right now to hold this portal open permanently. All it takes is to have a good vision of yourself, because this is truly an incredible opportunity.

Systems Will Change

There will be systems that don’t change, because many of your systems were built for the lower vibrational state. So, as you step into higher vibrational realities, those systems may evolve and change. Sometimes they will have cracks in them that have to be repaired or altered in some way, to make it into the higher vibrations. Other times certain systems will collapse, but you’ll build new ones. You’ll create opportunities to connect in so many ways. And those are the things we’re going to ask you all to do right at the beginning of this. Start stepping forward and connecting. Create a collective vibration that will move with you. That’s the magic about it, because you’re not the only creators on planet Earth as we’ve told you many times. The way that we perceive you, dear ones, is that you are God. But you’re not the only God.

And that’s the whole idea, whatever you decide collectively will happen. So, what takes place with the Earth herself? She has reached the 8 billion mark and she’s making decisions. But she’s also multi-dimensional, the same as you. She can step up and create a whole new opportunity for a new game, chance to do it again in magic. But this has happened before, it is not the first experience you’ve had. The days of Atlantis, and the days prior to that if Lemuria, were all opportunities to reach this state. You came very, very close in Lemuria. Your hearts were open, you connected to each other. You could visibly see the vibrations of another being and it was easy to harmonize because of that. Today your veils are much thicker, because you’ve decided to play the game in a much denser form.

There are many who are going to use this change to gain attention. There are many who will try to gain money, fame and power by pointing fingers. They’ll tell you, “This is your problem there, and here’s your problem over here.” Or maybe they will say “Just follow me, I know how to fix everything.” Dear ones, which is not true. The only person who can change this is you, for you are incredible beings. You came in with all the tools you need to balance your thoughts and your feelings, your head and your heart.

The Greatest Angels

It’s a magnetic connection, a vibrational spiral.  Neither your head nor your heart hold all of the truths. However, when you blend them together there’s an electromagnetic frequency which is uniquely yours. We are watching with such great anticipation as you walk through these times. Yes, it can be difficult. There may be great challenges that surface on planet Earth because of this portal opening. However, you also have the opportunity to land something tremendous. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. At this critical time on Earth, you have taken off your wings to play the game.

You are holding the blueprint of the future and everything that you’ve worked for, dear ones. There have been many around you who have moved through localized portals. You call them aliens, but we call them brothers of time-space. Many of you believe that you can point to the sky and tell which planet they are from. But usually, they’re just from another dimensional reality. They’ve learned how to move through those portals to come and visit you. With all their wisdom and knowledge, they could have done harm to all of humanity but they have not. They are your brothers and sisters. And they want to observe and help if possible.

There will be those who try to use this opening portal for their own nefarious purposes. It’s just a part of being human. There will even be many who try to make money out of the opening this portal. But please don’t judge any of it, simply choose what is right for you. Choose the energies that empower you in some way. If enough of the collective on planet Earth does that during this time, the portal stays open. And when the portal stays open, dear ones, everyone everywhere has an opportunity to change all at once. We’ve been talking about this chance to alter or step into this higher vibration for quite some time. But even if this portal closes, you will gain ideas and concepts to bring back with you. Often those things will be resisted because they represent change. Be patient with your fellow man, dear ones. Be tolerant, love freely and openly, as often as you can. Re-member, you’re speaking to other spirits who have to change in the same way that you do.

Relationships in all different areas will become incredibly important, and we hope to give you some new tools for that. Even sexuality will take on new energies and opportunities because it is a form of communication, not just a physical urge. There’s so much starting to open up now and we can’t wait to see what you do with it. Well done, dear ones. Yes, here you are at this exact moment of time-space and you’ve created something magical. This is the vision that you’ve carried from Home. Not only can you walk into it, but you can actually live there. Are you ready for a new game? It’s begun, step into it.

Find the tools that you need to step into your own work. And all those of you who are teachers, please step forward and give birth to your gifts and visions. It is time. You are needed now more than you can possibly imagine. It’s time to completely awaken from the dream, you’ve earned it. Each and every one of you know that you are making a difference. Some of you are actively out there teaching, speaking out and sharing. While others of you are holding this energy very quietly within. It matters not your approach, for you’re all part of a collective vibration. Take this energy and run with it. Make something special and create the light from Home on planet Earth. I leave you now with three simple reminders. Treat each other with respect, for you’re looking in the eyes of God. Nurture one another at every opportunity and help those around you to become empowered. Play well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart and I love you dearly.

Espavo. Thank you for taking your power.

The group

The Group:  Espavo Awakening


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