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Your Spiritual Health Quiz Answers

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By health I mean the power to live a full, adult, living, breathing life in close contact with the earth and the wonders thereof — the sea — the sun. ~ Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand author

As you may recall from a couple weeks ago, we gave you a seven-question quiz on your spiritual health. Below are the seven questions, with each question followed by a summary of your responses to that question.

This post is much longer than usual. But I wanted to cover all your responses in a single post. I hope you enjoy it.

We received many responses to the quiz. So we are not quoting anyone word-for-word, but only summarizing all the comments. Neither my spirit guides nor I made any judgments, negative or positive, of your comments.

Thanks to all of you who took the time and effort to share your thoughts on your own spiritual health. As you’ll see below, many of your responses were powerful and perceptive.

1. Do you consider yourself spiritually awake?

Everyone said they were at least partly awake some of the time. But not always. They’re generally getting better at it, but it’s still an ebb and flow. Everyone acknowledged they still have work to do. It’s a struggle for many because the illusions of the world seem very real.

2. What can you do to help others wake up?

“Just being myself,” is the answer some gave. Others said seeing people as they really are is helpful. That is, seeing them as divine beings in human form, and speaking to them soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart.

Some said they’re glad to help if people show a willingness to wake up, and are ready for it. Others think they help others best by doing what they love. For example, writing. Their intention is that people drawn to their work will be inspired to work on themselves. They want to share what they know, what they’re good at. They’ll inspire others by being a good example of a life well-lived.

Some pray for world peace, or engage in activities to help those around them. For example, community charity work. They help others by showing them how the universe is always guiding them, always has their interests at heart.

Some weren’t sure how to help others. They said they needed to focus mostly on themselves. They don’t think they’re much help to others if they keep going back and forth between being awake and being asleep.

3. Do you believe you are here in this lifetime to help others on their paths?

Some believed they had no responsibility to help others. However, they were a tiny minority.

Others said they were struggling so much with their own challenges, they were not able to help others.

A few followed the advice given in A Course in Miracles. They tell themselves they are here to be truly helpful, and to embody peace as the way to help others. They know they are divinely guided. They believe the most powerful thing they can do is to simply express love to all others as much as possible.

Some pointed out that we’re all here for our own reasons, having chosen them before we incarnated. Those reasons are sometimes intertwined, as one person put it. Therefore, we help others simply by following our own paths, and setting the example for others. We’re all here to grow together in awareness and consciousness. No one is left behind because we’re always helping others simply by walking our own paths.

Others said they were here to help others, and others were here to help them. In helping each other, everyone benefits. What we give we also receive because, as A Course in Miracles says, giving and receiving are the same. You cannot give without receiving that which you give.

Many said they had consciously chosen a life path of helping others in whatever ways they could. They believe life is a two-way street. We receive what we’re willing to give others with love and compassion. These folks were the majority, by far.

4. Can you feel the presence of your spirit guides and angels?

Many said they were in contact with their spirit guides and angels, at least occasionally. Some were in regular, frequent contact. A few said it was difficult to feel the spirits’ presence or to communicate with them. Others commented that, even though I and my spirit guides often say it’s easy to connect with spirit, it’s been anything but easy for them.

Meditation is one way some folks maintain contact with spirits. It helps them quiet their thoughts and simply get into a peaceful, receptive place. Others feel a spiritual presence, waking and dreaming—even when they’re not meditating. Some see totem animals. Others receive messages by hearing a voice, or simply receiving a thought from spirit.

A few folks reported their spirits sometimes find funny or playful ways of connecting. From my own personal experience, I can say spirits definitely have a sense of humor.

Some feel the presence of spirits or angels, but without being able to identify a specific guide or angel. Others believe the spirit presence they feel is their higher self.

To summarize, most people felt the presence of spirits, and know they are never alone and are always guided. They make an effort to show their gratitude to the spirits. A few feel lost and alone, almost completely cut off from spirit.

5. Do you meditate? If not, why not?

Most who answered this question said they do meditate, but not as often as they’d like or think they “should.” There are too many other “more important” things to do in their daily lives. A handful said they rarely or never meditate.

Some said, even though they do not “formally” meditate, they practice what they call mindfulness—being fully present in the moment, whatever they are doing. For example, enjoying a beautiful landscape or listening to soothing music. Or walking in nature, or spending quality time with a loved one, human or animal.

A few said, although they meditate, they wonder if it’s making any real, positive difference in their lives or in the world. They get frustrated by the chaos and duality they see all around them.

Only one person reported they have regular daily meditation practice.

6. Do you feel positive or not about the current state of our planet?

This question evoked the largest response among the seven questions.

A large majority said they feel positive about the current state of our planet, despite the dire pictures often painted by the mainstream news media. A few said they counter the negative effects of the mainstream news by focusing on all the “good” news out there. One person recommended Good News Network. (I endorse that recommendation, and have long subscribed to their free weekly newsletter.)

One of the deep concerns some have is the way humans are treating the earth. Overall, they believe the lessons we are learning from the suffering of Mother Earth are her gift to humanity, teaching us to have more respect for all life.

To briefly summarize the majority’s comments, they believe everything always works out for the best. Even with constant change—some good, some not so good—everything is moving in an overall positive direction. All is well. We are all  here to do our part in helping Mother Earth, one another and ourselves to heal and return to wholeness. One person urged us all to believe and trust in a world that’s learning and growing spiritually.

7. Do you trust that still, small voice of God within (that is, your intuition)?

Nearly everyone  who answered this question said they definitely trust that inner voice of God. It’s more than having faith or belief. It’s an inner knowing. A few pointed out it isn’t always easy. But the guidance they receive is worth the effort. When they ignore the inner voice, they learn, in hindsight, to pay more attention next time. Then life just gets better and better.


Enjoy this video with healing angelic images and beautiful music by Vangelis and Enya.

In the early 1980s, John took a spiritual development course and was introduced to his first spirit guide, Lydia. After Lydia arrived, three other guides also came to him: Archangel Michael, Tamarra, and Chief Joseph. Today these are John’s four main guides.
Besides his four main ones, John has various other guides. The entire group is really a multidimensional collective consciousness. John refers to the entire group simply as “Spirit.”
© Copyright 2017 John Cali. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.
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