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Jeshua Speaks About: The Wall

Jeshua Speaks About: The Wall

Beloved one, beloved friend—I would have you know that the word “friend” is a derivation of another word meaning equal. You are equal to me. Now, I know that your holy Fathers have said, “Well, that cannot be. One Yeshu’a, one Jeshua, one Jesus spent some time with you teaching you”— in Truth, I did not teach; I called forth what you already knew—“then he allowed the body to be finished, and there was a most beautiful Light, and he ascended unto what has been known as Heaven. He is apart and above you, sitting at the right hand of God in Heaven.”

Now, I would speak with you about heaven, because heaven is not up there any more than it is below. I know that your holy Fathers have said to you, “You’d better listen to the words that we speak to you. And if you do what all of the more wellversed teachers will tell you, you will go to heaven; you will ascend. Woe unto you if you should descend, because there is the fiery pit that will burn off all of the refuse and make you Light again.”

But in Truth, there is nowhere that you can go that is apart from what and where and Who you are right now. Ones who have released the body find themselves awakening; they are still alive. They are still knowing existence. They are still knowing.

In truth—now, hear this well—they hear you much better after they have released the body than they did when you were in the body and focused on something that you wanted to tell, think about, be engrossed in. When there is not the body to have to drag around, they are very much in the Allness of spirit.

So you may have a loved one who has released the body, passed on, whatever you want to call it, and you feel there is a presence. You feel perhaps, “Oh, that sounded like _______,” and you feel their presence, you feel their energy. It is very, very true that they are with you, because…do you remember? Do you remember the one all-encompassing statement that I have made over and over? Because there is no separation. I try to reinforce this Truth every time we speak.

So you may feel that someone has released the body, and you think, “Oh, no, they’re gone, and I can’t talk with them. I can’t hear them.” No, that is limited thinking. They are around you, much more tuned in to you than ever when there was focus upon the body; much more open and receptive to what you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you are questioning.

And they are quite happy when you are happy. When you are going through a sad and mournful time, missing them, they take that as a compliment, but they do not wish for you to stay in that space, because life is about living. Life is about joy.

However, as you go through human life, you are going to have question marks. You are going to have walls that you come up against. You are going to have times when you wonder, “How do I get over this wall? How do I get under this wall? How do I get around this wall?” You come to a place where you feel like you are being held back, that you have been stopped; you want to know more; you do know more, but you want to know how to get a hold of it.

How do you find that space? By taking the deep breath. That is how it begins. That is the key which unlocks the door in the wall or will put for you the ladder to climb up over the wall. You start with a deep breath that says, “Okay, whatever is happening, I stop.”

The mind loves to run on with all of the questions of, “How am I going to do this? Who am I going to speak to who is going to have the answer? Where do I go from here?” And it has to be logical, the mind says. Sometimes answers are not logical. Sometimes I have seen you…you get the answer, and you say, “Oh, no, it can’t be that simple.”

So you allow yourself to keep breathing. It is a good thing as long as you are activating a body. Then you abide in the place of peace, the place that says, “Okay, I don’t have to put a whole lot of stress upon myself.” In fact, when you do that, oftentimes that keeps the answer out there somewhere, and you are not being receptive to it.

When you come to the place of the wall, you often feel, “I don’t know what’s on the other side of the wall. I just know that I can’t go back. I have to go forward. There is this wall in front of me, and I need some answers.” Have you ever said that? Sure, quite often. You have asked of your friends, you have asked of your teachers, you have gone to books, you have studied the books, and you may have found an answer.

So you go on a few more days or years, and sometimes you come up against another wall. And you say, “I thought I got past that.” You turn and look around, and sure enough, you got past that wall, but here is another one. So what do you do? You take the deep breath and abide in peace. You take the deep breath and allow yourself to abide in peace until there is an illumination of an idea.

Even if it is not the whole answer, you move forward with the part of the answer you are getting. It may be a suggestion that you go and speak with someone. You are not really sure why. You feel really strange about it, but you go up to the person and say, “I need to talk with you for a minute. This is what’s going on for me, and I have a feeling you have the answer.”

And the other person probably will say, “I don’t think I have the answer for you.” But then you begin to talk, and as you do, you share, and something will lead like a bread crumb to another bread crumb to another, until you see that, “Okay, I’m really not stuck. I can go forward, even if it is only by inches.” Sometimes that is how it feels; it is just an inch at a time.

Or other times it feels like it goes forward by leaps and bounds, and you feel, “Thank goodness. I felt so held back for so long, and now I see what I can be doing.” There is an exultation, a feeling of, “Wow!” and you go forward.

Now, in Truth, you never go backward. You have it behind you, the experience of what you have done, and you bring it with you, because it is and has been a teaching that you have done for yourself, an experience, and every incarnation will bring you experience; every incarnation, no matter what form you choose.

You may choose to be the honey bee. You do not have to be human in order to know life. You may be the mosquito that not everybody loves to have in their house. Or you may be the eagle that flies high. Or you may be one of the space brothers. How do you think you got here to live on holy Mother Earth? By thought, yes, but by thought of space travel. Ever think of that, ever wonder—I know you have: you have wondered how you got here. How did the first form get on holy Mother Earth? By thought and form, because form follows thought.

So have you ever been the space brother/sister? Think upon that. Sure. Why not? You are not limited. Anything you can think of, you have been, and much more; a lot of things you do not think of you have experienced. This is why it is fun to do certain exercises where you go into the meditation or you go into what is called regressive hypnosis and go back to what seems to be a previous lifetime where you have been. Sometimes you experience what would seem to be very strange form, and yet anything you can think of, you can experience and you can be.

So when you sit here and seem to be contained in a body, that is but one experience. If you can think—and I know that there many of you and brothers and sisters who like science fiction—the “Beam me up, Scotty” idea, where did that idea come from? It came from you. It came from what you have done and experienced; otherwise, it would not be within your ken, within your knowing.

So when your entertainment programs come on and seem to be quite “out there,” you get very excited about them because, “Oh, wow, what is going to happen? How can they do this space travel? That expansive space… how could I be—all those light years that they’re telling me it takes to travel from one galaxy to another.” Well, if you figure that all travel is thought, that kind of cuts it down a bit.

Anything you can imagine—and much more—you have already experienced. So never put down or dismiss an idea that comes to you. It comes to tweak your memory as to how expansive you are. You are not contained within the body. You use it, as much as you think you can; you use it, but it is not all of you. The vast majority of you is not contained, cannot be contained. And you know that, because you have dreamt of running in the fields. You have dreamt of flying. You have dreamt other existences. Then you wake up and say, “Oh, but it was just a dream.”

I ask of you, where does the germ of a dream come from? From thought, and thought oftentimes is based on what you have already experienced doing and being.

When I spoke to my beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, that my topic this evening was going to be “The Wall,” she asked me, “Does that have anything to do with the political project that is being widely talked about?” And I said, “Well, of course.” Everything is within the realm of thought, and that is where the wall stands; it is within the realm of thought. Will it be? For some of you, it will be a partial reality.

I will ask of you to do something fun. Put yourself forward in future time twenty-five years from now. Is there going to be a necessity for a wall such as what is being thought about now? Probably not. I suggest to you that in twenty-five to fifty years of your timing, what you see as separate countries being Canada, United States, Mexico, some of Central America are all going to be joined together as one. They may be as the states of your United States: autonomous to some degree and yet part of a larger whole.

You, as a collective, are going to get tired of being against something. The Oneness idea is already germinating. So those of you who have been watching and following all of the talk—and that is what it is right now—allow yourself to go some years forward and know that the communities that you have now are going to be changing; they are already changing.

The conflicting energies that you observe now are very much as we have spoken many times about the seedling as it is germinating and coming up through the crust of the soil. It is difficult. It makes a mess of things. As that little seedling comes up, it pushes the dirt away. It changes everything. It takes a lot of energy to come up and push aside all that has been there in a certain form that looked like it was always going to be that way, and yet the seedling says, “But I must grow. I must flower. I must be.”

That is where you are now. And those of you who remember lifetimes of being not only the seedling, the consciousness, the expanded consciousness; those of you who remember how it feels to be in true Love and friendship with ones, you are saying, “Why can’t we have that now?”

Because there is a belief in process, time, that says, “Well, there has to be a beginning. It has to grow. It has to germinate a little bit. It has to come up through the soil. It has to be a process.”

But thought…that is the exciting thing. Thought can be really speedy, very fast, to go from an idea to a manifestation. If you look at the process that is happening from my vantage point, it is very fast.

Then I have heard some of you saying, “But Yeshu’a, if I only have a certain number of years left in this lifetime, am I still going to be activating the body when this happens, because it seems like it’s going to be a long time from now.”

The answer to that is, “As you wish.” If you want to extend the lifetime or if you want to recycle and come back, make a form again…or you may say, “Well, I’ve already visualized that, and I really like what I visualized, so maybe I don’t have to actually do it in and with form. Maybe I just know that it’s going to happen.”

You see, from where you stand in any moment, there are more pathways than you can count from that point; potentials. And that which you can visualize, imagine, play with, all of it, in truth, has already happened. But it is fun to walk it, and that is why you do it. It is fun to experience it.

Know you how to fly? How does it feel to fly, to be up above and to have the perspective to be able to look down upon all of the small little critters that are running around on the surface of the Earth? You can imagine it. You have probably been up in the airplane and looked down. If not, you remember how it is from the spaceship.

You know how it is as you do the certain meditation and go to the grassy knoll, you go to the tree, you go to the cloud, you look down on the green meadow. You know how it looks; the river that is running through, the green meadow, the bird that sits in the tree. How do you know that? Because you have already been there, done that.

How does it feel to be sleek as a cat and to hop down off the windowsill and move with an ease and a grace; as a small cat or as a big lion? Know you that the small four-footed one—you call it small—thinks she is as big as the lion? Why not?

There is a knowing. And as I have asked already, how do you have that knowing? It is because you have already been there, done that. It is in truth a remembrance. And you have a wise teacher who has said to you that everything that you do here is done in remembrance; not in remembrance of me. If you want to remember me, that is fine, but you do not have to do it in remembrance of someone who seemingly is above you. I am not above you. We are equals; always will be, always have been. We are from the one Mind—capital “M”. I just got good press; that is all.

So when you come to that place where there seems to be a wall in front of you, “You know, I would like to change my daily routine. I’d like to actually be doing something where I could use more of my talents, more of my thinking, more of my expansive ideas. I wouldn’t even mind having a job I could sit at. It might feel good.”

Put yourself forward a year; perhaps not even that long. Visualize. Because I will say to you that in all probability, a year from now you are going to be doing something very different than what you are doing now. You are going to be expanding, developing, having more and more fun doing whatever the new endeavor is. Up to a certain point in a lifetime, you seem to be accumulating experiences, knowledge, ideas, techniques. You go to school and they teach you how the accepted form of writing is, the accepted form of the sounds of words, and you say, “Okay, you know, I’ll go along with it. I will study, I will learn.”

You are living at a very exciting time, because the consciousness is ready to know what is beyond the wall. You are at a place where you know that no wall can hold you back. You are the one who built the wall, so therefore, it has to obey you.

Now, I know that sometimes walls can feel really thick. There were many times, as is recorded in your holy writings, that I took myself to a garden and communed with the Father, as I have called it—the Father, because it was a patriarchal society, and the father was seen to be the provider. As I have shared with you at other times, if it had been a matriarchal society, it would have been the Mother.

So I communed. I said, “Look, there are certain people in this group, the expanded group, this religious group, who don’t really like what I’m saying. I know they don’t like me, and they wish I would just stop sharing, but I cannot.” Two thousand years ago, was I talking about some of the same things? Yes. Did you catch the ideas then? Yes. Why are you back now? Give me an answer to that. Why, if two thousand years ago you caught a glimpse of what I was sharing with you, why are you back now?

To explore all the possibilities of the ideas, which is what you are doing right now with exploring new hints, ideas that come to you, and you get excited about them. You wake up in the morning and think, “Hmm, I wonder what that was all about when he/she said that yesterday, and I was thinking about that,” and a new idea comes. Sometimes you get very excited about it and you want to share it with someone, and you do.

And that is how consciousness changes—in an instant. One idea comes, and it will not be silent until you play with it, until you say, “Okay, I am going up and over this wall with this idea that just came to me. I’m getting excited about it. I really want to see where it goes. I want to see what happens.”

The wall is of your own making. And if it is of your making, who can change it? Do you want to call on me to change it for you? I have news for you. I can only do for you what I can do with you. That is how powerful you are.

Your religious teachers, your holy Fathers have taught you for a long time that you were lowly worms of the dust, that you did not know how to go out and you did not know how to come in, that you had to come to them for advice. Sometimes the advice kept you in a container, kept you from thinking that you could be anything beyond what you were; not understanding how much you are and how far you could go.

But that is changing. When you feel you have come to a wall, get out your ladder; climb over the wall. Get out your shovel; climb under the wall. Get out the walking stick; walk around the wall. Get the balloon and go over: any way you want to do it.

And know that truly you never do anything alone. Always there is help. Always I am here to help. The masters, the teachers, the ones you have known in other lifetimes, the ones who have written the books in this lifetime: you are teachers one to each other. Share what you know. Share what you are questioning, because sometimes answers come out of the questions.

Be excited about life. Go for it, as they say. Be excited. Know that there is no wall that is too high, too thick, too long. Take the deep breath and say, “I am going,” and with that, a miracle happens. The wall disappears.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
July 2018
Copyright © 2018 Oakbridge University. Oakbridge material is copyrighted but free to anyone who wants to use it as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address www.oakbridge.org.
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