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Jesus: Love Is The Only Reality, The Only Possible Reality

Jesus: Love Is The Only Reality, The Only Possible Reality

Humanity’s collective arousing into the actuality of your awakening is accelerating most beautifully, and great delight awaits you all very, very, soon. 

Ignore and totally discount the drama with which the various media are distracting you, you are all precisely where you are supposed to be, and doing or being precisely what pre-incarnationally you planned to do to mightily assist in the collective awakening process.  All is flowing perfectly towards a most magnificent moment of fruition.  The Love that you each are, your individual but united energy fields are inundating the energy fields of those who are starting to come to an awareness of their essential need to awaken, and also of those who remain deeply asleep.  The time for sleeping is past, and your loving intentions are most effectively nudging and stirring all those who are still in a state of almost total amnesia about their true nature and their life’s purpose as humans in form.  Without all of you most willingly undertaking the tasks you so courageously and lovingly chose to embark upon prior to your present incarnations, the progress towards awakening would have been far slower.  Thank you all from the depth of my heart, the One Heart of Mother/Father/God, the Heart of All Creation.

There is just ONE infinite Heart, the Heart of Life, of Love, and of each differentiated and individuated being, inseparably United with The One, All That Is in eternal and infinite bliss.  Who you each truly are is presently and very temporarily hidden from you solely because, just a moment ago – eons ago – you freely chose to construct and enter into an environment of form where your abilities were, by your own choice, severely limited.  This choice was made in order to experience an unreal state – separation from Source – while you imagined yourselves to be autonomous beings, alone and abandoned in an environment where your very existence was constantly threatened, and where you would eventually cease to even be alive because your existence would be terminated by the death of your physical human forms.  And yes, your human forms will cease to exist, but, when that happens, you can always choose to create a new one, or return Home and cease playing the game of independence and separation.  You are always and eternally FREE to choose the limitations of form or the infinite possibilities that your natural non-physical being enjoys in every moment of its existence in the Presence of and at One with God.

Deep within everyone of you is the intense and infinitely powerful knowing that you are indeed always in the Presence of the One, because no other state is possible.  But, in form as humans experiencing the limitations of that state, you have chosen to remain unaware of your true nature.  Doing that is part of the adventure or ordeal of undergoing the unreal state of separation.  So, yes you know that separation is unreal, has not and never could happen, nevertheless, you have constructed a seemingly extremely real environment of unreality, and within it you experience fear – actually TERROR – and the inevitable pain and suffering to which separation from your all loving Source would lead you.

The terror, of course, was of the idol you invented and called god or some other seemingly appropriate name, an unreal being modeled on the idea of an older, wiser, and far more powerful human type of being to whom you owed total allegiance, and who would judge, condemn, and punish you most viciously if you did not do his bidding and honor him totally.  You then started wars to defend him from others who had envisaged a different god whom they honored and defended instead of yours.  The madness of this unreal response to life is inconceivable, and yet you embraced it for eons.  Now you are finally allowing yourselves to recognize the insanity of this way of living, as more and more of you become aware that there is only Love, and that all that is alive is enveloped in and embraced by this, the only Reality, without even the least possibility of a micro-moment of separation from It.

Those of you now choosing to set the intent to be only loving whatever arises in your lives – and the numbers of you doing this are growing exponentially every day – are finding yourselves increasingly at peace within yourselves as you disengage from the gossip, drama, corruption, and lack of ethical behaviors on which the news media attempt to get you to focus your undivided attention – all of it unreal!  That endeavor used to work, but now, as all the media are telling the same story, and others are bringing forth the hidden information about this propaganda that has for a long time been used to control and subdue you, vast numbers of you have come to realize how those you have trusted for so long have been relentlessly misleading and misinforming you in order to control you and give themselves inordinate power over you.

You are now in the process of reclaiming your personal sovereignty, of refusing to bow down to authoritarian attempts to regulate your personal daily lives “for your own good and the good of society!”  The deceit has been revealed, and unquestioning endorsement of authoritarian control of your individual freedom will never again succeed.  You know that you were created as eternally free divine beings, and that that state has never and can never change.  Total personal freedom is your divine right, given to you at the moment of your creation as differentiated aspects of the One with Whom you are united both now, and in every moment of your most glorious and eternal existence.

Love is the only Reality, the only possible Reality, and you are all, without any exceptions whatsoever – including of course those who have been misleading and deceiving you – enveloped most joyfully in that state.  Truly you do know and recognize yourselves, without any possibility for doubt, as perpetually at One in the all-embracing Presence of Mother/Father/God.

Mother/Father/God, Source, Love IS Reality, is your eternal and unchanging Home.  It is where you reside eternally in infinite and endless peace and joy.  Many of you are beginning to encounter a sense of Reality, of your inseparable Oneness with God, more and more frequently as you regularly choose to spend quiet time alone with yourselves by just being.  And as the roof-brain chatter subsides or even ceases for a few moments, you begin to feel different, somewhat serene in the quietness of that beingness, and a knowing comes to you that in truth you are never alone, that you really are One with Mother/Father/God.  This knowing is why you feel serene, and you know that what you are experiencing is the reality of Love enveloping and embracing you.  That knowing will remain with with you when you return to engage with your normal daily human lives, and you will find yourselves much more easily accepting and dealing with your human lives as they unfold for you in every moment.

Spending quiet time alone daily is an absolutely essential requirement for you, because during that time you have the full power of Mother/Father/God embracing and fortifying you as you again set the intent to be only loving whatever may arise for you during the day.  You incarnated holding this purpose within you, and you are fulfilling it most beautifully.  Do not judge yourselves negatively for the times when you forget to do this.  You knew before you incarnated that this was bound to occur, and so you forgave yourselves in advance!

You are all most wonderful beings, perfect divine children of God, splendidly dealing with your lives in form just as you planned.  Therefore I offer you the most hearty congratulations on your ongoing accomplishments as you assist so many – far more than you can possibly envision – on their path to awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Jesus through John
Guidance from an elder brother
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