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Mary - Always Act for All

Mary - Always Act for All

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

I come with my heart full of Love and joy, and I give each of you a little bit of these feelings. But not a little bit of your world, a little bit of the size of my energy. Do not be discouraged, do not lose strength, and do not lose faith.

Whatever happens, believe, and trust entirely in the Father/Mother God's plan. No one is being punished, and no one is suffering reprisal from Father/Mother God. Everyone is learning lessons; some heavy, some lighter, but they are lessons to be learned. There can be no revolt and no lowering of vibration with each lesson. You have to trust and understand that the lesson is necessary and something is to be learned.

If the lesson comes too strongly, stop and think, why so much intensity? Ask your heart, and you will know the answer. Complaining, and accusing yourself, will do no good. The only action to take is to go through the lesson, understand it, learn it, and use it as teaching for the coming days. Each lesson has an intensity, and it is evident that among you as well, some go through the same lesson softly, others intensely. It will depend on the journey of each soul. Therefore, always look ahead, but always have a look of Light, always have a glimpse of hope, and try to understand that if you learn the lesson and understand what it is bringing, it will never happen again.

So, you should hope and be sure that down the road, you won't go through this anymore because you've learned, understood what you need to change, and won't go through this anymore. Now, if you insist on not learning and thinking that what you are going through is unfair, it will be to no avail. The lesson will come back stronger and stronger until it reaches a point where it will knock you down, to see if you look at it. It is foolproof, my sons and daughters; there is no use in running away from the problems, no way to hide anything anymore, and no way to let it go. The moment is here and now; understand that. Every move you make creates a distortion in the universe. It is as if you were immersed in a big lake, and the waters respond by generating waves at any action you make.

So is the universe; any movement you make generates positive or negative waves; depending on the move and the feeling involved, they reverberate throughout the universe. So, what are you resonating with now, positive emotions or feelings of anger, pain, and distrust? What are you echoing? So with each lesson learned, you reverberate wisdom into the universe. This is a beautiful feeling because your understanding will reach many others who may understand how you got out of the problem with your intuition. So, don't think that you think alone; everything you emanate reaches the Whole.

When they are positive feelings, everyone receives them because it reverberates throughout the All, and unconsciously, many who are ready to receive will have the same idea as you. Likewise, the contrary energies, why do you think that when something shocks your world, it repeatedly happens in several places? Like everyone knows each other, talks to each other? It is what you reverberate that will hit whoever is vibrating the same as you. So why echo bad feelings? Your world is already so out of balance. Learn the lessons, trust that what comes today is coming for a learning experience, and in the future, it will not return if you have learned. You must trust that what you learn today will not come back tomorrow, no matter how difficult it may be, because the lesson has been learned. My sons and daughters, your soul is constantly evolving, always learning. And it is when one of you reverberates a solution that so many others find on the same path. See how magnificent your feeling is being shared with many who will have the same idea and do practically the same as you did. So, what would be good today? To reverberate Love for others, the planet, and for animals. Don't think it is normal for an animal to die to give you what to eat. As if there were no other ways for you, don't think it's normal, don't think it's normal to mistreat an animal for your pleasure, for show. Don't think it's normal for an animal to die of starvation or mistreatment.

So, I'm talking about a slightly lower chain. As to the other statements: don't you think it's normal for a human being to go hungry to be raped; don't think it's normal for a human not to have a home or shelter. What is normal for you? All that it is around you? Don't think it's normal to pollute your own rivers, which are the ones that give you water to drink. Don't consider it normal to drill Gaia's soil for wealth and greed. It is not normal to pollute Gaia's air for your industries to survive. None of this is normal, but few do anything to change it. You are so concerned about yourselves that you don't look around; you don't look at what's happening around you.

And no, I am not being inconsistent when I say you have to look forward and never to the side. When we say that it is the path, it is the walk; it is the road you will walk on. So don't look at the other's route; in this sense, we say don't look to the side. Now, you are not alone in the world. You are one among all. You must be aware of the Whole. It gives you what to eat, what to drink, and where to work and live. So don't just look forward on your path and forget about the rest. Your path includes your action for the Whole. Not a specific action but an effort for the Whole, your brothers, the animals, and action for the planet.

Oh, but wouldn't I be changing the path of the other? If you give what to eat to someone hungry, you are not changing his course because otherwise, he will still go through this if this is a lesson. You can help him a lot, and he will still be hungry because he needs to learn how to take advantage of the lesson and help. So no, you don't change his walk; you are just supportive. Understand it is not about dressing in a giant shell for protection and forgetting about the world around you. It is not that. We are talking about how you don't walk the other's path; you look at your own path. Now in this path, All is included. So, at this moment, what have you done for the Whole? Do you think only of yourself, or do you do something for the Whole?

These are also lessons to be learned. Observe how far your world has gone, how far your world has caused what you live in today. It is essential that you feel that you see the results often of your own absences from the problem. The road to ascension will be hard, for the time has come for you to learn many lessons, which are now coming fast and intense. Realize you will not have another incarnation before ascension.

This will be the last one in the Third Dimension. So, there is no point in pushing it forward. You need to live in this incarnation today to carry all the learning into your consciousness and don't repeat it in the 5th Dimension. Those who don't want to learn, who ignore everything that is said, prefer to continue living the pleasures or simply dominations that exist in the Third Dimension? These will not achieve anything; they will not go with Gaia or leave. How will they go? It doesn't matter, for each one will have its own moment. So, this is where we say that the walk is lonely. Look at yours, not look at the other's walk. But you need to look at the Whole, not specifically at one; it's for the Whole. Do actions for the Whole, not for one.

Understand, don't be attached to one; look at the Whole. Where there is one starving person, there will undoubtedly be more around, so look at all, not just one. This is an important lesson now. To have a vision of the Whole, of what you will reverberate from. Reverberating for the Whole differs from resonating for one; why is that one better than the others? So don't judge anyone, act for the Whole. Then you will be doing work without looking at anyone's walk. You are looking at the problem, not the walk. Do you understand? Action must always be for All, never for just one, because when it is just one, you judge; you criticize his path because you are helping him.

So do it differently; look at the Whole, and where that action ends up, it doesn't matter to you. What matters is the action you took. So, looking at the Whole, your brothers, animals, and Gaia is the way now. It's not just looking at your backyard; it's looking at Gaia's forests, Gaia's rivers, and Gaia's springs as a Whole, not your particular little world. Of course, if you act focusing on the Whole, you will be doing a lot of good for the focus of the action. Still, you will be learning the lesson of what it means to stop looking at your own navel and start looking at the Whole, at what is good for the Whole, not just for you.

Then the path of each one of you will become more and more illuminated, more fragrant, and lighter. Because you are looking at the Whole, not just at yourself. Listen to my words several times so that you understand what I am getting at. But the final sentence I leave you with summarizes everything I have said: To love is to look at the Whole, not just myself.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


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