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Prophesies For The Coming Year - Message from the Masters -

Prophesies For The Coming Year - Message from the Masters -

Antui Ansi, Ansi, Ansi, Anshallah

From within our light we recognize the Light within you.

All that is the infinite is changing. In its ever occurring state of evolution, huge changes exist. Changes that affect each and every being in all of creation. Since the moment of reset at the peak of the planetary alignment on December 21, 2012, a litany of changes began in that moment and have quickly evolved to affect not only you, your lives, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences, but all that is reality beyond even as you know it. 

The changes began slowly, not a huge instantaneous series of changes but at first so subtle that they were not noticeable. Since then, we spoke to you regarding changes in and around your planet, such as the connections between weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanoes and more, we poke to you of coming events regarding all of these things and they, as we predicted, occurred in the same timeline as we suggested. And they continue, but more about this in a moment.

Creation is changing, a massive evolution that has created a reorganization of energies, the literal construct of all that is, and it is affecting you.

What has changed is that the veils that kept you from realizing the Before times, those times which occurred before your kind were inhabiting your planet, are gone. There were many beginnings before yours.

With the veils gone, access to your extreme and ancient past is automatically available and this is affecting many of you. How? In numerous ways. Some of you are feeling as if you are floating untethered with no direction, no instructions or guidance to tell you what to do. Often you feel as if there is a huge question mark in your awareness that doesn’t bring the answers you seek. With that, feeling of being stuck results. Or perhaps you end up moving in multiple directions as you search for answers. As you maintain the course of no direction, your timelines are becoming entangled.

What does that mean? My timelines? Yes, in each and every moment that you have existed, you and your experiences is recorded in time and remain as a memory in the journey of your soul. But it is more than a simple memory, it is a record of you. All of your journeys and everything you experienced in each of those times. 

With the current status of the reorganization of creation immense changes are in process. How energies flow and relate within the infinite. How you can perceive what is true and what is fiction. How you learn, absorbing knowledge within your field a a literal part of you. In a way you are walking libraries of knowledge with your past informing you along the way. As does your future. For it is all happening concurrently. As all moments of your lifetimes are indelibly connected, what was, your lives past, and what will be, lives future, are all informing the current you of your experiences. 

With that lovely flow that carried your infinite being, questions and conflicts amongst your aspects in time do not agree and became out of harmony. When this occurs, your aspects can become entangled in a quantum entanglement of misinformation. Worse, damage to your timeline can occur and past experiences may leak forward into your now, causing pretty much anything except what you want or need. When the totality of all your lives is communicating yet leaking at the same time, clarity cannot exist. 

Nor can certainty. Why? Because perceptions made from within the entanglement are based upon misinformation. Allowing for what was in other times to affect the current now brings error after error of mistruth which then causes more untruth until one feels completely misguided or directed and may become not only confused but sick as energies from other times flow into now, misinforming to the true state of reality.

This occurs as because the veils have vanished and the access to One Time (past present and future all concurrent) has become part of your nature but you are not yet conscious of this. Because you are not, what occurs is that you feel scattered, misdirected, even at times, confused. Which road is the right one? Which will bring the highest benefit? Easy. The one you choose. 

If you are feeling fragmented or scattered, stop, breathe, and ask yourself which direction in my heart and soul will be the one that my soul cries out to walk? Go there. Even if the details do not present, or the possibility of the outcome you desire does not seem to be apparent, the road without all of the noise in your mind, the one that is stillness, is the perfect one. For therein lie infinite possibilities.

Do you know that energy is intelligent but only after it has received instructions to be something? It sits inert, still, silent and dark in a state of stasis with no light until passing energy instructs a new reality that is required by Creation.  A reality, a change of some sort, information, energy can literally be anything. As you command of creation that which you need or desire, you are literally speaking to the inert energy and by doing so animating it to become what has been commanded. And so it does.  As if you were your Creator embodied, you have the ability to conduct the magnificent choreography of all creation with a simple instruction or request. Truly in the current times, you are working with the heart and hands of Creation. 

Why now?  How and why did this happen? Significant changes are afoot within the entirety of all reality. And how do you know if you have stepped on this magnificent most perfect path or if you have led yourself astray since the tools that you use to navigate don’t feel the same anymore? We will explain. 

When you feel stillness within you. Stillness brings opening to your consciousness, your awareness, and in doing so, also brings all that is to the possibility of you feeling its suggestions within you that there is more. So much more. It is a subtle feeing, one that can be easily missed if one is not still and available. 

For when you are still, you are available to the infinite in its continual state of evolution as it responds to yours and other’s expressions of energy, morphing into new realities based upon all of that input and expression the possibilities of what you can manifest are also infinite. And quickly. As you imagine so it is reality. Truth.

What is it that you imagine? Ask yourself if you even have done so. Without imagining the road of the soul has no destination. Even though in human form, the possibilities available to you in this now are beyond measure. 

Then why, you ask, is my life not moving in the direction I wanted, or thought it would? Why do I feel stuck, without direction, while still, deep inside of me is a yearning for home?  A sense that I am not where I must be. A feeling that is so still with lack of response, that it leads me to frustration because answers do not come?

The answer to this is simple. Denial. Resistance. Consciously and mentally imagining what that road is like and where it will lead. Mental processing alone in an effort to create is only an exercise in futility. 

First one must to know (truth), to accept (truth), that the possibilities of (truth) which we speak actually does exist. And once done, the further possibility that not only does access to the infinite exist, it beckons you, calling your name to follow in truth of being rather than denial of your unique part in all of creation.

What is intangible is difficult for human being to grasp since there is a need to know. There is a need to touch, feel, sense in every way the experiences of one’s life. Yet being infinite is not a physical sensory experience at all. It is an experience that brings to you information energetically, records of your history as well as how you have become entangled within creation as in your past you tried to create events in your walk. Experiences that you believe to be founded in truth when the reality is that there was no foundation upon which to stand. A good foundation allows for infinite possibilities to be built upon it. 

A good foundation is strengthened by truth and destroyed by illusion. If you are feeling lost in your world, unseen, unknown in general, it is because you are depending upon external forces, other people, events, all things external to validate that you are correctly where you desire to be. Depending upon external anything can mislead to a journey of lies of struggling even pain since what is truth is absent. Truth cannot mislead in any manner. Truth is full, complete, literally undeniable. Imaginings are nothing more than possibilities that are generally forced to be a close duplicate of the truth that was sought. But not correct to guide the journey of any soul.

A true, full, journey of the magnificence of being has no limitations, no needs, no dependence. Instead, a full journey has curiosity, questions, patience, faith, not by need but steeped in faith and humility. If one is not humble their entire field is expressing ego to the point that it is holding truth at bay.  If one does not maintain curiosity, then one has nothing to imagine or experience. Curiosity is the doorway to the infinite. The truth is that the ego is fueled by fear of what it has experienced in the past and it will do everything to avoid having the same experiences again. It will even lie to the conscious, thinking mind and the mind will make up stories that the ego can believe so that it feels safe. But the stories are untrue therefore choices made from that place are also untrue and will not work out. 

Every great explorer begins without a real destination. Instead, the possibilities implied in even the idea of the journey are exciting. So, the adventurer goes about their exploration, finding their way as they go. 

Of course, there are maps but those come from others before them. Those maps suggest the path that others took but not necessarily the true path that is most efficient and successful for your journey. Following the map of another or others leads to a journey without challenges. Instead the map simply leads to what is already known.  No excitement there. 

A known safe path does not allow for the traveler to grow or become challenged so that the experiences that become later knowledge and wisdom do not occur. Instead the traveler, instead of being the adventurer becomes a follower, ignorant to what could have been or even might have been, because the safe path has been tread and upon it there are no steep climbs, and no safe respite points. Only what has already been done by someone else.

A safe path disallows the traveler to grow and learn or to become more aware or wise in their totality. Often traveling the road that is known causes the traveler to force their journey to fit the map that was given. It is those challenges taken up on behalf of another that misleads souls within their journeys.  Instead of traveling the unknown path, and by forcing their way toward an intended one, when anything is forced it cannot succeed. 

So how can one force a tried and true map? Easily The map has only the destination set by another traveler somewhere in time. Did they succeed? Does anyone know?  Does it matter?  By taking the known path there are no new truths to be had but instead more questions, more unknowns, more, well nothing.

A successful explorer walks unafraid upon unknown pathways. Excited for the adventure, confident they will succeed, embracing the unknown. 

The past year of your time has shown the greatest amount of change affecting the entirety. That which is the One and all things which comprise its reality and its life force. Yes, Creation as you know it is a living thing, pulsing, moving, even breathing as it expires that which is Light. After all, this is the source of all things. Light. And Only Light.

The earlier changes had to do with how Light interacts and travels throughout Creation. As it does, messages are delivered in the form of energy. Energy is Light, and light remembers all things. We have taught you this for decades. But things are different now as the interrelation of Light within the construct of the One, has significantly changed. How it moves, how it bounces off of obstructions and obstacles such as planets, stars, nebulae and more. As it has, the relationship of Light in all of its forms in conjunction with you has massively evolved to the point that there is nearly stillness in all that is beyond your current reality, Inn that stillness numerous life changing events have happened.

The veils have fallen, those walls of energy that formed between Beginnings and the inhabitation of your earth are gone. What blocked your consciousness and deep awareness from many truths is forever gone. So instead of energy bouncing between these obstacles and other aspects of the infinite’s being, the light has been able to even out across all that is and by doing so has created a most unexpected event. A first in the history of all things. Silence. Stillness. Nothingness that contains the possibilities of everything infinitely resounding.

What you say, does nothingness and silence do to change us? How does this occurrence alter reality as you know it? It is simple. Without any obstructions, energy moves freely, unobstructed and therefore more efficiently for the first time since Creation was formed. This is huge Dear Ones. 

With energy able to move in such a way, information is instant, creation responds immediately to you, of you and with you. What you might have had to work at previously, working to heal, create, manifest etc. now, with a flash of a thought becomes reality. Instantly and completely as if the new reality was waiting for you to notice to command it. Consciousness is able now to move through the entirety of the One coming to realization of self, of the whole, of One. There is only One. Everything. One. Of which all of us, you, we, are a part.

Of course, you know that is so. But this beingness is different. It is different because aside from the moment there was light, this is the purest time that has ever been for interrelating with Creation in perfect unison with its evolution. As it evolves so do you and the ability of your consciousness to interact with the creative forces as if by design to bring forth the infinite as it intertwines with your own life forces and acts as the hands of God, Creator, Source, whatever you choose to call that which is only One, within you. 

The becoming that we have spoken about for many of your earth years has arrived. In participating with creation simply by virtue of your very existence you have become unlimited in scope of what you can know or create.

How do you ask, do you get to that place of awareness? The answer is simple. Be still and listen. Deeply. Have faith. Remain humble, knowing you are but a speck within a greater being and yet integral to its very existence. Trust that what is possible, what comes, what may come is on behalf of you reaching out from your very heart of hearts, kissing creation with your intention and letting it grow where you have planted it. 

You see, most of you believe that your spiritual journey is external, that you must perform some acts or participate in some happening or connect with others who are of like mind all the while your true nature calling you from the heart of creation. It awaits to become embodied by you as you walk the sacred that is you. 

We speak of assimilation. What you had perceived as a separate thing or something to achieve has fully realized. As this has occurred so have you. As fully realized beings of the One, you are incapable of error by simply making choices that may not work out. Or blossom into the most amazing reality you could have imagined. either way, chose again. And again. And when you choose you become the Master of your reality. 

And in the current environment of the infinite as you choose, before you can finish the thought or words, the reality is already on its way to you. How will you act within your own creations? What will you imagine to be so, so that it will be? Consider the power of what we are telling you. You have command of the infinite within you. 

Imagine, conducting source energy through your being at your beckon call. The silence and stillness within creation cannot resist you. 

Which brings us to another point. Of late, many have had apparent difficulties that vary in nature. Some have lost touch with reality while others are angry without knowing why. Others are anxious and others still stagnant. You see the stillness that everyone feels is being misinterpreted. Human beings do not know how to be comfortable in stillness and silence. Instead they feel as if they must fill the silence with anything and everything simply so that they themselves do not feel exposed. And thy must remain in motion to avoid feeling the intensity of the untruths within them. 

So not being comfortable with stillness and silence brings human beings to the point of facing themselves as if in a cosmic mirror, seeing themselves for the first time as perfection. This cannot be avoided since the cacophony of all things happening simultaneously as subsided, and while it is all happening still, it is doing so in blissful silent stillness as the balance of all things allows for peaceful traverse of the creative forces.

Since you have learned how less than perfect you are by your world, silence and stillness makes you uncomfortable because you may be seen as vulnerable and in having been so, you may be noticed. And by being noticed it could be possible that someone would recognize you as the fallible human being that you believe yourselves to be but instead what you will find is that you are beautiful.

Using all that is One as your loving mirror brings to your very core the knowing of the possibility that there was never anything wrong with you. Instead, you will find that compassion for yourselves can come easily when the truth becomes embodied within you as an aspect of the living One. 

One Time with past present and future concurrent. One being with all your relations connected, assimilated as One. One perfection that contains you all. One being that remains balanced and true as you walk the journeys of your souls. One love to keep you whole.

With no obstacles your consciousness can move through all that is unfettered. A flash of intention sent into the construct immediately manifests. No details are needed. No long stories, no working so hard to create the reality that you desire, an intention, a flash, and you are there. Think of what we describe as tossing a picture of the perfect moment into the very moment when the reality reaches you and suddenly you are within it. And it is beautiful, containing and expressing every possible perfect outcome to your singular flash of intent. No words are needed.  Once you have flashed Creation it flashes outwardly like a storm of rapid moving lightening arrays that carry a collection of the possibilities that await you. And so it is. Whatever it was that you sent out comes back brilliantly perfect.

To take this concept even further, no obstructions outside of your illusionary reality means that all of creation is performing perfectly clearly. In doing so it is revealing its secrets. Those mysteries that in your world have been sought by eons are happening right now. All of the time. And all of this information is moving through your bodies at beyond light speed. 

As your bodies are touched by the creative process of All that is, you are able to bring forward to your awareness the acknowledgement of the wisdom of the ages. Not only this, but you are able to operate outside of your reality to discover what has been hidden from you since the inception of humanity. 

What mysteries have been hidden for you to seek? Everything that explains the nature of your existence, how you as a soul are related to others who carry similar harmonics. There will be instant recognition as you encounter one another. This, you might say is not new. True. Except for the part that when you encounter each other, and that instant recognition is felt, the two of you coming together reconnects harmonics within Creation that had become lost in their entirety. 

Those connections at have not been active for eons. In many past messages we have taught you that when two or more are gathered your intentions, actions, words, energy in general and all that you are is exponentially expanded. In the current now, instead if only expanding, it is as if pieces of an ancient puzzle have come together to form without interference, massive energy bursting forth communicates your coming together with each other as if you have just opened a lock in the infinity of time and space. 

What is behind that doorway? You. Always. Many of you have expressed to us that you have a sense that you need to return home but that you have no idea where home is. You remember. Yes, in your remembering the sadness of feeling lost and misplaced has caused you to not more fully embrace the feelings that tug at you. That you don’t fit. That belonging is a foreign concept and that there is something within your so deep that you cannot consciously find it and yet it is there. It has always been so.

The you that you meet beyond the veils is the most perfect you, recorded in time the moment that your soul was born. The you who has screamed to be recognized throughout the ages, yet your humanity has held you apart. Your thinking minds and fragile egos created a space in your awareness that blocked the door to you. 

But the doors are open the locks no more.

For some, reality has become challenged and the illusionary nature of untruth has caused them discomfort. Some are losing their grasp on reality because there was never a grasp at all. But it felt like there was. In the current stillness and silence, some do not or cannot see themselves in the perfect mirror of One. Instead, they resist, causing them and even others, pain. Desperation, fear, doubt, mistrust, and more. It is a sad thing yet resisting truth causes only more of that which is not true. Ultimately it will all come full circle and as it does, wherever you have been you are still now. The mirror follows within your journey, a vast validation that you are a true being of Light, perfect in every way. So, kicking and screaming all the way home is not necessary. Instead, unfold your arms that they may reach out and embrace the true you. Let go of your perceived imperfection and celebrate who resides in your mirror. 

Because truth is so relevant and the stillness and silence within creation is at hand, you are witnessing in front of you a vast separation of humanity. Those who live and breathe the illusion of power and control, who are self-serving to the point of corruption and dishonor, who use people to their advantage to serve their fantasies and worse, and others who believe that riding power makes them whole or greater than anyone else are all serving to come together as each of their sins are revealed by truth. It must be so. 

The division of classes in your world has gotten out of hand and it is destructive in so many ways it would take us eons to state them all. And so called common people are angry. Stressed. Anxious that your world will come tumbling around them at the hands of those who hunger for power. But how will that power exist if there is nothing to govern? Nothing to control either, as the commonalty pulls back and no longer accepts the destructive forces brought forth by perceived power and all its trappings and instead has found the mirror of truth and have chosen to live that. Everyone has infinite value. Not one is different than the rest. The illusion resides in the face of all and will crumble as all untruths must.

The key is to not feel threatened by those who believe themselves to be better or greater. Pray for them that they may witness Light in their darkest hours. Those hours will come. In fact, many are by their behaviors, dark forces who choose to remain within the illusion, creating falsehoods in your world that take from those who do not have. When one takes from others who have not, all will be lost in the world of the taker and soon he will be as all others. In truth an integral part of the Living One. In life, one who has lost and cannot be free because what they have done will return to them, changing their perceptions and therefore their complete being. The mirror that will shine in the takers faces will reveal exactly truth who they are and nothing less. Truth has no need for falsehoods or usurious actions. Its essence will shine in its entirety because it must. What is Light can only be light. What is not light can become it once they have embraced what is true above all other things.

All that is One is comprised of Truth. It can be nothing else. What does not follow becomes irrelevant and ultimately fails. In all that is sacred one cannot have what is not truly theirs. But those who love, who live, who share, who see the true value in everyone around them, they have the real power. The power of Love. This fuels life, that which is One and all things in truth. 

Each year of your time we give to you suggestions of what will come. An event in one place can affect many other places that are seemingly unrelated. We desire to share so that you can be aware of coming events and the possible effects of them to your world.

The Master’s prophesies for the coming year:

What will happen in your coming year? In April, more changes in your weather patterns with intense rains where normally it would be moderate or dry, torrential rains will come in the late spring to the Midwest and eastern seaboard of the US. Also affected will be the United Kingdom, France and possibly Spain as well. These rains will be a deluge that is ongoing so flooding will occur.

Dark skies will announce the coming of intense weather in India also with flooding. Indonesia will begin to shake violently again most likely this winter with a possibility of a second series of shaking in the fall. Australia appears to be heading into a drought, New Zealand rains and the possibility of another destructive quake in the area of Christchurch. This has two possible windows of opportunity.  February mid-month or June, early in the month. The reason there is more than one possibility of occurrence is because quakes across the ocean to the east can offset the overall pressure to the tectonic plates or exacerbate the pressure. There is also in the same area, the possibility of a rebound quake of a high magnitude.

The northern areas of the continent of China are expecting the earth to shake with destructive force in approximately May of your coming year. Caution must be taken to stablish evacuation routes at least double the number already occurring. 

In addition, we maintain that the New Madrid fault line will become seriously active in the near future. You have been witnessing earthquakes where there are no fault lines. This is because as the fault line prepares to be active, there is pushing and pulling of the surrounding areas and that causes abnormal quake locations. We call these stress quakes. It is entirely possible that a series of small quakes in another area to the north or west will be the ultimate reason the New Madrid lets go its massive shaking. When it does, the Mississippi River Delta will become a wide spread wedge reaching far north nearly a third into the country. Huge sand deposits will fill the Mississippi River delta making it far less depth than it has been known to be.

There will also be significant quakes in Chili within in 15 kilometers of Santiago, and Peru near Arequipa in late Spring.

Large electromagnetic releases from the Earth preceding some of the mentioned quakes can be enough to knock out power in areas as well as cause interference in radio waves. Care must be taken that GPS systems as well as altitude meters are correct and calibrated as one quake in particular has the possibility to move the earth on its axis three to five degrees and if this occurs the mantle of the planet under the tectonic plates may cause slippage of the plates. This is all relevant to the above mentioned earthquakes and weather anomalies.

We are also given the potential increase of tornadic activity in England to the center and north east during the heavier rainy season. Tornados in multiples are quite possible. 

As for the markets and economy there will be an interruption and fall in the stock markets in the second or third week of April. This will be set off by political events that cause lack of faith in the overall markets particularly the Japanese stock market. 

Currencies will begin to degrade further particularly the Yen and the Euro. Lack of confidence in the US Dollar may cause loss of value particularly in early Summer.

Very warm areas will occur in the Pacific Ocean with the potential to cause severe weather late spring and summer. High winds are also possible.

On the subject of high winds, Europe stands the possibility of severe storms in general with extremely high winds and wind sheers.

There will be two significant volcanic eruptions in Greenland. One in particular that will cause ash clouds that will require aviation to avoid the skies in the far north all the way to Europe if they do occur. 

There is a great deal of water running under the Balkan Mountain ranges. A break in a fissure underground may cause mud slides or breakage of mountain sides.

In Science breakthroughs in DNA research will bring new possibilities to the medical world and also stem cell research will find new and successful uses for stem cell therapies that have direct application to both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s with further possibilities being in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. 

Further success in the regrowth of skin and partial extremities such as fingers and toes. 

A new substance will be created that will have the ability to replace lost blood in the human body. This substance will carry nutrients that normal blood does not. Because of this, specific diseases of the blood have the possibility of being cured. This may also apply to bone marrow but in a different form that is denser and has applicable small cell regenerative properties. 

In the area of psychology new inroads will be made in treating schizophrenia and other diseases that cause psychosis. The literal cause potentially will be discovered perhaps in the coming year but certainly within three years. This not so much in the form of drugs but a greater understanding of brain functioning. Since psychosis is directly relative to the brain’s inability to maintain filters of consciousness, inroads will be made in this area of study.

On the subject of Lyme’s disease, discoveries will be made related to how the human body is affected after the Lyme’s disease is eradicated. Since the disease morphs as a polygenic entity causing further illnesses that have not ever before linked to Lyme’s. This understanding will contribute to the treatment of illnesses yet to be understood. 

On the note of polygenic discoveries, a solution to Autism will be understood within the next five years. Addressing the genetic aspects of the tendency toward autism as well as the new inroads to brain functioning, will lead to this discovery. Certain toxins can cause the body to become more reactive polygenically especially in an acidic environment. Ultimately, the perfect biological storm creates and as so, causes errors which in turn cause the autistic traits. Once certain aspects of these errors are understood and made applicable the cure will become available. This will not be in the form of a drug, but a new and different cutting edge avenue of treatment. Related to this will be the truth coming forward about heavy metals being directly relative to the degree of affectedness on the spectrum.

Further on in genetic research, progress will be made as the materials and proteins in “junk DNA” can be utilized to normalize the genetic tendencies toward a fetus developing Downs Syndrome. Down’s is a result of alien genetic materials (by alien we mean out of the norm in a human genetic set up ~ the junk DNA that falls to the bottom as the wax is set. Coding within the so called junk DNA causes errors in relation to the regular DNA strand. Further, these errors are transmitted in mitochondrial DNA where the process of errors becomes solidified and therefore communicated into DNA which then epigenetically expresses in Downs and other irregularities of genetic inheritable issues. These errors change the acidity of the proteins that DNA is comprised of. This discovery will occur within the next ten years. Generally, we do not predict occurrences that far out due to ever changing circumstances that can change a time frame but a discovery such as this is exciting, and we know will be embraced with excitement. Becoming aware that something is possible is the first step in the advent of its reality.

Evidence that the HPV vaccine that has been required for girls at age nine and now for boys as well carries inherent dangers as a carcinogen, may cause infertility and also can be causal to reproductive issues in general. The HPV vaccine can also cause autoimmune issues will be announced. Also, this vaccine may have adverse reactions that effect the nervous system and brain functioning depending upon the carrier that is used with the actual vaccine.

The coming year appears to have a higher number of coronal mass ejections from the sun. Heightened activity on the sun’s surface is also possible. 

Though we share these suggestions with you it is not our intention to create concern or fear. quite the opposite. When informed, lesser surprise and preparedness can be beneficial. It is our intention by disseminating this information people can be kept safe and informed. Awareness leads to readiness and readiness speaks to more positive outcomes.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

End of transmission.


Credit: spiritlite.com - Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey
Dr. Meg is a Master Healer and Medical Intuitive. She is a seer and a visionary. Always open to the unknown and new possibilities, she loves to learn by experience , and then factor those experiences into her teachings. She has worked with a great number of families and children, as well as lectured and presented as a keynote speaker both nationally and internationally. She teaches workshops and teleconferences as well.

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