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Sananda - Belief in the Whole Process

Sananda - Belief in the Whole Process

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA

Once again my heart is filled with joy for being able to be here with all of you, bringing important clarifications and teachings at this moment.

What is the ascension of planet Earth? It is the evolution of planet Earth from the Third to the Fifth Dimension. This process was started a long time ago, not now. The preparations of the foundations, the bases were planted a long time ago, we are in the final stage. Gaia is following favorably on her way to the Fifth Dimension. And what is special about this whole process? That every human being residing on this planet has the choice to walk with Gaia, and I say that it's a choice, not an obligation.

Those who want to go along with Gaia are preparing themselves, doing their best for their evolution, walking towards it. And how do they walk? They walk with faith, with trust, with truth, and mainly, having as friend and advisor, the Divine Presence. I would say that these properties are essential for all those who want to evolve together with Gaia.

Now who is making this choice? Many of you or a few of you? We can't say for now, we can only say how many will go with Gaia, when the process happens. Because the choice is every minute, every second, both choices to go with Gaia, and choices not to go. We believe that each one of you who has chosen, or is choosing, to follow the Light, has no more doubts about it.

We have explained here many times: Where there is doubt, there is the energy of no-Light, this is true. Because when there is doubt, there is no trust, no belief, no believing with one eye closed. There is that believing with one eye open and the other eye closed, because you don't know what's coming ahead. So I say to each one of you: How are you now? With both eyes closed, going toward the Light without even seeing the path because you trust and know that every step will be wonderful? Or are you with one eye open and the other closed, because you have doubts about the path you are following? Where do you place yourself?

Do you believe 100% in what is said, or do you doubt when you hear something that doesn't match what we say? I don't ask you to listen only to us, but above all, listen to your hearts, your Divine Presences. Because they will never lie to you. Where there is doubt, there is no Light. If you still have doubt about what is happening out there, look inside and see where you are getting lost on the path, because you took a shortcut, you got off the path of Light.

We have already said here several times and I will repeat it: He who has faith, who trusts, has no doubt. He always goes forward, no matter what comes to his ears. Faith is unshakable, belief is totally maintained, no matter what happens outside, no matter the world falling apart outside. If there is faith, if there is trust, you will stand your ground, you willn’t get caught up in what is out there. Now if you doubt, you aren’t on the path, you don't yet have the awareness, you don't yet have the confidence, and you don't yet have the faith necessary to be fully on the path of Light, because you're still overwhelmed by your surroundings, by what you hear or what you're told.

We have said it here often, ask your Divine Presences. It isn’t the other's opinion that will make you believe or not. Or is this the way you think? That it will be the other's opinion that will show you the way? Then I tell you that you are totally off the path of Light, you are going in any direction but the path of Light.

It's interesting how you seem to be swinging all the time, walking on a tightrope. The path to the light is a tightrope for you where any slip you fall, any word you say you fall, and why? Because the path to the Light, to the Fifth Dimension is not a tightrope, it is a flowery and illuminated path. But for those who have full, unwavering, unquestioning faith and trust. Anything different from that, you are on the wrong path, you are taking a shortcut. And be careful, because you might go too far, and it will be very difficult to get back on the path of Light.

I don't think there is any doubt in your hearts at this point. This worries us greatly, because to have a humanity that hasn’t awakened yet without knowing anything is one thing, but to have someone awakened and still doubting is something extremely worrisome, because we aren’t getting you to believe in what is to be coming.

So once again, I would like to ask you, when in doubt, to ask the Divine Presence, not the other. The other will answer what in his mind is right. And you will follow the other's mind, the other's answer? Then you believe in nothing, you trust nothing, you are on that tightrope, falling for every thing you hear.

We aren’t concerned here with the Third Dimensional situations that you are concerned with. Each soul has a choice, and each one has made their choice. Many are following correctly with difficulties? Yes, with difficulties, because the path there isn’t easy. But they are going, they are doing their best and they are not shaken by anything. Now, there are many people who still doubt, who have not yet solidified all the teachings in their hearts, they are still like St. Thomas, they need to see to believe. So I would tell you, if you are waiting to see in order to believe, you are at a dead end, because the vision will have to come from your heart, not from the other, not from outside.

My sons and daughters, wake up, what do you want proof for? We willn’t give proofs, the path is inside each one of you, it isn’t us who will show you the way. Each one of you, together with your Divine Presence, will find the way. What do you want, a physical path where everyone can look at it and know that they are on it? This is Third Dimension, the path is something untouchable, it is subtle, it is ethereal. So the path is followed by those who trust, who believe, but not with one eye open and one eye closed, who believe wholly. And the world may fall apart out there, who continues to believe, continues on the path, because he knows that everything that is out there is a big trap, to take out exactly those who still don't have 100% trust, 100% faith, in the process as a whole.

Now I would say to you: Are you obliged to believe? No. Do you have to trust? No. Is it obligatory to follow the path of Light? No. Each one makes his choice, each one will find his path within his heart, not in his mind. Who seeks the path in the mind, will not find it, because the path is in the heart, it is in learning, it is in trust, belief and faith. And it isn't believing in me or Michael or Mary or any Being of Light, it is believing in your Higher Self, in your Divine Presence, because she will never lie to you.

So most people here are repeating: "But I don't have this contact". It is sad, very sad, because what are you waiting for? For us to take each one by the hand and show you this path to your Higher Self? As you say, sit tight, because you will get tired. The search for this path has to start from each one of you. It isn't outside, it isn't a remedy, it isn't a prescription, it is a path that you must find. The Higher Self is inside each one of you, it isn't outside, it is inside, because it is you and you are inside it.

Don't ask us to show you how to get to him. Those who are on the path, who are on the right path of Light, have already found the Divine Presence and hear it perfectly. Now, those who doubt, aren't hearing the Divine Presence, because if they were, they wouldn't be having doubts. They are hearing anything else but the Divine Presence.

It's complicated, looking at you and seeing how many of you are still off the path, even though you know, even though you have heard all the teachings, even though you have done all the past things, nothing has changed. It seems that all the work you have done, hasn't brought about any change, because the mind is still in control, it is not your heart that speaks, it is still the mind, the ego. Very sad about this.

But I say again: It is the choice of each soul. Gaia will light up with or without you. Understand this; if there is only one human with Gaia, it will be worth it, because Gaia has ascended. The goal here isn't you, it's the planet. Because Souls will continue to be Souls everywhere in the universe. Now Gaia, the time for her evolution has come, and she will evolve with or without you, there is no stopping this process, there is no stopping the evolution of the planet.

Now the choice is up to each one of you: to go with her or not. No soul will die, what will die is the physical body, the souls will continue elsewhere. Now whoever chooses to ascend with Gaia, will go with her to the Fifth Dimension. Now it only depends on one person and one thing; it depends on you and your choice, not on us. Don't expect our help in this regard.

The choice has to come from you, don't put into actions, into meditations, into procedures, the solution to the problem. Whatever we teach and pass on to you is a form of evolution for the soul, not the help of a decision. Because you can do everything we pass on and keep going in the opposite direction, one thing doesn't lead to another. Everything we teach elevates the soul. Now it is your mind which leads the way, not us.

So think hard about which path you are on? How do you feel on that path, fully confident or not? Do you believe in what we say or not? May each of you be able to listen inwardly to your answer, but without ego, looking at yourself and seeing clearly, whether you are on the right path or not.

Translator : Virginia


Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

Founder and Owner of Canal Anjos Luz e Terapias, Projeto LACAM and Um Toque Colibri, totaling more than 110,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channels, in which I share Channels and Messages received from various Beings of Light.
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