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Sananda - Believe, There Are No Sides

Sananda - Believe, There Are No Sides

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth, I AM SANANDA!

Once again and I will always repeat it, it is with great joy that I can be here once again giving expansion to my words and my voice. It is interesting to observe how each being on this planet lives at this time. 

Some have their chests full of hope, they trust, they believe and no matter what the outside world shows, they continue to believe, they continue to remain oblivious to everything that happens, oblivious in the sense of not getting involved, not taking sides, not choosing. Others don't really understand what's going on, they understand it in their own way, they let their ego continue to control the world view they have.

So they don't understand what it is to be outside the crowd, they think they are, but they are enveloped by it, they allow themselves to be contaminated by it and they think they are on the right path, they think they are right because the ego is still too strong. to make them see that there are no sides. We are not talking about sides, but about vibration and options. There is a third group, the one that is totally outside of everything that is happening in relation to the evolution of the world, they are immersed, involved, attached, enslaved by the third dimension, by everything that is there, by addictions, by the facilities, for everything that is pleasant, that supposedly does not hurt that the world has to offer you.

So I ask you, are there 3 groups: there is a side, there is a left and a right, there is a right and there is no right, who is right, who is wrong? You persist in putting everything continuously within the duality. This is the big problem, there is no duality when you evolve. When we talk about beings of Light, beings of non-Light, are there only two vibrations? Of course not, so let's put a big straight line where one end starts at zero and the other end is at 100, easily understandable for you. Divide that into 10 parts; so I can say who is of the Light and then I will put all the enlightened beings where I will also be, I am at 100. Miguel, Maria, Ashtar, the Masters of the White Brotherhood, they are all at 100.

Those who are not of the Light, but who are not of the Light, where the denomination itself says exactly what they are, are at zero. Two opposing forces that exist in the universe and don't try to make power comparisons here, that's not what I'm doing. Because there is no power greater than the Light. I try to show you that there are no sides, that there is no division between left and right. So let's go back to the line from zero to one hundred. I can assure you that those who are walking, apprenticeships, believing, are close to 50. Yes, nobody has passed 50. Okay, I could say that some exceptions have happened, but the vast majority have not, 99% still is before 50.

And so I now ask you, who are on this journey, who are learning, believing and changing: do you believe that you are of the non-light? But you are on this side, you are before the age of 50, so in your mind, as you put it, you would be from the non-light. Is this correct? Of course not. So, once and for all, let's stop living in duality. There is no right or wrong, right and wrong depends on the frame of reference used. For one it will be good, for the other it will be bad. And who is right and who is not will depend a lot on each other's situation. So let's stop trying to label, let's stop trying to put "A" or "B", there's not just "A" and "B", there's "C", "D", the whole alphabet. So I'll make you see that there are not two sides, there are vibrations.

And all those who are making a journey, distancing themselves from that zero, or I can say that many of you were never zero, you were 20, 30, 40 years old and you were not non-Light. Because that vibration is not a vibration that you can say is totally positive, you are still vibrating negative feelings. So you can't be from 50 onwards, but they are not sides, they are vibrations. And when you reach the middle, which for me is not half, for me it is just a change of state, where you start to fully vibrate Light and then the path to reach 100 is still long. I could say that whoever reaches 50.1 will be in the Fifth Dimension.

So realize that no one is there yet, you are here at zero to 50. But you become non-light. No, you can't be like that. So there are no two sides, stop seeing the world with duality, the world is what you vibrate, the sum of all the vibrations gives the result you are experiencing today. Now everyone has problems, everyone has violence, everyone is hungry, everyone is in scarcity. No, there is no rule, there are consequences of the decisions made, today or in the past, that put each one in the right place, at the right time for everything to happen.

We have said here that many are forced to move, to radically change their lives. Why? Because the time has come to take a big leap, the time has come to take a leap, a little faster in that line towards 50. So you are forced to move, to change addresses, to change jobs, to change profession, change family. Yes, let's put an end to that hypocrisy that what has come together can never be separated. God does not want any child to suffer, to be beaten, to be unhappy. He wants his children to be happy, each one in his own way, each one in his own way. This is God's way of working. So each change, each small evolution is pushing you further towards the 50 point, which I will say here is the Fifth Dimension.

So, my sons and daughters, let us stop this nonsense of good and evil. Stop this duality, it exists in this world of the Matrix that you are living in, what is right and what is wrong, you see what you see as right, but the other next to you sees that it is wrong. And then who is right, who is right, and who is wrong? Each one in his belief, each one in his choice and also, each one being compatible with the energy that each thing emanates.

Yes, because when you believe something is right, you go ahead with it. When you think it's not the right thing to do, you're left with the other option. So there is always a vibration in between. Now you'll find out later that what you thought was right wasn't? Or will the one who thought he was wrong find out one day that he was right? Who knows, only time will tell. So let's stop saying "me and you", there is "We", there is the Everything. It is the Whole that has to evolve, not the separation. And what is happening today is that the zero point is being like a great magnet, attracting everyone who is almost at the 50th hour. But unfortunately, due to their distorted beliefs and the great ego that they still have, they are letting themselves be dragged and lead by what is being drawn to the zero point, this is happening.

That is why we say that there is a separation of the tares from the wheat, because there was a lot of tares between the wheat and still is, only that it is being dragged back towards the zero point, and the wheat is being cleaned. There are, so there are two sides, the wheat and the tares. There are, they are things that are final, there is no way to change. Does it or doesn't it? I would say yes, because you can even let yourself be attracted, but at some point be aware and disconnect from that energy and move forward again. There are no sides, there are no sides, there are no sides, there are always vibrations. Let's say that point 50, which is the Fifth Dimension, is attracting some and point zero, which is non-light, is attracting others.

The day will come when, yes, the separation of the wheat from the chaff will fully take place. And those attracted by 50 will go to the 5th Dimension, and those attracted by the zero point will leave the planet. Yes, there has been a separation of the wheat from the chaff, because there are 2 sides, not because they are not compatible vibrations. The straw is a vibration that vibrates from zero to a very high number, all of that is straw, so it is not a side, it is a whole that will separate at some point. Until that happens there is no side, there is a great mix and there is a vibration to emanate. I hope you understand, stop putting yourself on the "A" side or the "B" side. Because when you do that you tell the Universe: "Look, I don't want to change anymore, I'm on this side and I don't want to change."

Very good, you will stay there being drawn more and more to that side. Now I ask you: are you sure you are on the right side? Then you will answer me: "Oh, yes, I am!" Alright, so tomorrow you'll find out you were on the wrong side. Only you'll be in it up to your neck and there will be no going back. So I advise you, do not choose sides, choose your side, choose your path, there are no sides to choose, there is a path to follow, which is to look ahead, towards 50. It does not matter who is on your right, or on your left , or behind or in front, what matters is your path, your walk. It can take you to 50 or not, it depends on how much you vibrate. Now, if you choose the side, you have two possibilities: either you choose the right side and keep moving forward, or you don't know and you choose the wrong side and sink deeper and deeper into it. And the time will come when you will no longer be able to go out. And what do you choose? I'll say it again; choose your path, choose to look at your footprint, it is your path that lies ahead of you, do not choose sides, choose your side, your walk, your life, your love, your vibration. What surrounds you does not matter, you will be making the best way to live in the best way, within everything there is. This is what you have to do, do not choose a side, do not fight for one side, do not go against everyone, in favor of only one side.

You have to be in favor of only one side, yours. Because you may make the wrong decision and then when regret comes, it's too late. Do not choose sides, choose only one, yours, your walks, your evolutions. Forget about the world out there, because it is attracting precisely those who do not wish to pay attention to your way. They are attentive to the path of the rest, of others. And why do you do it if the most important thing is your career? So look at yours, live your way, live your evolution, not that of the Whole.

Because the Everything, at this moment, is very confused, it is mixed. So I advise you not to take sides, not to choose a side. And it is not about walking on the fence, because there are no sides, it is about walking in the right direction, which is the direction of the Light, which is not taking sides, which is not judging, which is not condemning, which is don't criticize anyone. Look forward, just forward, and look at your feet, where your feet are stepping, what you are emanating, what you are thinking, this is what matters at this moment. Thinking there are sides is the reason your world is the way it is, to live by choosing sides is to live in the Matrix, because the Matrix has created duality and demands it, that you choose sides.

Only there is no side, there is what you vibrate, there is where you are in that straight line from zero to 100, there is no side, there is your vibration. Don't forget, do you want to get out of the Matrix? Then it stops vibrating as such.

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