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2024, An Alignment with Higher Frequencies - Goddess of Creation

2024, An Alignment with Higher Frequencies - Goddess of Creation

There is a distinct change in the energy both on the Earth and what is coming in. 

The Goddess began by having us take note of how we feel or what comes to our awareness as we are present in our everyday lives. This gave us a perspective or a beginning point.  She also encouraged people to let go of New Year’s resolutions.  In the higher frequencies, it is important to lear to open to potential instead of manifesting one specific intention. 

As we arrived in the All That Is, again there was a dramatic difference in the Energy.  I know that the Goddess has spoken especially over the past year about the changes taking place and how they will be integrated into everyone’s life. For so many people, it may not feel any different than what they are accustomed to.  However, the changes have happened, the third dimension has collapsed in on itself. Without the lower vibration pulling everything down, it is very natural that everything will bounce upward to the higher vibration.

The All That Is has always been a place to experience your life, and potential, try opportunities, or even communicate with high-vibrational beings.  While we are in the All That Is, everyone had the opportunity to just float in the vibration and the light energy.  The Goddess gave us a chance to consciously move in the different vibrations. I also believe we forget to deeply relax and allow the energy to support us.  Once everyone relaxed the Goddess assisted everyone with opening to different aspects of themselves.  For some, it was from out in the cosmos, others past lives on earth. 

More than ever before, people have support from their Soul.  It can be the full God source of the Soul or it can be an aspect that lives out in the universe or perhaps even a past life. With this energy, everyone then walked through 2024.  This was to create alignments, or it could allow you to find the balance so that it would flow into your life.

New Year, New Energy, New way of manifesting. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. 

You are beginning a new year upon the Earth, and with every new year, humanity has a tendency to look back at the past and then consider your intention for whatever you may choose for this upcoming year. I invite you to take a deep breath in and breathe it into your heart and whatever comes to your mind about your intention for the year align with whatever that may be, and then, poof, let it go. 

Every time that people make; what do you call them, resolutions, reservations, resolutions, intentions there’s a word for it – New Year’s resolutions. That is every time that people make a resolution, or put forth an intention for the year, most often it comes with this huge accompaniment from your Ego or your mental self, saying yes this is what I want to manifest.  And I want it to look like this, but then have this, and then have this, and then have this as if you have everything already planned out. Some people leave it very wide open which is exactly the way it should be but it never hurts everyone to just let things go, take a moment, and just be present in this now moment.

At the beginning of this year just breathe in and let yourself be present as if with every breath in and every breath out you’re allowing that flow of energy to move gently and easily within and around you. 

Consider your life. As if you were looking around you consider your life. I know I just asked you to let go of everything that was specific and then I say well consider your life. Perhaps I got those backward. But everybody has the intention of what they wish to have within their life, what they wish to manifest. This could be multiple different levels of things, of what they actually have, and in doing so they could be very different and diverse from one another or it can all support one another. 

In this year for one of the first times, you will really notice a difference between where people are in their lives and where the potential are swirling around. Do you remember how I have mentioned in past channels about the third dimension collapsing in on itself, and it therefore is essentially gone or it no longer has an impact? The benefit of that is that it will no longer feed those low vibrational frequencies that become so frustrating in your everyday life. The flip side of that also is that you are just now beginning to become accustomed to whatever it is that you are seeking. 

You are also becoming accustomed to the changes in vibration so that the perception of what you seek may shift as it needs, to be more fully in alignment. There we go now I could feel that vibration move out amongst all of you. 

This is why at the beginning of these meditations it’s a good time to just take stock of what’s around you; what changes may be happening, and acknowledge what has been and where you are right now. So breathe down into your heart center and create that ball of light. You are already focused within your heart from the breathing so it’s very easy to connect with this. You then send that down through your energy bodies, through your solar plexus, your sacral, your root center and you send it all the way down into the Earth.

Some of you are noticing that your alignment with the Earth is changing. Does Gaia feel the same as it did before or are you now understanding that you align with the higher frequencies of Gaia? So as that ball of light is moving, connecting, and anchoring you put forth a clear intention that you will align with the highest light vibration so as to fully support you.  You then let that energy come back up within you. You send it up through your throat, your third eye, your light body, your head center, and you send it all the way up to your Higher Self. 

Just notice, kind of at the side, do you discern your Higher Self differently than what you did before? There’s a good chance you are linking even with your Higher Self in a different way. You let your energy continue to flow upward. As we follow that stream or that thread that connects you into your human existence you find yourself merging with your Soul Essence. As I said that I could just feel people expanding out even further. 

As you feel this essence of your Soul take a moment and allow the vibration and frequency to just simply wash through you. For so long many, many, many people have been distant from the essence of their Soul so take this moment and just be present.

Your perception of your Divinity may be a little different. Your perception of the other aspects of you that are floating in and around here, or moving in different life experiences, may be a little different. Open your consciousness and receive the flow of knowledge and awareness as everything comes through. 

I the Goddess walk into the amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge everything moves into the place of the All That Is.

Pay attention to where you arrive within this frequency because the entire All That Is has shifted into a higher frequency. This is your place of creation. This is where you come as your Divinity. Sometimes communicating with others. Sometimes trying out different options. But in every place; in every time, it is a place where you can come and communicate with God, Goddess, and anyone that is of a high light frequency that may perhaps have some answers for you.

The vibration of this place is at a very high frequency which is why you would not have anything that has a low vibration within this frequency. So just let yourself relax, open up your energy, and just feel the wash of everything that comes through here. For many of you, it is as if you will have a day at the spa when you’re just relaxing and everything is washing away, and everything is clearing out so that you can just be present.

As this is happening to each one of you I can feel the relaxation that is taking place. There is an intrinsic rhythm that you are each aligning with. Open up your consciousness and listen, or feel, or just know what that rhythm is to you. That is something that is coming from your own Soul. That is the heartbeat of your Soul living here within you so as to support you. For so many it’s as if it beats a little slower. For others, it may sound as if it’s drums. For others, there may be toning or chimes. As you tune into that which is your frequency you begin to feel your whole consciousness just relaxing.

As humanity, it is very hard for the vast majority of you to truly relax. You have your cell phones, you have your computers, you have your TV and you have your communication with others.  It’s very hard to disconnect from everything and just relax, so let this be that moment for you. 

Take a deep breath in breathe out.

As I look around this space, I notice that every single one of you is expanding. So one way to consider this is the more tense and uptight you are the more constricted your energy. The more you just listen to that inner tone, that inner drum, that inner heartbeat it just naturally relaxes you, and therefore all your energies move out even further. Let this be your Oasis.

Have a sense of looking down a timeline of 2024. This is not anything that anybody else has told you about. This is you from within your Soul looking down that timeline and just pay attention.

Okay, most of you are doing a great job but some of you are still putting forth what you want to see so let go, whew~ . Instead, just be in this frequency and  as if you are opening up a doorway look down the hall, look down the months, look across the meadow, out to the ocean; whatever resonates with you, and see potentials in 2024. 

Indeed, some of you are tapping into community energies which is something that may happen globally or in your community. Others of you are being given insights about your own upcoming year.  This is the moment of simply being in the flow of receiving; receive this energy, receive this essence, and see what happens. 

What I notice is that the more that people are relaxing the greater the flow of information.  This is also giving people, not only insights that they know about their life that they may know immediately, but potentials that they may move into their subconscious and it will come out as it needs to.  You are not alone. There are many Angels and Light Beings that are here in support of you.

I know there are many people at this time who paint all Angels, Beings, or ETs as something negative.  However, as you can see right here, there are many, many that are loving, high vibration and are in support of you. So let go of other people’s belief systems and be open to knowing your own beliefs or your own reality.

What I notice is that there are a number of you who are walking down a pathway and it is as if by walking down this pathway you’re walking through at least the first several months of the year. If that makes it more real for you then allow your consciousness to move in such a way. Some of you are communicating with your Guides or with your Divinity. Others of you are opening up and receiving the love and support that is here. Feel who you are and know that unconditional love.

As I look at you there are quite a few that are still in a place of like suspended animation. You’re still in that place of just feeling the love, the support, the energy and you don’t worry about a thing. How often do you allow for that to take place in your everyday life?

This is a place where you may encounter other aspects of your Soul. As your Soul, you’re this massive ball of energy or light, and from that there’s you the person in this lifetime, there’s you that is perhaps past or future aspects of you. So, open up and ask to speak with whatever aspect of you can be most beneficial in chatting with you at this time.

Some of you it’s as if I see you sitting in two chairs side by side. Others continue to walk that pathway. Others are sitting in front of the ocean. So if there is a visual that helps you to open up then open and receive the alignment with that other aspect of you.

As you see it, or connect with it, is there a message from this aspect of you that can help you with where you are right now in your life? If you look different then open up instead to just feel the vibration or the frequency so you know that this is still you.

There is so much that you have to give. There is so much that you can also receive in terms of support. As you return back to that place of suspended animation where you were completely relaxed, your energy was expanded, absorb all that is here for you within this space.

As I look at each one of you there is this expanding awareness of who you are. You are integrating the information from your future self or perhaps your past self. You are receiving this knowledge and energy. Allow for everything to balance within you. You may also notice how quickly the energy transitions within this space. You have the ability to change things in your own life in a very quick and efficient way. It need not be days, weeks, or months of struggle. The change comes from putting forth your awareness in that expanded state and then being open to receiving. Feel what this is for you.

I invite you to pull your energies back to a degree. Look around within this space and you will notice there are others that are here. Whenever each one of you is working on yourself it is as if you create a space that will contain your energy without any bleed over from anybody else. This is why when you are ready to do so you just let that barrier come down and you look around and notice the other people that are here.

As you gather together as one, take a moment to notice; are the people standing there looking at the human or the person in this lifetime? Or are they still integrating the vibration and the frequency so they look perhaps like someone from the future or someone from the past? Receive whatever knowledge is here for you in this situation.

You see coming up within the center of that group a Hologram of the Earth. The Hologram represents the higher frequency that is the earth plane. So in some regards it’s as if it’s just shining forth white, pink, green, and blue, this colored energy instead of looking like it normally would look.  You know that that Hologram represents the Earth.

Infuse your connection with your future, and past selves. Infuse that ability to just completely relax into this Hologram and as you do so an aspect goes out into the Universe and the remainder of that Hologram goes down. It goes into and around the Earth. It moves through the many layers of vibration and frequency until it anchors within the center of the Earth. As it anchors it’s recalibrating with the vibration and the frequency that is there within the Crystal Cities and there within the crystal energy of the Earth. It then comes back up. It comes up through the column of light where you anchor yourself. It comes up through the grass, the trees, and the water so that it is available to everyone upon the Earth.

This is another way of bringing from the unconscious into the conscious the ability to connect with other aspects of you. This is another way to bring from the unconscious into the conscious the higher vibrational frequencies so that you may understand what that is. Feel again that pulsation that you felt in the All That Is.

You allow the remainder of your Consciousness to move back down. It comes from the All That Is, through the Soul Plane, your Higher Self and it streams back down within you and as it’s anchoring within you take a moment and you may have a perception of just how much greater your expansion is in this moment. You may have a perception of the higher frequencies that are around you right now.

It’s difficult to be in this space 24/7 but the more times that you can come here, perhaps at meditation or as you’re going to sleep or waking up, it becomes easier and easier for you to be in this very natural flow of the higher frequency.

This year is going to be a year of many distractions. It’s going to be a year of many fabulous opportunities that may seem as if they come out of nowhere.  This is going to be a year when more than ever each one of you need to listen to your intuition, you need to listen to your instinct, to listen and know who you are, where this is coming from.  But even more important than that, as your own Soul you have many of the answers you are already looking for.

So beloved walk through 2024 manifesting even more of your Divinity than ever before. Look out at the world through the high light frequency and know that I am ever with you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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