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Open Flow to Your Universal Self - Goddess of Creation

Open Flow to Your Universal Self - Goddess of Creation

These last few months, the Goddess of Creation has been giving us the tools to be able to live in the higher vibration.  Her focus is to help people look toward the future by moving into the higher frequency. 

In the beginning, I was very emotionally caught up in the recent loss of my mother.  She, therefore, spoke at the beginning about people being in touch with whatever they may be feeling. This also created an opportunity for everyone to be in silence and support of each other. 

Once we arrived in the All That Is, once again the Goddess created an opportunity for us to look at our souls and other aspects that may be living in the past, the future, the universe, or now.  We all have the ability to tap into this information.  She compared our soul to the Akashic Records although it is actually more expansive.  The Akashic Records are aligned with the earth and its incarnations. So often people are struggling with something in their lives; physical problems, relationships, jobs, and living circumstances.  When you align with your soul, you can access the experiences, thoughts, and all that is involved to resolve any situation. 

This meditation will create a movement and flow that increases the ease for this information to come into your everyday life. It may be in your meditation and prayers, your dreams, or through intuitive insights. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace each one of you with love and light.

Shelly can feel the love. She can feel the compassion and she appreciates it. She’s sharing that as I speak with you now. In part when she was saying why don’t we just stop this; why don’t we just not have this tonight; she and I were having a conversation going on in the background saying, this is light, humanity needs to understand compassion. In this world where so many people are out to be critical and judgmental of others or to take down someone for whatever reason out of judgment, here’s an opportunity for the entire world, not only to embrace Shelly but to embrace anybody who is still in pain or anybody going through a transition of any sort. Because change is hard. Change is difficult. Change is different. So, she decided let’s go ahead and do this and we know that there will be nothing but compassion and love from all of you and we thank you for that.

Okay, so breathe once more, this time again going into your heart center. I ask you for a moment to consider all the many, many times in which you move into your heart center feeling that energy, feeling that essence, as you create that ball of light or energy that is aligned with you. We’ve done this for quite some time now. Are you able to feel or sense at a deeper level what that conscious ball of energy is to you?

You breathe into it and then you send; it’s like you take out a little piece and you send it down through your energy bodies and into Gaia. As you feel that little piece of energy that comes from your own heart connecting with Gaia it moves out in many different directions. This is anchoring you. This is flowing the energy of the Earth up into you. So, allow all of that to be an open flow that moves up and down through your energy. As you do so it’s as if you go further and further as you connect with Gaia. The more that the energy flows through you the deeper it is going and the more that Gaia not only is supported by your energy but Gaia is supporting you.

You let that come back up swirling through your heart. It goes up through your throat, your third eye, your head center. You send it all the way up until you align with your Higher Self. As you are here within the space of your Higher Self take a moment to clear out the clutter. Phew~~

The more that you become aware of clearing out the energy of your Higher Self there is a much greater clarity that you will receive from your own intuition and insights. As this comes back down through your energy bodies it is again anchoring with that ball of energy around your heart center, but let your focus remain in your Higher Self for just a moment.

As you are ready to do so you allow that energy to move even further. You follow that thread of energy that connects you, that thread of alignment that goes directly from your human self into your Soul. As it aligns within your Divinity you feel as if you expand even further.

It is possible that your perception of your Divinity is transitioning. The greater your ability to move into this space, and the greater frequency with which you align with your Divinity, the more pieces and aspects of it that will come into your discernment. Feel the God source that comes from within here. Open to know that this is you coming home. This is you surrounded by, not only your own source energy but your soul family. The loved ones are available within this space to you also.

Become aware that just as your perception from your Higher Self has shifted so too at the level of the soul plane your perception of the divine is shifting. So open, perhaps it is clear to you in the now moment or perhaps it’s just over time you will open up to understand,

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace all that are here. As our energies merge, we shift into the space of the All That Is. My sense as we arrive within the All That Is, is that once again it has shifted into a higher frequency. For those of you that have participated in these meditations, you may have that sense that we continuously stairstep to higher and higher frequencies. This is one indicator, that not only is the Earth aligning and expanding, but this alignment into the Universe through the All That Is, is also shifting and realigning.

The Earth as you are well aware is not alone. There are so many, not only Angels and Light Beings, Ascended Masters that everyone is becoming more and more available so that you may tap into those energies as you so choose. So, look around at this space. It is here for you.

During the last time that we were together, it was the Equinox and we spoke of the balance. The balance of fall and spring. The balance in your consciousness. The balance in the transition that is taking place within the Universe and the Earth plane. Consider your life. As balance becomes intrinsic within your thoughts you will begin to find that when you go down a pathway that may get you in turmoil, or seeing a narrow vision of things, you can swing back over to that big scheme of things.

The Earth has been in a very masculine dominated vibration. However, before that it was a feminine vibration. In this time of Aquarius it’s about balancing masculine and feminine so that each of you have that ability to live understanding and expressing that which is feminine and that which is masculine. Here within the All That Is consider that within your life.

Most will consider that feminine aspect as nurturing, perhaps intuitive and the masculine aspect as the assertive, go getter, getting things done. This is of course an incredibly minute generalization, but the point is that men nurture as much as women. Women are assertive as men and this is already being played out. The roles that you were assigned have changed.

So, I would encourage you to just go inside for this moment and ask to know, “Am I nurturing myself to the best of my ability?” I would also invite you to take a moment and look back perhaps over the last several years. Are you moving into a place where you nurture yourself more so than you have in the past? Sometimes it’s about opening up to understand things that you may have taken for granted and that are now important for you to understand. What can you do that says I care? Awesome, I could see each one of you shifting and moving and adjusting. This is a dramatic difference from even five years ago.

As you consider what might be the masculine attributes; the assertive, the protector, etc. how is that supporting you in life? As you consider the various ways or means in which you are supporting your life, supporting yourself, protecting whatever it may be, honor and respect that moment.  Alright, so we’re just going to let that float away from you for a moment.

In your life what can you do that will assist you with manifesting whatever you seek? As you consider whatever might be going through your consciousness are there aspects within you that perhaps you need to strengthen? Are there emotions that might be holding you back? Are there belief systems that are keeping you from being your authentic self? There we go.

In the world that you live within, there will be more and more experiences that will lead to greater acceptance of each person for the person that they are. There’s already a frequency of balance and alignment that is coming through that is setting this up for society and as people let go old belief systems that newer frequency will come in very easily. So, look around. Look at your life and then look at the world.

Let us send a wave of love and energy into the world. As I looked at each one of you opening up, feeling the love, feeling the flow I could see that sometimes it was challenging and that the Earth felt more discordant, meaning unrest. So, by sending love throughout the world, it clears away that old stuck energy and it makes available to people even more of an opportunity to be in the flow of love.

In the All That Is I invite you to, as if you were opening up that book such as the akashic record, open up that flow of energy to your Divinity. There may be certain lifetimes that make themselves known as you look at your life or your Soul’s life. Some of you may be noticing that there are certain gaps or certain spaces that give the perception of being empty. Allow your focus to go into that moment. You may recognize that it is something that has already been cleared out and if it is cleared and it no longer serves you then send into it a wave of love or light energy.

If some of these areas within your soul essence or your Akashic Record; it’s not really the Akashic Record it’s similar to that but from a different perspective. As you’re looking at the layout of your Soul ask to see what lifetimes will most support you at this now moment.

For some, you may see yourself as if you are from another planet. For some, you may see as if it was a past life in your linear perspective. It may also be a future life in that timeline. We have raised the level and frequency of your alignment with your own Divinity. Therefore, these lifetimes that you have already lived or are currently living; and it can help you to know that balanced self, that understanding that you can just be you without fitting a particular pattern. So, breathe that in and feel when that may be.

You may also find an understanding for how you within your own consciousness have the ability to manifest everything in this now moment. Consider whatever resources are here for you. Consider how you as the Soul essence are limitless. Consider that you truly can create your life. Absolutely, there is no doubt. Utilize the strengths, the knowledge, and the experiences that are all around you right here.

My perception is that some of you have merged with the aspects of you that are living other experiences. I would therefore invite you to look at your life. Look at the life that you have right now through the eyes of the part of your Soul it has already moved, or shifted, or is living another experience. It may help you to let go those things of which you have no control. It may help you to have the confidence to do what you have been afraid to do in the past. It may help you to know that there is no lack within your life because here there is unlimited love, abundance, potential, support, relationships, everything is here you. Therefore, let that come down into you within your human form.

You make me laugh because I can still hear people saying it’s OK up here but not down here. This is a part of the Aquarian age. The ability to flow and the movement of energy so that from one dimension or reality to another has an easy movement and flow. Now you’ve got it. Now I can see so many more of you opening to that flow and experiencing it for yourself.

Again, when you considered what you seek to manifest look at it now. Be open to perhaps the same or something different. Be open to the experience what you seek for your life. Experience this moment right now letting it wrap around you and fill you up on every single level.

I invite you to gather once again as a group. As you do so you have that sense of not only looking at those that are around you, but you are once more connecting very deeply within. You allow that hologram of the Earth to come up within this group. Put forth that easy flow between the other dimensions and your everyday life so that that easy flow moves into this hologram of the Earth.

As it does so it takes on its own energy. It continues to flow and move. And as each one of you infuse into the Hologram your own opportunity and potential send it so that whatever connections you need will be created within the Hologram. There’s that aspect that goes out into the Universe and then the remainder drops back down.

Look at the Hologram as it moves through the energy fields around the Earth. As you have that perception of the Hologram not only making adjustments to the energy field it goes down into the center of the Earth anchoring within the center. It then comes back up; it moves through all the many, many layers of the Earth. As it does so it is filtering giving the support that Gaia needs or is open to and then it comes up within you. Your own alignment with other aspects of your Divinity comes up within you from where it is anchored within the Earth.

You allow that flow of the energy and light that comes through your Divinity and moves back down and it comes within you. You can feel that flow of your energy linked to the All That Is and that flow of your energy that is linked into Gaia. Let it all swirl within you.

Living this life that you have right now is about opening to the flow of energy from the Universe, the flow of energy from your Divine, the flow of light and love that is ever present for you. Allow it to balance you. From balancing the cells within your physical body to balancing your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, and then that spiritual energy that is your Soul. Feel what it is to be in that balanced light energy. So too, allow the flow of movement from the All That Is into your everyday reality to come easier and easier into you.

Beloved now that I am ever with you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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