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The Energies of May 2023 ~ Conscious Creation

The Energies of May 2023 ~ Conscious Creation
In this new energetic month of May, we will begin to feel the rising of the masculine, for it is now time for us to create, expand and nurture the physical aspect of us. The balance between our non-physical and physical selves is vital for us to be in harmony and alignment with both the cosmos and our earthly plane, which is what we will cultivate, during the following months.
May continues to be a very intense month, not just from an astrological perspective, but from a planetary one as well, for there are many advancements achieved, in the Earth's templars or grids, that we are finally witnessing, since the month of March. We are immersed in the eclipse's season, whose frequencies will trigger the inner transformation required for many to step into this path, and for others, to continue working on the restoration of the many Earth's structures and portals that are being reconnected. 
At a collective level, May's energies are propitious for grounding ourselves and our goals into the physical, as well as to expand in all we wish to create or co-create with others. However, it all depends on where we are in our personal journey, for we all have our own micro cycles, that are the most important to take into account.
May is represented by the frequency of the number 3, which is exactly the result of the creative result of unifying opposites, the outcome that appears of a deep union that creates something that will benefit All. This is something that must occur first at an inner level, and what we all are birthing  - our new illumined crystalline self. Guides remark on the importance to work on self-synthesis at this time if we wish to manifest outcomes that are aligned with our true desires. Otherwise, separation will continue to reign in our physical creations. 
Number 3 is the number of joy, harmony after achieving unity, creativity, intuition, and also the number of growth, as the result of the union between two equals. Number 3 is the essence that invites us to connect with the feminine power within and begin to create from this same inner space what the masculine will bring into the tangible. This is the expression of our soul in the physical in constructive and stable ways. 

In the Tarot, the essence of the number 3 is represented by the archetype of the Empress. The empress represents the empowered feminine presence within us, the one who constantly creates and expands from within, for she knows no lack, and disallows illusions to cover the Truth. She lives in love with herself and All for She knows that everything is One with her, and it is from this unified, and harmonic, space that abundance and anything she needs is manifested. 

This is what this month invites us to do, to embrace unity as the only way to manifest in our earthly reality, that which the feminine first creates in the invisible. A month for us to thrive and expand, which is what the masculine aspect of us gracefully does, and a month for us to see beyond our planetary energies the many possibilities that are within us for us to pursue. 

Astrological Events 

As one of the most creative months of the year, May comes with wonderful energies for manifestation and conscious co-creation. As always, we are in a cycle where everything is meant to flourish, and so are we, from the inside out. This year, May is also a very powerful month in terms of planetary restoration and inner transformation, for it is great the deep impact that two consecutive eclipses have, together with many other energies descending from other illumined sources, as Aurora's assistance from our next Universe, Andromeda.

We are at a key point of our ascension journey for those who are willing to be devoted to continuing with their DNA healing process, and light body activation, as we are experiencing, since March, a profound energetic increase that is precisely meant to help us awaken our dormant DNA cosmic codes, light body, and the many unique abilities that we all brought here, to help All.

We begin this new month by having two planets retrograde, Pluto on May 1st, and Mercury, until May 14th. As you know, I do not focus on retrogrades for they do not impact my personal life experience, so I leave it to you to interpret the effect it has in your life, for it is all what we create from both a collective and personal perspective, what will influence us, deeply.

Pluto in Aquarius is helping us to the process of self-liberation and empowerment required for us to continue embracing our authentic selves, something that often challenges us immensely. Pluto will bring to the surface any issues that we have regarding our personal power, especially when it squares Jupiter on May 17th, as Jupiter will expand even more its liberating frequency. 

It is a time to ask ourselves where we put our focus, intention, energy, and hence power. Do we waste our precious life force on what others think or do or do not do? Do we try to please others, self-sacrificing? Do we still have the believe-program that love is always putting others first? 

These and other issues related to power,  that keep us enslaved and disempowered, especially in the collective and governments may arise, for Pluto and especially in Aquarius initiates a process of liberation, for we are all in a way rebirthing into who we truly are: sovereign free beings. This process will continue at all levels, for several years, for we are finally in a planetary transition where the old ways are beginning to crumble, even though the process is an arduous and long-term one.

Pluto is indeed one of the many signs of the coming New Aquarian Age. However, we need to remember that when we are immersed in a process of rebirth, "death" is also involved, as the only way in which we can transform as species, emerging as the lovelight beings that we are. Personal cycles of death and rebirth can make us lose faith and hope, this is why it is so important to remain in the illumined presence of our soul, having faith despite all the challenges, as it is when we most need to trust our personal plan. 

Remember that it is precisely through the conscious embrace of our shadows, knowing and accepting all aspects of who we are, that we get to know ourselves, and the ways of the dark, as we too know the ways of the light, discerning for our own selves, and knowing how to stand firm in our power, and personal Truth. 

On the 2nd of May, we have Jupiter semi-sextile Neptune. Jupiter will be very active as well during this month, being one of the key planets, as it expands energies and help us trigger the necessary healing that we need, or expand in what we personally need. It is a very useful force to align with if we know how to connect with the authentic essence of a planet.

Jupiter semi-sextile Neptune will help us clear delusions, all human programs, and illusions that still govern our mental body, as well as to expand in healing, spirituality, and in our soul mission, for those who are already working in the previous. This can be a very confusing energy for many who are experiencing a profound inner shift, although it also holds the opportunity to see the illusions that often confuse us and impede us to see with clarity where we are, and what we need to move forward. 

If we follow our soul compassion, as the only authentic guidance, we will learn how to recognize the shadows, illusions, and false programs, for our feelings never lie when we clear our minds of debris and confusion, allowing us to see where we are, and where we need to shift trajectory. 

On May 5/6th we have the 5/5 portal together with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. We have the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus, which invites us to focus on the physical aspect of us, and our desires, often shadowed by the spiritual world, and on the opposite the Moon in Scorpio, which is a sign that goes deeper into the depths of our soul, inviting us to bring into the surface what is hidden, what needs to be healed and cleared, so we can continue navigating within our inner realms.

Change is a constant in ourselves when we step into this conscious path, and hence in our lives. Now is the time for us to anchor and stabilize this change in our earthly plane, which is what May's energies invite us to do.

Amongst all these energies that invite us to focus on the physical, the eclipse in Scorpio will set a balance, giving us the opportunity for us to heal emotionally, for all wounds that are still active, impede us to create, expand and enjoy our physical plane. We cannot continue mastering ourselves in our human reality if first our inner worlds are not yet cleared of delusions, past traumas, and anything that is not meant to be part of us any longer. Both essences can be combined if we understand the importance of balance and conscious synthesis.

It is good to focus on clearing, and distilling lower emotions, desperation, and confusion from our mental and emotional bodies, so the only thing remaining would be a higher clarity, for us to see where we are, and create next. This is how we embrace both essences, by clearing our inner realms, so we can emerge wiser and stronger in our physical reality. 

We often wish to manifest, and expand, but if we first do not obtain the guidance to do so, we will not obtain the desired outcomes. This is why the energies surrounding this eclipse will offer us the opportunity to clear all misalignments and see the light of who we are again.

On May 7th Venus enters Cancer. With Venus in Cancer, we may feel extra sensitive, and deeply emotional. It is precisely those who have a personal mission to bring back the lost feminine essence to the Planet, the ones who will feel more vulnerable, at this time. Vulnerability when embraced is a gift, for it makes you stronger in expressing your feelings, rather than hiding them. It is also a wonderful time to take care of ourselves, at all levels, as we too take care of others and spend some time doing things that nurture our being and that bring us joy too. 

On May 16th we have another important planetary event: Jupiter enters Taurus. This is a very important transit that reminds us of our main mission on this planet, to enjoy our earthly plane, to take care of it, and our bodies, and to expand our soul's creations in the physical, for this is why we came, to experience physical reality, mastering ourselves and our creative abilities in it. 

It is a time for us to focus on what we create, and if we do so from a space of fear or a space of love. If we do so from a total space of love, trust, and faith, it will generate all the abundance, creativity, love, and propitious circumstances that we need for our growth, and for our sustenance on our physical plane. 

Jupiter is also a planet whose essence represents the Higher Mind, and everything that helps us expand our limited human perspective of this world. It helps us remember that all we seek outside ourselves is within, and it is about elevating our human mind from its cage, which helps us see the truth behind it.

The next day, on May 17th, Jupiter will also square Pluto. which will magnify our desire for personal growth, wealth, and everything that involves a positive transformation in our lives, generating more love, abundance, and expansion. 

A few days later on May 19th, we will also have a New Moon in Taurus, as the peak of the Taurus energies that have been accompanying us this month. This frequency is going to help us anchor our new goals, expanding on our creations, abundance, and everything that signifies creating more beauty, love, and harmony in our earthly plane, for this is precisely what gives us the opportunity to master ourselves into the physical, as well as to re-connect with the earth, for we did not come here to live in the ethereal but to assist in the plane that embraces us, unconditionally, at all levels. 

On the next day, May 20, Mars enters Leo. Mars in Leo together with the previous Moon in Taurus invites us to take action towards our dreams, towards all we have envisioned in the depths of our soul and desire to make it tangible, for it gives us the self-confidence, strength, and power to go after what we truly wish, even though it involves taking risks, but this is what life is about, taking the risk to experience, to adventure ourselves in new horizons, testing our strength, wisdom, and power. 

This is a season to continue following our hearts. We all have the love, charisma, and unique abilities to offer, being of assistance in our unique way. It is a wonderful moment for all who are building a new way of being, and living, to offer themselves in service, for everything we descend from the non-physical, we can make tangible and share, so others can benefit from what our soul is eager to create and give. 

Lastly, on May 21 the Sun enters Gemini. We pass now from the earthly sign Taurus to move at the speed of the element Air. It is now time to focus our attention on our mental Plane until we reach the perfect balance and wisdom that we need in all planes. If we learned how to manifest in our earthly plane with Taurus, enjoying the simple pleasures of our lives, our mere existence, and the joy to be here at a unique time - experiencing a human realm, creating infinite abundance - now, the Twins will make us cultivate reason and everything related with our intellectual side.

It is a good time to study and expand our knowledge in new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey. Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us to realize if we tend to focus more on one polarity or the other, so we can find a union between different poles. 

A perfect time as well to dissolve from our mental body negative thoughts, conflicts, confusion, and everything that is there causing us imbalances that later will be manifested into physical pain, in our bodies. 

We have ahead a magnificent month to work on self-love, confidence, and empowerment, for after all, it is not until we recognize our unique God Spark within that we can regain the faith and hope required to pursue our dreams and goals. 

It is not until we remember that a part of God's Source is manifested through us, and desires to expand throughout our individualized self, that we begin to unify and follow our Highest Will, for we know that we not only are here to experience a human plane, but to enrich it with our Presence, gifts and above all, intention to love All unconditionally.

When we cease putting ourselves excuses not to act as powerful beings, when we begin to take full charge of our lives, it is when everything helps us be the sovereign masters that we came here to be, for we are informing the universe that we are ready and eager to act as Divine creators, rather than mere puppets. 

The time for self-liberation has finally come. 

It is time, for every individual choice to reclaim self-ownership, help All in this gradual, but firm planetary transition.

May you have a blessed and joyful May, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

Natalia Alba : Is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master, even though, she prefers to heal in her unique and personal way guided by her Unified Self/Guides, using crystals and sound healing therapy, as she considers that studies help us to expand ourselves into our journey of self-mastery and assistance to others but nothing external can give us the wisdom that we already possess within. Her services are based on the Guidance she receives from her Unified Self and Spirit Guides, which comes from the same Fountain of Love and Light of All That Is. Giving you the messages you need to evolve and keep discovering more about your life path as well as your Soul quest/mission. She also helps you to realize where you are at the moment and what can be shifted for the betterment of you own self and human experience, so you can be able to transform your present moment to create the future you are eager to experience as well as giving you some direction to get to where you want to be by solving and transcending the troubles that are impeding your happiness and natural soul evolution.

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