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2023 ~ The Year of Wisdom

2023 ~ The Year of Wisdom

Beloved Ones,

We are about to enter into a new, and more illumined cycle. 2023, as Guides shared, is the Year of Wisdom, as its universal seventh frequency reminds us. Seventh is often associated with ascension, as it is the number of initiations that we shall pass before we can finally regain our crystalline essence.

A number that also represents our current planetary transition into a more harmonic and conscious dimension. An inner frequency that is first achieved through our inner work to become whole, and healed beings, so we can re-create this same essence in our next destination. 

A year of Truth, personal empowerment, and reclamation of our sovereignty, something that comes when we integrate the knowledge, light, and clarity necessary for us to see who we are, and the many delusions that we possess, and that we shall now distill if we desire to embody higher truths.

2023, will be a year in which many will begin to build their light bodies, while others will be ready to embody more wisdom, for they have already done this initial step. A New Year,  in which we have finally moved into a new Octave within Creation, where time is meant to be experienced simultaneously, rather than linear, for we are now in more sync with the universal time, rather than with our human one. 

An Octave that is represented, as Guides previously shared in December, by the Octagon sacred geometry, which will be also the frequency that will reign during January 2023, which is exactly an eighth universal month. A frequency that represents the infinite, what is in perfect balance, order, and alignment, which is the continuation of what we just mastered during the previous year 2022, a sixth universal one, meant to help us achieve harmony and stability, in all aspects of who we are. 

It is now that we proceed to expand our creations and anchor them, so we can master ourselves as creators, as for many this will signify a year of self-mastery, and conscious creation, in which they finally recognize themselves as the only sovereign beings of their own life experience. This is the first step to being the only ones governing our reality. 

This is going to be the new energy that will accompany us, for the first months of the year, a soothing and calm one that will help us re-connect with the infinite aspect of who we are, our Consciousness, the seer of our human experience, balancing ourselves, and allowing us to receive the wisdom, love, and power, that this New Year 2023 offers us.

This a year for us to focus on integrating this wisdom that will help us see a higher perspective of our reality, one that is no longer submitted to our egoic will, but to our soul's one. 2023 will be a year for personal mastery, for those who are decoding wisdom from their DNA, for this is the second step after having healed and reconnected our body channels. 

There is no rush in personal evolution, there is no better phase to be in, for our journey, and final destination, are always within ourselves. We live in an infinite Universe, and so it is our evolutionary path. as well as the many truths that we will continue to integrate, as we evolve. 

7th Ray Clearing & Restoration

As we move into this new year 2023, we will begin to experience many changes in our light bodies, for we are now beginning to act as One with our Planet, as it also restores its fabrics, helping us to re-connect our body portals with these higher structures, as it was meant to be originally. 

For the ones who are in this stage of building the light body, Guides shared that this year is going to be very important to anchor and restore our shoulder portals, especially the left or female one, as the seventh ray has been already restored into our planet, and we have now access to heal and retrieve our wings.

The seventh ray is connected to our left shoulder, which is our feminine portal, for as you know the left side of our body corresponds to the female one. Aligning with this ray will help us restore our left wing and crown chakra, both connected, so we can begin completely healing the female pillar within us, as it is not just about working with our second chakra and hence, our emotional body, but about restructuring our entire female essence and portals, what will begin to heal eons of female distortion. 

This is a long-term and arduous inner work that needs daily work, devotion, and integrity, as well as change in habits, thoughts, and behavior, which is essential to successfully achieve this inner work.

During this year we are going to be assisted by many seventh-dimensional beings, energies, and the seventh Ray of Creation to restore our shoulder portals, and the wisdom that can descend, when these portals are opened again, as well we their connection to their correspondent higher planes, for we are meant to be connected to All within Creation.

Astrological events 2023

2023 is going to be a very significant year astrologically speaking, as we are going to welcome planetary events that are going to have a tremendous impact on both a personal and a global level.

As always, there will be more astrological events that are important to us personally or globally, but I have chosen to share the most remarkable ones. The most important is to know our own personal micro cycles, which are ruled by the soul and God Self, as they are the most crucial ones for us to know.


We begin the year by having two planets: Mercury and Mars retrograde, for those who resonate with this perspective. Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn until January 18th, and Mars in Gemini until January 12th. Both invite us to revise our journey and clear both our mental and power center bodies of all confusion, so we can obtain more clarity. 

Mars also reminds us of the importance of retrieving more energy, and life force, so we can put our energy only into that which we wish to create and bring into form, not into what we left behind.

This is going to be a very important phase, at the beginning of the year, for us to create inwardly, from a clear space, the next steps of our journey. As I always receive, there is a time for everything within Creation, and wanting to rush our projects or healing process, will only end up in more imbalances. 

Flowing with where we are, acceptance and adaptation to change is what will allow us to navigate our reality, gracefully. 


The next and most important planetary event of all the year will occur on March 7th, with moving into Pisces on March 7th, 2023, through May 24, 2025, then from August 31, 2025, until Feb 13, 2026. 

Saturn in Pisces represents the beginning of a New Cycle, as it is in March when we truly will be stepping into a fifth-dimensional harmonic timeline. Saturn's essence is opposite to Pisces, as Saturn, the so-called Taskmaker, is about creating structure in our lives, being organized, and setting strong foundations for our lives.

On the other hand, Pisces, the Dreamer, the Intuitive of the zodiac, and the one who flows and rejects structure, likes to live in the ethereal realms. Saturn reminds us of the importance of making our dreams, what we envision in the soul realms, tangible, for it is pivotal for our human experience. Saturn will invite us to ground ourselves, for we are here experiencing a physical life, and it is pivotal to create the healthy structures in our lives that will sustain of creations. 

This is also a time when many will focus on their soul mission, descending more wisdom, and new aspects of it, so they can put it into practice, as there are more people awakening, and embodying their mission, as there is an acceleration occurring in the planet, as we transit into a more illumined plane. 

Saturn in Pisces is a very productive and intense creative phase, for all who are birthing new creations, seeing their light into the physical, in their unique way. This is precisely how we, as creators, master ourselves in the physical, by making real all that we receive in the non-physical planes, as being connected with our God Self is equally important than anchoring our visions in the physical, otherwise, we will not be experiencing this plane. 

This is going to signify a great impact globally, and individually, especially, if you are experiencing your Saturn return when you will be challenged to learn, revise, or expand into the things that you still need to remember or master. 

If you are born on these dates, then you are having your Saturn return, and then it will be even more intense and significant for you:

  • From 1935 to 1938, you will be through your Saturn return. 
  • If you are born between 1964 and 1967 your second Saturn return. 
  • Lastly, if you are born between 1993 to 1996 your first Saturn return. 

Saturn may challenge us if we feel resistant to change what is required, but it is the push we need to be more structured, and conscious of the importance of making all tangible, as being balanced is vital to building a stable, abundant, and also spiritual life, as spirituality is not separated from the above. On the contrary, is an energy that helps us achieve, in the physical, all we may fantasize about, but that we never bring to fruition. 

We have the opportunity with Saturn to progressively work on our desires, rather than being impulsive, as Saturn reminds us of the importance of being devoted and working in both, our healing and earthly journey, in a constant, and progressive way, as it is what truly brings aligned outcomes. 

The second, and most important planetary event, is Pluto in Aquarius, from March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023, although with a few retrogrades back into Capricorn. This introduces what will take place – uninterrupted for the next 20 years - on January 21, 2024, when Pluto will journey non-stop to Aquarius. 

This is going to bring liberation, a retrieval of power, on both a personal level and also in a collective one. A change that began last year in the USA by having its Pluto return, and that will now extend to the rest of the world, by offering us liberation, through the reclamation of our personal sovereignty.

This will be a period when collective beliefs, fixed mental patterns, and many other laws will fade away, for Pluto does not sustain anything that goes against growth and the progression of life.

We end March by having another important event on March 26th, Mars moving from Gemini to Cancer. The strength, power, and confidence of Mars in Cancer find the courage, emotional support, and energy to go after what we wish to pursue.

This is a very nurturing, and protective frequency, to align with, as we can direct this fierceness to heal emotionally, clearing old wounds and patterns that are not allowing us to expand our heart center. Above all, this will be a very good time for us to remember that despite our human illusion of separation, we are all One. 


We have in this month the first eclipse of the year. I leave you all the eclipses dates for 2023. I will enter deeper into each and every one of them when the time comes. 

  • A hybrid eclipse on April 20th 
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on May 5th 
  • An annular solar eclipse on 14 October.
  • A partial lunar eclipse on 28 October.


Finally, on September 4th, we have Venus restarting its direct course in Leo. We had a period of profound reflection, in which focusing on ourselves, self-love, and worth, was pivotal. And now with Venus in Leo, we have finally regained the love, strength, and courage to be able to cut the cords that drained our precious life force and engage only with those that are authentic and that we deeply resonate with.

This is a period to make conscious choices in our relationships that are meditated and come from an unconditional, loving space. Relationships that are now based on equality, co-creating as One, and from this passional, committed, respectful union, give birth to something that will bring more light and benefit to All. 

We have ahead a new doorway to our new destination. One that only we know deep inside ourselves and that no outer force or being can determine, for once we step into this path, we know that there is no one creating and choosing for us, but ourselves.

It is now the moment for us to evaluate, but also enjoy, all we have created, healed, and achieved, as Guides constantly remind us, beginning to open ourselves to receive higher aspects of us. This year is going to be a very powerful one in terms of soul retrieval for the ones who are ready to consciously embody higher aspects of their soul, for we are ready to begin discovering who we truly are, within Creation, as we are just starting to know our true power and destination within this human realm that we chose.

It is a year for us to begin remembering that we and our planet are One, as it was originally in the beginning. As planetary healers our main aim is to be conscious of every thought, feeling, and act, for all we do affects the earth that constantly embraces us within divine love, no matter how much we have damaged her.

As conscious beings who are now on a path of wisdom retrieval, it is now the time to reward the earth by helping her heal of all the previous manipulation and harm, as this is how we truly show that we are evolving, by honoring, and feeling, All as One.

I wish you All Beloved Companions, a blessed and wonderful 20223!

Thank you for all the love, healing, and blessings that you are yet to seed for All.

Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba 

Natalia Alba : Is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master, even though, she prefers to heal in her unique and personal way guided by her Unified Self/Guides, using crystals and sound healing therapy, as she considers that studies help us to expand ourselves into our journey of self-mastery and assistance to others but nothing external can give us the wisdom that we already possess within. Her services are based on the Guidance she receives from her Unified Self and Spirit Guides, which comes from the same Fountain of Love and Light of All That Is. Giving you the messages you need to evolve and keep discovering more about your life path as well as your Soul quest/mission. She also helps you to realize where you are at the moment and what can be shifted for the betterment of you own self and human experience, so you can be able to transform your present moment to create the future you are eager to experience as well as giving you some direction to get to where you want to be by solving and transcending the troubles that are impeding your happiness and natural soul evolution.

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