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Cosmic Update: The Kryst Returns to Birth Our New Eden!

Cosmic Update: The Kryst Returns to Birth Our New Eden!

As A NEW DAWN and The Children of God RISES like the Phoenix from the ashes, as The Diamond Suns that we are, and our Hearts open up fully IGNITING ALL NEW CRYSTALLINE LIQUID LIGHT STRUCTURES REALITIES & BODIES!!


For we have fully re-membered our unfiltered, Real Raw True Eternal Authentic God-Self!

The Cosmic Dragons full rising is here, as all remaining dragon eggs crack, returning Paradise to all, as all remember themselves again as God Source Consciousness embodied. We all return home, one way or another.

THE SPLITTING & ENDING OF WORLD'S COMPLETES our Cosmic Ascension journey, destiny, hero's journey fulfilled, and us fully breaking out of our imaginary prison of the false Matrix simulation!

This is when and where the tables truly turn and our Victory is witnessed by all!

The Divine is taking care of our burdens, needs, and battles, as we become atOne with Source through our own multidimensional and merging, having healed our wounds and traumas on behalf of all! With a deep sense of peace and crystalline clarity returning along with our New Heaven upon the Earth!

As the great Divine Love Wave & SUPERNOVA OF THE ONE HEART-MIND AWAITS & the deck is being fully cleared.


Now cause and effect, or choices and their consequences, replace karmic cycles, as we have learned our lessons, the Cosmic drama ends and comes to its full conclusion and ending. This is the full and final debt forgiveness as karma and dharma are being fulfilled, and linear time as we know it ends, for ALL to be RE-BIRTHED ANEW!

How and how quickly this all unfolds, is still being decided. Now we fully remember that WE CO-CREATE OUR REALITIES, ALL AS ONE, in every now moment!

Now more so than ever before, as we return to our truly God, Sovereign FREE SELF, responsible for our own biggest wildest dreams fulfilled and us fulfilling our highest heroic potential. Every now moment a new opportunity to rise higher in truth and Love, or fall further in denial and fear.

The table and feast of plenty have been set, as some rise through the gates of the Seven Higher Heavens and we merge all worlds as One. Others are descending together with the false fear Matrix simulation, and return back to Source.

Rest assured, we are all returning back home, back to knowing ourselves as God Source Consciousness embodied, one way or another!

As we fully let go of all attachments to people, places, and things that connect us to the artificial, fallen realities and inversions within the ONE &

DREAM A WHOLE NEW DREAM, narratives and storyline into being NOW!


As we remember WE CAN HAVE IT ALL! As we reclaim all of our true power, over our own mind, and know that reality is but imagination. A PROJECTION of what we carry within our sacred Crystal Hearts!

All everyOne has seeded now bears fruit. All that was sent out now returns a thousandfold.

What goes around comes around.

Now we fully remember what we came here for as the Real True GUARDIANS OF ALL NEW FREE WORLDS and bring everyone home!

Ending all suffering and pain as we have merged & healed all as ONE!

Our return to wholeness.

The end of the nightmare and all illusions based on separation and fragmentation, and all false projections, wars, deceit, betrayals, and attacks are known. So all can be reconciled, forgiven, and redeemed by each ONE.

Ending all karmic cycles as we have learned our lessons, and start again, back from the beginning, and leave all that has been truly behind. To access our true memories, as we remember that our ancient future had been awaiting us since the beginning of time.



All that was hidden in the shadows come and return to light!

With us having merged shadow and light, having made the unconscious fully conscious. Returning the Real Truth that frees all!

Now we become the anchors, transmitters, and receivers of Real Truth, atOne with Cosmic God Source Consciousness, replacing the artificial net and communications. Never again will things get lost in translation as we become the new organic, telepathic network of the Cosmic Emerald and Crystal Diamond Rose Heart Network, which fully awakens all, and ignites our New Eden.

As ALL VEILS HEAL & DISSOLVE simultaneously!

True Sicime Love, Wisdom, Power, Harmony, Balance, Freedom, Peace, Unity, Equality, Abundance, and Liberation, return through our own embodiment.

The second coming of The Kryst is now here!

As we re-member our Real True Eternal Authentic Diamond Avatar God-Self, ALL as ONE!

That's TRUE DISCLOSURE REVEALED THROUGH US, setting everyOne truly free, as we return Real Truth, Divine Justice, Natural Law, and Order. As we remember what has truly happened and how did we get here! Our destiny and new Divine Organic Creatrix Field is being remembered, embodied, and returned through us, now and always!


Eternal Love,


Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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