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3 Essential Codes To Deepen Your Spiritual Evolution

3 Essential Codes To Deepen Your Spiritual Evolution

Today, I want to share 3 simple codes that can tremendously accelerate your spiritual evolution!

What is spiritual evolution?

Spiritual evolution is when we consciously choose to embrace the pathway of ascension.

Ascension is the increase in the frequency of our vibration. When our vibration stabilises at this new frequency, we have ascended.

If we want to ascend to 5D frequency and above we must do the spiritual work of choosing conscious spiritual evolution. 

These three codes will help you in your process of conscious evolution so that you can start to raise your vibration and ascend to new templates of high frequencies.

Code 1: Embrace all of you

Embracing all of you is about embracing our multifaceted personality which is the embodiment of our multidimensionality.

Many of us reject aspects of ourselves that appear to be inconvenient. They may be ‘taboo’ or ‘bad.’

When we live like this, along the way, we forget who we are!

We allow our lives to go by as we participate in the enslavement process which tells us to be a ‘good human’.

So learn to embrace all of you, including all of your shadows. This is your past self, your trauma and your wounds.

This is also about embracing aspects of your personality or preferences that may be hidden in the intimacy of your heart.

This allows us to tap into and embody the unified field of our infinite consciousness.

Mantra to accept all of you:

“I accept and I receive all of me, now.”

Code 2: Treat others how you would like to be treated

I know you have heard this a million times before, but do you really embody it? All religions and philosophies have some saying about this! It is extremely important and quite simple.

Don’t treat others like shit.

This may sound so obvious but the way we do this can be very sneaky at times or manipulative. This can then make us feel personally guilty about what we have done.

When you go into thoughts or words of judgement about someone else, catch yourself and consciously bring yourself back to high vibrational words and thoughts.

Code 3: Spiritual discipline

This code of spiritual discipline is going to help you tremendously on your pathway of spiritual evolution.

We must have spiritual discipline. We have spiritual discipline by doing the spiritual work every single day RELENTLESSLY!

Doing the work is sitting down at our altar and meditating and praying every day.

This is how I have personally been able to receive highly advanced psychic downloads that I teach in all of our programs and with private clients.

All of the information I receive about the quantum architecture of life gets downloaded because I spend hours every day in meditation and prayer.

Here are the spiritual practices I will typically do every day:

  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Mindset exercises
  • Yoga
  • Physical exercise
  • Walks in nature

How do you practice spiritual discipline?

Having a spiritual practice is saying yes to our crystalline divine genome becoming the main operating system of our current incarnation.

Cendrine is the Founder of Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University, a new pathway of spiritual evolution, running online worldwide. She is also a Trance Channel to the 9D Arcturians Council, an advanced psychic and an ascension and mission mentor. She was born awake and learned to embrace the journey of self-empowerment through experiencing many contrasts in her life. She always knew she came to earth for a very special mission that would shift humanity forever. That deep inner knowing was her anchor as she experienced the many waves of living a human life in the 3D Matrix. Now, her mission templates and soul alignment are fully activated so she can share a new body of work with all her students and fellow humans. These revolutionary teachings are here to completely regrid the earth and establish the templates of the neo-humans, anchoring a new wave of human evolution in Love, Freedom, Abundance and Connection. This body of work is channeled and co-created with her Galactic team. She shares many codes in her free offerings, fulfilling her heart calling to serve millions of souls in the ascension process. The most advanced teachings are shared in her University, where she trains Light Leaders, Healers, and Channels. She is a mother of two daughters, loves exercising and swimming in the sea even when it’s very cold, chocolate and coffee, and closing her eyes, dancing in the quantum with her Galactic team, earth elemental friends and her three dragons.


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