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The Distortion Of Time & Abundance In The 3d Matrix

The Distortion Of Time & Abundance In The 3d Matrix

“I don’t know what to do, I now have all this time on my end. What am I supposed to be doing?”

“I’m so sick of never having time to myself! I wish I could have a holiday right now!”

Does one of these sound familiar? Or maybe both actually?

Isn’t it fascinating to observe that at times, we crave to have a break as we rush around all day, and at other times, when we do have an entire day with nothing to do, we feel restless and can’t truly relax because that really isn’t ‘normal’?

Why is our relationship with time so distorted? Why is it that we are in constant alert, never able to really drop in the present moment, to relax, to enjoy life as it is?

“But Cendrine, you don’t get it, you don’t know me or my life… It’s just crazy busy and there is really nothing you or I can do about it!”


Please allow me to say that you are probably wrong regarding these passionate affirmations…

First, I know exactly what you mean and what your life is like. I am also a human living in crazy busy 3d reality! I also work with hundreds of people who mostly suffer from the same “overly busy life” syndrome and who are seeking to change that by working with me.

Second, I can show you the way to change things because you and I are NOT here to feel like slaves to our lives, we are here to be the boss of it, to make things happen on our own terms! We were born FREE and we are here to reclaim that power, to have an abundance of time and energy so we can feel vibrant, connected to ourselves and happy. So, we can serve our family and our community, making humanity a better place for all.

HERE is a video that will explain more about this time distortion phenomenon that so many humans suffer from. You can also listen to it as a podcast below.

Spotify Podcast Episode Description

In this transmission, I am sharing with you something that I have been observing for a very long time around the distortion that we have with the template of time and abundance.

These templates permeate all areas of our lives to make us believe that we live in scarcity, and we never have enough. Many of us also have the belief that we are not enough ourselves. The distortions in these templates, therefore, have many ripple effects!

Learn about how the distortion of time and abundance in the 3D matrix system we live in can lead many humans to feeling lost, overwhelmed, anxious and totally burnt out or frightened of not knowing what to do.

Discover the illusion of time and how we can break free from these templates of enslavement to find increased abundance in all areas of our lives!

This episode covers:

  1. The four primal codes
  2. The template of abundance
  3. Abundance & time
  4. The distortion of having free time
  5. Overwhelm & burnout with time (clip)
  6. Illusion of time
  7. 3-day challenge
  8. The enslavement template of 3D reality & success

When we call back our power and know how to create a powerful and consistent spiritual practice, we can change ourselves and therefore our reality.

Being able to connect with the divine everywhere, at any time, no matter what, is what has allowed me and hundreds of my students to change their reality forever. I have so many amazing ways to connect to the divine that I can keep shifting realities no matter what’s going on in the world.

I want to teach you all that I know so you can also have an amazing, consistent spiritual practice that will leave you feeling much happier and more vibrant.

Together we rise, always!

With divine Love,

Cendrine Spiritual teacher and multidimensional channel, Founder of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry

Join my free 3-day challenge starting on the 20th of June so that you dive deeper into more advanced teachings with me around time and abundance. 

Learn to become the conscious creator of your reality and reclaim who you are as a free being, not enslaved by any matrix of scarcity. 

Please join me! I have many gifts to give away (including a scholarship worth $12k!!). 

I would love to see you there.

Find out more and register for free: ttps://

Cendrine is the Founder of Fractal Alchemy, 5D Quantum University, a new pathway of spiritual evolution, running online worldwide. She is also a Trance Channel to the 9D Arcturians Council, an advanced psychic and an ascension and mission mentor. She was born awake and learned to embrace the journey of self-empowerment through experiencing many contrasts in her life. She always knew she came to earth for a very special mission that would shift humanity forever. That deep inner knowing was her anchor as she experienced the many waves of living a human life in the 3D Matrix. Now, her mission templates and soul alignment are fully activated so she can share a new body of work with all her students and fellow humans. These revolutionary teachings are here to completely regrid the earth and establish the templates of the neo-humans, anchoring a new wave of human evolution in Love, Freedom, Abundance and Connection. This body of work is channeled and co-created with her Galactic team. She shares many codes in her free offerings, fulfilling her heart calling to serve millions of souls in the ascension process. The most advanced teachings are shared in her University, where she trains Light Leaders, Healers, and Channels. She is a mother of two daughters, loves exercising and swimming in the sea even when it’s very cold, chocolate and coffee, and closing her eyes, dancing in the quantum with her Galactic team, earth elemental friends and her three dragons.


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