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The Evolution Of Humanity - The Seven Root Races Of Mankind - Part 2

The Evolution Of Humanity - The Seven Root Races Of Mankind - Part 2

Each culture in the cosmos passes through seven of these epochs, each of which contains seven sub epochs, before completing the cycle of evolution on their planet, in our case, Earth.  

So far, only five of the root races have emerged on Earth, and the sixth is about to emerge, beginning in the present 21st century.
In this part of the series, our focus will be on the first three root races, and most extensively on the famous Lemurian civilizations that realmed Earth.


The Evolution Of Humanity - The Seven Root Races Of Mankind - Part 2

The idea of Root Races do not refer to any racial concepts of the modern world, but to the successive evolutionary stages through which humanity passes in its pilgrimage on the physical plane of the Earth.

Since confusion is easily caused by the use of the word, it would be better to speak of civilizations (instead of races) and offshoots (instead of sub-races), as in the universe many new worlds have begun as offshoots of the Lyra or Vega line of civilizations.

For the sake of consistency and research, we are sticking with the original terms, but please understand that as much as we love the many different species and civilizations in our Cosmic Family Tree, we also love the civilizations on our own planet, and our articles have absolutely nothing to do with judging racial differences.

This theosophical concept describes there are in total seven root races coming to our Earth, and each root race is divided into seven sub-races, according to the various scriptures.

Every civilization in the universe passes through seven of these root races (eras) containing seven sub-races (sub-eras) before completing the evolutionary cycle on its world, in our case, Earth. 

So far, only five of the root races have emerged on Earth, and the sixth is about to emerge, beginning in the present 21st century and culminating in the 28th century.

The Evolution Of Humanity - The Seven Root Races Of Mankind - Part 2

The first five of these seven root races, are

  1.     Polarians
  2.     Hyperboreans
  3.     Lemurians
  4.     Atlanteans
  5.     Aryans

The 6th and 7th root races are still in the womb of future evolution, into which we can only venture in our imagination or through the channeling of a possible future timeline.

This image is taken from a very well-made documentary film, The Hidden History of Humanity, with an expert in ancient Indian astrology, which we highly recommend that you watch.

Notice how each successive Root Race emerges from one of the Sub-Races.

In this part of the series, we will focus on the first three root races, and in particular on the famous Lemurians civilizations that realmed Earth.

To learn more about the Root Races in general, please see The Evolution of Humanity - The Seven Root Races of Humanity - Part 1.


When the Human Over-Soul began its new journey of exploration in cooperation with Gaia, the Earth Consciousness, there weren't suddenly physical bodies available for incarnation.

In fact, the early Root Races were not even physical.

They were huge, amorphous, etheric beings.

The first of the seven root races, or humanities, was a race of astral beings and appeared in the middle of the Paleozoic Era, about 150 million years ago, and flourished on a continent called "The Immortal Holy Land" (The Eternal Holy Land).

The Earth on which the first race lived was more ethereal than it is today, but relatively hard and dense compared to these non-self-conscious "human" protoplasts.

They had huge translucent or transparent bodies, egg-shaped but somewhat fluid, devoid of bones and organs, hair and skin.

They were slowly becoming more and more solid, but they remained ethereal to the end.

The race was sexless and reproduced by bifurcation: much of the ethereal body would separate and grow into a duplicate of its parent, similar to amoeba bifurcation in our physical world today.

Compared to the huge and highly ethereal cells of the first race, our physical body today begins its existence as a microscopic cell or egg, a blob of gelatinous protoplasm that divides in a similar manner and slowly grows into the human form, all while these cells are still encased in an energetic ethereal body.

The first two races were nothing like (physical) humans as we know ourselves today.

Their consciousness was probably similar to someone in a trance or a deep daydream.

Blavatsky :

"The first root race, that is, the first "men" on Earth (in whatever form), were the descendants of the "Celestial Men"... In Indian philosophy, the "Lunar Ancestors" or Pitris, of whom there are seven classes or hierarchies.

Unlike Judeo-Christianity, Blavatsky's cosmology sees "Man" as the creation of higher spiritual hierarchies, but not of "God".  

They are described as the astral shadows of the forefathers, "so ethereal and so little human in constitution that they could not be affected by any of the elements - flood or fire".

Just as the Polarians themselves are not physical, so was the "continent" on which they lived.

It is called the "Eternal Sacred Land," which "did not share the fate of the other continents," i.e., to be destroyed at the end of the era.

The Polarians reproduced by fission. They were "ethereal, asexual, and even without desire".  

The individuals of this race did not really die at all.  

Instead, they "gradually melted away and were absorbed into the bodies of their own descendants (the second race), which were more solid than their own".

Rudolf Steiner

The substances which later became solid were previously in a fluid, still earlier, in a vaporous and steam-like, and in an even more remote past, in the most refined (etheric) condition.

Here we shall go back to the most refined etheric condition of the substances of our earthly dwelling place.

Man first entered upon the earth in this epoch of its development. Before that, he belonged to another world, a so-called astral or soul world.

The beings of this world did not lead an external, (physical) bodily existence. Neither did man.

These astral beings are in a certain sense the ancestors of man.

The soul or astral ancestors of man were guided to the refined or etheric earth.

So to speak, they sucked the refined substance into themselves like a sponge, to speak coarsely.

By thus becoming penetrated with substance, they developed etheric bodies.

These had an elongated elliptical form, in which the limbs and other organs which were to be formed later were already indicated by delicate shadings of the substance.

Each new form was as much endowed with soul as the mother being. This was due to the fact that it was not a certain number of human souls which entered upon the earthly scene, but rather a kind of soul tree which could produce innumerable single souls from its common root.

Each kind of soul put forth innumerable off-shoots.

(red: this is what Bashar describes as the OverSoul expressing itself through tens of thousand extensions of Souls)

With their entry into terrestrial materiality, an important change had taken place within the souls themselves.

As long as the souls were not connected with anything material, no external material process could act on them. Any action upon them was purely of the nature of soul.

They thus shared in the life of everything pertaining to soul in their environment — All that existed at that time was experienced in this way. The actions of stones, plants, and animals, which then existed only as astral (soul-like) forms, were felt as inner soul experiences. (red: this is the process of incarnation of a species into a physical reality)

With the entering upon the earth, something totally new was added to this.

External material processes exercised an effect on the soul, which now appeared in material garb.

At first it was only the processes of motion in this material outside world which produced movements within the etheric body.

As today we perceive the vibration of the air as sound, these etheric beings perceived the vibrations of the etheric matter which surrounded them.
Such a being was basically a single organ of hearing. This sense developed first.

(red; 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.' As languages didn't exist in the beginning of creation the translation of 'word' refers to sound as to which the Hindu tradition refers to the cosmic sound of Aum).

One must imagine the perceptual world of these ancestors of man to have been a quite general and indefinite one.
Only two of the types of perception of today had already become separated: the sense of hearing and the sense of touch (feeling).

In Steiner's description, "Before man enters the earth, he is a soul, an astral being. It is as such that he appears on earth.', he shows in great detail how the process of incarnation unfolds.

And ... he shares perfectly that with each step of development in this process, the Oversoul and the individuated souls take on a new, even denser layer of physical reality to experience it even more fully, and yet all the other layers (soul/etheric/astral) are still there and are part of our collective consciousness.
Note the famous event with Bashar 'the Nine Levels of Consciousness'.

Learn more from Rudolf Steiner on Cosmic Memory GA 11 viii. The Hyperborean and the Polarians Epoch

Of course, these so much more to share about this phase, but for now we would like to finish with this snippet from Bashar on the OverSoul and Incarnation.



The second root race lived in Hyperborea and included what is now the northern part of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, the northern part of Russia, and Kamchatka. The climate was tropical because the earth had not yet developed an axial tilt.

The mysterious world of Hyperborea has been the subject of ancient myths and folklore.

They called themselves the Kimpurshas and named their continent Plaksha.

Another name for this region was Arktide ... what we now call the Arctic.

The Arctic region is also known as "behind the north wind Borey", literally translating Hyperborea.

Ancient Greek mythology and the depiction of this land area on historical engravings, such as the map of Gerard Mercator, are the only places where the existence of Hyperborea has been proven.

The Greeks used to say, the shadows of the night never fall on it, for it is the land of the gods, the favorite place of Apollo, the god of Light.

This second, Hyperborean root race, which was a continuation of the first, was semi-astral and became denser and more opaque as it progressed.

In the beginning of this race of humans, their bodies were more and more gaseous, and they weren't just protoplasmic anymore.

So they were a little denser than the first race, but they were still floating in the atmosphere.

As they became more dense, their reproduction changed to a kind of sprouting system. 

A sprout serves as the basis for a new plant, so there was a kind of exudation from these organisms that at a certain point separated from the father-mother.

The Hyperborean root race formed a kind of civilization, a culture.

Especially at the end of the Hyperborean period, also strange animals like two-headed birds, aquatic or amphibious, and many different kinds of monstrosities appeared.

At the height of the Hyperborean civilization, there were some extraordinary cultures and nature with deep forests.

At that time, humanity had full powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

They had perception in all dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

At that time, if a person walked through a dense jungle, what they would see was the life of the elements.

They could see the rock elementals, the mineral elementals, the gnomes, or the pygmies cited by the ancient medieval alchemists when they passed near large rocks.

Although they were still more or less egg-shaped energy cocoons, they began to show the outlines of the later human form.

(Red: When people begin to channel beings from higher vibrational realities, they often see beings in this form, not necessarily meaning that all higher vibrational beings have this form, but this is the form that the beings' astral layers translate into our perception because of our collective memory).



According to traditional theosophy and anthroposophy, the third (Lemurian) root race began 34½ million years ago, during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods of the Mesozoic Era (the Age of Reptiles).

Thus, the earliest humans of Lemuria coexisted with the dinosaurs for many millions of years.

The esoteric name of Lemuria is Shalmali, and it existed in much of what is now the Indian Ocean, including Australia and extending into the South Pacific.

Lemuria existed in much of what is now the Indian Ocean, including Australia and extending into the Pacific Oceans to the Easter Islands, the Australian continent, the island of New Guinea, and the island of Madagascar.

Interesting is that Madagascar is the home of a family of primates called Lemuroidea (Lemurs), a name derived from the Latin lemures, meaning ghosts or spirits.

In theosophical and anthroposophical terms, Lemuria was populated by the Third Root Race, itself the successor of two others, the First Root Race of the Polareans and the Second Root Race of the Hyperboreans.

Unlike the Polareans and Hyperboreans, the Lemurians ended up being no longer formless, speechless, sightless, or sexless as they became full physical beings.

In fact, as the Lemurians evolved through seven stages (or "sub-races") and gradually developed a material body, they began to walk upright, began to use their sight (with the aid of a Third Eye), learned to speak (albeit in monosyllables and sounds), and most importantly, began sexual reproduction after millions of years of asexual procreation.

Thus, the Lemurians were the first human civilization on Earth with physical bodies and have been described as a giant race with three eyes, as the Lemurian race was much larger and taller than our present race.

The first three sub-races of the Lemurians still reproduced by producing a kind of energetic egg (jelly energy bubble), but the fourth sub-race, beginning 16½ million years ago, began the first form of reproduction like modern humans.

The first, second, and earliest (Lemurian) third root races (stages) did not eat as we do today, but took in material for nourishment by osmosis, much as our lungs take in oxygen from the air.

The first root race and much of the second did not know death as we understand it; each generation simply passed into the next. 

Toward the end of the second root race, the ethereal beings simply fell asleep and faded away.

With the development of the third root race, death became as we know it, as the bodies solidified (crystallized) enough to die when their stores of vital energy were exhausted.

At the height of their cycle, which lasted for millions of years, the Lemurian Third Root Race developed great civilizations.

It is said, "The Greek and Roman and even the Egyptian civilizations are nothing compared to the civilizations that began with the Third Race.

A great change occurred about 16.5 million years ago (near the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary), in the middle period of the third race (3-4 stages or subraces), when the separation of the sexes and the awakening of the mind took place.

The first three subraces of the Lemurians reproduced by laying eggs, but the fourth subrace, beginning 16½ million years ago, began to reproduce like modern humans.

Individuals began to be born with the predominant characteristics of one sex or the other, whereas previously only unisexual individuals had been produced.

With the separation of the sexes came the current method of reproduction.

About the same time, the first awakening of the self-conscious mind began, and the human body became fully physical. 

The early stages of modern human evolution are still recapitulated by the fertilization of the egg and within the egg, the growing embryo, with the interesting fact that even today, sex differentiation in the human fetus does not occur until the third month of growth.

The Lemurians were endowed with a third eye at the top of the head. 

It was actually their first eye, as the two front eyes developed later.

It is also known as the Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Wisdom, or the Deva Eye, and was originally an organ of both physical and spiritual vision.

With the development of more material bodies and the separation of the sexes, the first eye began to lose its power.

It gradually fossilized and finally disappeared from the external anatomy of humans in the middle of the third subrace of the Atlanteans. 

The remaining witness of this eye is the pineal gland, a pea-sized organ in the brain, located under the posterior part of the corpus callosum.

Even today, the third eye is partially functional in humans as an organ of spiritual vision.

Humanity's self-conscious mind began to awaken in this Lemurian era when our physical forms became sufficiently developed to express our latent mental powers.

This important event is called the "Incarnation of the Manasaputras" (or "Sons of Mind").

With self-conscious intelligence came the power of choice and free will, and as man gradually descended further into matter, a spiritual alchemy arose between the spiritual and the material within man.

The last two subraces of the Lemurians, through the blessings of their awakening minds and under the benevolent guidance of the divine elders of Venus called the Lhas, developed "an important and long-lasting civilization," building great cities, cultivating the arts and sciences, and sowing the first seeds of civilization far and wide.

Eventually, Lemuria began to fall apart. Its catastrophic destruction was precipitated by a violent burst of volcanic fire, much like the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 or Mount Pele in 1902.

Earthquakes soon followed, and Lemuria gradually fragmented and subsided, leaving only such fragments as Australia, Madagascar, Easter Island, and so on as traces of its history.

Most of Lemuria was centered in the Pacific Ocean, and as it slowly subsided, the Lemurians colonized the surrounding areas, namely Africa, southern India, and the East Indies. 

The descendants of the Lemurian root race, according to traditional Theosophy, include the Capoid race, the Congoid race, the Dravidian race, and the Australoid race (Aborigines).

According to the Theosophical vision of human history, the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, and Mesoamerica, which classicists, archaeologists, and historians have uncovered through the study of material remains, are actually remnants of much earlier "lost higher cultures" that flourished on an Earth with a different division of land and water.

A version of the Earth where the Sahara was fertile soil, India was an island, Central Asia was a vast sea, and land bridges the size of continents connected Asia to Australia and Europe to the Americas.

The submerged continents and land bridges of paleogeography thus provide the basis for the existence of lost civilizations of mankind.

Explaining some aspects of what we might call "esoteric ethnology," Mahatma Koot Homi states that the indigenous peoples of Africa and Australia are the descendants of the seventh and final sub-race of the Lemurian Root Race, as well as the earliest Atlantean sub-races.

While the present Asian races, such as the Chinese, Mongols, Tibetans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., are largely descended from the seventh and last sub-race of the Atlantean Root Race. 

Mahatma Koot Homi indicated in the Mahatma Letters: "Behold the relics of that once great nation [Lemuria] in some of the Aborigines of your Australia.

Bashar Snippets on Lemuria

Q: Could you give me an idea as to the Atlantean time and the Lemurian time, and tell me a little bit more about that matriarchal society?
B: Atlantean time, in your terms, generally can be said to have, quote/unquote ended, approximately 11,500 of your years ago, but its duration was for several thousands years; as was Lemuria before it and they overlapped.

Q: So Lemuria was before it?
B: Yes.

Q: Was Lemuria not as advanced as Atlantis?
B: In many ways, but they were mostly the idea of, what you call, instinctual, not analytical, not technological so much as was Atlantis.

Q: And so how did they collapse?
B: Simply in this way, it was the timing of phasing out into something else, and you will find that there were many interactions that took place that allowed there to be what you would recognize as a natural shifting of the cycles of the polarities and electromagnetic fields of your planet that simply said that society no longer exists within the dimension that you call earth.

Q: And is that why at this point it is beginning to shift again?
B: To some degree, for in this way you will find, that now you have explored all that you need to of analytical thought, you are now bringing back the instinct and intuition to balance it out and blend.
That is the primary fundamental idea ... that Lemuria is rising within you.

Telepathy and the Written Word

Q: Atlantis and Lemuria, did they have a written language?
B: Atlantis yes. Not so much in Lemuria, except in later times.
In the beginning times, no. . . all the beings were telepathic and had no need, except perhaps, for artistic reasons.
But it was not really a language as such, it was simply pictograms that when looked upon would instill within the mind of an individual looking upon them ALL of the information that was instilled by the original individual who had created the pictogram, as if it were a holographic, mnemonic device, in that sense.
Language was developed more later on in Atlantean times, in the form that you now understand as a written language.

Easter Island

Q: And I wondered what the significance of Easter Island was?
B: For now, it is a very strong magnetic key that is pulling into place the pieces of a puzzle that had been apart for a long time.
So what you are witnessing, in the idea of Easter Island, is the actual driving motor that is creating the triangulation between Hawaii, Shasta and Fuji.
Because it is the ancient connection to Lemuria.

Evolution Of Humanity

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Practitioners With Passion
After we came into contact with these energies and frequencies through the Reconnection in 2012, our contact with extraterrestrial civilizations has gained tremendous momentum.
At that time we knew nothing more than that 'these energies and frequencies' did not originate from this planet, and even then we could not fully grasp the meaning of that.

The whole topic of Root Races is covered in a series of blogs :

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The fourth Atlantian and fifth Aryan Root Race
The sixth and seventh Hybrid root race


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