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Horoscopes: June 24th Thru July 1st

Horoscopes: June 24th Thru July 1st

Check out your natal sign (or house location if you know it) of the New Moon in Cancer (7º23’) and Neptune’s Station in Pisces (25º27’):


Neptune stations in Pisces (12th House) this week, just hours before the New Moon. In some ways this can find you drifting back through time into the ethereal gray spaces of the past. Don’t allow these to delude you, throw you off course, or undermine your confidence. Jupiter is in your sign to encourage you to think beyond your previous expectations of yourself. Neptune will bring some things from the past back into the present, which can create some confusion. Acknowledge these and then put them on the shelf. Ultimately the truth will be revealed. But for now it is best to just accept that there are going to be some contradictions as certain boundaries seem to be eroding. When Neptune is in its retrograde phase, this is meant to usher in a period of deeper introspection, and search for greater meaning, in whichever way that is most meaningful to you. And if you are going to take away anything from this 5-month phase, it’s to recognize what that greater meaning is for you. 

New Moon in Cancer (4th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday is when Aries is bringing that focus closer to home. Concerns about home, about family and those people who support you are brought to the foreground. Things that you might want to focus on with this Moon might be: establishing your roots, or making your connections to your roots (or ancestors) stronger; deepening your ties to family members; improving your environment; making your home more comfortable; looking for a new home; becoming more attuned to your inner needs. This is when we ask: what are those people and things that bring a sense of belonging? A good intention for this Moon might be: I want to appreciate and celebrate the significant events and patterns in my life that have led me to where I am now. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (11th House) this week inspiring Taurus to reassess those groups, associations and/or friends that most support your own ideals and goals. For the oh so many years that Neptune has been in Pisces, Taurus has been reevaluating your own ideals and aspirations. And by now it should be evident what those most precious ideals are, and the ways in which you would like to make these a closer reality in your life. Those groups and individuals that support those ideals will only become deeper, now that Neptune is going to be in its retrograde phase. While those that are not in alignment with those ideals will seem to float away. If you have been having difficulties finding your group, or feel diminished or dismissed by the associations you currently are involved in, then this is the time for you to search elsewhere. For this is not a time in which you will want to compromise those principles that are so near and dear to your heart. 

The New Moon in Cancer (3rd House) this Tuesday/Wednesday will find many a Taurus wanting and/or needing to have their say. To make themselves be understood. This is a good Moon for: clarifying your mind and understanding of a subject; to share information with others; to explore your neighborhood and familiarize yourself with your neighbors; to become more involved in the community; to begin a new class; to learn something new; start a journal; or create an environment which will feed your imagination. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I create a sanctuary of peace, safety and security within my own community and environment. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (10th House) this week, just hours before the New Moon. Often at these times, Gemini will stand in hesitation, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You may wonder, what is going to happen next? What unforeseen casualty is going to befall me now? This is also often when you are likely to feel a certain disenchantment or disillusionment with the current path you are on. That being said, Neptune has been trying to inspire you to create goals and do activities that have greater meaning and purpose for you. And as Neptune stations retrograde this week, it is also asking you what sacrifices are you willing to make (or not make) in order to have that occur. It may be when you explore your options that you decide to stay with what you have. It’s all a matter of priorities, and what are truly the most important people and things and outcomes that you are trying to achieve in your life. 

The New Moon in Cancer (2nd House) this Tuesday/Wednesday is usually a time when Gemini explores all of their priorities, including those things that are most meaningful to you, but also weighing in on all of the practical considerations of your life. Things you might want to focus on with this Moon might be: creating a budget or financial plan; figuring out how to make your current budget and resources sustainable; making yourself more financially sound; looking for ways to create greater security in your life; thinking about how well you value what you have to offer to others, and how well you are being appreciated for these; and what you might need in order to boost your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.  A good intention for this Moon might be: I am worthy of all the bounty that nature has to offer. Or: Knowing what my true priorities are is the key to understanding who I am. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (9th House) this week challenging some of the ideas that you had previously clung to, but seem to be no longer able to hold water. As old ideas are falling away, pay attention, and see what truths are being unveiled in the process. With Neptune traveling in Pisces for oh so many years, Cancer has been asked to seek some sort of higher meaning and purpose. This could have been through some sort of study, traveling abroad, or exploring the broader horizons of the world. And while Neptune will be in its retrograde phase he is compelling you to realize your own inner ideals and most cherished beliefs, in whatever way that translates for you. For that is where the real truths lie, not in some other place, or through another individual, but in your very own heart center. 

The New Moon in Cancer (1st House) this Tuesday/Wednesday is your annual New Moon. This is when the focus is being placed on you: your feelings, your interests, your body, your health and your sense of identity. This is not just your monthly New Moon, but your New Moon for the year ahead in which you are asked to plant seeds of intention that you wish to take root in the foreseeable future. This month is about focusing on yourself, your needs, what would make you happier, more secure and achieve a sense of belonging. Those Cancers that are born between June 26th and July 1st, or who have 4-10º of Cancer Rising will be most sensitive to this Moon, but all Cancers are going to resonate with the New Moon in their sign. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I find myself gravitating towards those people, things and experiences that will bring me emotional support and a deeper sense of belonging and acceptance. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (8th House) this week drawing Leo down into the deep labyrinthine lairs of the Neptunian underworld. There is something deeply significant that can occur beneath the veil, when Neptune stations in Pisces, a sign of mysticism and magic. During the 5 months that Neptune will be in its retrograde phase, you will often find yourself delving into the inner psychological workings of the mind, while simultaneously looking for deeper meaning and spiritual solace. Neptune can also bring some uncertainty with our more mundane concerns, leading us to feel financially unstable and uncertain. But Neptune is also encouraging you to be open to the divine cycle of reciprocity, in such a way that you are more willing to be open to receiving as well as being able to offer to others. 

The New Moon in Cancer (12th House) this Tuesday/Wednesday will find many a Leo temporarily retreating from the limelight. This is necessary in order to connect with yourself, and to reevaluate all that has brought you to this place and time. This is a good Moon to: explore the past; Reminisce; go on a retreat; enter a sacred space; pay attention to your dreams, keep a dream diary; go to places that bring inspiration; explore the boundaries of your imagination; assimilating and processing the events of the previous year; spending more time in reflection. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I be led to cultivate deeper peace and security within my heart and mind. Or: I want to make more time to be inspired and nurture my imagination. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (7th House) just hours before the New Moon this week. If anyone should be well aware of this it is Virgo. Especially those Virgoans in the last third of the sign who can literally feel themselves drifting off into the ether on the wings of Neptune’s ethereal rings. Virgo just struggles to make sense of the insensible, and herd all the cats in a row, and now that Neptune appears to come to a standstill, it could feel as if all of your noble efforts are coming undone. Many a Virgo has been trying to come to terms with the idea of who they are, and finding themselves adapting to new paradigms in the process. And as Neptune is now poised to enter its retrograde phase, and things may become undone in the process, you realize that whatever you do, wherever you are, and whoever you are going to be with, it must be meaningful to you and appeal to your most idealistic notions of your purest, most essential being. Nothing less will suffice. 

The New Moon in Cancer (11th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday is the wishing Moon for Virgo. Therefore take a moment with the New Moon this week, to connect with your most outlandish, most personal, most significant wishes and aspirations. Make a list. Draft intentions. Make them clear, and make them concise. Then release them out into the universe. And when the causes and conditions arise to allow these to come to fruition (hopefully in the not so distant future), you will then find yourself inexorably drawn to them, like a boat drifting along on the tide. This is a good time to consider: Where you see yourself going next; Thinking about the future; Considering new possibilities; Joining a group; deepening friendships; networking with others. A good intention for this Moon might be: If this wish is meant for me, may I see the conditions arise to make it so. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (6th House), and Libra is ready to just give up on all of the supposed to’s and schedules. For the past so many years that Neptune has been in Pisces Libra has been adjusting to the idea of honoring their own inner schedules, diets and habits. Basically what it comes down to is sleeping when you need to sleep, eating when and what and where you need to. As long as these are healthy, manageable and balanced, and works within your required schedule, so may it be. It’s when you try to conform to other people’s schedules, expectations or those supposed to’s that you find yourself spent and exhausted. Neptune goes with the flow, and learning how to flow with Neptune is something of an art. Contrary to what you would assume, the more able you are to adapt to the amorphous Neptunian tides, especially for the months that Neptune is in its retrograde phase, the more likely you are to get things done. 

The New Moon in Cancer (10th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday is when Libra is looking to the future. What are your priorities? What do you want to achieve: in the world, in your career, or even next month? This is often when Libra is concerned about some role you play, your reputation or status. Or perhaps some responsibility you have taken on. As a result this is a good time to: make plans, figure out a business strategy, or promoting yourself in some way. Develop your imagination and look for new and creative ways to do what you do, while looking for the best channels to share these ideas with others. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I find the best means and ways to use my gifts and talents to be of service, nurture and/or guide others. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (5th House) this week and Scorpio is ready to succumb to their inner muse. Diving into the ancient river Mnemosyne, the mother of all muses, you are being asked to connect with your own inner voice during the months that Neptune is in its retrograde phase. Pisces is a sign of Love for Scorpio. And with Neptune transiting this sign for oh so many years, it also asks you how much are you willing to sacrifice for who and what you most love, and stirs your heart strings. Neptune has been fervently attempting to open your heart in some significant way, and if that comes in the guise of a specific person, place or thing, there is no other alternative but to accept these unconditionally and without judgment. Who or what is your muse? And who or what do you love so unconditionally, that you are even ready to make sacrifices for? 

The New Moon in Cancer (9th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday is when Scorpio is more likely to be thinking outside the box, and more likely to go with the flow. This is a good time for Scorpio to: expand your knowledge; to plan or take a trip; to expand your horizons; to make a spiritual connection with someone or some experience. It is also when we aim to expand our connections into the outer world. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I be willing to go where I need to be in order to fulfill my destiny.  


Neptune stations in Pisces (4th House) this week and Sagittarius may often wonder at these times of year whether or not they are coming or going. People seem to come and go, and things that you had previously came to rely on may no longer seem as available as they were in the past. But that’s okay, because through this process you are coming to redefine who you are, where you gain that sense of belonging in your heart of hearts, and what are those things that are truly most meaningful to you in the end? For the 5 months that Neptune will be in its retrograde phase is the ideal time to visualize in your mind what and where you would really like your ideal home, personal life and foundation to look like, and what you have within your means to make that a closer reality.  

The New Moon in Cancer (8th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday is when Sagittarius reassesses their lives, makes preparations and plans for the future, while thinking about what is or is not worth your commitment and investment. How would you want to live this one precious life of yours? This is a good time for Sagittarius to focus on: what commitments you want to deepen; relieving yourself of burdens, whether that be a debt, a habit or a commitment that is more trouble than it is worth; reassessing your investments, what you owe, and what is owed you; exploring insurance, loans and preparing for the future. A good intention for the Moon might be: May I get the best value and return on my property, my investments, my services and my commitments going forward. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (3rd House) this week and Capricorn could feel at times like they are getting lost in a dream. You find your mind drifting, and often feel addled by feelings, which normally you would be capable of walking right through. Do pay attention to your feelings, but also be willing to step back from any feelings of foreboding that may or may not have any basis in reality. Put those on the shelf until you have all the facts. And yet there is something subtle and compelling about the retrograde phase of Neptune that allows many to make a deeper connection to their feelings and heart center. Don’t try to analyze these overmuch, but also don’t ignore them. Honor whatever feelings are coming to the surface, while also keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. Making that connection will allow you to invest all that you do with greater meaning and purpose. 

The New Moon in Cancer (7th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday places the emphasis on your closest relationships. This is when Capricorn things in terms of making deeper commitments to others: to renew your vows; start a new partnership or renew the one you are in; to make yourself more available to others; and allowing yourself to share your feelings with others. This is a good time to: look for an advisor or counselor; become a mentor for others; find the best lawyer, teacher or mentor; or get advice. A good intention for this Moon might be: I want to attract the best possible person or people who will support, complement and honor me and what I wish to accomplish.  


Neptune stations in Pisces (2nd House) this week as Aquarius is trying to reassess what their most important priorities are. What has become apparent to many an Aquarius over the years that Neptune has been in Pisces are the things that you would (or would not) be willing to sacrifice in order to have a better quality of life and lifestyle. Neptune can literally ask us to put our material possessions, our financial worth in perspective, asking: What is truly most important to you? Personal satisfaction and inner fulfillment or the almighty dollar? Which one are you wanting to place on your altar? That being said we still need to eat and/or pay our bills, and when Neptune stations as it does this week, you may be wondering where that last red cent went? Things can get ahead of us, we sit around wondering how it will all pan out. But remarkably, when we focus on those priorities, as crazy as it may seem, things have this way of working themselves out. 

The New Moon in Cancer (6th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday has many an Aquarius focusing on their daily routines, health regimens, and diet. All those things that support your health and well-being, along with your vocation and daily activities. This is a good time to think about: developing whatever useful skills you have that can help or be of service to others; organizing your daily routines or work-space; focusing on those things you do have control over that can support your health and well-being; making a commitment to eating healthy and whole foods; recognizing the connection between your emotional and physical well-being. If you are looking for a new job or position, this is often when Aquarius will seriously consider expanding their options. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I find the best healer, remedy or healing method that will allow me to restore my health and function. Or: May I find the best possible work situation and environment that will support me and use my skills to their best advantage. 


Neptune stations in Pisces (1st House), your own sign, this week, which can lure many a Pisces into the the waters of Lethe, the River of Oblivion, or raise you to the abode of the gods. Pisces is both transcendent and delusional. And there may be times when you are trying to figure out which is which. This is also when you are most likely to see more, hear more, notice more and feel more than usual. Never will you feel more prescient, never will your intuition be more pronounced. And never will you be more emotionally attuned as you are when Neptune is retrograde in your sign. The tears flow, the heart grows, and you are tossed between both despair and omniscience. But what you come to realize as the sharp edges all begin to soften and fall away, is that you are so much more than you thought you were. Beyond mere flesh and bones, and beyond the labels and definitions. You simply are. And that is who you have come here to be.  

The New Moon in Cancer (5th House) on Tuesday/Wednesday is trying to support who you are: your essence of being. Who you are in all your glory. And to rediscover what that all is for you. One of the ways we do that is by allowing ourselves to gravitate towards those people and things that bring us inner joy. Therefore this is a good moon to: further develop a creative skill or hobby; spend more time with children; socialize with others who share the same interests; going to places of recreation; have fun; rediscover wonder, and what it feels like to see with the eyes of a child again. A good intention of this Moon might be: I honor the vast field of experience known as the imagination, where all things are possible.


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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