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Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - November 22 to 28, 2021

Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences - November 22 to 28, 2021

EVEN AS we ride the extended wave of last Friday's powerful Lunar Eclipse, we can sense the next wave that is building. That incoming wave is the influence of the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur on December 3 or 4, depending on your time zone.

The fortnight between two eclipses always feels otherworldly, even surreal. Time and space don't seem to exist in the same way that we usually perceive them, as if we ourselves are not quite anchored in this physical reality. This untethered feeling assists us in doing the work we are called to do over the next two weeks as the Moon's light slowly dwindles.

THE WANING PHASE of the Moon is a time of completion, when the tide begins to recede, literally and symbolically. It is an opportunity to contemplate the cycle of time that is ending, to appreciate the gains and the losses, the joy and the tears, the choices made and the lessons learned. It is a time to release and forgive what has been and to surrender to the transition process that is underway. It is a time of endings in preparation for the new lunar cycle that is to come.

In this instance, since our next New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse, the theme of closure is especially strong now. We are actually completing a cycle that began 19 years ago, in December 2002, when a Total Solar Eclipse occurred at the same degree as our upcoming eclipse. And since both the 2002 and the 2021 Solar Eclipses are South Node eclipses – meaning that the Moon is in the same sign as the karmic South Node – we are also completing patterns and situations that have likely been with us for lifetimes.

If you have your natal astrology chart, look for the house that contains 12 degrees of Sagittarius. This will show the area of life where you are experiencing a major ending and beginning now.

NEXT WEEK'S JOURNAL will be more fully dedicated to talking about the Total Solar Eclipse, but one more piece of the puzzle that may be important to know now: at the time of the eclipse, the Sun and Moon will be aligned with "The Great Attractor." The GA is a massive but mysterious galactic anomaly that appears to be the gravitational center of the supercluster of galaxies that includes our own Milky Way.

Our galaxy and others in our "neighborhood" of the universe are moving through space at incredible speeds, all drawn in the direction of the GA. This evokes themes of cosmic destiny connected to our Solar Eclipse/New Moon in two weeks. Perhaps, as we look back at 2002, we can see how events that occurred then were likewise pivotal in aligning us with a greater destiny in some area of our lives.

We are at a similar transition point now, being drawn magnetically into the future. The GA's gravity field is so strong that it can bend light and warp time and space. Thus, with the December Solar Eclipse, we will be working with cosmic forces that can profoundly reshape our experience of reality.

HERE are the most important aspects for the week ahead, with my brief interpretations:


There are no major aspects exact today.


Sun conjunct South Node: The shadow side of Sagittarius is highlighted now, enabling us to observe the patterns and behaviors that we need to leave behind as we evolve. These shadow qualities include self-righteousness, dogmatic opinions, irresponsibility, ridiculing humor, a tendency to preach, and fanaticism.


Mercury enters Sagittarius: With Mercury in the sign of The Archer until it enters Capricorn on December 13, we tend to think more in terms of larger scale ideas and have less attention for details. Our minds seek answers to the greater questions of life as a way to enhance our capacity for hope, optimism, and faith. 


Mercury conjunct South Node and semisquare Venus: People are especially verbal and opinionated now but may not be tactful, nor considerate of the feelings and perspectives of others.


Saturn sextile Chiron: An opportunity for healing, as we take responsibility for self-care instead of blaming others for not meeting our needs.

Sun opposite Ceres: Old family dynamics may be triggered. Deep differences of opinion make it hard to see the other's perspective. It may be best to avoid hot topics today.


Jupiter semisextile Pluto: This is the third and final semisextile between these two planets this year. It provides an opportunity to transform old beliefs that have outlived their usefulness.

Mercury opposite Ceres: Family debates are again likely, with each person digging more deeply into their well-trenched beliefs.


Sun conjunct Vesta, Mercury conjunct Vesta, Sun conjunct Mercury: We are strongly dedicated to our own opinions and beliefs, making it hard to listen to opposing viewpoints. This is terrific energy for animated preaching but doesn't ensure the ability to accept others' ideas as valid.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you feel especially inspired to share your deeply held beliefs about life and spirituality. These ideas may be contrary to those accepted by family members. It will be important to use the positive traits of Sagittarius in all interactions to avoid rifts. These qualities include a generosity of spirit, optimism, tolerance, and open-mindedness. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, semisquare Venus, trine Chiron, opposite Ceres, conjunct South Node, conjunct Vesta)

In peace and with gratitude,


Aspects of Note This Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

  • MON: No significant aspects are exact today
  • TUE: Sun conjunct South Node
  • WED: Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • THU: Mercury conjunct South Node, Mercury semisquare Venus
  • FRI: Saturn sextile Chiron, Sun opposite Ceres
  • SAT: Jupiter semisextile Pluto, Mercury opposite Ceres
  • SUN: Sun conjunct Vesta, Mercury conjunct Vesta, Sun conjunct Mercury


Pam Younghans lives in a log cabin outside of Seattle, Washington with her two dogs. She has been interpreting astrology charts for over 30 years, and has been reading charts professionally since the mid-1980s. Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and guidance received. Her hope is to offer perspectives and insights that will assist you in utilizing current energies to enhance your life experience and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

Feel free to share this NorthPoint Journal with others who may enjoy it! When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information. To learn more about private astrology sessions, please visit the "Personal Readings" page at To schedule a reading, please email .

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