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10 Psychological Principles Of Self-care

10 Psychological Principles Of Self-care

In today's world, there is an obsession with appearance, youth, a flawless figure. And it is closely related to the epidemic of chronic dissatisfaction with one's own appearance. Expert research and public research show that seven- to eight-year-olds already have some reservations about their appearance.

And what about women, exposed to the daily onslaught of lifestyle magazines irreconcilably establishing the right patterns of relationships, consumer behavior, entertainment, style of dressing and cultivating their appearance and crowded with aggressive advertising of cosmetic products! Research in the United States and European countries has shown that more than 85 percent of adult women are dissatisfied with their appearance in one or more figures.

Psychology has the term "normative dissatisfaction with oneself" for a similar attitude. Very often this dissatisfaction leads to chronic stress and depression. How should a woman who has a similar problem with self-acceptance behave in such a situation?
She can learn to take care of her appearance on her own, applying both cosmetic and psychological procedures and principles. Contact with one's own body and a conscious, informed approach to self-care is the way to substantial changes in the psychic pitfalls of the relationship with one's physical self.

10 Psychological Principles of Self-Care
Positive Motivation

As long as we are small, the main educational method is often essentially unlimited criticism. As if it were somehow assumed that the child even knew what was good in him, but the bad thing that we had to constantly point out. The habit of swearing at oneself for the slightest mistake and ignoring what we can do and what is good is so firmly rooted in us that it is fearful.

The first step on the path to beauty is the ability to see that beauty. It's not easy, you have to get to know yourself again. The very beginning means learning to notice your pluses.

Focusing on your strengths will make it easier for you to take care of yourself with love. Especially with love, not to "remove these impossible folds, destroy the nasty cellulite and smooth out the wrinkles." Taking care of yourself in a "fighting way" will bring no results; fighting one's own body is useless and only leads to defeats.

What do you prefer to make your body an ally? Try to approach the mirror and imagine what you could fall in love with this woman for. For a cheerful look, a dimple on your face, a mark, a sensitive line of mouth, beautiful eyebrows… Start offering sincere compliments to yourself! And put an end to reservations, insulting criticism or even swearing.

This is not at all about strengthening the self-confidence with affirmations in the style of "I am a goddess", "I am the most charming and attractive woman of all." No, not the most. Quite ordinary. But there is something to look at.

Try to evaluate yourself objectively but kindly.

Precise needs

Before you start shopping for countless tubes, cups and vials, it is important to find out the condition of your skin, skin and muscles, check your posture and general health. Only when you find out the real needs of your body, it will make sense to focus on choosing beauty care products, procedures and suitable vitamins. Among other things, this sensible approach will save you a considerable amount.

If you have doubts whether it makes sense to buy this or that expensive cream, you can always consult directly at the point of sale. Perfumery, drugstores and pharmacies that sell these care products have knowledgeable saleswomen who will take care of you. Sometimes they are assistants to a well-known brand. Very often they offer free samples of the product to try. Make decisions judiciously, not under pressure from advertising.

A clear goal

Once you have clearly defined your current needs, you still have to say what result you want to achieve with cosmetic care or procedures. What do you expect from them? You have to set specific, completely realistic goals. It probably doesn't make sense to expect that after a week of wraps and massages, you will lose ten kilos and, as a bonus, you will get smooth, supple skin.

Be aware that the skin is the same organ as everyone else. It has its specifics. Believing ads like "Your skin will rejuvenate after only three days" is nonsense.

No less important at this stage is the reflection on the meaning of it all. Why do you want the changes? Why do you need just such a result? What will change for you and your surroundings if you manage to achieve the desired result? With these considerations, exaggerated expectations may come to light, which would later be replaced by cruel disappointment.

Accepting oneself with all the peculiarities

Many women are willing to totally change or at least adjust, just to please others, to get married, to make their friends appreciate them more and even to make their photos on the social network evoke recognition !! So if they were born, say, like a chamomile or an orchid, they want to fit into the standards of the rose at all costs. Or, on the contrary, they don't care about each other, because they don't become roses anyway, so why try at all. But what if they created optimal "chamomile" conditions for chamomiles and supported the orchids with a unique nutrition designed just for orchids?

After all, if it turns into the desired rose at the cost of heroic effort, it will be a betrayal of one's own personality.

As you reflect on your upcoming transformation, you may suddenly realize that you are still postponing what is available now. "When I get rid of the bacon on my hips, I'll buy a new dress!" So you don't think your body deserves anything new at the moment. The answer to the question, "Why am I treating myself like that?"

Flexible approach and request for support

You can try a lot in taking care of yourself. What your friend did may not work for you. If you do not achieve the result once, for generations of women trodden the path, it is possible that another, less common one will suit you.

Often, a physical deficiency becomes a snag that we focus on. It irritates us, it gets on our nerves, we don't like it very much - in short, we cling to it so much that we don't pay attention to anything else. We do our best to eliminate or improve it. "I have a belly," the woman says with contempt and is painted. Her efforts are already bringing about other positive changes, but she does not see them. He sees only a slightly protruding belly. In this case, it is good to find an intimate soul at the beginning of your efforts that you can entrust. Ask them to watch for changes in you, where and in what. A foreign gaze is more accurate and objective, simply because you see yourself every day.

Taking care of yourself as a habit

If you want to look well-groomed, it is important to develop a habit. It is definitely better to take three minutes twice a day than to take care of yourself for 2 hours once a month. The skin works according to certain rules, let's repeat that it is the same organ as everyone else. Irregular, sudden care for her will hardly bring anything other than an occasional feeling of satisfaction: “So I made a mask ...!


During the cosmetic treatment of the skin and body, it is important to be present, so to speak, by the spirit, to be in contact with yourself, with your feelings. Focus on them and realize what and why you are doing, what it makes sense and what the goal is. The samurai's strength does not lie in the weapon, but in concentration. Countless rituals helped him cultivate concentration. Therefore, we can only recommend creating your own beauty rituals that will help you tune in to a certain wave.

Focusing on your own feelings, body contact

When applying face cream, don't really think about conflict with your supervisor, worries about children or financial problems. This is a time for you alone, donate it whole and complete. Feel your skin under your fingertips, feel the emotions you are touching. All of this will help you shift attention and reduce the level of stress that increased during the day. The same goes for the physical activities you choose. Focus on them, on every single movement, instead of playing the last marital quarrel in your head.


Trust yourself, pamper yourself, allow yourself to feel comfortable. If we take care of ourselves from the position of "I have to sacrifice time", "Those damn wrinkles again" or "I don't want to grow old!", Very soon we will get tired of doing something that arouses negative emotions. The brain and body like the hormones of happiness and joy, and we will learn the habit of daily care much faster and with greater ease, if we simply enjoy our self-care.

The art of appreciating even the smallest changes for the better

Praise yourself for every step in the right direction. Appreciate even the most modest results. You can set up a self-care diary, where you can always record the development after a few days. It will help you at a stage professionally called a plateau, when there are no visible improvements for a long time. Then it is important to give the body time for qualitative changes, and therefore to arm itself with patience. The diary will be a clear proof that you have already gone a long way and giving it up would be stupid.

These simple tips can be put into practice easily and even pleasantly. They will help you turn your self-care into something kind, confidential, just yours. You will see yourself with new eyes and learn to take care of yourself with pleasure and love.

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