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24 Indicators of Dynamic Evolution


Dynamic Evol​ution is an evolution that is constantly in flux in a major way. This type of evolution is not for the faint of heart, but for those who want to move on down the road in an accelerated fashion.

We create Dynamic Evolution through intention.

As we move forward, we change and live life from different perspectives. It can be helpful to have signposts or indicators of specific changes and know that it is okay to morph into lifestyles that may not be popular with the majority.

The indicators below are only a partial list of many others that you may be experiencing or would like to incorporate into your process. A lot more could be said on each point but you will get the main idea. As always, use your discernment — take what is yours and leave the rest.


1Feeling as if you do not fit into your usual circumstances/groups.

The usual crowds or situations are no longer You. Do not decelerate your frequency to match that of someone or a group who you may be associating with to attempt to fit inIn other words, do not be someone that you are not anymore.

2Unable to engage in the usual conversations.

It is now a struggle. Small talk and meaningless chatter, for longer than a moment or two, no longer floats your boat and can wear you out.

3The Reactive Self is now calmed down.

Things that used to bother you in a big way don’t anymore. This does not mean that you are completely cleared from 3rd and 4th dimensional densities. It just means that a lot of what used to set you off has been neutralized. Going out of Reactive Self is especially noticed after the chakrashave been balanced.

4No more episodes of being in extreme fear or ecstatic bliss.

Both will wear you out eventually. The Middle Path, zero point consciousness, of balanced and profound inner peace feels best.

5Acutely aware of uninvited energy around you.  

Your senses are in hyper-drive now, and that is a very good thing. You are able to quickly discernthe creepies when they come into your field.

6. Acutely aware of anyone attempting to gather your energy for their use.  

You can now feel vampiric activity shortly after it has attached or when in the process of attaching. The sensation of something foreign sucking the life out of you is highly noticeable, and usually the offending party is easily identifiable.

7Ability to say “No!” very easily.

Saying No without fear, to those who are attempting to feed/leech off you, whether it is personally, professionally or energetically. Don’t be a doormat. Say, “No, this is my body, this is my life, this is my energy, this is my work.”

8Ability to just Be.

Existing for long periods of time without doing anything. There is a natural instinct in this regard, and in fact, it is necessary for the integration of the brutal processing that accompanies our evolution.

9. Realizing that Self-Love and Self-Care are the most important actions for everyone on the planet.

This is not being selfish. Beware of those who throw the Selfish word bomb at you. They are trying to keep you in their paradigm, their comfort zone.

10Do not lower your frequency to the empathetic/sympathetic zone and accept others’ unhealed stuff into your field to either hold or process for them.

“I wish I could take your pain away” is not a good thing. We do not need to take on and filter any other energy but our own.

11Discern rather than judge.

Do not judge anyone under any circumstances. Stay out of judgment of anything or anyone. Once we go into judgment, we go out of unconditional acceptance.

12Help others while keeping your own frequency high.

Do not say Poor you to anyone, pity them, or agree that they got a rotten deal. This is feeding victim consciousness. Be loving with firmness and detachment.

13Setting strong boundaries.

Not allowing yourself to be talked into situations that do not feel good even though it is coming from someone close to you. In the past, you may have done this to go along to get along. You may now be a lone dissenter, and that is so okay.

14. Other people’s bad days do not affect you.

You do not go into sympathetic resonance and agree or accept other people’s feelings. You remain upbeat and positive and leave their presence if you feel they are trying to drag you down and become like them.

15. Understand that you are Everything.

You do not look outside of yourself for your Power/Happiness. Your Power does not reside with someone or something outside of you. No entity or energy has power over you or your life.

16Take control of and responsibility for your life.

Take creative responsibility for every moment, whether it is saying NoYes, or just Be-ing. Make the choice from self-love and what is in your highest and best interest.

17. Love with detachment and no expectation in all relationships.

18. Give up forcing circumstances and people to do your will/ fulfill your desires.

This is a huge no-no.

19Give up any interest in why people do what they do.

This releases you from judgment and frees up a whole lot of energy that can be used elsewhere.

20You are only interested in why you do what you do from a witness point of viewand with acceptance.

You no longer judge or condemn your own actions. If you take an action that you feel was negativein some way, simply notice it. Then when a similar situation is presented again (and it will be), take a different action. Be a witness to the outcome, and continue to fine tune your responses.

21. You don’t give two hoots what anyone thinks of you or your actions anymore.

Your thoughts and actions are no longer hurting others.

22If you are without a partner, you are now in no rush to have a Soul Mate/Twin Flame.

In fact, you are your own Twin Flame, as the integration of male and female continues at blinding speed. You are integrating both polarities of female/male within you (Unity Consciousness). Although it would be nice to share life with a significant other, it is no longer a priority.

23There is a saying that goes, “There are no secrets.”

This means that you cannot keep secrets from your Self about yourself. It means that if you are wounded and hurt, these places cannot remain hidden forever. They will come up for process eventually. Some people use this secret saying to stick their nose in your business.

You owe no one any explanations of your life’s history. It is nobody’s business but your own.

If someone tries to use the secret saying to guilt you to get information and continues to do it, they are not coming from their Authentic Self. They are coming from a point of control and will use your personal, sensitive information against you some time down the road.

People firmly rooted in Authentic Self-consciousness could care less about what has come before. They are only interested in what is happening today.

24. Living integrity.

Mean what you say, and say what you mean. This is living in the moment, this is absolutely living in consciousness, in awareness, and in each second of your existence.

Happy trails!


AnielLoveAniel Love is Creator also experiencing life as a healing facilitator and any other thing that may be occupying her in the moment, such as a writer writing about what is in front of her. She does not identify with being a ‘healer’ and prefers the term ‘facilitator’ because she believes all healing is ultimately self-healing. She can’t heal squat except her own stuff and merely helps others in their self-healing process. She can work with anyone anywhere in the world.

Visit Aniel here.

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