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Lighting Your Truth to Freedom, Passion & Inspired Leadership – Closing Chapter 2013 to Write Chapter 2014′s Lively & Instinctual Year of the Horse


Tania Marie

I felt inspired to share thoughts about the energy shifts with the year transitions earlier than usual, as it felt like this could be useful to your reflections, processing, and preparations in the last few weeks of 2013. I know it’s a busy time for many, but this way the energy and thoughts can percolate in the background, as you navigate through your days.

And oh how the days move quickly, as we near straddling the segue between one year to another.

Like many, I have seen so much take place in such a relatively short time.  Rapid transitions and immense shifting have been processing through, which sometimes go unnoticed because they happen so naturally, or are being felt to the umpteenth degree because we put up some good fights – all while we relearn to embody our home frequencies.

It’s an exciting time, as you remember and expand upon your abilities to co-create with the forces of the universe through the gateway of your heart.

As the year-end approaches, once again we find ourselves in reflection upon closure of yet another chapter in the story of our lives. To many, it may have felt like you are waiting on something, especially the last few months and indeed there has been a period of physical “hold”, while energetically things are aligning, integrating, and recalibrating. There is always much going on even though it may look like nothing is.

It has been a challenging, opening, mysterious, explorative, and penetrating year and while the rolling in of a new year calls to many to reflect, it’s likely you have already been doing much reflection all year through.

It’s important to try to practice making reflection, gratitude and celebration an everyday focus, rather than waiting for any given day or time of the year to designate this for you. That being said, if you haven’t had the chance to take a moment to go within, then now is as good a time as any to spend time with yourself and listen.

For many, 2013 has brought much, much change from new jobs and homes, to seeing the cycle of relationships and friendships come to natural closure and new ones emerge. This has also included the relationship you had with yourself and likely seeing someone you never did before, staring you back in the mirror, and yet the new face reflected is feeling more familiar than ever.

Sweet and gentle, or bitter and harsh, change manifests as a result of your perceptions, beliefs, and feelings. When you understand that at any given moment, the possibility to experience what you desire is available to you, then you start on a path of co-creative self-empowerment and realize you are not at the mercy of anything. We do have the power to be better partners in the experience of our lives, than we have chosen to be, and there are many ways we can go about supporting this for ourselves, and with the support of others, when we commit responsibly and learn to ask for help, as well as listen to, and act upon, the answers received.

In remembering our true natures and limitless potentials, learning more balance and presence in our lives, and exercising vulnerability, deeper intimacy, tenderness, and compassion we are starting to activate more responsibility, empowerment, collective connection, and gentle grace to shine as brightly as we want, after having been released from contracts we’ve fulfilled. Many of you don’t realize you can relinquish these, are in denial and choosing to diminish yourself, or are still empathing others and waiting on others to step up before you will allow yourself to.

This is all done. This coming year, especially, the time has come to act upon being your shiniest ever. Leading by example will become your way of living, rather than an idea you aspire to and throw around as a positive quote when it fits the bill.

“Don’t fear the light within. May it ignite the Sacred Flame in your soul.” ~Paulo Coelho 

As the plants and animals may slumber during the Winter season, warm feelings and creative potentials are richly abound and incubating. These changes, brought on by the season, reflect as inward renewal with potentials for new and passionate blossoming. We are approaching a new year and that means an energetic field of opportunity for creating anew, just as each day presents a clean slate, if we so choose.

I don’t believe it is a time for seeking anymore, as much as it is a time to activate your truth, exercise your sovereign free will, and discover your greatest freedom and creative powers when you do so. You already are all that you have been trying to find. I feel that everything is already there and just awaiting your enacting it now and this is why there is so much challenge I hear from many, as there’s no more room to hide. It is time to activate your truth, rather than continue to actively search or wait for some magickal moment.

You will come to see that YOU create the magick.

I see a lot of people struggling with this, as they are replacing that truth with continued seeking and there is a tendency to use spiritual jargon to support this illusion/confusion and perhaps in some cases, the denial I spoke of. We all have our time in those denial, or self-sabotaging moments, but soon you will come to see that it is more about remembering and trusting what is, in whatever beautiful unique, you-way, without comparison to others, or in direct proportion to how little or how much others are doing.

That reminds me of the words I quoted in the acknowledgment section of my book, Spiritual Skin, by my instructor at FIDM – Mr. Cufflin. The words had a particular meaning for me and included some other passages he was planting seeds of support for, from his very intuitive observations of me ;), but I feel that many of you will relate to this portion of what he shared and that the value of his words speaks to everyone. This is what he wrote on one of my term project papers:

“Do NOT let your peers keep you from always doing your best. Don’t listen to those who would try to pull you down to their level of performance. You have been given talents and abilities and along with those, the responsibility to encourage and inspire others to do more and reach heights of excellence they never thought possible. Remember: only compete with yourself, avoid critical comparison with others’ achievements. Discover your God-given gifts and develop them for service to others.”

I find that words easily can be both poetic and entrapping, so be extra mindful of how you may be talking yourself into a parallel reality of your own creation that closely resembles what your truth may feel like, but in actuality is an illusion of the real you.

2014 will herald in some exciting energy, which I have been feeling all 2013 long. :) I have mentioned before how I have felt I’ve been living in 2014 most of 2013. I feel that that accounts for a lot of the reasons why I hardly remember everything I’ve done this year, have moments of being zapped back by people’s comments that don’t make sense from where I’m experiencing, and have experienced amped up déjà  vu’s. At times this year has even felt dragged out, as I was waiting for all of my parts to align with what I was already feeling and seeing on an existing parallel plane of existence I’ve been prepping alongside this one. I feel we all do this, but perhaps aren’t consciously aware of it. It shows up in those déjà vu moments, however.

So what will the energy of this new year, a number 7 year in numerology and the Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology, feel like? I feel that it holds an exhilarating energy for many visionaries and people who have been laying the groundwork for years, to rise to the occasion and suddenly step out in big ways. It will seem like overnight, and yet no one will truly realize the process that has been taken to get there, except each individual and others doing the same.

This year has been sort of a holding zone for incubation and deep processing, and yet it won’t be babies that are emerging from the cocoons, but much more matured beings lighting up the world, as they spread their wings.

“Seven is the number of realization of the space time” ~Abellio

2014 is a number 7 year which is considered a magick number associated with mysticism. It is also the searcher of truth and that speaks to seeing your truth and how that weaves into the collective bigger picture, as well as becoming aware to understand the hidden truths of life. This implies that more illusionary veils will fall and surprises await. It will be up to each of you how you choose to work with what you find and how, as a result, you will experience them.

This is a year of transformation for the better, where you’ll be challenged to remain focused and directed, despite feeling pulled in different directions. The work you have done will lead your intuitive knowing and heart guidance to wise discernment, if you engage it. You will also need to be aware of your own frequency and when being triggered by others, so that you can keep your cool without defensiveness, realizing you’re just feeling their projected energy and not the centering of your own.

You may find yourself in introspection a lot, evaluating everything in terms of how you can make the world a better place through your own life example of being true to you. Having come through a personal number 7 year myself, about ready to move into an 8, I can attest to having felt very much wanting to be with my own experience in order to ground the foundation I’ve been building, to review everything so that only what is most aligned will carry forth with me and the rest will be thanked as it sails away in other directions, and to be extra on top of the balance needed between giving and receiving.

The number seven is known to be the number of creation, representing the live relationship between the human and the Divine. It is the symbol of divine abundance and the sense of change after an accomplished cycle and of a positive renewal. We may seem some extreme changes and experiences on the global scene in this coming year as a result. All of this deterioration will help foster the building of new systems and ways to take into account the best of interests of our Earth collective at large.

But in general, I feel this is a lively year of activity and progression with many opportunities unfolding.

And that leads us to the good luck Year of the Horse, and in 2014′s case, “The Wood Horse”. This is a high energy year where production is reward, there will be fast victories as result of decisive action (horses don’t procrastinate!), unexpected adventure, surprising romance, and the potential for a lot of travel – the farther, the better – that will offer you expansive opportunities and growth.

It’s a time to only act upon what your intuition feels completely good about. If it doesn’t, it either is not the direction to be going, or you need more information to make a better informed decision, as something is obviously under the surface that you’d probably like to avoid rather than have jump out at you later. The thing is, you will be able to do this quickly, by tuning in to your intuitive senses.

It’s a year for finding your inner strength, power, courage, and wings to even fly, like the magickal Pegasus. Horses are independent, free-spirited, willful, wild, and have a highly refined instinctual sense that not only can act quickly, but can do so with great accuracy because of their deep inner knowingness. A lot of movement, action, and a lot of big breakthrough experiences that will catapult you, are all possible this year.

It’s a year of action and continuous energy flow, as movement is everything when it comes to the Horse. Like the air Horses breathe, freedom and independence are essential, and this lends to what I shared earlier about it being time for each of you to shine YOUR brightest, without any constraints placed on you by yourself, others, or your response to empathing others.

If something is right, you don’t need to think about it. Just do it! I’ve been saying this for a while, and finally a year that also supports this energy. It’s time to wiggle your butt into action. You truly do already have enough to take those steps. Horse teaches us the balance of being really connected to the Earth and our instincts, but also doesn’t ignore any details. It’s a simultaneous experience and doesn’t take a ton of analyzing and worrying over, to work it out.

So think, instincts, instincts, instincts! And when you follow them, you’ll find greater freedom and fulfillment. And if you haven’t already, it’s a good time to return to nature, as Horses teach us the importance of communing with our natural world, both inner and outer, as this will not only help you to keep your center and balance, but will provide the accurate guidance needed to navigate your active course!

Whatever you choose to embrace, try to maintain your vision and flexibility to build the change you want to experience. And as always, a supportive way to do this is to keep your heart and perspectives open, learn to be more present and compassionate, responsive vs. reactive, and exercise your imaginations and vulnerability while finding a grounded balance.

As we put peaceful closure to what was quite a full year of shifting experiences, it is time to be ever-more present and focused on the now and to leave the rest behind you for good – moving forward only with the love and healing wisdom that is shaping the new you have desired.

And let me just say, even though it’s been a challenge, you have made it to this point. Nothing is impossible and synchronicity and balance are appearing more at the forefront of our lives as we continue to move forward with renewed empowerment amidst the change. The more we embrace, the more we can let it be and flow with each wave of experience that enters our lives.

Thank you for shining your courageous hearts as beacons of light to help support and guide others to do the same.


Tania Marie is a visionary artist, sacred tattoo designer, author & Reiki Master Teacher whose creations, workshops and retreats in the healing arts are inspiring people globally.

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