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Activate Your Creative Power With Conscious Intention


Some quick thoughts to ponder today about creative power and the miracles you create with it:

Are you using your creative energy most efficiently?

Think about that, as I bet you will find that you spend more time misusing your creative energy and power fixating on worry, doubt, complaining, gossiping, story telling, and coming up with ingenious excuses, preoccupations, and stories to support fears, than you do investing in creative thoughts, imaginative visualizations, inspired pursuits and passionate actions.

Be mindful of where you are placing your creative power and make the necessary adjustments so you can harness it in empowering, rather than disempowering ways.

Here’s an interesting perspective flip…

Miracles are considered to be occurrences that take place in surprisingly wonderful and “welcome” ways. The definition of a miracle is an inexplicable event considered to be the work of some divine agency and the truth is, “miracles” are responses to a request fueled by YOUR focus and intents sent out, which are then answered/mirrored by the unified field of consciousness.

This principal is the same when you constantly focus your attention on how much you don’t like your job, boss, or particular person, complain about lack in any way, and focus on all of the things you don’t like about yourself and your life situations, and then those things manifest.

You would likely not choose to label these as miracles, but in fact they are, as a result of your powerful ability to be the creator of your life. There is no universal distinction between a creation of limitation and one of expansiveness – they simply are manifested creations/miracles that you are demonstrating each day to be in your ability to create.

The issue becomes one of perspective and judgment, where in you have chosen to only use certain words to describe something you deem a favorable experience. But if you come to realize how truly powerful you are in the way you are creating so many things, of every variety, in each moment, you can start to ease off of focusing your time and energy on things you don’t want to create, and start focusing it on only the things you do.

You – YOUR frequency – influences the energy field of your experiences.

Choose to activate your creative power with conscious intention and you will be the magician of your own chosen, life miracles, as you choose to shape, create, and flow them through. 


Tania Marie is a visionary artist, sacred tattoo designer, author & Reiki Master Teacher whose creations, workshops and retreats in the healing arts are inspiring people globally.

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