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The Odin Brotherhood


The Odin Brotherhood is  a secret society for men and women who value “knowledge, freedom, and power.”  

The Odin Brotherhood adheres to and practices the ancient warrior religion that is today called Odinism or Asatru.  Consecrated to the pagan gods of Asgard–gods that are older, better, and truer--members of the Brotherhood use the Eddaic Verses–also called the Poetic Edda–as sacred texts.

As a warrior religion--a creed that glorifies the hero over the saint--the "mailed fist" over the "nailed hands"--the Odin Brotherhood represents strength over weakness, pride over humility, and knowledge over faith.  

In an era of ugliness, impotence, and death, we glorify beauty, power, and life.Ours is a religion that creates no laws, only virtues.  A revolt against the modern world–with its laws and moral codes–its hangmen and its priests–Odinism teaches men and women how to rule, fight, hunt, and procreate.

Members of the Odin Brotherhood are a hidden elite–a luminous beacon in a corrupt and squalid world.  As proud friends of the gods and goddesses, we distinguish themselves from ordinary men and women.

Our religion--the proud tradition of Odin, Thor, Sif, Heimdall, and the other deities described in the Eddaic Verses--equips us to face the tyranny of fate–and the mystery of death.

Ordinary humans--dedicated to what Nietzsche called the slave religions--spend their lives toiling and obeying.  Members of the Brotherhood--in contrast--are extraordinary mortals who know how to rule, fight, hunt, and procreate. 


Regarding the place of Odinism or Asatru in history, members of the Brotherhood assert that the religion of Odinism dates back to the dawn of humanity.  

Man has been a hunter for several hundred thousand years–a farmer for ten thousand years–and a factory worker for two hundred years.  Odinism is the religion of man the hunter.

This religion–almost exterminated in the fifteenth century of the current era–was kept alive by the Odin Brotherhood.

The great monotheistic religions–in contrast–the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam–represent man the worker–man the toiler.  As slave religions, they teach men  and women to kneel, believe, and obey.

Historically, the Odin Brotherhood views Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as three manifestations of the same faith.  These religions, which call upon the same god, essentially have the same five laws.  Believers are taught to placate, propitiate, supplicate, honor, and obey.


In the legend of the Brotherhood, the story begins when a young pagan widow–the beautiful mother of three–was caught honoring her ancient gods and goddesses in a remote grotto.

A mob of nominal Christians–bigots who were black with hate–burned her alive on a pyre composed of green wood.  

After the murder, the woman’s three children–using an ancient and forbidden rite from paganism–a rite called necromancy--summoned her from beyond the outer darkness–from beyond the grave.

Answering the summons, the slain woman instructed her children to save the ancient religion of Odinism by taking the movement underground.

They were instructed to form a secret society–a conspiracy of equals.  Dedicated to the old gods, it was called the Odin Brotherhood.

According to the Brotherhood, all of these events occurred somewhere in Eurasia–somewhere north of the Black Sea--in the fifteenth century of the current era.

We know that buried artifacts exist which will some day confirm our tale.


Traditionally, the teachings spread from person to person.  Only by word of mouth, from mind to mind, could the secrets pass.

Today, however, with more written information appearing in manuscript and in published form, solitary practitioners–lone wolves who initiate themselves–are becoming more common.

In its current form, membership in the Odin Brotherhood is secret–as in the so-called Illuminati conspiracy.  The objectives of the Odin Brotherhood are stated publicly, as in the legendary Rosicrucians.

Unlike the freemasons, members of the Odin Brotherhood do not need secret words or grips or gestures to recognize one another.  We know one another by a way of speaking, a dignity and reserve of manner, and an intensity in the eyes.

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  1. The Odin Brotherhood is a polytheistic religion devoted to Odin, Thor, Sif, and the other deities of the Norse tradition. Monotheism, described as "the belief in one totalitarian god," is "preposterous and absurd." 
  2. The Odin Brotherhood claims an unbroken historical lineage from 1421. Although the movement "bears the teeth marks of Christianity," we have survived persecution. 
  3. To be initiated into the Brotherhood (we are a "secret society"), individuals must "devote, hallow, and sanctify" their blood to "the gods who live." 
  4. The Brotherhood denounces "faith" as "a poison that paralyzes the mind." Members are taught to "seek knowledge."
  5. The Brotherhood glorifies strength. We assert that it is “only by becoming stronger that a man can realize his divinity."
  6. The Brotherhood teaches absolute self-reliance. Members would "rather steal than accept charity."
  7. Sin is denied and "contrition" is denounced as a "totem of decadence." Odinists see repentance as a mark of weakness because "only the terrorized repent." 
  8. The Odin Brotherhood has no temples or churches. The gods, we believe, can be honored anywhere as long as all "strangers" are excluded, all words are "whispered," and "all abominations are avoided." (By abominations, we mean  "promiscuity and assassination.") 
  9. The central rite of the Brotherhood is called the "Glimpse-Of-Extraordinary-Beauty." The celebrants conducting this rite are "enveloped and penetrated by the thoughts of a god." 
  10. The Brotherhood believes in life after death ("nothing dies forever"). We believe there are three "Other-Worlds," including the fabled "Valhalla" or "White-Kingdom." The Odin Brotherhood believes that the Christian hell does not exist. Hell is one of the "spurious horrors" contrived by extinct theologians."

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