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Time, Prophesy, Predictions and Oracles - Part 1

Time, Prophesy, Predictions and Oracles - Part 1

We have been living on the front end of a wave of human evolution for about 10 years. What began then now stands at the threshold of a widespread explosion of a series of quantum leaps in our global understanding of the Oneness of Life.

A great Age is a little over 2100 years, meaning each degree is around 72 years long. As there is an overlap of several centuries during the time old Ages end and new Ages begin to come forth, there are time periods where the end of the old Age coexists with the beginning of the new Age. That’s exactly where we’re at now and around 200-300 years to come.

We are living in a bridging period in time where they dying forms of our current Age of Pisces overlap with the new collective forms and ideals which “pre-form” the coming Age of Aquarius. We launched into a building Aquarian era with the Grand Mutation in 2020, and since then have learned to adapt and find skills we needed as new ways to fulfill our lives presented themselves.

Rudhyar once proposed that each century has 4 seasons of 25 years each, and gave the Autumn of each century to the last quarter, where the seeds are formed for what will sprout in the Spring of the new century. Since 2000, we’ve been in the Winter of the 21st century. Late 2012 and early 2013 marked the mid-point of the “Winter of the 21st Century,” and at the time I elaborated on the importance of that period of “time out of time.” Since then we’ve been leaving the harshest period of this century’s “season” and now stand on the threshold of the new “Spring of the 21st Century” coming soon!

Why Were 2012 and 2013 So Important?

That period associated with the midpoint of the Winter of this century was a crucial point in humanity’s collective development. All of us stepped through a perceptual door at the December 2012 Solstice, and since then we’ve been developing an enhanced way of “knowing.” This is part of the shift in this century’s qualities and requirements.

For centuries we’ve relied mainly on our thinking and logic centers to “know” whatever we’ve been trying to understand. In late 2012, we all moved through a portal, and began to train so that we could “know” through our feelings as well as our minds, which was a huge evolutionary leap out of separateness and return to feeling our Oneness! That leap opened the door to a more rounded whole frame of reference, though it has challenged new skills. We all have learned how to navigate an expanded feeling field and learned to trust what we feel we know isn’t the whole picture.

Because we are all part of One Life, as we cultivate our ability to feel, we will begin to feel all the different emotions existing on the collective Astral plane. This allows us a greater immersion in compassion and a growing sense of non-separateness, but because of the nature of our emotional body, we must be aware of the problems in the collective unconscious so we don’t fall into the soup.

We are told there are three collective traps which can lead our mind into confusion rather than clarity. These are glamor, illusion, and Maya, and we all have to learn to spot them and deal with them appropriately. They are present everywhere, and through dealing with them, we see how to deal with speculations which may not be grounded in any sort of truth.

There’s a lot of glamor, illusion, and Maya about the New Age, who we are, and what is to come. I believe there are many superstitions in the air which our virtual reality is not helping dispel. We’re in a time when many things are not as they seem, and appearances cannot be trusted. However, at the same time there’s another larger evolutionary reality happening beyond our perceptual interpretations conditioned by our limitations.

So let's take a brief look at the nature of time, perception, and how our minds work. By understanding this interactive dynamic, we can keep some things in mind as we move through experience and adapt to what is, and what's coming.

Time, Faith, and Knowledge

Time is a funny thing. It is a one-way street, and is the means by which we measure movement in perceptual experience through the 3 denser dimensions. Time is also infinitely fluid, and as such has no beginning or end.

An odometer is a good metaphor for how we have come to measure space and time as functions of each other's movement. Rolling ever forward, every end is followed naturally by a new beginning showing the next phase of an unending process. If the dimension of time is never-ending, then though calendars end, consciousness is forever.

Most of us have a limited understanding of the principles governing the interrelationship between the material, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the 3 dimensions of human existence. That’s why many who are trying to find meaning in their life experience invent ideas to explain what’s happening and why. These ideas may be partly right or mostly wrong, and are attempts to find metaphors and certainty in classifying what often cannot be confirmed using conventional understandings.

Unfortunately, this often becomes the “7 blind men trying to describe an elephant.” So many see the parts and assume them to be the whole, or that somehow the trunk is "more important" than the leg. Many are under the delusion that forms have permanence and that getting attached to those forms is sustainable.

I’ve heard a lot of proclamations this life, and I always take note if what’s offered is somehow disconnected, or weaves together highly speculative assertions which require me to accept a lot on faith. The human imagination does wonderful things to cover up holes in its incomplete understanding, and seeks agreement from others, even for an unrealistic fantasy.

While faith certain has its place in our reality, so does serious study where learning rigors are needed. These two energies are part of our lives, and while both devotion and knowledge are good, each is a different energy which we learn to apply in specific situations, and they’re not interchangeable. It's somewhat like trying to use cooked spaghetti to hammer a nail. Both are perfectly fine in their respective realms, but ultimately have different purposes, methods, and outcomes.

Prophesies and Assumptions

In late 2012, I reported on the sites offering dramatic and sometimes very glamorous speculations about the transitions then and those to come. I found some strange pieces tying together the Mayan calendar, the Great Pyramid timeline, the prophesies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelations. At the time I offered that most of these prophesies required us to assume quite a few things, some plausible, some wildly implausible. Much of it seemed like a game of "Telephone," where each successive retelling becomes more and more elaborate, usually for the purpose of convincing people to suspend reason and join, surrender, or repent something.

All interpretations of prophesies make assumptions. We all make assumptions. That includes you and me, as well as the Mayan, Nostradamus, and Pyramid timeline scholars.

Along with individuals making assumptions, groups also make assumptions, and usually encourage everyone associated with that group to accept those assumptions. People and groups in every field, whether in the arts, sciences, philosophies and religions, make assumptions. We can extend this to all societies and cultures, since humanity has been trying to classify reality and experience since its infancy 3 million years ago.

Even when certain assumptions are "proved true," they are usually within local conditions and may not be an absolute. For example, we assume gravity to affect everything that has mass and density. However, countless Eastern Yogis have demonstrated that sometimes gravity does not affect the human body when certain levels of consciousness are achieved through practices involving spaciousness and luminosity.

The Broader Sweep of Evolution

There is an accumulation of wisdom of the ages available to all who quest for source knowledge. Those who find elements of that core knowledge will quickly notice how it’s the foundation for other more recently derivative local forms of that knowledge which came from the source material. Many things about the current transitional Era between the Great Ages has been given to us in that source material, but it’s hard to find given the massive amount of speculation from newer “experts” on the subject, most of whom never studied the larger sweep of evolution.

We must study the core material if we want to get a sense of the accuracy of authors commenting about our transitional era and what the new Age will look like. How can an author who doesn’t have an understanding of larger and smaller Eras preceding this one have the context or sense of the continuity of what each successive Age represents in terms of the spiritual evolution of humanity?

One must study to know, know to understand, and understand to judge. Critical thinking skills are essential if we are to transcend superstitions and half-truths based in limitations of perception. Replacing obsolete “belief versus doubt” dualities with a well-rounded understanding and a synthesized overview will become the hallmark of the emerging Age. We are collectively developing an entirely new understanding of time, space, energy, matter, electricity, magnetism, and how Light expresses in infinite forms.

Each successive Era of an ever-greater understanding of human reality serves the evolution of the human race across larger sweeps of time. Each successive sub-race within the larger Root Race contributes to a new understanding of "God," which serves the needs of that space-time continuum. This requires new metaphors, new approaches, new ways of regarding what IS, since we cannot put new wine in old wineskins lest they split.

However, it is equally true that evolution is a continuity of experience and usually builds upon itself, with occasional mutations. That’s why it’s important to be aware when new material attempts to negate established spiritual principles of accumulated human wisdom. Legitimate newer forms of understanding never negate the sum total of the accumulated Truth, Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence of the larger evolutionary trajectory.

All new forms of understanding appropriate to the new era will add to the total understanding of All-That-Is, and all Aquarian approaches offer hope for the inherent freedom of the Soul to come forth. Evolution is inherently inclusive and liberating.

In part 2 we'll continue exploring the nature of the ego-mind, our eternal Self, dispelling glamor, and the nature of the coming Aquarian Age.

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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