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10 Reasons Why People are Intrigued by Empaths

10 Reasons Why People are Intrigued by Empaths

I do hope everything is keeping well in your world.

Today, I’m back with a post that explains some of the reasons why people are quietly intrigued by an Empath.

Most will never say it, but the following traits do get noticed. Enjoy…

  1. An Empath’s Mysterious Ways Cause Fascination

Because an Empath often displays quiet mysterious ways, it can be most intriguing to the outside observer.

An Empath usually has a peaceful yet mystifying aura. They have a strong sense of intuition that helps them understand others’ feelings. They know when someone is sad, despite a cheery smile, or if someone is being fake.

Empaths make others’ feel comfortable, but at the same time they can be complicated and difficult to read, which further adds to their mysterious aura.

  1. Empaths Have Distinctive Hobbies and Careers

Many Empaths are contradictions in what they do, whether that be for work or as a hobby. It wouldn’t be unusual to find an Empath with several careers going on at the same time. From being a scientist to a writer, actor to hair stylist, mathematician to nurse, an Empath’s diverse career/hobby choices often puzzle others.

Even if an Empath doesn’t have multiple careers/hobbies, their interests will be diverse. They may read a book on horses one week, a book on Egyptian pyramids the next, then a book on how to heal the aura another week.

Many Empaths class themselves as being Multipotentialites. They like to have many life experiences, are often quietly creative, and thrive when around those from whom they can learn.

  1. An Empath May Look Composed Yet Inside They are Crumbling

Something that baffles those who know an Empath, is when they appear externally calm, cool and collected, yet on the inside they are actually crumbling.

An Empath may feel a world’s worth of emotions, and still wear a smile. They often keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves. Having a meltdown in public is not a favourable thing. So, they hold it together until they can be alone.

  1. Empaths Suffer by Observing Suffering

An Empath has a nose for those in need. They look out for the underdog, and will tuck those who are suffering under their wing.

To see or feel another in pain can actually make them suffer. They like to give time to those who really need it.

10 Reasons Why People are Intrigued by Empaths
  1. Empaths Have Their Own World

Empaths are often endless thinkers, and have an inner world that can be both magical and menacing; but it is a place that offers them great fascination. Their minds can be playful and imaginative and offers them hours of distraction and entertainment.

Because of this exciting inner-world, they sometimes appear to be spaced out or not on people’s wavelength.

An Empath needs to feel things at their own pace and in their own time. No one can force them to see their world differently. It is what it is. Usually, it is only those who are closest to them who understand their stillness.

  1. Empaths Are Quiet Perfectionists Yet Often Make Mistakes

Empaths are confusing in that they can be both perfectionists but also careless. They can be as laid back as they come, but when it comes to their work or offerings, they like to see everything perfect. Yet still, they often miss small mistakes.


Because they are often looking at the bigger picture, sometimes obsessively, so they miss/overlook small details.

  1. Empaths Both Like and Dislike Being Around People

Yet another contradiction. An Empath can be both introverted to the point of avoiding people completely, to being people-orientated and extrovert.

Considering they lift the emotions of others; Empaths often perform better than expected when in social situations. But in turn, they need time out from the world to heal and repair. This makes them like and not like being around people. Which often leaves those who they socialise with confused, as to their shifting nature.

Empaths are sensitive to the needs of others, but they get torn between their recharge time and their social duties.

10 Reasons Why People are Intrigued by Empaths
  1. Empaths Form Deep Connections Despite Initial Apprehensions

Empaths often crave deep connections with others. But in the beginning of a friendship or relationship, they might struggle to be themselves openly. This might push people away from them, giving the impression that they are uncaring, when all they are doing is finding their feet in the relationship. Not running before they walk.

However, when someone is patient or devoted enough to see this through, they are more than rewarded by an Empath’s loyalty.

  1. Empaths Absorb Information Others Don’t Notice

Keen observational skills allow an Empath to take in information from their environment that others might not notice.

They will notice a picture in a room that is slightly off. They will notice a simple change of hairstyle in another, or a slight drop in someone’s weight. They see things others don’t see, and notice everything that isn’t being said in words.

  1. Empaths See Beyond a Mask

Empaths not only sense the feelings in another, they can also read their intentions without the other showing any outward clues. They see beyond ‘a mask’, often knowing more than people reveal.

10 Reasons Why People are Intrigued by Empaths

An Empath might reveal the truth of a person, many months or years, before it has become common knowledge as to what that person is really all about.


Obviously, as an Empath, there may be things on this list that you may or may not agree with. However, one thing that is for sure: Empaths are enigmatic and a mystery to many!

Hope this helps on your journey.

Until next time,


©Diane Kathrine


Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people.. ©Diane Kathrine

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