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Hack Your Hormones: A Guide For Empaths

Hack Your Hormones: A Guide For Empaths

If you regularly read my blog posts, or indeed if you have read any of my books, you will probably already know that Empaths are at a greater risk from having unbalanced hormones.

I know this is a subject I tend to bang on about, but because I know how unbalanced hormones can make Empath life unnecessarily miserable, it will always be something I come back to. If I can share snippets of information that help prevent it from happening, then that is what I am going to do…

So, because, as Empaths, we tend to endure heightened emotional reactions, on a regular basis, the body thinks we are under constant threat, which can then trigger repeated stress hormone spikes.

The thing is, when our body feels we are in danger, it will prioritize keeping us safe, and it will do this by releasing certain hormones that, for example, give us the energy to run away from dangerous situations.

However, in these cases, when the body pumps out more of certain hormones, such as adrenaline or cortisol, it will reduce the release of other hormones, such as progesterone.

To cut a long ‘hormone story’ short, this has a knock-on effect on all of our hormones and thus our wellbeing.

Hormonal imbalances become especially evident, within an Empath, from the age of 35 onwards.


Anyway, there is one such way of ‘hacking our hormones’, that helps with creating balance within the body, and that is by encouraging the release of oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is known to soothe the emotions. It is also called ‘The love hormone.’

It is known as the love hormone for the reason it plays a big role in the emotional bond between mother and child, but its benefits go way beyond that. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone and neurotransmitter, that affects the function of the brain and nervous system and greatly impacts the emotions.

Low levels of oxytocin are connected with conditions such as: heightened emotions, depression, anxiety, social phobias, PTSD and more.

Studies suggest that just by increasing this hormone it can reduce stress and anxiety and instils a sense of calm serenity.

Exactly what we need as Empaths.

So, if we take steps to release more oxytocin, we will produce less of the stress hormones. A winning situation in my humble opinion.

Although there are several ways to do this, here are some really simple science-backed ways that are super-beneficial for an Empath:

1, Get Hot

A long soak in a hot bath is one of my favourite ways to effortlessly rebalance. Especially when adding my favourite crystalsessential oils and salt into the mix.

Clary Sage is an essential oil that has also been proven to increase oxytocin in the body, so by taking a steaming hot, aromatherapy bath it is two birds with one stone.

2, Get Cold

Surprisingly, another way to release more oxytocin is to get seriously cold.

Research has found that cold exposure upregulates oxytocin in the brain. We’re talking Wim Hoff Method here.

Now, I have to say that getting inside an ice bucket is never going to be on my to do list. However, one way I find that I can expose my body to really cold temperatures is by getting super-hot first.

By going in the sauna for twenty minutes, then having an icy shower straight after is very doable and is so uplifting to the senses.

If immersing yourself into ice buckets aren’t for you either, then a sauna or very hot bath, followed by a cold shower will hit the mark, and help increase oxytocin.

3, Boost Your Nutrients

We all require vitamins and minerals in our diet to stay happy and healthy. However, there are three nutrients known to increase oxytocin production in the brain. They are magnesiumvitamin D and vitamin C.

Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of our nervous system and neurotransmitter activity. Researchers have found that the oxytocin receptor requires magnesium to function properly, and magnesium increases the action of oxytocin at the receptor.

So, basically, if we don’t have enough magnesium, the oxytocin cannot do its work.

Vitamin C is another incredible essential nutrient. Researchers have found that vitamin C not only optimizes and increases levels of oxytocin, but it also stimulates the secretion of oxytocin. This powerful vitamin, found in many foods, but especially citrus fruits, also plays many important roles within the body, such as keeping the immune system strong.

Vitamin C is also known to decrease stress and improve the mood.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because the sun is the best source. Research shows that oxytocin is directly activated and controlled by vitamin D. This makes it understandable why so many people suffer with seasonal affected disorder (SAD) during the winter months.

Getting more of the above nutrients, through diet, supplements, or sun exposure can help boost oxytocin levels.

4, Sleep in the Dark

I have written about the importance of Empaths sleeping in the dark, both in books and in articles. Spending time in darkness is important for the production of oxytocin by boosting melatonin.

Melatonin is known as the anti-ageing hormone, produced by the pineal gland (area of third eye) in the darkness. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and helps prevent, and treat, many illnesses including cancer.

Melatonin significantly increases secretion of oxytocin.

Simply keeping the bedroom pitch black, by using black out blinds or curtains, can help boost oxytocin levels.

5, Morning Light

Studies show that vitamin D raises oxytocin levels, but especially when absorbed from morning light.

Exposing ourselves to morning light also helps to rebalance our circadian rhythms. This in itself is a huge step when it comes to ‘hacking our hormones’ for better emotional and hormonal health.

I can vouch that by going outside, first thing in the morning, before you look at your phone or laptop, reaps some incredible rewards. Especially when connecting to the earth at the same time. I’m talking about game changer.

See my last post about the incredible benefits I experience from my daily daylighting sessions.

6. Get Your Crystals Out

Crystals are things of incredible power and beauty. So, it should come as no surprise that they can be used to increase oxytocin. One crystal in particular is Rose Quartz.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever spent time gazing on a rough Rose Quartz crystal, but it can stir up some seriously powerful nurturing emotions.

Sugilite is another stone that radiates the love frequencies. The only drawback is it tends to be more costly, and not as readily available to buy as Rose Quartz. But if you can get hold of a Sugilite then do try it.

(Whilst we’re on the subject of crystals, I wanted to let you know that I have finally got my latest book (Crystals for Empaths) ready on Amazon. Due to be released next month, it has been a long time in the making (phew!). I will be back soon with more information about that, but you can read a little more here about what the book entails…)

So, there you go, 6 simple ways of hacking your hormones by releasing more oxytocin into the body, which will go a long way towards finding balance, both as an Empath and for any other hormonal related issues.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time…



Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people.. ©Diane Kathrine

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