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The Influence Of Past Lives On The Personality Of Man

The Influence Of Past Lives On The Personality Of Man

The spiritual side of our mind is an aspect that is important to analyze for a full understanding of why different people can react to the same situation in a different way. How people react to situations can sometimes be at odds with their personality.

Man consists of many different aspects. They are the physical body, life energy ( and its measure ), mind, intellect, subtle body and soul. The soul is higher ( divine ) the principle that is present in every person. The mind is the seat of our feelings, emotions, desires and is one of the strongest factors influencing our personality.

The human mind consists of three parts:

  • Conscious mind: It is part of our thoughts and feelings that we are directly aware of. They make up an estimated only 10% of our total mind. The conscious mind is largely controlled by our subconscious. It's like a showcase of the subconscious.
  • Subconscious mind: It carries countless perceptions created by events in this and past lives ( or past existences, each of you came here from somewhere, even if it was incarnated for the first time ). For example, one may be vindictive in nature because of deep-rooted thoughts of revenge, which in turn were created and strengthened by significant past events in this life or in one of past lives.
  • Superconscious: It is the voice of our higher Self, our soul ( intuition ). The degree of its influence on your life, how much we let ourselves be influenced by it, is a question of assumptions, choices and human nature. The more influence it has, the better for us. But most people are controlled by the subconscious and the voice of the higher Self, to their own misfortune, they consider it a myth and invention of rainbow spiritual people.

Most people have lived many lives in a matrix called Earth. They come here repeatedly to find something, to do something, to settle accounts. According to my data, participation in this project is voluntary for people, but there are many individuals who believe that the reincarnation cycle is not voluntary.

Depending on how they lived in past lives and how they achieved their will in each of them, the personality of people was also formed. Personality traits are constantly formed and strengthened in the subconscious on the basis of actions and thoughts in a given life.

If we looked at the past lives of an average person who incarnates repeatedly and their influence on his personality defects, the ratio of influence would be roughly as follows:

 Past lives and their contribution to personality defects ( * 1 )

 Load in percent

 The last 1000 lives


 The last 7 lives


 Current life


*1 – Numbers are indicative because each person has a unique history.

Take, as an example of a character defect, the great irritability of man in his current life. As a toddler, he can show his anger in the form of intense tantrums. There are children who can get so angry that they start choking and bluing. It is important to realize that a personal defect of anger did not suddenly begin in this life itself. In fact, it is knowledge that has strengthened and shaped in previous lives.

It is also an explanation of a question that everyone will probably ask themselves: Why are some babies calm and almost not crying, while others scream and get angry until they choke.

30% of his angry nature may be due to the fact that he developed this disorder. For example, over the last 1,000 lives, he has reacted angrily to various situations. By not actively working to reduce his anger, he was allowed to make this problem worse uncontrollably over the rest of his lives.

The last 7 lives ( 61% ) could further strengthen this behavior.

Therefore, anger at birth was already deeply rooted in today's life. During the current life, this exemplary person encounters a number of other situations that can provoke an angry reaction in him, and thus the defect strengthens again. However, his angry reactions are only 9% in line with the situation. On average, 91% of the nature of ( or personality defects ) were caused by past lives.

It is an answer to the question of why the same situation scares someone to death, annoys someone terribly and someone laughs at them.

The stronger the destructive impressions, such as anger, hatred and jealousy, the more the conscious mind is bombarded with destructive thoughts, which leaves a person in a constant state of agitation and unhappiness.

There is also stored knowledge in the subconscious mind that is needed to complete destiny in today's life. They are also bound to the list of outstanding accounts.
Fate is a part of life that one cannot influence. He is driven by happiness or unhappiness, which we simply have to undergo and is influenced by merit and transgressions from the past. As an indication, about 65% of human life is predestined, but it is very individual, for some people it is also 98% and who took matters into their own hands, can be between 5-20%.

The fate we came here with has a major impact on whether we are living a happy life or not. Another major source of mental pain in current life is human personality defects.

For example, even if we do not have outstanding accounts with the person, personality defects can cause misconduct that causes him pain and thus creates bond, which we will one day have to pay even with hair. If we cause other people misfortune, we will send out a lot of destructive energy that will return. That is why we will have to go through misfortune. It may not be the same, it can also come in the form of illness, infertility, marriage breakdown, etc.

Destructive beings very often use personal defects to their advantage and to control the person. Suppose that the anger of a model person is 5 units in a certain situation, but destructive beings and their energies can increase it to 9 or 10 units. This causes an inappropriate reaction and everything is much worse.

For example, in a sharp quarrel between spouses, destructive influences can cause anger to call vulgarities that cause permanent damage to their relationship.

Personality defects are vulnerabilities in humans and can be used as entry points through which destructive energies can affect and control them.

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