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Blue Star The Pleiadian: God Under Attack - The Battle Begins!

Blue Star The Pleiadian: God Under Attack - The Battle Begins!

The Blue Star Transmissions
~ Blue Star the Pleiadian ~

(Transmitted to Celestial Blue Star) Four months and two days ago Celest heard her battle cry that God sent her which meant that she needed to get people into action.

After sitting on this knowledge of this final great battle through every lifetime she has ever had, my Celestial daughter was finally given permission just a few short days ago to tell David all about what is happening and what will be continuing to happen. She received a signal to get this moving only a few days ago but it was necessary for her to try to keep this as simple as possible so that every Soul on this planet knows that this time THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL.’

This is what every one of your life experiences has been leading up to and why so many of you have felt that this battle was only a few heartbeats away. Every dress rehearsal we have given each of you throughout every one of your life experiences was intended to aid your Soul and Power of Mind to overcome Machiavellian invasive darkness that needs to eat your Soul.

You tested yourself mightily plus all the tests we have all given you in order to bring you to the pinnacle of success. Now, you must not fail yourself. Wake up Souls, your time-honored request for us not to tell you from when exactly this battle would take place was for your own good. You have enjoyed the freedom of wearing a personality of your choice with the exception of the personalities that we chose for you. Every vulnerability that you have has now become a much stronger part of you instead of a weaker part of you. Because of this you have gotten ever so much stronger. What you don’t know is through it all of these most of you have been Creating The Cyclical Changes and have not even known it. 

Every religion that has ever, ever been on this planet, has spoken of dark and Light colliding and that one of them must survive and thrive and the other one must perish and die. Remember, Anastasis is Resurrection. She knows full well how many of you will survive and how many will not.

Prior to each Souls’ return to this planet, whether you were a born-in or Walk-In, you are each reminded of The Great Battle that has been looming over you since forever ago. You all understood that the veil of forgetfulness would be placed around your Power of Mind so that you could not truly remember all the gory details that would eventually be falling upon you. As that it is my Celestial daughter is receiving this Transmission and our David is helping with the typing effort and the aligning of everything that has to do with this Transmission, he has only had a few days to take it all in.

Celestial was intentionally selected by The Creator Himself for her to function as the doorway that would lead All Good Souls to their final destinations here as our battle continues. Which is why lifetime after lifetime that she returned here so many times. She was seeking, simply scanning, every Soul for vulnerabilities and frailty. And setting up alliances that would help in The Battle. So, although she did not use her own abilities in each lifetime to hasten the number of Souls who aligned with her, she repeatedly said, “I am calling ALL Good Souls to Unite with me NOW.” That was her own mantra. She did not dally in any of her lifetimes. She just kept working and working and working. She knew full well what was at stake. She knew full-well that many Souls would try to unite with her but many would fail. It was what it was. Our David leaped into this with eyes wide open. Although he just learned, as you are now, what is happening and why. He had to ultimately strengthen all aspects of his Walk-In Self in order to beat the devil and save so many Souls.

Now, it was almost forty years ago now when Celest was shown The Great battle and even greater numbers of people who would leap in to help while other people simply wanted to run away. If you had to carry that burden of responsibility of knowing all that she knows but yet not act upon anything without The Creators sanctioning it, do you think you could have done so? The wrong answer will not set you free, but the right answer will. Celest used her multi-fold memory bank to realign and when necessary, move some Souls out of some of the spots that they held and place other Souls in their place. As always though personalities’ can be a great plus or absolutely detrimental.

So there went Celestial on her journey and she counted coup everywhere she went. The Beacons of Light that shown out of the Souls of every good person gave My Celestial daughter the reinforcing she needed to keep on going. So, here we are ready to join in The Battle that is already begun full blast and we all know only one, The Light or the dark, can survive. We meaning my brethren and I have all gathered and are sitting at Our vantage points where we engage the dark at all times as do The Avatars themselves. It is always sad to watch the utter destruction of a Soul and yet it does happen. Because the Soul must have the fortitude and Power of Mind and fight back in the worst ugliest Spiritual Battle that has ever taken place here. All discarnate evolved Souls have been working behind the scenes to aid each and every one of you to be able to fight this last greatest fight that will ever be.

The dark will always easily deploy so many, many parcels of unrest plus an egocentric energy to many so called Lightworkers. Especially those who do not defend himself or herself, as well as those who do not assist in savings others. The dark was the entity that actually created religion and religious factions here on this planet. They chose and made the Roman Catholic Church to be the entity of religious power. Although politically they have hidden from every country on this world and together between the dark religion and the dark power sites, they came to believe that they were unstoppable. They believe that because they have turned so many good Souls into dark tainted Souls who do not follow God. These Souls are only satiated when they have their creature comforts and they have foolishly followed the dark entities. These dark entities by the way are also cannibalistic, because they give the people what they know the people want and need. They follow their own doctrine which is… Conquer and slaughter. These are the Souls that we can do nothing about. They are Souls who have cast their own die. Now they must live and perish along with the evil they recreated. The dark realize that human beings want the easy way out in life. So, the more they can keep them drugged and the more they emersed them in lust the more damage they are capable of doing to good Souls.

Now, those millions of Souls who requested some memories of The Great Battle they have been having nightmares about are the Souls which request were honored to remember some, but not all of these terrible dangers everyone is now facing. You were all given specific gridline intersections when a specific chime or sound would be heard by you. Each individuals chime that goes off is different from everyone else’s Souls’ chime. Yet the meaning of the sound remains the same. The meaning of the sound is REMEMBER! REMEMBER! REMEMBER! These are the Souls that want to remember, none of us forced them to.

My Celestial daughter spent each of her lifetimes gathering information on the Souls that felt they were ready to do the right thing and felt they were tired of being pawns. Celestial and our David were married many times during her Earth Star Walk. But she still had to wait for David to complete some of the lessons that he was learning before he could join her in this lifetime. I have told you time and time again that each one of you would be in a specific place at a very specific time for mission-critical information exchanges.        

Celestial and our David along with every one of the Spirit Guides you each have, have worked with you day and night whether you have been aware of their presences or not. Those of you who think that we are having you trained to go into physical battle are making a grave error in judgement. We who guard each of you and work alongside all those in The Maji groupings, The Travelers, all The Ancient Beings, The Elders and The Avatars will not understand while you are still in mortal form just how difficult it can be to have to multitask. However, we who are guarding and protecting all the Doorways and all the Souls who seem to be suddenly rising up and coming to join in the fray are doing so because they like you have been waiting a very, very long time for this time. This Battle is happening right here, right now. This is not a dress rehearsal. It always interests us to watch how a personality can bring down even the most ardent Souls and destroy that Soul before it ever has a chance to do what they are here for.

Remember your logo WHEN BEING CONFRONTED BY DARK ENERGIES. Remember… Escape, Regroup and STAND.

If you remember your logo and start to live and Stand by it you can do no wrong. If you are wondering how you fight a Spiritual Battle, you FIGHT by using your mind and the Creative energies that live in your mind to strike back with Light, Light, Light. And do not falter and feel that you can not do this. If you can not do this, then who will? As I told you we are guarding all entrances and all portals and destroying the dark as it tries to cross over to destroy you the people. What you should understand is that God is seen by the dark hordes as the one obstacle that can stand in the way of the dark taking total dominion over everybody in all worlds, in all Universes.

They battled against God many, many times over the millennia but now because of the major influx of all those other Souls who have returned to Anastasis and still are doing so that the dark masters now see the beginning of their own destruction. Celestial and David warned the other VOICES of Cyclical Changes about a month ago of a projected attack by the dark and when it would happen. Those VOICES responded to them and took a STAND and fought back Spiritually. To fight Spiritually means that there can be no condemnation on your part. Dark energy and the darkest of the dark are truly cannibalistic and will back down if they feel threatened enough. Now the VOICES of Cyclical Changes are learning to fight a fight for the right reason. Never engage in a fight for the wrong reason. This is definitely spatial timing; it has nothing to do with linear timing. Linear time no longer exists. This battle continues on day and night now with all our reinforcements and vast numbers of Souls Rising and Souls Risen who have already joined. Limitless numbers of those Souls who are still joining in. I can not give you specific numbers of how many Souls I am speaking to you about for the number changes in every moment. They are now prominently displaying themselves. And letting the dark know that The Light Warriors are Rising. For they have learned from previous capitulations that they must never ever give up.

All these Souls who are rising and those who have risen do understand completely that this IS for All Life. There will be no more Souls if the dark wins.

Now in those long-ago times, many dark beliefs spoke of “when the dead rise from the ashes.” However, “the Ashes” were simply a metaphorical way of speaking the truth that is that this is why so many of you are watching people from many centuries ago rising up inside your own homes. They are answering The Call. This allows them to rise “Like the Phoenix” and walk and fight alongside all you good Souls. This is also why VOICES are currently working to release Souls who are trapped between dimensions. This happens as Anastasis is releasing Souls from their graves. The Phoenix is Anastasis. She really is “Resurrection” you know.

They are all answering a Call. The moment that Celest was given permission to issue The Call, the Souls Risen and the Souls Rising answered her Call because they remembered what they are here to do.

Anastasis’s Odyssey of Creation is essential to maintaining physical life in this and all other Universes. Her presence is necessary for maintaining and sustaining the exact alignment of all Universes and those yet to be Created everywhere. She is the fulcrum for maintaining life eternal. SHE IS the fulcrum for maintaining physical life on all planets. She is the one planet, the one Universe, that ties all other Universes together. The Luminescent of this Universe, God, is responsible for maintaining Soul Life on ALL planets. If we lose the battle and lose the war all life and all Souls will die. So, Anastasis and the God of this Universe must survive and must thrive in order for you to have physical life and Soul life. To have Eternal Life.

The memory veil is lifted now! We do this in order for you to have those memories resurface intentionally in your Power of Mind. You can not fight the good fight unless you know what you are fighting for. If you remember back five to seven years ago when Celestial and our David along with the Avatar Gwendonela, were leading The Gatherings Souls who were to Create and connect the Dimensional and Interdimensional Doorways which when completed would have ALL Universes everywhere connected straight to Anastasis. This was a massive undertaking and it has not only born fruit, it has been actualized in the here and now present. Which lends credence to why it was so important for Her, Anastasis, to be the catalyst for the continuity of Life Eternal on all worlds and the continuous evolvement of all good Souls. She was aided by millions of evolved Avatars and other Luminescents in that endeavor.

This procedure you are each undergoing now is far beyond any form of quantum physics. I speak to you of Soul to Soul and Power of Mind to Power of Mind as I hasten you to leap forward and join in the Battle.

If Anastasis is destroyed, if God is defeated, evil will immediately attack and penetrate every other Universe everywhere. All life for good Souls would be gone. They could not be stopped. There could be no resurrection. Because She is resurrection. It is for this reason that I and my brethren and Celestial and David have been insisting that you pay attention all these years. Celest’s memory banks are overflowing with all the names and locations of every Soul she has worked with since the beginning of linear time.

All people who have ever been on this planet have heard tales or read texts relating to a battle between the dark and the Light. Many people dismissed that whole concept which only empowered the dark even more. Yet all good Souls, most especially the evolved Souls, remembered The Battle but it was in fragments of their memories. Even now as they are reading this they are remembering even more. It is the chimes that are going off as they are reading this that is reminding them, REMEMBERREMEMBER! REMEMBER!

Only this time dears you must realize and you must remember that this is not a dress rehearsal. This one, NO ONE, can run or hide from it. It can not be dismissed or evil will destroy you. You need to understand that in every lifetime that Celest has had and especially the lifetimes she and David have had together they always reunite with those Ancient Souls who aligned with them long, long ago. All those Souls are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Celest has issued “The Challenge of The Call to Arms.” And even people who are afraid of hearing this truth can not deny that in some form or another their own sentience’s are responding to The Call to Arms. Power of Mind of those Souls has now arrived at a major climax of Souls and Power of Mind jumping into the fray. They are unstoppable. Just as you are.

If you wonder why there are wars being waged in every country on this planet, and this is happening even as we speak, every country is at war with somebody, sometimes with their own Planetizens, it is because there is only one government totally with its shadow government that has arranged for all these wars to begin. And this government promises every country that they will share in the war profits. But it is important that all those governments that are swayed into corruption must foster deep hatred and bigotry towards all other countries. The reason is this aids each corrupted government in keeping their own citizens living in fear and terror. That’s why so many of you are scared of your own shadow. It is those beings behind your shadow that you must defeat. And those are the dark entities.

The point here is the dark governments who have aligned with the major citadel of evil is doing so at the bequest of that dark government in order to follow their own doctrine. Conquer and slaughter – conquer and slaughter is the motto of the evil ones. They must keep the people living in fear and hatred and having dark thoughts of revenge. It is how the evil ones feed off the energy of the good people. Granted the other governments are loony but they choose people who have loony qualities themselves. They do so because those people are basically the haves rather than the have-nots. Loony people are easier to control. Give them all the drugs and teach them all the brutality that you want. Loony people are like a hamster running on a wheel in a cage. They are going nowhere fast. And they believe, truly believe, they are living life in the fast lane. They are leading repetitive lives. Repetitive lives meaning every lifetime they have had they live the same lifetimes but with different people over and over again expecting different results. The only difference is the result that their lives become even more meaningless. 

Human races’ need to hurl terrible mistruths against all other governments is highly illogical. But they are very successful in turning the average persons mind in insane directions. What you should know is that millionaires and billionaires are rapidly withdrawing all their assets and sending their assets to different banks all over the world. They believe that all the secret bunkers and the private islands that they are buying can protect them and shield them as the shift hits the fan. They are wrong. That is their illusion. They can not protect themselves from the horrible mess that they helped to recreate. All those people who are corrupt and hide their hidden wealth are the haves. These are the people who continually receive massive amounts of money and power for them to use to control the populace. 

Hatred must always breed hatred among the dark. The dark can not survive in the Light. And the dark knows that the Light can destroy them which is one main reason why so many Lightworkers are experiencing increased invasive psyche attacks. So, the governments have the corruption feeding its insatiable appetite for more destruction. Then all citizens in all lands begin to believe the lies as they struggle to keep what they have. This is the reason the dark entities recreated religion. Yet many Lightworkers joined different religions in the peoples struggle to learn what is real and what is not. Over a period of time many secrets buried far below the Vatican floor will be revealed which will further expose the main secret government to the people of all lands.  

Only one government was able to fool all other governments into the evil they perpetrated onto their own populaces. None of these governments really receive any truth from the evil entity. They are given lies disguised as truths so that the dark energies and their masters can better control the people. It has indeed been this way since linear time occurred. The dark believe that the human races are all livestock. They feed off human races. For without those races, lineages and patronage the dark entities could not succeed. You must understand, the dark energies would turn on their cannibalistic self and each other’s dark energies, even those they are aligned with, in order to survive. There is no honor, no loyalty among the dark. They must feed at all times. They have learned from their mistakes about the dangers to them if they mistakenly try to devour Lightworkers instead of dark workers because the Light will destroy the dark. When a dark worker is destroyed it usually leaves with a scream and then dissolves into nothing. Shortly we will tell you what your role is here.   

Why is this happening, why is the one main government and shadow government doing this? Why! Why!

Why? They are doing this because they can. 

Why? It is because the dark knows that God is fighting back.

Why? It is because the dark now knows THIS is the time they have all heard about millennia ago, the Light versus the dark. There is no in-between.

All you who are Lightworkers are at times unconsciously battling the dark. Since the beginning of linear time this saga of Light battling the dark has been a well-orchestrated true-life drama with the Lightworkers’ barely managing to hold their own, this has now changed.

The dark entities are all around you. They are monitoring each one of you to gage your strengths and weaknesses. They always go after the weak links first. But now because of all the wonderous Souls rising on their own, Lightworkers, TRUE Lightworkers, have been better learning at how to ward off the dark and become like a stone or a pebble thrown into a quiet bay of water. As the ripples extend out, upwards and outwards, the gathering of Souls are renewing their beliefs and their strengths of Mind. If you do not believe me about how easy it is for human races to be killed and to be eaten by these parasites then stop, pay attention, and think about each person you really know. What is there about that person or persons that disturbs you, the interferes with your peace of mind, that causes you to feel like you are happier being away from that person or persons? They can be a friend, a coworker, a relative, or a spouse that is disturbing you in ways you were never aware of before. Put them to a test if you want to. Think of a subject they do not want to discuss and you begin discussing that subject with them. Pay close attention as your sentience and chakras system either want to embrace that person or you can see that they are repelled by that person.

If you can identify the true nature of the true essence of a person then you can joyfully align with that person or fight back with your Power of Mind. Power of Mind can and will destroy that individual, before he or she destroys you.

Now, how many times has your logical self tried to warn you of some impending disaster or dark attacks, dark invasive attacks, that would be targeting you if you did not listen to what your logical self said? How many times have your refused to listen or dismissed your logical self’s thought forms? Only to find out that your logical self was trying to help you and you refused to listen to it. You see Planetizens, unbeknownst to you many, many layers of a type of telepathic insulation is placed over the logical self because Power of Mind lies right beneath it. This was The Creators method of granting each of you more protection from yourself and His desire to see you succeed where once you had failed. Many people can arrive at a place of peace within their mind even though they know they have just been made a fool of? However, it is the people who become embittered and choose bigotry or hatred as a way of seeking revenge against that person or persons that will cause the usually good Souls to fail ItSelf. It is discrimination, discrimination, discrimination.

What you have done is not honored your true Self and you feel a need to blame someone else for your freedom of choice. Are you testing these diseased waters that permeate your mind and cause you to revert back to some previous life experience that you managed to relive a previous experience with the same nasty results. YOU changed. But your previous experience did not. Now take your time and go over in your mind, friends, relatives, religious organizations, the absurdity of political powers, and all those icons you idolize because you feel their lives are glamorous and yours is not. Compare them and look under the rocks and see what really exists in their Souls. Now that you are addressing these situations and can see what remains hidden in front of you for all your life’s, turn around, run like hell, then ESCAPE, REGROUP, and STAND. When in doubt if it is your Soul giving you information or if it is just merely the intellect you can ask your Soul if it is Soul talking or not. Your Soul will give you a yes or no answer.

When you have unmasked the beast that has been feeding off your energy and become a pariah in your life, the beast will try to destroy you. This is where part, part of your Spiritual Battle centers on you and what you can do to beat the beast. When it was discovered so very long ago by the leader of the dark ones it was decided to have a centralized government. A centralized pivotal evil government of which vantage point that evil could conduct its business. This government is responsible for deploying evil while buying and selling other countries TO other countries. It is then that those other countries who have joined this awful cabal received massive IOUS from the country that is aligning with all those smaller governments in all the smaller countries and drawing them into the main hub of pure government evil. Now, just in case not all of you have figured out which this main evil government is that is pulling the strings I will tell you. That government is the United States of America.

It is heartwarming for me to have been listening to so many chimes saying as millions of you readers have already deduced the name of this horrible government who seeks to end all your lives. Because they can. I told you before, they call you livestock. Because there will always be more of you as far as they are concerned. Forget all the crap you have learned in your lives about “the Founding Fathers of the Constitution of the United States.” That was all an illusion, a craftily crafted illusion. Because of so many of you who have lived so many lifetimes constantly recreating your previous lifetimes, you made it so simple for evil to triumph again and again and again. Now however with this massive coalition of Rising Souls rushing to all your sides, you have given evil no choice but to try to destroy you and God before you destroy it. So Advocates, what is your choice? You need to live to Fight and Fight to live. Be careful what you think. Everybody is listening. Your choice is to fight or not to fight. And no, the rapture does not exist. It never did. And no there is no one specific chosen race of people.     

I want you each to know that although I have answered this question before over the years, I am hearing too many of your minds asking the question yet again. The question is always, “We know that Celest and David are from the Light, but how is it possible for Celest to always win in her battles? How is it possible that she never fails?” My answer is the same now as it was forever ago, Celest always wins her battles, she always wins her wars, because she never knew that she couldn’t.”

You are now fully emersed in the times when all of these Souls and ancient adversaries are now engaged in the greatest most intense Spiritual Battle of all times. You are right in the middle of it. The only thing that has been able to stop those good Souls is if they suddenly accidently had accidental deaths. However, Anastasis brought them back quickly.  

Make no mistake about it, if you are one of those countless numbers of Souls who are quietly saying to themselves right now, “IF I don’t stir the hornets’ nest, IF I don’t rock the boat and IF I don’t choose to engage that I will be alright and the dark will not bother with me.” First of all, God and The Creator and all the other Luminescents just heard you. No secrets allowed when having a physical life experience. Second of all, NO ONE is exempt from this Battle.

Celest told you many times over the years that “Light always casts forth the shadows. But the shadows define the Light.” Now, the greater amounts of Light you have the less dark you will see around you, for it fears the Light. This is how we fight the Spiritual Battle with your Power of Mind. When you are bombarding the dark with the Light, White Light, be sure that you are doing so as if your life depended upon it. Because it does! We are taking care of destroying dark as it pertains to the physical battle. You however must fight the Spiritual fight. You now have the quality and the quantity of all your Souls that are good and pure and all those who have Risen and are still Rising from the ashes to join you in this greatest and most intense of Spiritual Battles.

We want you to amass as much Light as you can. Light must be your weapon of choice. How do you do this? Simple. Surround yourself in The Light of ALL Lights, and in The Light and Love of God. Start each day reciting “the Jesus The Christ Consciousness” mantra and recite it again before you go to sleep at night. The amount of Light you can throw or hurl is limitless. It can only destroy the dark, it can not destroy another Lightworker. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We must lose this battle. We must not lose this war. Keep telling your Power of Mind, “You must win, you can not lose.” If we see anyone on this planet that is not working to destroy the dark then we will remove them from the planet.

People have been paying God back with IOUs and now He is calling in all His “markers.” But we, Celest and David ourselves are calling in our markers too. Continually throwing out the Light will strengthen the amount of Light you are hurling out into the dark.

It is gratifying to see the number of people who heard the name of this writing in their dreams or meditations before it was even written. Throwing Light requires strength in your Mind and the faultless determination to win. Because you must be throwing Light constantly, the Power of Mind works in your favor. When the time arrives that you suddenly see a White Horse you will know the battle is at a midway point. The sooner you begin to start defending and protecting yourself with the Light the sooner the battle will end. Start NOW! All depends on how much you do as we defend the physical battle with our brethren fighting that fight. As above, so below.

As I told you long, long ago, “There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.”

We all have much work to do. Be not concerned if this seems simple to you because it is not. Each time you send out the Light you are Creating new Cyclical Changes with the Light. Now find whichever Spiritual teachers you feel you may need and ask them your questions. We have given you all the information you may need. Now you must do the work. Remember all eyes and Power of Mind are on you. I am ending this Transmission now and telling you “Send the message out to everybody you can think of. Send the message out through Power of Mind whether you know the other Souls or not. And the people you send the message out to, encourage them to send or forward it out to everyone they know as well.” Let’s get this ball a rolling. You can do no wrong.     

Salude… Blue Star. I am off to my vantage point.

When being attacked for what you know… ESCAPE, REGROUP and STAND

The Song of God

“There is a Song on the Wind,

Can you hear it?

The Song is My Tree,

The Song is My Son/Sun,

The Song is My wind,

The Song is MY TRUTH,

What you hear is MY SONG,

My Song is the everlasting Love of God.”

The Blue Star Transmissions 


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I am Blue Star the Pleiadian; I am a member of the Pleiadian Guardians, I am a teacher and warrior. I command a star ship we call the “Sedora.” I am part of the Galactic Federation and work with the walk-ins on the earth star planet as well as with all those other of my brethren engaged in humanitarian efforts. I am as old as the Creator but not as old as the Creation. My original ancestors were the Lyrians, many of them later founded Lemuria and Atlantis, that was after The Great War. When peace reigned once again on my home the Pleiades, The Divine Force issued a prime directive to me. I was asked to organize a parley, to format a program that would assist the earth star planet humans in finally attaining peace and freedom from the Illuminati.
“There is a valley where the Spiritual stands on one side and the Religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, ALL shall be as ONE. I shall meet you there.” … Blue Star the Pleiadian -
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TAURUS April 20 - May 20 Read more

Birth Totem - Beaver

Birth Totem - Beaver

Birth Totem Beaver Birth dates: April 20 - May 20 Read more

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